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Bakugan. Rp.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. More Bloody Fanboying....this was meh CHildhood.

    Main Bakugan:
    Elemental Main:
    Elemental Secondary:

    Gender(Because Ships)

    gender: Male
    Main Bakugan: Leonidas((Soon Omega.
    Attire: f5e1db5ef8140670cfa6f6468b9f85c7.jpg
    Elemental Main: Darkus
    Elemental Secondary: Aque
    Personality: To lazy to make one/

    Name:Leonidas(Call me Lame for using a Video Game One.)
    Gender(Because Ships.):Male
    Personality: To Lazy to make one
    Looks: Leonidas can change color depending upon his attribute, but his physical features always stay the same, Despite this, his card always shows him being Haos despite him being born of darkness. He bears strange resemblance to Dragonoid.

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  2. Name: Ryker Yuto
    Gender: Male
    Main Bakugan: Pyrus Knighteon
    Attire: Ryker has spiky red hair and wears gold rimmed goggles on his forehead. He wears a light grey t-shirt with a red open hoodie over it, and slightly darker grey jeans and red sneakers.
    Elemental Main: Pyrus
    Elemental Secondary: Haos
    Personality: He is goofy, and light hearted. He always tires to crack jokes. He often crushes for girls quite easily and needs Knight to snap him back in reality. He is loyal and will protect those he cares about. He loves to play Bakugan, and outside it he seems like a slacker, despite being full of energy.
    Other: N/A

    Name: Knighteon (nicknamed Knight)
    Gender(Because Ships): Male
    Attire: Looks very similar to a medieval knight. He has red armor, that consists of a breastplate, helmet, legging, and boots. Strapped to his back is a broadsword that has the Pyrus symbol on it. Then helmet, is like a classic knight helmet with a sliding visor. He is equipped with a broadsword and a shield, each with a Pyrus crest on it.
    Personality: Very uptight, unlike his partner. He kinda is a stick in mud at times but had a good heart. Is loyal and will protect his friends.
    Element: Pyrus
  3. Name: Kyra Ross
    Gender: Female
    Main Bakugan: Darkus Lupus
    Attire: Kyra has reddish brown hair and green eyes. She wears a black blazer over a dark blue shirt and black pants with purple stripes and the sides. Kyra also wears black fingerless gloves, each with a purple star on it.
    Elemental Main: Darkus
    Elemental Secondary: Haos
    Personality: Kyra is clever, conscientious, and at times a bit rebellious. Most who know her would tell you that she is fun-loving. This usually surprises people since she can get downright serious while brawling.
    Other: N/A

    Name: Lupus
    Gender(Because Ships): Male
    Attire: Looks similar to a modern day wolf. He is black with purple armor. This armor includes a helmet, chest plate, and somewhat bracelet-like armor above his paws.
    Personality: Lupus is incredibly loyal. He is kind and protective. Lupus usually has moments when he talks with such words as "my lady".
    Element: Darkus
  4. Name: Seth Dant
    Gender: Male
    Main Bakugan: Ventus Kunoid
    Attire: Tall, dark brown hair, green eyes. Wears a black and dark green hoodie, with dark green jeans and a green shirt.
    Elemental Main: Ventus
    Elemental Secondary: Subterra
    Personality: Unlike his Bakugan partner, Seth is serious, silent and snarky.

    Name: Kunoid
    Gender: Female
    Attire: A bird-like cyan-coloured bakugan, with curved talons on her hands and feet, and a set of heavily feathered wings. Covering the head and beak is a dark green metallic helmet, with blue eyeholes on each side. Kunai weapons on chains are attached inbetween Kunoid's wings and body, only released when the wings are opened.
    Personality: Kunoid is easily excited and talkative, as well as cocky, but can't speak properly, resulting in sentences that don't make much sense in context.
    Element: Ventus

    I remember Leonidas. That game was pretty good.
  5. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    NOOO MY VENTUS GOSH DARN IT whelp looks like I was a bit too late
    Name: Dawn Blossom
    Gender: Female
    Main Bakugan: Haos Kyubi
    Attire: Yellow Skirt with White Top, Wavy Hair that's tied up to a Ponytail, wears a blu-ish green necklace, Brown Boots with Plain White Leggings, and a Thin Grey Cardigan
    Elemental Main: Haos
    Elemental Secondary: Ventus
    Personality: Usually very friendly and socialable, but when things go downhill, she gets serious. During her serious phase, she gets calm and collected.
    Other: N/A

    Name: Haos Kyubi (totally didn't steal this name)
    Gender(Because Ships): Female
    Attire: Resembles nine-tailed fox. Simplistic features actually. Yellow-golden fur mainly, with white-silver paws, chest, snout, tail-tip, and underbelly. A blu-ish green circular gen on her forehead with a necklace of those same type of gems.
    Personality: Her persona is kind of like her brawler: socialable, but knows when things are needed to be serious. Loves a good battle.
    Element: Haos
  6. Name: Jason Blan
    Gender: Male
    Main Bakugan: Subterra Tuskor
    Attire: Wears red Jogging bottoms, Green trainers and a blue hoodie has red hair with patches of blue
    Elemental Main: Subterra
    Elemental Secondary: Ventus
    Personality: He's a bit of a hot head but when he's calm he is as cool as the wind
    Other N/A

    Name: Tuskor
    Gender(Because Ships) male
    Attire: A giant Elephant with Blood red skin and tusk's as thick as trees
    Personality: Angered at the slightest remark and can't take a joke
  7. All Accepted, Fastest time for me To make the Main RP, lel.
  8. A quick inquiry. Does everyone have to have different attributes, or can there be two (hypothetical) Darkus users?
  9. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Already have 2 Darkus users
  10. So there is. Silly me, wasn't paying attention. I was going for Ventus as my main anyway, so it's cool. I'm adding a physical appearance part, too. If you want me to remake this with more detail later, just say so.

    Name: Kaylin Warden
    Gender: Female
    Main Bakugan: Ventus Griffon (I'm lazy... sue me. He's a special, talking one, even though normal ones don't.)
    Physical Appearance: 5'5", average build. Fair skin tone, brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Heterochromia, left brown eye, right green eye.
    Attire: Black shorts that stop right under her knees, a green tanktop, and black sneakers.
    Elemental Main: Ventus
    Elemental Secondary: Darkus
    Personality: Kaylin is usually a free-spirit, and does whatever she wants when the mood strikes her. However, she's usually kind and considerate.
    Other: Nothing.

    Name: Griffon (Nicknamed "Grif")
    Gender: Male
    Attire: The usual appearance of a Ventus Griffon. Lion head, scaled goat legs, snake tail, etc.
    Personality: Usually calm and collected, but very protective over Kaylin.
  11. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    lol you do know that ALL bakugan talk right?
  12. From what I recall, I remember the others (as in, the main characters/dan's crew) being surprised when Draco talked, although this was at the beginning of the anime. If things changed, I either don't remember or never got that far. Most of my memory is hazy on it. All I remember was that the Griffon Bakugan looked cool as hell, the names of three of the original MCs' Bakugan (No idea how to spell two of them, though...), most of the MCs' names, some alien civil war, and the Doom Dimension. Perhaps I should pick the show back up.
  13. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    There is a common misconception that Guardian Bakugan refers to talking Bakugan, as in actuality all Bakugan are capable of speech in the anime, with the exception of Mechanical Bakugan, Synthetic Bakugan, Chaos Bakugan, and the six Bakugan used by Teams Anubias and Sellon.

    From Wikipedia, even though it's untrustworthy lol
  14. Thank you for that information. I was unaware of that. Perhaps I should pick the show back up, then.
  15. Name: Ryu
    Gender: Male
    Main Bakugan: Infinity Helios
    Attire: Black hair,eyes,jackets and pants (almost everything he wear is black :3)
    Elemental Main: Darkus
    Elemental Secondary: Pyrus
    Personality: Ryu is calm and sometimes can be dark.Beside his personality he care very much about his bakugans.

    Name:Infinity Helios
    Attire: Like in anime
    Personality: Helios have the same personality like Ryu
  16. @Dapper_Cat, the show is pretty good, and widely entertaining.

    @Shipper Dracoss X Quill, where in the timeline are we. Because Infinity Helios doesn't appear until late in the series (The Mechanium Surge Season), and not to mention are we allowing cannon Bakugan?
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  17. Name: Dray
    Main Bakugan:Voernoid
    Attire:Black hair,Blue eyes,Red jacket,Black pants,blue Shooes
    Elemental main:pyrus
    Elemental secondary:Subterra
    Personality: Dray is almost indentical to his
    dad,Very hot headed and kind but too Very Brave
    Other:His two elements is the same of his parents

    Gender:Female(The ships with leonidas that may start.......)
    Attire: Voernoid is an Bird looking Bakugan, Similar to Skyress,But with the red color in the body
    Personality: Voernoid is Most of The time Unpatient and Serious,Mostly when her Lost a Battle,She only stay quiet when She wins
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  18. Someone can say me If the owner of The RP is Very active?
  19. now I am, Sorry, I'm Fishing W/ Mah family
    Couple Weeks After the Event.
    And yes, I am Allowing Cannon Bakugan, for Leondas is game-Cannon
  20. So... Am I accepted?
  21. I'm accepted too?
  22. Sorry for the Late answer, In a Way, Their could be, But I'm Currently Allowing 2 of each Main-Element, Secondary Elements are Just to Spice things Up. So their could be a Hypothetical Darkus Users, As long as they have it in the Secondary
  23. Ok lemme join:

    Name: kai tenichi
    Gender: male
    Bakugan: aquos guardian finnik
    Main attribute: aquos
    Secondary attribute: none
    Personality: like dan except smarter

    Bakugan: aquos guardian finnik
    Attribute: aquose
    Personality: much like kai, except wayyyyyy smarter
  24. Actually, That's Somewhat True, but Bakugan that are owned by Humans can talk When They Feed off the courage of Their Human Masters, As shown in the Ep. The Secret to Success.
  25. Are fan made ability cards allowed?
  26. Actually attribute aquos is aquos 2's japanese name
  27. Screw it I say yeah just do fanmade ability cards, but siege just stabbed terrorclaw
  28. Yes, I Do accept Fanmade cards, Thank Yeh Pikerz
  29. Am I to op...I mean I am playing the game correctly...
  30. Well, in a way yeah, the Bakugan with the Highest GP at the end of the battle is the Winner.

    And I've been thinking, the game says Omega Leonidas as The strongest Bakugan, Should I Go with it? Yes, it Says that it Needs the Power from Drago, Gorem, Preyas, Tigrerra, Skyress, Hydranoid, And the Others I Forgotten.
  31. Still accepting? Also, I might have some questions. It's been about a year or two since I watched the show.

    Name: Halt. Dredon
    Gender: Male
    Main Bakugan: Genocide Terus (pyrus)
    Attire: Halt wears a red coat with black trim. His hair is jet black, and put into spikes. His skin is pale white, almost unnaturally. His pants are black as well.
    Elemental Main: Pyros
    Elemental Secondary: Darkus
    Personality: Halt is kind and well relaxed. But he holds grudges. If you prank him, Halt will get you back many times worst. He also doesn't take apologies often.

    Name: Genocide Terus
    Gender(Because Ships) Male
    Attire: Terus is blood red, with gold trim. He opens into a knight kinda action, with a helm shaped of a wolf head. Four arms launch out when he opens as well, on his back, a tail forms.
    Personality Terus is very mean, and suits well with Halt. Terus is the kinda of guy to go in without a plan, but Halt covers that. He also has the job to advise Halt, and is very useful to him.

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