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Open Bakugan: Restored

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by LittleMissFlutter, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Shun is hosting a tournament to see who is worthy to face him. many years have passed and the brawlers you know are now adults. new bakugan have been discovered and you have been invited to this tournament
    Character sheet:
    Bakugan: Choose 3 that you use in battle CAN BE CUSTOM
    Element: Your bakugan specialty and focus

    Bakugan Sheet:
    Nickname: Optional
    Special ability:
    Gender: None is an option
    appearance: Ball and Battle form
  2. Name: Anita Bolt
    age: 18
    Personality: Caring, sassy, confident, extremely petty
    Appearance: Wears a long white trenchcoat with teal accents and trims around the neck, wrists, and lower part of the coat.
    Bakugan: Ventus Sirenoid, Ventus Tentaclear, and Ventus Anget
    Element: Ventus
    Backstory: She grew up with a rich family of snobs and bakugan lovers. most of her family focuses on Haos, but her and her sister desired to be different.

    Bakugan Name: Ventus Anget
    Nickname: Angel
    Element: Ventus
    Special Ability: (Hybrid Haos/Ventus) Poured Lightning
    Appearance: In ball form half of the ball has a light green feather like appearance. when opened her face is revealed with yellow eyes and light green markings. small claws pop out as well. When in battle form she is a large angel with white wings and light green skin. She wields a katana and has a full suit of armor on with jagged edges. her face is elegent with a smushed nose and elf like ears. her hair is long and feather like with a dark green color
  3. Name: Juliet Valance
    Personality: Kind,caring but cold,always randomly makes a sassy comment
    Appearence: Long silver hair that ends mid back wearing a black turtle neck dress with short sleeves and pitch black heels, icy blue eyes
    Bakugan: Darkus Reaper,Darkus Leonidus,Darkus Lilithia
    Element: Darkus
    Backstory: Juliet came from a royal family and her family has a long line of Darkus bakugan user so she went with it and she met Lilith her partner

    Bakugan Name: Darkus Lilithia
    Nickname: Lilith
    Element: Darkus
    Special Ability: Hells Curse
    Appearence:in ball form the outside is dark purple and pinkish purple but when it opens up the it reveals that the part that pretty much covered her were her wings and in battle Lilith has Long wavy blonde hair and purple eyes and on her head is a a black tiara with purple jewels and she has dark purple armor that looks like a leotard and she has purple armor shoulder plates and a rhinestone chocked and in her armor she has golden designs and she has armored boots that reached her mid thigh and she had black bat wings and in the inner wing it's purple pinkish and she holds a giant purple scythe that has a silver blade and she has the fairest skin and it just looked beautiful
  4. Name:Nathan
    Age: 16
    Personality: Quiet, a bit apathetic, caring
    Appearance: White shirt with khaki shorts and an ocean blue scarf has blue hair with strips of white normally barefoot
    Bakugan: Aquos knight, Aquos Siren, Aquos Surge
    Element: Aquos
    Backstory: Grew up near a beach and was secluded from everyone. He and his family are well known for their Aquos research.

    Bakugan name: Aquos knight
    Element: Aquos
    Special ability: Element swap
    Gender: Male
    Appearance:In ball form it has blue eyes behind its helmet and has a small spear
    In battle it has glowing blue eyes with a gold spear with light blue armor and a sea blue cape
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  5. Juliet walked to the courtyard of her castle with her bakugan Lilith rested on her shoulder,her heels clicked as she walked on the stone pathway while her bakugan was talking to her "Juliet don't you think it's dangerous to be walking in the courtyard without your guards" the Darkus bakugan asked Juliet merely shook her head "Lilith your being paranoid" Juliet stated while her bakugan just groaned at her Brawlers stubbornes
  6. Name. Halt Willow
    Age. 17
    Personality. Halt is prepared for everything and uses strategy over strength. He is extremely lucky and tries to be kind to others.
    Appearance. Halt is tall, with red hair and blue eyes. He wears a silver jacket with a red shirt under. His pants are black. A belt is worn around him that holds his cards amd bakugan.
    Bakugan: Pyrus Hypos, Pyrus Spirit, Pyrus Phoenix
    Element: Pyrus
    Backstory. Halt lives in a rich family, but refuses to live rich. He practices himself and lived seperate to his family. He got his main on a solo trip alone, where he found him.

    Bakugan Sheet:
    Name: Pyrus Phoenix
    Nickname: Blaze
    Element: Pyrus
    Special ability: Holy Fire
    Gender: Female
    appearance: Ball: A bright red sphere that when thrown looks like burning fire. Battle: It expands out into two wings and a head. A tail folds back and the base flattens out. There is a fire like hair down the body of it.
  7. Nathan started to walk along the beach shore and looked out towards the ocean. His bakugan riding on his scarf asked "Is something the matter." Nathan looked at his bakugan, but gave no response. He then started to walk again and then asked his bakugan "Wonder what is out in the world..." He then started to walk towards the water.
  8. Juliet went back inside the castle and went to one of the towers so she could get a good look at the world beyond the castle walls "Lilith do you ever wonder what's beyond our perfect life,Whats beyond those walls" Juliet asked her bakugan which in return the bakugan leaped off of her brawlers shoulder and on to the widow sill of the tower's only window "Juliet what's outside those walls are beyond what you think your safer here than anywhere else Princess" the Drakus bakugan said in a very serious voice which made Juliet wonder even more about what's beyond the walls
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  9. As Nathan was floating in the water he said "Doesn't it feel nice Knight...?" As he said that his bakugan ,trying to stay afloat, said" I guess, it is a bit too cold though." He then got into Nathan a was trying to dry himself. Nathan then got out of the water soaked. "Well guess I should get changed into dry clothes..." He then went to his cottage and started to change.
  10. The cool breeze blew through Juliets silver hair and her blue eyes watched the breeze blow leaves around "I wish I was the wind I could go anywhere I want without a care" Juliet muttered to herself but Lilith heard her and was about to say something but one of the maids instructed that Juliet had to change sense they were having a meeting today,Juliet sighed and picked Lilith up and placed the bakugan back on her shoulder and they went straight to Juliets room
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  11. Name:Mizun Nhey
    Personality:Mizun is not the kind of people that can be impressed really easily If You're not someone that he lost it in a bakugan battle,He will not treat you will respect.Not easy to trust with someone
    Appareance:Mizun have a short shite hair, Black eyes,A Black shirt with one white jacket,Normaly uses Google's just like the Dan's one,Black pants
    Element: Darkus
    Bakugan: Darkus Fear Riper,Darkus Vladitor,Darkus Kyuubi
    Backstory:Mizun was born on a very poor family,When he was 5 old year For the first time he trusted in a boy that stole his first bakugan:A Pyrus Griffon.Since then he not trusted anyone beside his bakugans

    Bakugan Sheet:
    Name: Darkus kyuubi
    Element: Darkus
    Specual ability:Hell claw
    Appareance:In her ball form she has nine dark tails and little claws,Her eyes are Black with some Red colored,In her battle form she is a huge red eyes fox with nine black tails with brown details in the tails end,She walks in four paws and in the Top of her head She haves one purple crystal
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