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Open Bakugan: A brand new game

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by MaxwellVermillion, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. This is a bakugan roleplay about the battle brawlers inviting more people into the team but you have to beat one of them. ( the one with the same attribute if you are not multi type) And if and when you get on the team, we will all edit the game. We can make new ability cards, gate cards, and with the new technology we can even create new living, breathing, battling bakugan! Now on to the character forms.
    Attribute: (multitype aloud)
    Bakugan: (they can be made up
    Partner/guardian bakugan: (optional and up to 2)
    Ranking: (cannot be top 20 until you are a brawler.)
    Guardian bakugan appearance:
    Crush: (optional)
    (Also, Characters from the video game are in this too, like Marduk and Leonidas) and one more thing: You can control one of the actual characters but only if you have permission from me. If not than I will control them OR the person who is the most active will. I will tell you who that is after a little while.
    My form:
    Name: Max Vermillion (the Darkus Brawler already)
    Attribute: Darkus
    Bakugan: Darkus Fear Ripper, Darkus Robotallion, Darkus Leonidas (from the game)
    Guardian bakugan: Leonidas
    Guardian Bakugan appearance: just look up Darkus Leonidas.
    Ranking: 5 (I am a brawler already.)
    Appearance: Black spiky hair (spiky model from the VG) The Black Stylish shirt from the VG, Black Jeans from the VG, and Dark tennis shoes and brown eyes.
    Crush: A minor crush on Alice but not like an actual crush.
    Personality: Very loyal and defends his friends. He is outgoing and kind, unless you try to insult or hurt his friends. If you beat him in a battle he will respect you greatly.
    “Hey Dan, I think we should get some more people on the Team. What do ya, think?” Dan responds with sure. “So, I think they should prove themselves first. We should make them battle against the same attribute user as they are, and If they win, they are on the team. Not completely like us, but in just as much control.” Thus, began the battles to be a battle brawler. (I forgot to mention, you don’t have to be on the battle brawlers. You can just be another player or even an antagonist if you want)
  2. Name: Nathan Sickle
    Attribute: Haos
    Bakugan: Saurus, Siege, Haos Saberus
    Guardian: Saberoid
    Ranking: 176
    Appearance: has light straight blonde hair, blue eyes, blue jeans, and a jacket similar to the one Dan has except mostly white with blue stripes.
    Guardian appearance: it is a white furred sabertooth tiger combined with Cerberus, the three headed dog making it have three heads all with long sharp teeth and glowing red eyes.
    Personality: He is easygoing and carefree and loves to battle. He would almost do anything to battle and would not hesitate. He only really cares about Baku fan and the people who are close to him.
    Nathan scrolled through the battle brawler web to see the latest news. When he found their website, he was shocked. “Minor battle brawler openings? This may just be the best day ever!” Nathan messaged Runo a challenge to get on the battle brawlers and waited for a response.
  3. “Hey Runo, what was that?” Max asked when he heard message sound from her computer. “Oh it was just a message.” Runo replied. Some brawler wannabe wants to challenge me.” “Are you gonna take it?” Max asked. “Yeah, I will get off now. Byyyyee!” “I think I just thought of a Haos ability. It can blind the........” he stopped as the field opened. Max quickly opened the field to watch the battle.

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