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~Barriers meant to be Broken~ [PoChaNoWriMo]

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Kerauno, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Introduction

    You have all heard of vampires and werewolves, yes? I assume so. Vampires are the evil creatures of the night that become bats, burn in sunlight, and drink human blood. Werewolves are humans who become wolves at the light of a full moon, and often kill other humans out of the loss of control. You think these things, right?

    How foolish you are.

    Well, you deserve to be foolish, I guess. With all those rumors flying around about these creatures, no wonder you fear them. Some of the things you have heard are true, but most of it is not. Take, for instance, the alleged fact that if a vampire is caught in sunlight, it will shrivel and burn.

    What a strange thought. Vampires are people too, you know. They need sunlight to function just like us. The thing is, it’s quite painful on their eyes, and they don’t tan easily, hence their pale, sensitive skin. They can live normally in the sun with sunglasses and sunscreen.

    And what about werewolves? You probably think that shooting a werewolf in the chest with a silver bullet will kill it, yes? Well, I would die too if I was shot in the chest. Another senseless rumor. Your brains have been filled with nonsensical rubbish, regarding these poor creatures as fearsome beasts.

    So you ask yourself, “What if I could meet these creatures? Will they be like you say?”I say, you don’t want to do that. You see, there are members of these species that are amused by their titles, and try to live up to them. So, no, they won’t always be like I say. It is fairly possible that if you do happen to meet one of them, you’ll most likely not be seeing the light of day again.

    And one more thing before I go. You have heard of or seen Twilight, I assume? Yes, that story about the troubled girl who falls for a century old vampire. That right there is the most accurate representation of the creatures that I’ve seen in years. Yet, it’s not entirely correct. Vampires don’t sparkle. Werewolves are not added into the pack with a special tattoo. And they certainly don’t fall for a clumsy, fumbling girl who’s desperate for love.

    Now you say, “Gosh, you sound like you know these creatures!” And I just laugh. The truth is a powerful thing. It can hurt you. But, right now, I’ll tell you this: I know these creatures almost better than they know themselves.
  2. Registering for Hell Part I. Morris

    “Morris, you can’t sit in your room all summer!” Mom shouted. She burst into my room, and glared at me. I just looked up over the top of my book, and returned to reading. Mom sighed exasperantly.

    “Morris, you’re supposed to go outside during the summer. Get exercise, fresh air.” She lectured. I rolled my eyes, thankful she couldn’t see over the book.

    “Mom, I’m working on my summer reading list.” I said, showing her the book. Clearly, she was not convinced that a Japanese manga was on a summer reading list. She pointed out the door.

    “Morris, go outside and read. The air will do you good. And don’t forget, high school starts in a week. We’re going shopping later.” I nearly fell out of my chair. High school? Then I remembered. I graduated eighth grade a few months ago. Mom had apparently already registered me for my freshman year at high school.

    I picked myself and my book up, and glumly walked out into the backyard. I settled against the large pine tree at the edge of the fence, and continued to read. But, I couldn’t concentrate on it at all. All I could think about was how miserable I’d be in high school.

    First off, my sister, Anita, is going to be a senior. And not just any senior. The most popular senior in the school. She’s cheerleading captain, head of the yearbook and dance committees, and dating the quarterback. And she constantly flirts with the nerds to get them to do her homework. She’s basically your average stereotypical high school hottie. She’d make my life miserable, 24/7

    Second, I’d have to adjust to not having some of my friends around. Marco, my nerdy, but still good friend, had moved across town last month. He’s going to the rival school, making things a bit strained between us. Marsha, my poetic friend, moved to Colorado three weeks ago. We still keep in touch through texting and email, but she was a great friend. My other friends are still going with me, but it won’t be the same.

    Third, I’ll be a mockery. I’m not very athletic, and I have a horrible fashion sense. I know I shouldn’t worry about that, but girls these days are very vicious about it. Marsha was my consultant all through middle school. I am very smart, but that’s not exactly what girls look for in a guy. The only athletic things I can do are riding my mountain bike, and swordplay. I only know how to wield a sword because Marco’s dad has traveled the world, and he taught me some things. Eventually I got my own sword. But still, I’ll be terrorized nonstop.

    I sighed and went inside. I dropped my book off in my room, and headed to the garage to get my bike. I pulled my helmet on, and hopped on my bike. I tore out of the garage, and down the street. The wind whipped my face and exposed brown hair as I rode towards the canyon.

    The canyon isn’t really a canyon. My friends and I have just labeled it that because it resembles one so much. It was supposed to be the site of a reservoir, but the soil wasn’t right or something like that. It was abandoned, and the city has been making plans to fill it in, but they’ve never got around to it.

    Usually, my friends and I would sneak in through a break in the chain link fence, and we’d explore, or just chase each other with clumps of red dirt. We’d always vacate the place before dark. That’s when the wolves come out.

    Now I know what you’re saying. Wolves, that far south? Yes, wolves. And they’re very territorial. They have claimed the canyon as their nightly hunting grounds, so we always leave before dark. Anyway, I was on my way there, hoping to see any of my friends.

    I was both fortunate, and unfortunate. I arrived, and saw Marco and Shayna. Shayna is another of my friends, the electronic freak. She was cowering behind a boulder. Nearby, Marco was on the ground, surrounded by three large guys. I recognized them as the hot-shots from the middle school football team, Shane Sanders, Mike Richards, and Jay Norris.

    I grit my teeth, and dropped my bike. I looked around, and saw a dead tree limb. I picked it up, and stomped over to the three guys and Marco. I shouted at them to stop, and Shane turned, his face set in an ugly grin. I swung the branch with all my might, and thwacked him right upside the head. He fell to the side, clutching his head. The other guys started to head for me.

    Mike was tripped by Marco. He fell over, and Marco began to punch him. Something large and gray sailed in from Jay, and hit him on the head. He went down like a wrecked ship. I looked around, and saw Shayna holding a large stone.

    I helped Marco up, and was about to get us out of there, when I felt something pulling on my leg. I looked own, and saw Shane grabbing me, trying to pull me down. The side of his face was blotchy and purple, and was spewing dark red blood. His friends were recovering too, and were getting up.

    Shayna hefted another rock, and Marco stood behind her. Before anyone could do anything else, an ear-splitting howl filled the canyon, echoing off the walls.


    Everyone froze. We all looked in every direction, trying to place an owner of the sound. We found the answer, far to the left side of the canyon. A large black and gray wolf was standing there glaring at us. We didn’t move. Neither did the wolf. A brown wolf trotted over from the right of the black and gray one, and they began to stare at us.

    Suddenly, Shane and his goons were jumping up, and screaming, and they ran in the other direction. Shayna, Marco and I didn’t move, but just stared at the wolves. It was the longest three minutes of my life. Then, the wolves cocked their ears to the wind, turned around, and walked off.
    We were rooted to the spot. Another minute passed, and I pulled Marco up from the ground. I picked up my bike, and we ran full speed out of the canyon, and stayed away for the remainder of the summer.

    (OoC: Haha, I wrote this is, what, an hour? But you must sacrifice quality for quantity, yes? I will have more tomorrow. Bai~)
  3. (OoC: You know what I forgot? Chapter one was in three parts. So, I have here those two other parts, and chapter two... All three parts. I type fast.)

    Registering for Hell Part II. Jason
    We ran through the woods, felling exhilarated as we dodged in and out of the trees, the wind whipping our fur. Yes, I said fur. You wanna know why? Well, I’m a werewolf. Yes, a werewolf; a human who can turn into a wolf. Got a problem? Didn’t think so.

    So anyway, I was running through the forest, my best friend Jackal was by my side, running and jumping over a shrub. I ducked under a fallen log, and kept running. We came to a stop in the backyard of a large red brick house, about three miles from the canyon. I collapsed on the ground, Jackal right behind me. We were panting hard, and we were exhausted.

    I closed my eyes for a moment, and opened them again. There was no longer a brown wolf next to me. Instead, there was a teenage boy, with shaggy brown hair, and fierce, wild red eyes. He broke into a grin, and buried his face in the grass.

    I thought about being a human; having arms and legs, and no fur. This, to me, sounded strange. Being a wolf is one of the best things ever. Running through the woods, the wind in my fur, and my tongue hanging out... No, I had to stay focused... I thought human thoughts. Baseball, video games, rock concerts... I felt myself shrinking, and a few things popped, and I was lying on the grass, a human again.

    Jackal looked up, and burst out laughing. I joined in, even though I didn’t know what it was about. We laughed for who knows how long, and then he wiped his eyes.

    “Did you see the looks on those kid’s faces when they saw us?” He laughed. “I was so resisting to drop right there and have a heart attack!”
    I gave a half-hearted laugh. “Yeah, real funny...” Jackal stopped smiling. He raised an eyebrow, and gave me a suspicious look.

    “What’s wrong, Jason? You love it when we scare humans. Something wrong?” He gave me a sly smile. “Is it that girlfriend you’re not telling us about?”
    I punched him on the arm. He acted like it was nothing, but I knew I’d hurt him. I didn’t care. “No, it’s not her. It’s just... I think we came in at the right or wrong time.”

    “What? It was the perfect time! They ran off screaming like little pups!” He started laughing again, his sharp teeth glinting in the sunlight. I looked away. I must have been going through one of the phases, where you can’t tell right from wrong.

    I looked back at Jackal, who was rolling around, howling with glee. I punched him again, harder this time. To my surprise, he actually showed pain. “Jackal, I’m serious. I think those kids were in trouble. Or, they were getting what they deserved. Either way, I don’t know if we should have showed ourselves or not.”
    “Yeah, whatever...” He rolled over onto his back, and closed his eyes. I just sat there with my thoughts. A few minutes later, the back door to the red brick house slammed open. We both turned, and saw a woman with wavy brown hair and stern gray eyes staring at us. Jackal’s mother, or as we called her, Mrs. Stright.

    “Jackal Stright, where have you been? You were supposed to be home twenty minutes ago! We go hunting in an hour, and you haven’t finished your lessons!” She yelled. She saw me, and the fire in her eyes subsided a little. “Oh, hello Jason. Your mother called awhile ago. You should see what she wants.” She shot a glare back at Jackal, who was getting up and trudging inside.

    “Bye, Jason. I’ll see you at hunting.” He grumbled. He followed his mother into the house, and I got up, and brushed myself off. I ran full speed out the gate, and down the street. I didn’t stop running until I reached a house with blue shutters and a dark gray paint job. I burst into the house and shouted, “Hi, I’m home, bye, I’m gone.”

    With that, I ran ups the iron spiral staircase to my room, and shut the door. I flopped down on my bed, and sighed. I almost knew what my mother wanted to talk about. Either the fact that I’d forgotten to feed the turtle, or that I’d neglected to watch my little sister, Mira.

    I heard the click of my mom’s heels as she slowly walked upstairs. I knew I was in horrible trouble. She goes slowly just to torture me, and keep me waiting for the punishment. I heard the knob turn on my door, and I closed my eyes. The door creaked open, and my mom walked in.

    She sat on the edge of the bed, and I resisted the urge plead and beg for my life. She cleared her throat, and said, “Jason, we need to talk about something important.”

    I opened my eyes, expecting to see her glaring at me with the most evil of looks. Instead, I was surprised to see she was wearing a rather pleasant expression. I warily sat up, and said, “Yeah, what is it?”

    She studied me for a moment, and finally said, “Jason, you’ve done exceedingly well in your studies, but I think you’re not getting out socially enough.”

    I raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

    “Well, you have a limited circle of friends, and I think it’s healthy for a boy your age to have more friends.” She said slowly.
    “Mom if you’re suggesting I go with you to that seminar on how to make friends, I swear, I will--”

    “Oh, Jason, be reasonable. You’re too old for that. I’ve decided to enroll you in public school.”

    She might as well have told me I can’t be a wolf anymore. “Public school?! Are you serious?! I’ve been doing fine with the home-schooling, and I’m learning more than I could in a classroom, and, and...” I didn’t know what else to say. I’d been home-schooled all my life, as had my sister, Jackal, and all our friends.

    We’d seen a school once on a hunting trip, but it was horrible. We’d looked through the window, and saw a bunch of desks, a blackboard, and some computers. It looked like a prison. I mean, how could those human kids be pent up in a room all day long? Being home-schooled, we could do our lessons outside, and easier. And some classes were more fun in wolf form.

    “Jason, please don’t overreact. I’ve enrolled Mira in middle school, and I think Jackal is enrolling too.” Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. Jackal, stuck in a room all day, with all that energy and mischief locked inside? Never gonna happen. He made enough trouble at home. How could he make it in public school?

    I must have been looking very distraught, because Mom stood up and said, “I’ll take you shopping for supplies tomorrow. Just... Relax. It’ll be fine.” She walked out the door. I sighed and walked over to the stereo on my desk. I turned on my iPod, hooked it into the stereo, and turned the volume all the way up. The speakers blared some rock music, and I crashed on my bed again.

    Public school... I’d never survive. Jackal would get expelled on the first day, and Mira... I hope she has enough sense not to lose control and morph into a wolf in front of everyone. I doubt it, though.

    Registering for Hell Part III. Amy

    “I hate that place. I just wanna stay home.” I whined. I sounded like a baby, but I didn’t care. Chase isn’t about to willingly take me there again. He dragged me along, my shoes scraping against the concrete sidewalk.

    “Amy, stop being such a baby. It won’t be so bad.” Chase growled. Oh, yeah, you say that every time we go. And I always end up in a bad mood, and there’s some random human writhing in pain in a dark alley. Oh, no, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not some kind of murderer. Just a vampire. A friendly, hormonal vampire.

    I resisted the urge to turn into a bat right there and fly away. But then, Chase would follow me, and drag me to the bar. Yes, the bar. He drags me there on a regular basis, just to see the girls take off their tops and dance on the tables. I usually retreat to a dark corner with a book, but I forgot one this time. I had no choice but to be bored all night. Unless someone gets roaring drunk and tries to hit on me... Ugh, disgusting. They all know I have a boyfriend. But will that stop them? No.

    So here I am, at the Tube Top Bar, with Chase looking at the wooden doors, as if expecting a girl to burst through with a beer in one hand, and her bra in another. He’s such a pervert. So he walked in, and I followed, taking a seat at the bar and ordering a Cherry Coke. I got my drink and retreated to a dark corner, waiting for Chase to get drunk enough that he can’t walk -or fly, for that matter- and I can go home.

    Chase was on the dance floor, dancing raunchily with some hooker. I looked away as the music sped up, and the girls started getting on the tables. There was the sound of ripping cloth, and the shouts of a hundred drunken men. Give me a break.

    I sat there, sipping at my Coke, when I saw Chase slip into the back room with a blonde woman, a look of desire on his face. I rolled my eyes. He had flings almost every night, and this would be his... Forty-ninth? Or his fiftieth? Eh, I could never keep count.

    Thirty minutes later, Chase came stumbling out, a look of pleasure on his red face. The blonde girl came out next, biting her lip, thinking she’d make a horrible mistake. How right you are, I thought. At least you don’t have to live with him.

    He stumbled over to me, and said in a drunken voice, “Heeey, Ammmy.... Y’know, I fergot ta tell ya, yer goin’ to hiiigh schoooolll in a weekkk...”
    My eyes widened in shock. “And you’re telling me this now, while drunk and sex-crazed?!” I screeched. He nodded his head slowly, as if it took a moment for him to process my words. He got up and hobbled over to another girl, trying to hit on her. I stood and threw my drink down, the glass shattering on the floor. I stormed out of the bar, and jumped into the air.

    Instantly, I shrank and flapped my arms wildly. I caught an updraft, and was flying through the air as a regular bat. I could only see black for a moment, and then a high-pitched screech penetrated my ears. I saw the world for a brief moment, and glimpsed a human far below.

    I folded my wings, and plummeted at a forty degree angle. Before I hit the ground, I morphed, and was human again. The human in front of me hadn’t noticed I was there. I quietly walked up behind him, and grabbed his arm, biting with all my might, all my angry feelings slipping out through my fangs.
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  4. Waking up in an Alien World Part I. Morris.
    The screech of the girl penetrated my ears, filling my thoughts with fear. I jolted up in bed, expecting to see a deranged girl at the foot of my bed, fangs bared, ready to bite. Fortunately, there was no girl there. Just my alarm clock. Why did I set it to go off at such an ungodly hour of the morning?

    Oh, that’s right. High school starts today. I smacked my clock, and turned it off. I groaned and rolled over, pretending it never went off. I heard my bedroom door open, and I didn’t move. Suddenly, I felt something wet and cool on my face, then my neck, and finally my whole upper body.
    I bolted up, just to see a figure in a slutty pink skirt laughing, holding a cup of water. Water dripped from my hair as I growled, “Anita... What are you doing in here?!”

    “Oh, I’m just here to make sure my dear brother doesn’t miss his first day of high school.” She purred. She then pranced out of my room on high heels that looked like she’d break her neck if she tripped. I grudgingly got up and went to the bathroom for a shower.

    After my shower, I pulled on a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt. I trudged out of my room and into the kitchen, and plucked a muffin off the table. I munched it while Anita texted her boyfriend. I wonder what classes I’ll have, and who with. I hope none with Shane Sanders... And that chick who bit me last Friday... I hope she doesn’t go there...

    Just then, my mom walked in and announced the car was ready for us. I grabbed my bag, and slowly walked out the garage, and into my mom’s shiny red BMW. Anita hopped into the shotgun seat before I could, so I sat behind mom in the driver’s seat. God, I wish high school won’t be horrible.

    But when have my wishes ever come true? That’s right, never.

    Waking up in an Alien world Part II. Jason.

    “Jason... Wake up...Please, you said you’d walk me to school...” A voice whined. I opened my eyes. A young girl with raven black hair was sitting on my chest, something tickling my nose. I realized it was a tail; long and black, extending from the girl’s backside.

    “Mira, get off...” I groaned. “And put your tail back in! No one’s allowed to see it.” Mira hopped off of me, and I sat up. I saw her tail retract into her blue skirt, and watched her skip out of my room, and down the stairs. I sighed, getting out of my bed and heading to the bathroom for a shower.
    Afterwards, I dressed in black jeans and a black shirt, and pulled on my black combat boots, which are probably against dress code at this school, but so what? If I have to go to public school, I should at least be able to enjoy myself.

    I tromped downstairs, the smell of fresh fox bacon greeting me. Yes, foxes can be turned into bacon. We caught the fox a few nights ago, so we decided it’s make a good breakfast item. I grabbed a few strips as I passed my mom, and sat at the table next to Mira, with a glass of milk.
    I sipped my milk, while Mira went on and on about how she’s going to make a million friends, and be the most popular girl in school, and then turn her friends into werewolves so they can have fun with her... Wait, what?

    “Mira, you can’t turn them into werewolves! It’s strictly against the pack rules.” I lectured. Oh God, I’m becoming my father...

    Mira crossed her arms and began to pout. “But it’s not fair! There’re only three other girls in the pack who’ll hang out with me, and I’ll barely be able to see them! Marie is still being home-schooled; Alex is hanging out with that new snooty girl Rhonda, and Carmen... I don’t know!”

    I finished off my bacon and said, “It doesn’t matter. If you make more werewolves without permission, you’ll be sentenced to the kennel.”

    Mira’s eyes got wide, and she started twirling one of her long black pigtails. The kennel is one of the worst places a werewolf can go. We’re forced by the Alpha to turn into a wolf, and he takes us to the local animal shelter, where we stay for a certain amount of time. It’s absolutely horrid.
    I finished the last of my bacon just as a fierce, loud banging erupted from the foyer. Someone was pounding on the front door. I ran into the foyer and flung the door open to silence the banging. To my surprise, Jackal was standing there, a backpack slung over one shoulder, grinning evilly.

    “C’mon Jason, let’s go. I wanna get to school early.” I was dumbfounded. Jackal never wanted to do lessons when we were home-schooled. Why would he want to get to public school early?

    He must’ve seen the shocked look on my face. “Oh, don’t get me wrong; I don’t wanna go any more than you do. I just wanna scare some mortals before we have to... Behave.” He said “Behave” the way we would say “The kennel.”

    Just then, my mother popped into the doorway, sending your plans to be wolves crashing into the ground. “Hello Jackal. Are you here to accompany Jason to school?” She said sharply.

    Jackal nodded, and I grabbed my backpack from next to the door. We dashed down the lawn, ready to morph the second Mom couldn’t see us. Suddenly, we heard her yelling after us.

    “If I find out you two have turned into wolves today, I’ll literally have your tails!!” She shouted. I let that sink in. She’d said “Literally”, meaning if she finds out if we morphed today, she’d cut off out tails. And we like our tails very much.

    Waking up in an Alien World Part III. Amy.

    I felt something touch my face. It was wet and sticky, and smelled of cherries and fresh blood. I opened my eyes to see a cock-eyed Chase sitting there, a large red lollipop dangling above his face.

    I shot up, and smacked him across the room with my pillow. He slammed into my dresser, knocking several pictures off. That’s vampire strength in a nutshell for ya.

    “Chase, get out, and get sober!” I screamed. He looked up at me, rubbing a welt that was forming on his head.

    “Gawd Aymee... Izzit tha tyme uv thu munth alreedy?” He grumbled. He crawled out of my room, and I screamed after him, “No, It’s NOT that time of the month, you drunken pervert!” I slammed the door as he fell down the stairs.

    I stomped into my bathroom for a much needed shower to clear my frazzled nerves. I came out feeling better than before, but not by much. I dressed in white jeans, a purple t-shirt, and a white jacket with purple Converse Hi-Tops.

    I grabbed my bag, heading down the stairs. I glanced into Chase’s room, and saw him lying, passed out, next to a young blond girl, who looked quite troubled. Poor unfortunate soul, I thought. Having to spend all night with a drunken Chase... I pity her.

    In the kitchen, I found a plate of cinnamon rolls on the table along with a note from my dad. “Dearest Amy. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to fly you to school, but I had to go in early. Help yourself to some cinnamon rolls. I’ll see you after school. Love, Dad.”

    I bit into a cinnamon roll, and sighed, thinking about how hard it must be to be my dad. He’s a real important person on the Vampire Council, so he usually works late into night, and early into the morning.

    I sighed again, loading the rest of the cinnamon rolls into a bag, and heading out the door. Whoa, I thought. The sun sure is bright today. Curse my sensitive eyes... I pulled a pair of dark sunglasses out of my bag, and put them on. Much better...

    I climbed the ladder next to the front door, and up onto the first floor balcony. Then, I climbed onto the roof. I stood on the edge, ready to jump. I bent my knees, and sprang up with all my might. I thought about being a bat. Flying, being blind for short lapses of time, biting innocent mortals... And I suddenly shrank into a dark purple bat.

    I soared through the air, careless and free, and suddenly felt an eerie presence. I sniffed the wind cautiously. I smelled... Wolves. Werewolves, to be exact.

    I instinctively looked down. I saw nothing but trees, and two young humans walking in the same direction I was flying. I sniffed again, and realized the scent was coming straight from them.

    Then it hit me. I’m going to school with two werewolves.

    (OoC: I write so fast. I might have chapter four up by... five o' clock. Bai, and enjoy~)
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  5. I'm doing just what you told me to; enjoy. This is really neat! It's a good thing you're doing it for PoChaNoWriMo, that means we'll get a lot of reading and we don't have to wait very long for the next chapter. Good luck!

    P.s Your werewolf's name is Jason... I see what you did there. Tricky ;)
  6. (OoC: Haha, I have the next chapter. Enjoy!~ Oh, and Weeds: I have no idea what you are talking about. What's so interesting about the fact that the werewolve's name is Jason?)

    Old school, new problems Part I. Morris.

    I read the sign at the front of the school, engraved on a granite tablet: “MacMillan High School: Breaking Academic Barriers since 1963!!” Wow, old school. I’d expected to see old, worn tiles on the floor, peeling lockers, and old, broken desks. Instead I was surprised to see polished floors, freshly-painted lockers, and soda machines.

    Anita saw me standing in the doorway, my jaw hanging open. She pranced by saying, “Yeah, I’m surprised too. They renovated the whole place over the summer. Oh, Ricky, dear!” She skipped over to a large, buff guy standing by some of the lockers, wearing a football jacket. Her boyfriend, Ricky Daniels.

    I waved goodbye to Mom, and walked inside, looking for my locker. Number 327... I scanned the numbers carefully, making sure I didn’t miss it... There! Number 327, right next a soda machine. I stepped up to it, and grabbed the combination lock, and turned the dial to the numbers I’d memorized from my schedule.

    The locker opened easily, and I deposited my books inside, and running off to find my homeroom class. I rounded a corner, and ran smack into a pretty blonde girl. We fell in a heap, and we both got up, apologizing hundreds of times. I picked up her purse, seeing it embroidered with the letters S.H.A.

    I looked up at the girl, and my jaw dropped open for the second time that day. I looked at the initials on the purse again. S.H.A... Apparently, that stands for Shayna Heather Adrilin.

    “Sh-Shayna?! Is that you?!” I gasped. She looked nothing like the electronic nerd that had been my friend since fourth grade. She looked like... Like a girl.

    Instead of her usual jeans and t-shirt combo, she was dressed in a dark blue mini-skirt, with a white blouse. Her blonde hair was curled into ringlets, and her blueberry colored eyes sparkled behind her clear glasses, which not only enhanced her vision, but her beauty as well. She was wearing light make-up; lipstick, blush, mascara, etc... And she was wearing a pair of silver earrings and a thin silver choker.
    Shayna laughed; a lovely sound, like bells ringing. “Yes, Morris, it’s me. I’ve just, y’know, dressed up for high school. What’s your homeroom number?”

    I was slow to respond; I was dazzled by her beauty. I got out my schedule, and said my homeroom was in Room 183. Shayna’s eyes brightened, and she said, “Oh, that’s my homeroom too! Come on, we’ll walk together.”

    She held out her hand, her nails painted light blue, and I took it, blushing slightly. We walked on, up a flight of stairs, and on to homeroom. I could get used to this, I thought. Unfortunately, like all good things in my life, it was short-lived.

    Old school, new problems Part II. Jason.

    I had the strangest feeling we’d been followed all the way to school. Jackal was moaning about how he’d be bored all day, and that he’d never be able to survive, while I walked on, feeling very nervous. And the feeling of being followed didn’t help...

    The school atmosphere wasn’t much better. It was noisy, crowded, and overall unbearable. Jackal and I had lockers right next to each other, 241, and 242. We threw our books inside, and stalked off to homeroom. Suddenly, Jackal swung out an arm, catching me in the chest. I stumbled, and glared at him, but he was staring forward, his face set in a scowl.

    “Jason, you know who that is?” he said pointing. His finger was aimed at an older girl –Senior, I guessed- who was walking down the hallway, all the boys gawking at her. She had jade green eyes, and onyx hair, with a blouse to match her eyes, and a skirt to match her hair.

    Unfortunately, I recognized her. Before I could say anything else, Jackal grabbed me by the neck, and steered me into a dark corner. He slammed me into the wall, and waited as the girl passed. He then turned to me, a fire glowing in his red eyes.

    “What is she doing here? Do you know what this means?” He whispered fiercely. I rubbed my head, where he had banged my head, and I replied, “No...What?”

    Jackal sighed angrily. “It means she won’t be alone! There will, no doubt, be others protecting her from people like us.” My eyes widened. For a moment, a little hope started glimmering inside me. If she’s here, then that could mean that... No, impossible. She’s probably not important enough to the society to protect her...

    I grabbed Jackal by the arm, and pulled him in the direction of our homeroom; anything to get out of the suffocating halls of the Hell that is high school.

    Old school, new problems Part III. Amy.

    I followed them all the way to school, but lost them quickly. Werewolves are very fast... I was then standing at my locker, my face buried inside, thinking of how to tell Daddy about them...

    Suddenly, I was pulled backwards, and staring into a pair of cool, jade eyes. I sighed, relieved that it wasn’t who I thought it was. The girl stood back, letting me get a better look at her; and the two burly men standing right behind her.

    “Maurecia... What a surprise to see you here.” I said coolly. Inside, I was freaking out. Me, standing in the presence of royalty... The Simmons family reigns over our territory.

    Maurecia smiled, her eyes shining brightly. She spoke with a slight British accent, “Thank you, Amy. I am not surprised to see you... My father requested to have you put into this school for a reason, apparently.”

    My heart gave a leap. Amaranth asked for me specifically? I was so honored, I could barely breath. But... Why? So I asked, “Wh-Why did your father ask for me?”

    Maurecia frowned. “I don’t know... he must have heard the extensive praise from your father about you. Your hunting skills, your attitude, strategy, and strength... An ideal guard for me, apparently.” She sounded impressed... I blushed out of slight embarrassment.

    Just then I saw two boys skirt around our little “group”. I caught a flash of black hair, and the barely strong scent of fur... Werewolves. Fortunately, Maurecia’s lilac perfume overpowered it to her. But I smelled it clearly... But something was wrong.

    With the werewolf scent, I smelled silver. It was so faint; if I hadn’t been sniffing so intently, I would have missed it. I chanced a glance at the two retreating figures, and glimpsed a silver loop in one of the boy’s ears.

    Dear God, I thought. Jackal Stright. The only werewolf (That I know of.), that wears a silver earring. I have to tell the council, I thought. Better yet, I’ll tell Maurecia! I opened my mouth quickly, but closed it just as fast. If that was Jackal... Then that means only one thing..!

    My boyfriend is going to the same school as me... With a vampire princess on the loose.
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  7. (OoC: Haha, first chapter in third person. Whenever all three of them are together at the same time, it has to be that way.)

    As Fate would have it Part I. Morris, Jason & Amy.

    Morris had entered the room first, with Shayna by his side. He took a seat in the third row from the door, second seat. Shayna sat to his left. They talked for a few minutes, with Shayna carrying most of the conversation. Morris was distracted by her, as he put it, angelic face.

    A few minutes later, Jason walked in with Jackal. They took the seats closest to the door, as to make sure they could leave the quickest. As they walked in, Morris tensed a bit, suddenly aware of a familiar presence. He turned around, and upon seeing Jason and Jackal were the only ones there, he disregarded the feeling.

    Jackal moaned some more about not wanting to be there, much to Jason’s annoyance. Morris continued to stare at Shayna, much to her embarrassment. Just then, he felt an ominous presence enter the room. He turned once more, and nearly fell out of his chair.

    It’s her, he thought, it’s her! That girl who bit him last Friday! He squirmed around, while the girl walked around him, and sat behind him. Morris froze, unable to think. Jason, on the other hand, was staring at her with the utmost surprise.

    She does go here, he thought. He’d thought she wasn’t important enough to the society to be guarding Princess Maurecia, but he’d thought wrong. His girlfriend, sitting two rows over, was eying him cautiously.

    On Amy’s end of things, she was surprisingly calm. So her boyfriend -and his vicious best friend- were going to the same school as her. And so was Princess Maurecia. She could keep them apart, with very strategic planning, but it would be hard. She set to work, forming a plan in her head.

    Back with Morris, he was freaking out inside. He glanced to his arm, where he could see two circular markings; bite marks, from that girl’s teeth. She must be rabid, he thought. But, it had already been a week. If she was rabid, he’d be foaming at the mouth by now.

    He chanced a glance at her, and saw she was quickly scribbling in a dark purple notebook, and not eying him hungrily. He sighed inwardly, relieved. He looked at Shayna again, and drank in her exquisite beauty.

    Two rows over, Jason was thinking hard, and tuning Jackal out. Maurecia was there, and so was Amy. There can only be a connection. He’d passed right behind them, and if Amy knew, she wasn’t letting on through notes. She definitely wouldn’t do anything with Jackal around, who was currently too distracted by a brunette girl to notice.

    Amy looked at her paper once more, finalizing her plan. She would tell Jason about Maurecia, explain the situation, and make sure he doesn’t do anything rash. She knew he wouldn’t; he respects that she’s a vampire, and knows neither of them want a vampire-werewolf war.

    Just then, a tall brunette woman walked into the room, and looked at the students from behind her thick glasses. “Hello, class,” She said in a monotone voice. “My name is Mrs. Langworth. I am your homeroom teacher. Since today is the first day, we won’t be doing any learning. Instead, I ask that you remain in your seats. Thank you.” She sat behind her desk, and proceeded to write on some papers.

    The three teens became absorbed in their own thoughts; Morris kept staring at Shayna; Jason tried to silence Jackal; Amy kept writing in her notebook. Halfway through the lesson, a senior girl popped into the room, and asked to speak with Amy Pearson.

    Mrs. Langworth nodded, and stared dully at Amy. She blushed and got up, much to Morris’s relief. She walked to the door where the girl had been standing; she had slipped back outside. She walked out, and saw Maurecia staring coldly at her.

    “Guess what I have just found out, Amy. Guess.” She asked, her voice the same tone as her eyes. Amy shrugged, genuinely confused. Maurecia pushed her against the wall next to the door, and bent low.

    “There are werewolves at this school, Amy. Did you know that?” Amy’s eyes widened in fright. She swallowed hard, and shook her head. Maurecia stepped back, her jade eyes flashing.

    “Well, if you find out who they are, tell me straightaway. We must notify my father and the council. And if I find you are lying... Let’s just say your father will have the short end of the stick.”

    Amy’s eyes widened once again as Maurecia walked away, flanked by her two bodyguards. Amy sank to the ground, her heart beating wildly. He knows, she thought. She’ll find out soon. I have to tell him...

    Just then, the bell rang, and the door to her homeroom swung open, missing her by an inch. Jackal ran out, apparently eager to get out of there. He was followed closely by that one boy that was in front of her; why did he look so familiar to her? He zoomed in the other direction.

    Amy closed her eyes, and caught the scent of fur again. She opened her eyes to see Jason standing there, smiling warmly. “Hey, Amy. Fancy seeing you here.” He said.

    Amy gave a mall smile and stood up. Jason was holding her bag, which she gladly took. She must have looked really pale, considering she’s a vampire; they can’t get much paler than that. Jason frowned and asked, “Amy is something bothering you? You like you’ve just seen a specter!”

    Not a specter, she thought, but pretty darn close to it. A PMS vampire princess can be quite terrifying. Especially if she’s out to kill your boyfriend.
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  8. You were Jason Wolfe, right?

    This certainly is taking an interesting turn. At first Amy's story seemed a bit dull to me, but it's certainly getting more interesting now. I can't wait to see what happens later on :)
  9. (OoC: Oh, now I get it. As a matter of fact, thay are the same person. And here's the next chapter! Hardest one to do, so far. Enjoy~)

    Days Divided Part I. Jason.

    I walked Amy to her next class, Biology Honors, and I continued on to Mythical Studies. I was pretty excited about it, because it’s I’d heard we would be studying werewolves. And I know everything about werewolves.

    I arrived at the Mythical Studies room, and took a seat close to the front. A couple juniors gave me a sideways glance, obviously stupefied to see a freshman so ready to learn. Especially one dressed in all black, looking ready to punch someone.

    The room slowly filled with students, and the bell rang, signaling the beginning of first period. A minute passed, and a tall woman drifted into the room. Literally, she looked like she was being pulled weightlessly. She was wearing a long black dress, matching her raven hair, and black eyes.

    “Hello class. My name is Miss Stark. Welcome to Mythical Studies.” She said in a soft, enchanting voice. “I have a tradition in my class; to start the first day with a lesson. From now until the end on the week after next, we shall be studying werewolves.”

    Several people groaned. I, however, perked up. I was ready to tell I knew about my kind. Of course, I’d never admit my race on front of mortals.
    Miss Stark glided to the marker board, and picked up a marker. “Now, can anyone tell me what a werewolf is?” I raised my hand. Miss Stark pointed to me, and I said, “A werewolf is a human who can turn into a wolf.” Miss Stark looked pleased.

    “Yes, correct. But, you forgot one detail. They turn into wolves by the light of the full moon.” She wrote that on the board. I frowned. I’d heard rumors of that lie, but these mortals actually believed it? I decided to set them straight.

    “No, that’s not true. They can change out of their own free will.” I heard a few snickers from behind me, which I ignored. Miss Stark frowned.

    “Well, not truly. That is a common opinion. The most known fact is that they become half-wolf, half-human when the full moon is out.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. These humans actually believed this rubbish! I decided to go along with it, to avoid further embarrassment.

    Miss Stark went on about how to become a werewolf, which she explained was just a bite from the creature. Well, she’d gotten that half right, again. We have the choice to do it. We can bite a person and not affect them, or we could affect them. Either or.

    Then she went on about how to kill a werewolf. Silver bullets, she said, were the best way. I resisted the very strong urge to tell her she was horribly wrong. I mean, seriously. It doesn’t matter if we’re werewolves or not; getting shot gets you killed, either way.

    I kind of tuned out the rest of the lesson. I caught the jest of it; werewolves aren’t fully wolf or human, just in-between; they eat innocent humans and corpses out of instinct and loss of control; they are fierce enemies with vampires. Well, she’d gotten that last part right, unfortunately.

    The history of the vampire-werewolf conflict was the most accurate. Territorial needs, racial differences, and all that stuff... But who says we can’t change history? That’s right, no one.

    Then, the bell rang. I was more than happy to get out of there. Miss Stark may be an interesting teacher, but she’s a little off with her facts. I pushed her incredibly in-accurate lessons out of my mind, and hurried to find my next class. Physical Education in the gym. Surely this won’t be so bad.

    And then I arrived there. Jackal was standing amongst the athletic teens, and I suddenly panicked. I had no doubt he’d be bragging about his athletic feats, be ridiculed, and turn into a wolf in anger. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. They just seemed impressed by him.

    Suddenly, a shrill sound entered my ears. I clapped my ears over them in pain. Jackal did the same. The sound came from a buff man, in about his late thirties; obviously the coach. His voice boomed out across the room.

    “Alright, students! Today, being the first day of school, we’re not doing anything too restraining. Instead, we’re going to be running the mile.” Several groans. Jackal looked smug. I guess I should have too; we run several hundred miles a week on hunts.

    The coach beckoned everyone to follow him, and we all did. He led out the gym doors, and outside to a large, oval track. He herded everyone onto the track, and boomed, “On the whistle, four laps around. Got it? Good.”

    Everyone took their marks. I saw Jackal crouch, and I hoped to God that he wouldn’t run on all fours. Considering my luck, he probably would. The coach blew the whistle, and we took off. Fortunately, Jackal was running on two legs. He was ahead of the crowd, and I realized I was pulling ahead as well.
    Suddenly, I saw a blur in my line of vision. It streaked past me, and was soon parallel with Jackal. He payed no attention. I poured on the speed, and got a better look at the person. Female, with black hair, and wearing a black skirt.

    I faltered for a moment. No. Not her. Not here. This is the worst possible class to have with her! With Jackal running at top speed-with her, no less- she’s bound to become suspicious. Amy made me promise to keep out of her way and not reveal ourselves. I sped up. I was ten feet away... five feet... two feet...

    With a mighty jump, I tackled Jackal into the grass. We landed in the soft grass, several people laughing. Jackal flipped over, and gave me an evil glare. “What the hell was that for?!” I pointed to the girl at the front of the crowd. His eyes widened in shock.

    “Oh... Yeah, I guess we shouldn’t attract too much attention. Sorry...” He muttered. I stood, brushed myself off, and lifted him up to. “Yeah, you’re forgiven. Just don’t get too egotistical in the future.”

    He nodded, and we went back to the track. We finished at a normal pace, as not to attract attention to ourselves. By the end of the period, while everyone else was panting and huffing, we’d barely broke a sweat. As it seems, neither did the princess. Guess she’s trying to keep herself pretty for all those suitors and what-not.

    Days Divided Part II. Morris

    I hated second period. Shayna wasn’t in it at all, but Shane Sanders was. He made an effort to sit right behind me, and stab my neck with his pencil, in an effort to make me think I was being bitten. I had no idea he knew about that little experience...

    Anyway, third period was on the way, and I had limited time. I rounded several corners, and, once again, ran into Shayna. I really need to look where I’m going... We collapsed again, but she was laughing this time, so I joined in with her.

    “Hey, Morris. This is becoming a routine thing for us, isn’t it?” She laughed. I nodded. I stood, and helped her up, and helped her gather her things. We found out we had the same class for third period; Creative Writing. We walked there, up one floor, and into a strangely lit room.

    The fluorescent lights were off. Instead, the room was lit by a collection of lamps and candles. There were lovely fumes wafting from the candles; wild cherries, vanilla, lilac, and mangoes; things that shouldn’t smell good together, but they strangely did.

    I sat down next, with Shayna by my side, and the room slowly filled. Including that girl. I tried to keep calm, but Shayna was obviously noticing. She took my hand, and I calmed down by a hundred degrees. I stayed calm, even when the girl sat behind me again.

    Then, the teacher entered the room. And was she interesting. She was dressed in loose bright orange dress, and her brown hair was in wild curls and braids. Her amber eyes were magnified by her enormous glasses.

    “Hullo class! My name is Miss Danes. I am your creative writing teacher, and to kick off the school year, I’d like you to write a short summary of your greatest adventure. Extra points for creativity and description! You may BEGIN!!”

    ...Whoa. I didn’t expect that. I took out a piece of paper and a pencil, and thought of what to write about before she started yelling again. Then, I realized I had no idea what to write about. I haven’t had many good adventures...

    Then, I remembered a week ago. The canyon. It’d be perfect. I feverishly set to work, spinning a tale of heroism; how I saved my friends form the bullies, evaded vicious wolves, and survived a deadly bite from a rabid girl, and got to hook up with Shayna... Okay, maybe I exaggerated on the whole thing, but at least I’d get a great grade. I wondered what Shayna was writing about... No, I had to stay focused.

    I wrote until Miss Danes screeched, “TIME’S UP!! Please hand your papers to the front up to the front of your row, and I will collect them!” I stopped writing, and I felt something tickling my neck. I reached back, and felt paper. I took the papers, and saw the name of the girl behind me; Amy. I quickly handed the papers up.

    So her name’s Amy. Good to know; if she tries anything, I can surely report her. Miss Danes looked over the papers, her giant smiling never fading. In fact, I thought I saw it get bigger. I wasn’t sure that was possible; her mouth already took up half of her face.

    Then, the bell rang. I sat still while Shayna gathered her things. The girl named Amy got up, and walked ahead of me. Her dark hair swayed, and I swear, she smiled at me. Not a smile of greeting, a sly smile; like she was plotting something. I think she was thinking how good my skin and blood tasted.

    I got up with Shayna, and I walked her to the door. There, we split up. She had to go back downstairs; I had to go several doors down to Integrated Science. The room was a little different; instead of desks, there were tables to seat two people, with little sinks in the middle.

    I sat at one near the back, away from the teacher, so I could be alone with my thoughts. I was looking down at my notebook, when I heard someone slide into the chair next to me. I felt a strange presence in the person. I looked up, half expecting to see Shayna, Shane Sanders, or that girl named Amy. Instead, I saw a boy with black hair and clothes, with strange silvery-red eyes. I swear he seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place a name to the face...

    I looked down at my notebook, thinking again. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I know this person. Should I know him? Maybe he’d sat by me because he’d recognized me. I hoped not. Fortunately, he said nothing to me all period. The only time I heard him speak was to answer a question for the teacher. Plus, I’d found out his name was Jason. Huh, doesn’t ring a bell...

    The period was overall boring. The teacher, Mr. Gibson went on about how to behave in his lab and all that jazz. I tuned him out. Shane Sanders had arrived halfway through, but he was acting like an idiot at the other end of the room.

    Finally, the class let out. Mr. Gibson reminded everyone that we’d start studying genetics the next day. What a joy. I exited the classroom, and walked down to the first floor, and my locker. Fortunately, lunch was next, and I’d have some time to talk with Shayna...

    I opened my locker, and deposited my obtained books into it. I slammed it shut, and jumped back in surprise. Right where the door had been a moment earlier was the face of a beaming blonde girl, smiling like she’d just had a make-out session with someone. And by someone, I mean every boy on the football team.

    “Hello Morris... Enjoying your first day of high school?” Anita purred, a hint of victory in her voice. I assumed she knew I was having a semi-bad day. I narrowed my eyes at her, and said, “What’s it to you? Shouldn’t you be somewhere else, getting a hickey?”

    Anita stood straight, a flash of anger in her eyes. I then realized that I should not have said that... She leaned in close, and spoke in a cold voice, “You know, I’ve been nice to you today. I haven’t terrorized you, or anything. But you are surely going to be tortured if you make me angry.”

    I whimpered lightly. Anita knew almost every embarrassing secret about me, and owned a copy of almost every embarrassing picture of me as a baby. I swallowed hard, and opened my voice to shoot a comeback at her. Instead, someone else answered.

    “We’ll see about that, Miss PMS. Go have your period elsewhere.” I turned, and was shocked to see that boy from science class- Jason, wasn’t it? - leaning against the lockers. His oddly colored eyes were glinting with slight triumph, like he’d just defeated Anita at something.

    She stood erect, and glared at him. “Wh-What did you say?!” She steamed. Jason looked her straight in the eyes. “You heard me. Go have your period elsewhere.” He made a shooing motion with his hand. Anita turned scarlet, stepped up, and leaned in close to him. “You listen here. If you make me angry, I’ll surely--”
    Jason, who had been standing there, staring fearlessly at her, made a strange sound; a growl. It sounded much like a dog’s growl, and it apparently frightened Anita. She stepped back, astonished. She then turned on her heel, and ran in other direction.

    I looked back at Jason, who was smirking. He looked at me, and straightened up. “Sorry. I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. I’m Jason.” He held out his hand, and I took it, shaking it firmly. I was still in slight shock from what had just happened a moment ago.

    “Uh, I’m Morris. Nice to meet you... How did you scare her off like that?” I said in amazement. Jason smirked again, and shrugged.

    “Years of practice, I guess.” He said. I resisted the urge to ask him if he could teach me how to do it. Then, he asked, “Hey, what’s your schedule?” I unknowingly pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to him. He scanned it quickly, and said, “Huh, you and I have homeroom, Science, and World History together... Alright, well, I’ll see you in seventh period.”

    He handed back my schedule, and walked off. Not towards the cafeteria, like all the other students, but towards the exit, like he was leaving. I walked toward the cafeteria, again running into Shayna. We walked together, but my mind was swimming. Who is Jason, I wondered.

    Days Divided Part III. Amy.

    I didn’t see Jason anywhere at lunch. He must have been convinced by Jackal to go hunting for lunch... God, I hope he doesn’t get in trouble... I had sat alone at a table in the back with my cinnamon rolls. That is, until I was attacked by the PMS Princess.

    “Hai, Amy!!” Maurecia said brightly. Her mood had certainly changed from this morning... She had been so cold in homeroom... Maybe she’d forgotten about the werewolves. She dropped her tray onto the table, and sat across from me. Her bodyguards were several tables away, watching her like hawks.

    “Hey, Maurecia. Enjoying school?” I asked casually, munching on a cinnamon roll. Maurecia smiled brighter. She replied, “Oh, it’s much better. I think I’ve found the root of our problem!”

    I raised an eyebrow. “And what would that be?” I asked cautiously. Dear God, I hope she doesn’t mean what I think she means... Maurecia leaned in, and said, “I think I found our werewolves!!”

    I dropped my cinnamon roll. Yup, she’d meant what I didn’t want her to mean. Jason is surely dead now... And our anniversary was coming up! I acted calm. I smiled, and said, “Really? Who-Who do you think they are?”

    She pointed across the room, at two tall, athletic blonde boys. I sighed inwardly. She didn’t know about Jason... The two boys were acting like Jackal would if he had been there. “Considering those two boy’s behavior, I believe that they are they werewolves. Of course, werewolves are very rowdy, and cannot control themselves often.” Maurecia lectured.

    Lies, I thought. Not all of them are rowdy and un-controllable... Jason is living proof of that. But I just nodded my head, agreeing to Maurecia’s statement. She smiled, and stood. She walked over to the table with the two blonde boys, and sat down. The boys gawked at her.

    I shook my head, gathered my belongings, and left the cafeteria. I guessed that those boys would not appear at school the next day. Maurecia isn’t one to go back on her statements. But when she finds out that she’s wrong... I have to tell Jason. I walked on to my next class, cutting lunch short. Along the way, I saw a very familiar boy. He was talking to a blonde girl at the end of the hall. He saw me, and a look of panic streaked across his face. He grabbed the girl by the wrist, and pulled her away.

    I wondered what could have made him so scared. Then, I remembered why he was so familiar looking; we had, what, three classes together? And he was terrified of me. I think it was because I bit him last Friday... Yes, that must be it. I distinctly remember his petrified face, and his girly scream. I giggled, in spite of myself.

    I reached my math classroom. Algebra 1; seems easy. I’m exceptionally smart in math. I sat down, and took out my notebook. I scribbled out some things for my plan, and wrote some other things in. I heard the door swish open, but payed no attention. Someone collapsed into the seat to my right, panting heavily. I looked up to see an athletic blonde boy; I recognized him as one of the boys Maurecia had pinned as a werewolf. He looked absolutely terrified.

    I ginned a little, and went back to work. The boy’s panting slowed, and there was silence. Suddenly, I heard him say, “Hi. M-My name’s Shane. What’s your name?”

    I looked up into bright blue eyes; I smiled and said, “Name’s Amy. Nice to meet you.” I swear, I saw him blush. He looked me up and down, and stopped at my face. I had the sneaking suspicion he was considering asking me out. I was ready to tell him I was taken.

    He opened his mouth, but several people walked in, including Maurecia. She glared at Shane, and he froze I terror. I couldn’t resist giggling; luckily, he didn’t notice. Soon, the room was filled with students, and a very strict looking teacher. She had thin spectacles, a thin mouth turned down, and her pale blonde hair was pulled back into a tight bun.

    “Good afternoon. My name is Mrs. Stinge. In my class, you will not disrespect me, or any other student. There is no talking unless I specify it. Do I make myself clear?” She glared at every person in the class. Everyone nodded silently.

    “Good. Now, since today is the first day of school, let’s start with something easy; multi-step equations.” She picked up a marker, and wrote on the marker board. I tuned her out; I wasn’t really in the mood to learn these equations; I knew them already, anyway.

    I doodled in my notebook for most of the period, ignoring the looks and winks from Shane, and the constant glares from Maurecia to him. Occasionally, I would jot down a few notes, in order to keep the illusion I was studying.

    Fortunately, the class went by rather quickly. Mrs. Stinge was quite displeased to see everyone so happy to leave. Personally, she thought she had given an exciting lesson. Please, stop lying to yourself, I thought.

    One class left, World History. I walked downstairs, completely aware of the fact that Shane was following at me from a considerable distance. I was able to ditch him when I turned left, and he went right. I entered the classroom, very happy to see Jason sitting in one of the desks. Luckily or unluckily, next to him was that boy who was terrified of me. He looked at me, and froze. It seemed that he also forgot to breathe. Jason followed his gaze, and his face lit up.

    I smiled and walked over to him. I sat right behind him, and the other boy sighed to himself. Jason raised an eyebrow, and said, “Uh. Amy, do you know Morris?”

    I shook my head, and the boy Jason had addressed as Morris turned deathly pale. He gave a weak smile, and said a weak hello. I waved in return, and got out my notebook. As the class filled up, the teacher walked in. He was a man in his early forties, tall with brown hair.

    “Good afternoon, students. My name is Mr. Anderson, and this is World History.” Mr. Anderson proceeded to explain what the class would be about, and how things worked in his class, and I doodled in my notebook. I occasionally looked up, and would see Morris glancing around, mostly at me and that blonde girl I had seen him with earlier. Jason was eyeing Jackal across the room, making sure he didn’t do anything stupid.

    Eventually, the class ended with Mr. Anderson telling us that we’d be learning about the Prehistoric Era. Considering one of my aunts had lived through it, I would have no trouble. The bell rang, and everyone started swarming to the door.

    Morris gave me a glance, and met up with the blonde girl. Jason and Jackal met at the door, and Jackal ran off. I walked up to Jason, smiling brightly. “Hey, how was your first day?” he said casually.

    I said I was fine, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the blond girl kiss Morris on the cheek, and saw him blush furiously. Jason took my hand, and led me out the door. It’s now or never, I thought. I’d spent all period thinking about what to say...

    “Jason, we need to talk.” I said quickly. I pulled him to the side, and he cocked his head to the side. “What is it? Something wrong?”

    “Yes, there is. Maurecia is getting more suspicious. It’s only a matter of time until she finds out who the werewolves are. To ensure your safety, I think we should... Stay away from each other at school...” I looked at my shoes. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to say...

    “... I understand. I think we should only--” He never got to finish that sentence. From across the hall, above all the other shouts of students, I heard someone yell, “AMY!!!”

    I jerked my head in the direction of the voice. I saw, clearly through the crowd of people, Maurecia Simmons, in full PMS Princess Mode.

    (OoC: Cliffhanger! More later or tomorrow. Bai~)
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  10. (OoC: NEEW CHAPTER HERE. Enjoy~)

    What to do about Her Part I. Jason.

    “Run.” Amy told me in an urgent voice. “Run, as fast as you can. But don’t morph. She’ll be able to smell you.” She started to shove me away from the steadily advancing princess. I turned, and said, “But what about you? I can’t leave you at her mercy. It’s not fair."

    Amy shook her head. “Don’t worry about me. Just go! I’ll meet you at the pine. Good bye, darling.” She shoved me away into the thickening crowd. I took one glance back, to see Maurecia with her hand raised over Amy. I looked away. Seeing that would make me too angry.

    I stormed out of the school, and ran home as fast as I could. I blocked all thoughts about what had just happened. I concentrated solely on getting home. Amy’s right, I thought. We need to keep our distance. It could spell disaster if we don’t.

    Without knowing, I had arrived home. Huh, I must have been thinking too hard to notice. I opened the door to hear my mother screaming, “Mira, how many times have I told you: You’re not allowed on the couch!!”

    I heard a girly laugh, which quickly turned to a howl. Out the back door, I saw a black tail retreating. Mom was in the living room, standing angrily over the blood-red couch. It was covered in strands of long black fur. I guessed Mira had been napping there as a wolf, which she has been repeatedly told not to do.

    Mom saw me standing in the doorway, and said, “Good afternoon, Jason. How was school?” I started walking to my room, and I muttered, “School was fine. Just wonderful...” I clambered up the iron staircase, and up to my room. I shut the door behind me, and turned on my stereo. Rock music blared.

    I flopped down on the bed, and tried to calm my thoughts. How would I be able to stay with Amy, and hide from Maurecia at the same time? And then there’s Jackal, who I’d have to monitor all the time, just to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid, which is highly likely.

    And then there’s Morris... He’s taken a liking to me ever since I scared off his sister. The thing is, he’s terrified of Amy. I don’t know why, but I think she bit him. Still not sure. Is this what high school is supposed to be like? If it is, I want a refund.

    I sighed and opened my backpack. The only homework I had was an essay about werewolves for Mythical Studies. They have no idea what they’re talking about in there, I swear. Nevertheless, I took all the lies about my kind, and compressed them into a two page essay.

    When I was done, I checked it over. Not bad, I thought, for a pack of lies. I laid it on my desk, and turned up my stereo. I started reading The Twilight Saga. Don’t say anything. The only reason I’m reading it is because I thinks it’s hilarious. I mean, really. “Bella broke her hand... Punching me in the face.” Absolutely hilarious, I tell you.

    Soon, there was a loud pounding on my door. I turned off my stereo, and my mom walked in. She rubbed her head saying, “Isn’t that music murder on your ears?” I shook my head. As werewolves, our hearing is exceptional, but sensitive.

    Mom sat on the edge of my bed. “Jason, your father asked me to tell you we’re going on a hunt tonight. You could let out some steam. I can tell school was stressful.” I sat up, and said, “No it wasn’t. It was fine.”

    I must have said it too quickly, because she raised an eyebrow skeptically. “... Alright. Well, we’re leaving in an hour. Get whatever homework you have done.” She winked at me, and left. Considering my homework was done, I went back to reading. Oh, Bella... You’re so dim-witted. Why would you jump off a cliff, into the water, where your enemy is waiting? I thought you had more sense than that.

    What to do about Her Part II. Morris.

    The hallways were absolute hell. First, I was shoved every which-way, and then, I was jack-slapped to the side by a hormonal senior. Good gracious, what is it with girls these days? The only normal girl is Shayna, even with her total transformation. To be honest, I like the new Shayna. She’s just so... Different, somehow.

    I was able to avoid a ride home with Anita. She was going on a date with Ricky. And then another one with his best friend. And another with the head of the chess club. Good Lord, Anita’s such a whore...

    Mom and I didn’t talk much on the way home. She asked me how my day was, I said it was fine, and that was it. When we got home, I did my homework. All I had was some for Creative Writing. I had to create an original character, and use it in an upcoming assignment. This person had to be entirely from scratch, and unique. Easy.

    I used myself, but not myself. This person was cooler, more athletic, and handsomer. A reflection of how I would want to see myself. With Shayna as my girlfriend. Oh, how I wish it would be so... I drew up a quick summary, history, and personality. Perfect.

    I pondered what to do next. Well, I hadn’t practiced with my sword for several days... I grabbed my steel sword, and ran outside, shouting something about disemboweling demons to my mom. I raced towards the straw dummies set up in the yard, and swung my sword. I sliced the stomach of a dummy clean open, straw falling out if large clumps.

    I turned to the next one, and swung again. His head came clean off, rolling halfway across the yard. I swiped at the third one, disarming him, literally. I sliced his arms off. The fourth one fared no better; I stabbed him in the gut and sliced upwards, cutting him in half.

    I must have lost track time while killing off the imaginary demons. Soon enough, the sky had dimmed, and the streetlights were coming on. In the distance, I heard the howl of a wolf. I decided it was time to go inside. Plus, it was about this time that I was bit by that Amy girl... I then made a resolve to find out who she was; and, if possible, dispose of her.

    What to do about Her Part III. Amy.

    I climbed the steep hill in the dead of night, a crescent moon shining overhead. It’s unnaturally quiet, I thought. The air was cool, and I shivered under my jacket. My face stung angrily, like bees. Maurecia isn’t very forgiving, I’d heard. And now, I’ve experienced it firsthand.

    The pine tree was coming into view now. A cloud passed over the moon, darkening and slightly cooling the already cold night. I reached the crest of the hill, and saw a figure leaning against the tree. His silvery-red eyes glinted in the moonlight. I sighed in relief; he had made it safely. I was glad my pain had been worth it.

    “Jason... I’m so glad you’re here.” I said to the figure. He stepped away from the shadows beneath the tree, and took my hand. He hugged me tightly, and the pain in my face lightened. I broke the hug, and stared up at Jason. His eyes were full of concern and worry.

    “Tell me everything that happened.” He said. “What happened after I left?” I looked down and gingerly touched my cheek. The pain returned, stronger than ever.

    “Well, first Maurecia slapped me, and--” I was cut off. “She slapped you?! How dare she! I’ll rip her to shreds, I will...”

    “Jason, stop. Let me finish. She told me that she knew I knew who the werewolves are. I denied, and she slapped me again.” Jason was absolutely furious now. “And she took me before the Council.”

    Now he looked aghast. “Straight to the Council? But, she has no proof!” Jason exclaimed.

    “Except for the strong scent of werewolf on me, and the fact that I was seen with another of her prime suspects... No, not you, someone else... Don’t give me that look! He was just sitting by me, okay? Anyway, my father saved me. He thought I wouldn’t be caught dead cavorting with werewolves.”

    I stopped. That’s what he thought of me; an honest vampire, never to be seen with a werewolf, unless in a fight to the death. He’d be so disappointed... So would Mom... I choked back a sob, but I wasn’t good at hiding it. Jason took my hand again, and said, “It’s okay... I know what it’s like to be put on the spot like that.”

    “But do you know what it’s like to feel like you’re betraying your kind, and everyone you love?” I sobbed. Jason was silent. Then, slowly, he said, “Yes, Amy. I do know.”

    I then remembered who he really was. I’m not the only person with an important father. I laid my head on Jason’s shoulder, and sobbed a bit before regaining my composure. I wiped my eyes and said, “We need to get her expelled.”

    Jason looked at me with complete shock. “Maurecia? How are we going to do that? If the principal expels her, her dad will just bite him, and she’d be back in school.”

    I bit my lip. “Well... What if I convince her father to take her out of school? That would be easier.”

    “But how will you get near him? The only way is to sneak in to see him. And I’m sure he won’t be keen on the idea if you do that.”

    “No, there is another way. My dad is his most trusted adviser. If I alert to him that people are getting suspicious of her, he’ll surely take her out. It’s foolproof.”

    Jason nodded, but had one thing to say. “What if he has your dad take you out?”

    “I’m better at keeping myself secret than her. He’d assure the king that I’d be fine, and Maurecia would be gone for good.” Jason now looked satisfied. We agreed to put the plan into action by secretly pass along rumors that Maurecia isn’t human. Then, I’d tell my dad, and he’d tell the king. Again, it’s foolproof. The numbers don’t lie.

    “Amy, you’re a genius. I just wish that--” He stopped mid-sentence, and cocked his ear to the north. I didn’t hear anything at first, but then I heard what he heard; a powerful wolf howl, calling Jason back to the pack.

    “Father calls for me.” Jason said. “The hunt must be over. I have to leave now. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” He bent and kissed me softly on the cheek. Then, turned and trotted down the hill, and in an instant, there was a black and gray wolf in his spot.

    “Don’t forget the plan!!” I called after the wolf. He turned, gave a short bark, and raced into the woods. I sighed and sat, leaning against the tall pine tree. It must not be easy, I thought, to be son of the Alpha male.

    (OoC Side Notes: Okay, the title of the chapter parts, What to do about Her, refers to two girls: Maurecia and Amy. Since Morris has no connection to Maurecia at this point, he has to worry about Amy. The others worry about Maurecia. Secondly, I have nothing against Twilight. True, I don't fancy it, but Amy and Jason find it offensive and hilarious, given how I picture their kind.)
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  11. The title was very clever, especially on Morris's account. Actually all of your titles are very clever. Part of the fun with this is finding out what the next chapter's title is (I'm am not kidding, I seriously think it's that fun)

    Also including the Twilight Saga is pretty fun, it creates a kind of anchor to our world, as if to assure that it's not a made up fantasy world. It reminds me at least that we're still in the normal world.

    And I think Morris's fencing skills will be needed later on...
  12. (OoC: Okay, this is the first chapter of the two-part-only story arc. It centers around Jason and Amy, mainly. Enjoy~)

    Out with a Bang Part I. Jason.

    I got in minor trouble for straying away from the pack. Nothing major, thank God. The hunt turned out nice; we gathered many fox and squirrels, and a deer or two. Upon returning home, I texted Amy until midnight, when my mom came in and confiscated my phone for the night.

    I was super anxious at school the next day. The first person I told the rumor to was Morris. He had asked me what connection I had to Amy. Cautiously, I told him we’d been friends for a long time. He wrote that down, and walked away. Strange boy, he is.

    Eventually, the rumor became denser and denser. Morris must have told that blonde girl, and she spread it around. At some point, the rumor changed. Now, I heard people saying she was an alien from Venus, or some form of demon from Hell. That’s not what we wanted. So, by second period, I had it going that she was a vampire. Again, I started with Morris. And again, the rumor spun out of control, but in a good way. Everyone ran from her in fear in the hallways, and covered their necks. Amy found this offensive.

    Before third period, Jackal cornered me at my locker. He was wearing an expression of triumph, mixed with suspicion. “So, Jason, heard any good rumors lately?” He asked.

    I shrugged casually. “No. Nothing. Except, I think there’s a test in Miss Stark’s class on Friday.”

    “Uh-huh, right. Well, I heard that Maurecia is a flesh-eating vampire from Hell.” He gave me a look of suspicion. Uh-oh, I thought. Busted. Jackal knew about the plan. Instead of yelling at me, he grabbed me by the shoulders and said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were plotting to get rid of her?! I could’ve helped!”

    He shook me roughly. I detached myself from him and said, “Okay, fine, you can help... Just make everyone suspicious of her... Try to get it on the school paper.”

    Jackal cocked his head to the side and said, “We have a school paper?” I looked at him like was an idiot. “Yes, we have a paper,” I said. “It’s in a rack outside the library.”

    “Wait, we have a library?” Jackal said stupidly. I sighed, turned around, and walked in the other direction. Jackal is such an idiot sometimes. I headed toward third period, Algebra 1 A. Fairly easy. Although, Mr. Harrison doesn’t make it easy. He talks too fast, and he tries to complicate every formula.

    I sat down, and waited for the torture to begin. Mr. Harrison walked in, addressed the day, and started talking in that rapid machine-gun-fire way of his. I started writing in my notebook, trying to catch every word he was saying. But I utterly failed at it.

    Harrison assigned some work, which I translated as “Page387problemseleventhroughtwenty.” Someone really needs to get him off the caffeine and on the Prozac. When he’s not talking about math, he’s complaining about how much his life sucks. Honestly, no one cares. Just saying.

    Finally, after Harrison’s daily speech on how you should never do things that you’d regret later on (A.K.A Get a teaching degree.), he let us do our work. The period passed with few distractions, and we all ignored it when Harrison started sobbing at his desk, crying, “What have I done with my life?!” Seriously, get some anti-depressants.

    Thankfully, the bell rang, and Harrison dismissed us with few tears. With Science next, I felt a little better; Mr. Gibson is mellower, and doesn’t moan about his horrible life. I walked down the hallway, expecting something to happen. I don’t know why, but it felt like something dramatic was about to happen.

    Well, for once, I got my wish. Morris came tearing the hallway, a wild look in his eyes. He skidded to a stop in front of me, and gasped “M-Maurecia... She’s a-a... Oh god, the rumors were true...”

    I grabbed him by the shoulders. “Morris, calm down. What rumors are true?” He looked at me, apparently too stunned to speak. Then, he said what I had feared the most.

    “Maurecia really is a vampire! I saw her talking to that girl... Amy, I think it was... And she said, “Amy, I am most displeased. As a vampire, you should act better!” So, I ran away... And-and-and... Oh my Lord...”

    Frantically, I let go of him, and ran straight to Science. I hope she doesn’t catch him. Or me. I swear, if she does anything to Amy, I’ll destroy her. I reached the classroom within a matter if minutes, and Morris was right behind me.

    I sat down in my seat, and Morris sat next to me, his face buried in his notebook. He was obviously scared of Maurecia. Who wouldn’t be? Mr. Gibson entered the room, and started his lecture about genetics, which I half tuned out. He just droned on about hetero and homozygous base pairs, and heredity, and blah, blah, blah...

    I was staring down at my notebook, when suddenly; a loud SMACK entered my ears. I nearly shot out of my seat. Mr. Gibson was standing over me, holding a metal meter stick in his hand. “Jason, I asked you: What is the difference between heterozygous and homozygous?”
    Of course, he had picked the only question that I didn’t know. I stammered something about not knowing the answer, and he said, “Be sure to listen next time. Now, who can answer this question...?”

    Embarrassed by that little dilemma, I took notes for the rest of the period. Boring, yes, but I didn’t want to risk being called on, and not knowing the answer. Once or twice, the classroom door opened, and I had a mini heart attack. Every time, I thought it was Maurecia coming for me. But it was only another student, or a teacher.

    Thankfully, the period ended quickly. We were let out, and Mr. Gibson said something about a quiz on Friday, and then I was gone. Off to English 1, and Miss Caroline’s psychotic rants about Shakespeare and Poe. I swear, she’s bipolar.

    Suddenly, the mood in the hall changed drastically. The noise decreased considerably, and I heard a lot of uneasy murmurs. The temperature seemed to decrease several degrees. I looked around, confused, and saw Amy at the end of the hall.

    I smiled and started to walk over, but she shot me a desperate look. Don’t come any closer, her eyes said. I obeyed, but I didn’t know what it was about. Almost immediately, I knew. Several other people ran out of the hall to Amy’s left, and I heard the steady click-click of expensive high heels.
    Maurecia Simmons walked out of that hallway, turned forty five degrees, and stared in my direction. She put her balled fists on her hips, and stared straight at me. Her jade eyes flared with anger, and I knew that I would never see anything ever again.

    Out with a Bang Part II. Amy.

    She was staring straight at Jason, who was rooted to the spot. Maurecia’s eyes were burning with hate, and I could almost see her fangs beneath her lips. I had to do something. But what? I couldn’t tell her to stop; she’ll ask why, and I’ll be forced to tell about Jason.

    Then, I had a brilliant spark of inspiration. I’d decided to put my years of theater experience to good use. I fell right in front of Maurecia, breaking the fall with my shoulder. As light pain course through my arm, I began to gasp uncontrollably. I jerked my limbs around, crazily, like I couldn’t control myself.

    Maurecia gasped and knelt, the anger in her eyes replaced with concern. If there’s one thing she cares more about than her appearance, it’s her subjects. She grasped my arms whispering, “Amy? Amy?! Wh-what’s wrong?!” The she started shouting. “Help, help! Someone, get the nurse!!”

    I saw Jason take a step forward, but I gave him a fleeting look, telling him to run. As other students rushed forward to help, he broke into a run in the other direction, weaving through the crowd to get away. He rounded the corner as several teachers ran to help me.

    I closed my eyes as strong arms lifted me into the air. I bounced in the person’s grasp. Moments later, I was laid down on a bed, and I stopped my acting. I breathed deeply, and moaned. Someone by my side said, “Be still... You need to rest.”

    I vaguely recognized the voice, “Sh-Shane...?” The boy who had taken a liking to me on the first day was by my side, holding my hand. I tried to move my hand, but he gripped it tighter.

    “Just rest,” He said. “The doctor will be here soon.” For the first time, I realized how tired I really was. I pretended to sleep for a time, but then I slowly slipped into a deep sleep.

    (OoC: Ta-Da. The plot is getting thicker, you see. And just wait 'till the next chapter. And Weeds, you have NO idea how right you are when it comes to Morris' fencing skills. Plus, I like making fun of Twilight now and again. Leave your critiques. Bai~)
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  13. (OoC: *sigh* Revelation is in here. Enjoy it~)

    A Word With You Part I. Jason.

    Life as I know it has officially ended. No, Maurecia didn’t find and kill me. This was worse than death, at the moment. I was worried about Amy, because the rumors of what had happened were getting scarier. I couldn’t go see her until after seventh period had ended. I headed to the nurse’s office, because everyone knew Amy hadn’t been taken to the hospital.

    I walked into the room, and stopped dead in my tracks. There was a person by her side, a boy. Quite athletic, about fourteen, with short blonde hair. He was clutching Amy’s hand; she was breathing deeply, but I wasn’t sure she was sleeping. I’d seen her fake sleep act enough times.

    I was unaware that I had begun growling. The boy straightened, and turned to face me. “Nurse Carol is in the principal’s office.” He said, assuming I was here to see her. But I didn’t want to see her. I wanted to see my girlfriend, but this person was sitting by her, holding her hand.

    Amy stirred; she moved her arms, and rose to a sitting position. She opened her eyes, revealing her sleepy purple eyes. “...Jason...?” She said uncertainly. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes, trying to wake up.

    I stormed out of the office, angry as a wasp. I heard quick footsteps behind me. Then, there was a screech, a thump, and gasping. I payed no attention. As I was running down the hall, I thought I heard a faint whisper; “I’m sorry...”

    A Word With You Part II. Amy.

    I heard the whispering before I could see who was doing it. I could also hear, very faintly, some kind of electronic beeping. I opened my eyes, and squinted at harsh fluorescent lights. I tried to remember where I was... I couldn’t remember anything, except chasing Jason, and slipping, and hitting my head...

    “Shh!! She’s awake now...” I heard a person whisper. I looked to my left, where there were four people sitting in plush chairs. Maurecia, looking white a as sheet, and biting her finely manicured nails; Chase, looking purely sober, and wringing his hands; Shane, sitting of to the side, staring at the ground. And my father.

    I wondered why they were there. Then, I realized I didn’t know where ‘there’ was... Just then, a man in white walked into the room, holding a clipboard. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Ah, Amy, I see you’ve woken up... You gave us quite a fright today.”

    I blinked and said, “But I don’t know where I am.” The man smiled and said, “You’re in the hospital. You had a concussion at school. We were afraid you would go into a coma.”

    I let that sink in. I had a concussion, and almost had a coma. I let out a shuddering breath. All this happened because I wanted to save my boyfriend... And then chase after him.

    “Amy... My dear, thank God you’re alright.” My father was standing next to the bed, his eyes filled with relief. Before I go on, I have to say my dad is the greatest person in the world. He’s in his mid thirties, with slightly graying black hair, and electric blue eyes. He took care of me and Chase after Mom died a few years back...

    “Yeah, I’m fine Dad. Just a little concussion is all. Nothing to worry about.” The moment I said that, I started to feel woozy. I leaned back on the hospital bed, and rubbed my head. Dad took my hand, and said, “It’s alright, my dear. You’re going to be fine.”

    Maurecia was immediately by my side, bouncing on her high heels. “Oh my God, Amy, I thought you were a goner! I rushed to the office to see you, but you were gone! Nurse Carol told me that they called the hospital because you had hit your head, and... Oh, I’m so happy you’re alive!!” She wrapped me in the largest of hugs. She let go when I started gasping for air.

    “...Good to know you’re not gonna die, sis. Who else would keep me sober most of the time?” Chase said from his chair. He smiled from under his long brown hair. I smiled back and said, “You know you’d never drink again if I died.”

    He nodded at this. Shane sat up in his seat and said, “Amy... I’m sorry. I didn’t know he was your boyfriend... I shouldn’t have stayed with you.” I opened my mouth say it wasn’t his fault, but he got up, and left the room. The other three were giving me inquisitive looks. Oh, that’s right, I thought. I never told them I had a boyfriend.

    “Amy,” My dad started. “What was that boy talking about? You don’t have a--” From across the room, the doctor cleared his throat. We all looked at him. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m going to have to ask you all to leave. We have someone in the waiting room, wishing to speak with Amy. In private.” He added, looking at the faces of the other three.

    They reluctantly left me alone. Dad kissed me on the cheek, Chase ruffled my hair, and Maurecia winked. The doctor ushered them out. A few moments later, the door opened, and Jason walked in. He was wearing a look of relief, shame, and worry.

    “J-Jason... What... Why...?” He looked up and said, “Amy, I’m sorry. I thought that he, that other guy, was trying to steal you from me, and... I’ll admit, I was jealous.” He walked over to my bed, and took my hand.

    “Jason... I don’t blame you. I’d be jealous if someone tried to move in on you. But, what makes me upset, is that you didn’t let me explain.”
    He hung his head. “I know. It was stupid of me. I was too angry at you, at him. And now, look what happened. Because I just stormed out, you had a concussion.” His voice quivered, like he was on the verge of tears.

    I squeezed his hand. “It’s not your fault, Jason. I should have just stopped Maurecia right then and there, instead of doing something so rash.”
    Jason looked up, and smiled. “Yeah, true. But, it was a brilliant idea at the moment. You’re a great actor.” I blushed and said, “Thanks. But, it backfired. Now that I’ve gone and done that, Maurecia will likely ever let me out of her sight.”

    “We’ll think of something, I’m sure of it.” Jason said confidently. Suddenly, his watch beeped. He pushed his jacket sleeve, and looked at it. “Darn, I forgot... I have to go hunting tonight... Sorry, I have to leave so soon. I’ll come by tomorrow after school, okay?”

    I nodded. He smiled, and gave me a quick kiss. As he walked away, I noticed something about him that I had not noticed before. He smelled different; more of lilacs than fur. “Jason... Why do you smell like a florist shop?”

    He turned, and gave me a sly smile. “I covered myself in my mom’s perfume before I came over. I did it so the others couldn’t smell me. Genius, right?”

    “Yeah, so smart. Now you smell like a fruity girl!” I said sarcastically. Jason laughed, and left the room, leaving me with a heart monitor, and the faint smell of lilacs, my favorite flower.

    (OoC: Aww, touchy moment ♥ Anyway, chapter name: It basically says that they need talk. And lilacs, very important. Keep it in mind; it'll come into play later on. And Amy's dad! She's basically the last parent you'll see for a while, until we meet.. Jason's dad. And King Amaranth. If you don't remember who he is, read back a few chapters. As always, leave your critiques. Bai~)
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  14. (OoC: Back by sort-of-popular demand! My story has been revived! It was never dead, but eh... here ya go, enjoy~)

    Time heals all Wounds Part I. Jason.
    Amy didn’t show up at school for two weeks. Yeah, her concussion was that bad. As promised, I had visited her the day after her accident, and we brainstormed about what to do. Like before, we agreed Maurecia would never lose sight of her, and that I had to be extra careful around her. She had calmed down about the vampire rumor, and so did the majority of the school. But Morris, on the other hand, still believed she was a demon.

    Nothing I could say or do could convince him otherwise. He had his heart set on exposing her. And that meant trouble for me. If he leaked Maurecia’s secret, it would link to Amy, which would eventually link to me. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from trying.

    At the beginning of the fifth week of school, I spoke with him. “Morris, I’m positive she isn’t a vampire. Just a deranged high school girl.”
    He closed his locker and said, “Then how do you explain the fangs?” I quickly make up a lie. “Like I said, she’s deranged. She believes she’s a vampire, so she files her teeth.” Morris regarded me like that was the most far-fetched thing he’d ever heard.

    “Well, if she’s a vampire, then why doesn’t she disintegrate in the sunlight?” I asked, hopeful that he hadn’t given this too much thought. Again, he regarded me like I was an idiot. “Jason, you have been blinded by those rumors. It’s obvious that they don’t disintegrate, but they can live full lives in the sunlight.”

    I was shocked. Finally, someone who followed the same beliefs as me, but I couldn’t admit he was right. Just my luck, as always. “Where did you come up with that load of rubbish?”

    “It’s not rubbish.” Morris insisted. “It’s proven fact. I read it in this book, that I found at the library. I know it’s true, because it was registered by Oxford and Cambridge.” He pulled out a thick leather-bound book, covered with gold lettering: The Pure Truth in all Myths by Alexander Christor. Why does that name sound so familiar? Then I remembered; Alexander Christor was a famous historian, and also a werewolf from London. He wrote the truth about every myth ever told. We have a copy of the same book in my family’s library.

    “I heard Christor was a senile old man. Had no sense or sanity, and talked crazy about everything.” I said, wincing. I really admired Christor; he was really brave to write the book; it was outlawed in his time. Morris shook his head. “Say what you will, Jason. This is the truth. I’m going to prove to you that Maurecia is a vampire.” And with that, he slammed his locker shut, and traipsed down the hall to his class.

    I sighed, and headed off to fifth period. I did not anticipate it; in fact, I wished I didn’t even have it. Miss Caroline is bipolar, and she integrates that into our lessons. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s just plain disturbing.

    I sighed again, and walked into the dimly lit room, and took my seat. I glumly stared ahead at the tall brunette woman writing furiously on the board. She suddenly whirled, glared at the whispering students and shouted, “SHUT UP OR I WILL FAIL YOU ALL! YOUR CHATTER IRRITATES ME!!” Miss Caroline, in one of her better moods.

    The room immediately quieted. And then Jackal walked in. He was being his usual noisy self, and he sat next to me. Miss Caroline narrowed her beady eyes into slits and said through gritted teeth, “Good day, class. Today, we will be discussing Shakespearean plays.”
    There was a collective groan from around the room. Miss Caroline snapped for us to shut up, and we did. “Now, who can name one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies?”

    Several hands went up. I had an idea, but I was probably wrong; I was never really good with Shakespeare. Miss Caroline looked around, and pointed to the back of the room. “Yes, Sherron.”

    A voice rang from the back, “Romeo and Juliet.” Miss Caroline nodded in agreement. Damn, that’s what I was going to say! “Yes, Romeo and Juliet was one of his most successful plays, and a great display of dramatic irony. Can anyone tell me why?”
    This time, only two hands went up. She called on the girl named Sherron again. “Juliet took a potion to give the illusion that she was dead so she could run away with Romeo. Instead, while she was asleep, Romeo found her, and stabbed himself, thinking her dead. When Juliet woke up, she found him dead, and killed herself to be with him.”

    For the first time, I saw Miss Caroline smile. Her smile faded once she heard a voice across the room say, “They killed themselves just to be together in death? That was stupid.” Oh no, I thought. Jackal was snickering along with a few other guys, and Miss Caroline turned on him.
    “Is something funny, Mr. Stright?” She asked icily. Jackal looked at her and said, “No, Miss Caroline. But I have a question. Why would Romeo and Juliet be stupid enough to kill themselves? Romeo could have stuck around a bit longer to see her wake, and all would be fine!”

    Miss Caroline’s face was quickly turning a deep shade of scarlet. “Mr. Stright,” She started in a slightly controlled voice. “One more disruption in my class and you are OUT!” Her right eye was twitching, and I could see Jackal was trying to hold back a laugh.

    “I’m sorry Miss Caroline,” Jackal started. “But I can’t help but disrupt saying the things. You’re boring.” And he just dropped the bombshell. He says it like it is, plain and simple.

    “OUT, RIGHT THIS MOMENT!!” Miss Caroline screeched. She pointed a blue-painted nail at the door, her face beet-red. Jackal shrugged and picked up his bag, and strolled leisurely to the door. On his way out, he waved to the class, and gave a wild howling laugh of triumph. And he was gone.
    Miss Caroline turned to the class and snapped, “Class, get out your textbooks, and read pages one-hundred-forty-three to page one-hundred-fifty. NOW!!”

    We didn’t need telling twice. There was the sound of many books being pulled out, the rustling of pages, and finally the restless breathing of scared students. No one said anything all period, even when a girl named Melanie McIver burst out crying from the way Miss Caroline was glaring at her.

    Melanie was escorted, sobbing, from the room by the school counselor. That scene put Miss Caroline, if possible, in an even worse mood. She assigned at fifty sentence report on Shakespearean plays before the period was over. Blessedly, the bell rang before she could finish explaining.
    I tore out of the room faster than lightning. I wanted nothing more than to get out of Miss Caroline’s line of fire. Next was Art, which I was excited about; Ms. Johnson is much nicer, and usually rambles on about self-expression, and creativity. You’d think it was annoying, but her cheery attitude just makes you smile.

    I walked into the room and took my seat at the front. Art is easily my favorite subject; I get to express myself, and use paint. Mom never lets me use paint. She thinks I’m too messy with it, but come on. You blast a paint bomb in the middle of the den when you’re six, and you’re banned from paint for life.

    Anyway, Ms. Johnson waltzed in; literally waltzed in. She was pantomiming a waltz with an invisible man, humming the Blue Danube. She spun in a circle, and landed right in front of the class.

    “Good day, class! Today, we will be continuing our natural scenes. I have hung them in the backroom for you to retrieve. Remember to put on your smocks and try not to eat the paint. Begin!” And she continued her waltz around the room.

    I stood and went to the backroom to retrieve my portrait. I smiled as Ms. Johnson latched herself onto the nearest student, and began twirling in circles. If only life could be that easy. Then I’d not have to worry about being discovered.

    Time Heals All Wounds Part II. Amy.

    My first day back was more or less interesting. The first five periods were absolutely dull. The highlight of Creative Writing was when Mrs. Danes read our most recent short stories in front of the class, and she said mine was easily the most creative. I’m not one to brag, but I do say, it was quite wonderful.

    Fifth period let out, with Mrs. Tyner explaining that we would be having our first concert in three weeks. I turned the combo lock on my locker and opened it slowly. I set a few books inside it, and suddenly felt a rushing wind behind me.

    I turned around and saw nothing. Curioser and curioser, I thought. I finished piling my books neatly into my locker and slammed the door shut. Just then a voice called, right next to my ear, “GOOOOD DAY, AMY!!”

    I spun wildly, my arms flailing. My hand connected with something soft and cold and I stopped. Standing in front of me was a young girl with dark hair and amber eyes. She was rubbing her pale face where a red handprint had appeared.

    I sighed in relief. “Sherron, what the hell are you doing here?” The girl looked up, her eyes bright. “Well, I heard about your little accident, and I decided to pay a little visit to my BFFE!!”

    I rolled my eyes. Sherron, my best friend, cares too much for me. She’s like a sister to me. And you may be wondering what BFFE means. It’s an acronym for “Best Friends for Eternity.” Sherron and I made it up, since we can live for eternity.

    “Well, thanks for the visit, but you shouldn’t be at this school. You don’t go here.” I said, keeping my voice low. But Sherron’s eyes shone brighter.

    “Oh, Amy, you’re so silly!” she giggled. “I convinced Daddy to enroll me, and make sure I got the exact same schedule as you. And I did, look!”

    She shoved a piece of paper in my face. I took a look, and sure enough, we had all the same classes. I sighed and said “Well, it’s good to have you here. It’s time for lunch, so--”

    “Is Jason here?!” Sherron exclaimed in a loud voice. A few people turned to stare. I clamped a hand over Sherron’s mouth to silence her. She looked puzzled, but didn’t fight back.

    “Sherron, keep it down! Maurecia goes here.” I saw her amber eyes get wide. “And she knows nothing about him. You have to keep it a secret, or we’re both dead for knowing about werewolves.”

    Sherron nodded slowly and I took my hand off her mouth. She is the only person I have ever told about my love life. She’s been able to stay quiet for three years, but this high school may set her off. She’s always been afraid of and admires Maurecia. She knows this, and will not hesitate to use Sherron for her own personal needs.

    So, we went off to lunch, when Sherron started talking about turtles. She has an unhealthy obsession with the little reptiles. Eventually, I had to shove a cinnamon roll in her mouth. And she was silent. I just wish I could do that to Maurecia.

    Time Heals All Wounds Part III. Morris.

    I scratched the scar on my left forearm. Amy’s bite had been quite severe, but at least I wasn’t rabid and foaming at the mouth. That would not convince Shayna to date me. We’d actually been getting very serious. She didn’t object when I would hold her hand, and she’s become accustomed to my constant fear of Amy biting me.

    Lunch was particularly uneventful. Shayna and I sat with each other, like always, and talked casually. Between bites of her peanut-butter sandwich, she told me about her classes. She said she mainly enjoys the ones we have together, and hates Phys Ed. Her favorite class is Electric Engineering, an elective she chose exclusively for herself.

    She also started talking about how some of the guys on the football team were hitting on her, and I tried not to get angry. Even though she told me that she denied them, I still felt a bit jealous.

    We left lunch early to get to our next class so we could exchange notes for the test, and talk a bit. I despise Algebra greatly, because it’s just too damn hard. Shayna, however, thinks it’s easy as brushing her hair.

    We sat in our desks and took out our notes and conversed for a while. The room filled slowly as people came back from lunch. I asked Shayna again what the formula for circumference was, and she supplied it. Secretly, I like the way she says radius, so I continue to have her say that. And I now realize how creepy that is.

    Mrs. Stinge walked in and addressed the day. Then she took up the homework and after a quick scan of the papers, began to read off the names of students who received failing grades. Thankfully, I was not on the list and neither was Shayna. I had just copied her work, like always.

    Mrs. Stinge was very apathetic in giving the lesson and assigning homework. I sat in my seat and wrote a few notes down, and then started working on one of the problems. Halfway through, I gave up and started doodling on my paper. I glanced at Shayna, who was working furiously, her pencil a blur of yellow and lead.

    Mrs. Stinge began to traverse the aisles, and look at everyone’s papers. I panicked. What if she saw my paper, full of doodles, and lacking math? I feverishly erased the pictures in a sloppy manner, and ripped the paper in a few places. Then I scribbled a few problems onto the lines.

    Mrs. Stinge bent low over my paper. She squinted her cold eyes behind her thin spectacles and muttered “Morris, you need to improve your handwriting. I cannot read you problems.” And with that, she stood, and walked away.

    Shayna was watching me out of the corner of her eye. She was biting her lip, as if to hold back a laugh. I glared at her, but she just smirked and looked away. I rolled my eyes and tried to do my work.

    I worked until the bell, gaining a minor throbbing headache. Shayna looked as fresh as ever, her blond hair bouncing around when she walks, her blue eyes sparkling... Sorry, where was I? Oh, right. Shayna and I met at the door, and headed for our next class. I had Phys. Ed, and she had Electrical Engineering. Both classes were on the same floor, so we walked together, like always.

    We took the stairs to the first floor, and passed the long line of lockers, and glimpsed a long curtain of dark purple hair. I panicked, clutched Shayna’s hand, and ran until we had rounded the corner. Shayna, who had gotten used to my frequent panic attacks, sighed and shook her head.

    “Morris, you shouldn’t be afraid of her. She’s actually a really nice girl.” She said, clutching my hand a bit tighter. I looked at her and shook my head. She rolled her eyes and went on.

    “She’s very kind. We’re lab partners in Biology, so we kinds got to know each other. Her mom died when she was nine, her dad takes care of her, her brother’s a drunk, and has to wear these prescription sunglasses, because the sun hurts her eyes.”

    I perked up at that last bit. The sun hurts her eyes? In the book, it said that vampires can live in the sun, but their sensitive eyes are in pain for it. Shayna went on again. “And she has really sharp teeth. In Biology, I saw her bite through her pencil.”
    My eyes widened in shock. Sharp teeth, sensitive eyes, biting people... It all makes sense now! Amy is a vampire. A bloodsucking bat... But why am I not? Didn’t she bite me? The scar on my arm began to tingle uncomfortably.

    Shayna took my hand and said, “Morris, let’s go! We’re gonna be late for class!” She pulled me down the hall in haste, to make it to class. I ran as well, but my mind was elsewhere. In that place where I hide my most feared thoughts.

    (OoC Side Notes: Yay. I'm back. Chapter name: basically referring to Amy's concussion. She was out for five weeks, though it seems not to have deterred her brainpower and what-not. And Morris' scar from Amy biting him. It's still there. Other than the wounds, it's kind of an allusion to it takes time for things to happen. Like Morris' plan, or getting rid of Maurecia. As always, leave your critiques. Bai!~)
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  15. Wow. This story is so amazing that it's disgustingly awesome! I LUV THIS SO MUCH, I SWEAR

    I mean, it has the in-depth polishing that makes for a great pulling in of the readers, the plotline is great, it doesn't move...QUITE too fast, it has great detail, amazing structure and it's just...yeep.

    I mean, I'm not fully caught up yet (I will be though) but it makes me go gah! :D

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