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Open Bakugan RP Thread.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Dec 19, 2019.



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  1. Uh, Hey! Its me again. I kinda forgot how to do any of this...uh, Oops?

    "In a timeline where Bakugan never left, and the threat of Vestroia merging with Earth wasn't a worry, It was still the wonderful game we always knew it as. of course, Kids all around the world still loved the rush you'd get from fighting powerful opponents.

    Nothing stays peaceful, sadly.

    With all the kids loving the game, it was obvious there were people who wished to use them for their own purposes. This chapter has ended, and allowed a new one to rise!'

    Now, Uh, for the Rules?
    1. Classic Pokecharms rules. Should be a no-brainer--
    2. OC Partners are alright, as long as you can describe and/or post a picture of what they're based off of.
    3. In addition to OC partners, Cannon Partners from the Show and games are allowed.
    4. This is he O L D Series, not this New Ryuko-looking main Character person. Back with Dan Kuso, and the original crew. Of course, They'd be long gone by this time, its okay to have them mentioned here and there.
    5. The Gate cards and Ability cards would work like they do in the Show and game Respectively. ( I.e.: Dive Mirage moves any Aquos Bakugan to another card of their choosing.
    6. If I must add more, I shall.

    Onto the Character sheets!
    Main Attribute:
    Secondary Attribute:
    Nickname( If any):


    Uh, I guess its time for Mine!~

    Name: Yin "Sonata" Lavigoron
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Roughly 5'4 in height, and a Slim body type. She has Black hair with Purple Highlights, and goes down to her Shoulders. As for clothing, she usually wears a black Sweater, with a White undershirt for the Cold weather, and adds Dark blue Jeans to the Mix. Her Baku-Launcher is the normal Darkus-Launcher, but has Green streaks between the Purple ones. Her Bakugan holder is just a Grey case.
    Partner: Darkus Omega Leonidas ( G:1380 )
    Main Attribute: Darkus
    Secondary Attribute: Ventus
    Nickname( If any): Nooopppeeeee
    Personality(Op.): he's usually easygoing outside of battles, choosing to talk to her "Leo" than with others at her School. During battles, though, she is completely ready to brawl.
    Other: Well... Caramel Corn?

    Name: Omega Leonidas
    Gender(?): Male
    Appearance: He looks to be a normal Dragon in his ball form, completely Black with Purple markings, and Green eyes.
    In his Unformed state, though, he bears a Strange resemblance to Dragonoid in Figure, the only differences being, Leonidas has his Arms and Wings separated, and his Horn is facing Forwards, not backwards.
    G-Power: 1280-Gs
    Brawler: Yin Lavigoron
    Attribute: Darkus
    Nickname: " Omega Reonidasu " By Japan,
    " Leo " By Yin.
    Personality(Op.): Less cold than his Previous form, he has much more trust towards other Bakugan he is familiar with, and has even been recorded to trust new ones. He is very Paranoid, though, leaving him to a mostly Vicious state. Those that he trusts are the ones who know his worries.
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