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Ask to Join Back to Classics

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Aug 8, 2016.


Which Special Starter?

  1. Pikachu

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  2. Eevee

  1. Hi Guys! :) In this RP, we will be going back to the Classics. Kanto Region. Well be back in Kanto, in this RP. A compition, to be Kanto Champion, or Contest Queen/King. You will start off with a Starter from Kanto. I dont want everyone to just choose Charmander. (Not a fan.) So if a Pokemon, has been chosen from Prof. Oak, it cannot be chosen again, Pokemon that can be captured, like Pidgey, everyone can have. Pokemon from Johto are allowed. Gen 3 and higher not allowed. Without further ado, let the RP Begin!

    Diamond woke up to the hard wooden floor. "Grr." Diamond moaned sitting up. He walked downstairs to recieve an invintation. Diamond read allowed.

    "Hello Diamond. Im here to ask you a certain task. As you may know, I work on trying to complete the Pokedex. An High Tech Enciclopedia about Pokemon around the World. Me and My Grandson, had been working on the Pokedex for years now, and we thought we could use a little help. If you can please come down to my lab later. If you will help complete the Pokedex, I will entrust you with a Pokemon.

    Sincerely, Prof. Oak

    "Yep." Diamond yawned. He walked back upstairs, changed clothes and walked outside. Diamond's parents went to Johto for vacation, leaving Diamond with control of the house. The Sunlight blinded him, as he slowly walked to Prof. Oak's lab. He walked inside to see Gary Oak.

    "Hi Oak." Diamond said. "Im here to get my Pokemon, and complete the Pokedex." Diamond yawned.

    "Are you sure? You look like you just got out of bed, and youre gonna fall asleep, before I give you one." Gary joked

    "Are you gonna give me a Pokemon or what. Im gonna sleep after this, just so I can go to Viridian refreshed, and wont sleep with the dangerous wild Pokemon." Diamond yelled.

    "Ok Ok! Sheesh. The Pokemon are on that table to your left." Gary sighed.

    There were eight pokeballs on the table.
    Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Pichu, and Eevee. "Yea Ill choose Bulbasaur." Diamond yawned. He grabbed the Pokeball, and started walking. "Smell ya later." Diamond yelled walking out of the lab.

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