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Back to the future of Pokemon articles...again?

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by Persian, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Reeeeeally not sure where this belonged (meep), but I was curious...

    You know those two articles on the main site, "The Future of Pokemon" and "Back to the Future of Pokemon"? Well, the 24th is coming up in a week or two, so I was just wondering...is there going to be a third installment? Even if it is, like, four days before the actual release of the games, I think it would be pretty cool to read one where there are facts about the releases of the games, facts about release time periods, and still contemplations.

    But yeah...just wondering if there was going to be another one. >_
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    There is going to be another Future of Pokemon article. It's also going to be the last, as I feel that with Diamond and Pearl basically being that future they've kind of run their course. But yeah, look forward to the third and final installment on the 24th.
  3. That's cool. I can look forward to...uh...Sunday, now.

    Although, I guess you could do a fourth installment next year if you really wanted to, since the release dates and things for the NoA, NoC, NoE, etc. probably won't be fact in less than a week, comparing all the facts to all the speculations.

    But meh.
  4. Man, when I read Dr. Oak's "One Way Ticket To... The Future of Pokemon!" article today, I was awe inspired. After reading that I got an interesting idea for how the Johto could be involved in Generation IV. What if by some small chance Johto would be part of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in addition to Shino? Why should G/S/C be the only games with two regions? (don't count the Sevii Islands and Battle Frontier)
  5. Didn't they already confirm that there would only be Shinou in DP? Or am I just confusing all those people ranting about how awful it would be if they did include anything other than new regions/lands/islands/whatever?

    Plus, if they did include Johto, they'd have difficulties explaining why you can't go to Kanto as well. The only reason FrLg got away with that (in my mind, at least) was because it was a remake of RB, where you couldn't go for obvious reasons.

    Also...I hope they DON'T include Johto in DP along with Shinou, just because I don't want Johto (which was my favorite region, by the way) to get messed up like Kanto was in GSC. Plus, it could take away from some of the stuff they could put in Shinou. I'd like to see a remake, or something else, but not an addition.

    And even so, there would be less incentive to. I mean, with transferring, you can get all the Pokemon for the National Dex, so why bother for that reason alone? Other than the demand for them, there really isn't much of a reason to make remakes...plus, personally, I'd rather see a fifth generation than a bunch of remakes.

    But anyways, nice article, though I kinda missed the guess-timeline comparisons from last year's. ^_^;;
  6. Meh, I did have an ounce of doubt on that idea's ability to float. I geuss that's why Hoenn was the only region accessable in R/S/E...
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