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Azro's Art

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Azro, May 16, 2009.

  1. Im still pretty new, so im still trying, emphasis on the trying to get a grip with everything, but i noticed this art section and thought i may aswell swing through! I dont have much actually on my computer to upload! so im going to have to get scanning!

  2. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    That's a nice style, very different. I like it. And it has Arcanine in it, so even better.
  3. Thank you kindly ^.^ Arcanine is my Favourite, so he's probably going to pop up alot in my upcoming stuff, being my partner in crime and all. Glad you like it.
  4. I always find great amusement in anything involving physical harm upon the Galactic mushroom-heads because they're my favorites
  5. Hey these are pretty cool :) I like the fact the picture is black and white and the Pokeball is in color so it stands out. That, and Arcanine is adorable and fluffy :3
  6. This was done REALLY quickly. And so is really messy but i think it kinda works ^.^ its based on a joke me and a few friends talked about a number of times when playing the games, so i thought id throw this quick comic together and show you guys!


    Thats all i got! I actually sketched and 'tried' to edit it all today as i had nothing else to do, so its pretty darn scruffy! But hope it amuses you lot, as much it did me when playing the games.
  7. Very very funny. The black and white with a touch of color really makes the comic striking and interesting to look at. Also that is a good representation of what happens XD. My friend commented on the fact that even though they raise pokemon, how come they are always surprised to see an egg...

    We decided the developers didn't want to tell the ten year olds their pokemanz were having sex XD.
  8. Haha thank you ^.^. Oh the possibilities are endless when considering the Daycare Duo! We came to the conclusion, they dont ACTUALLY know themselves! And thats why they're still running the Daycare so old, they're still waiting for their own child to appear, taking more and more steps each day, just hoping for good news. Bless them.
  9. XD

    Chimchar got assaulted by a Ditto. For some sad, sick reason, I find this funny.

    Your style is sweet. Just sweet, edgy, and simple.
  10. Rai


    I love them, the lineart is so clean and crisp, and your style is really nifty!
    I love that comic, all Pokemon pared with Ditto feel violated after they "find" an egg; lmao the shower part killed me. xD
    I hope to see more art from you! 8D
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone! im glad you enjoyed it, im dissapointed witht the last page, its just too darn scruffy, but it was late in the day and i was tired and just wanted to upload it asap, ill probably fix it when i get time, but i was in a 'THEY'LL GET IT ;D' mood by then so it had to suffice haha. But again thank you all for your kind words *bows*
  12. Canvas Painted for Reflection of Self, thought id show you guys.

  13. Hilarious comic, Azro xD Although I would think the Ditto would be the victim since it never leaves the center and is subjected to all sorts of Pokemon for breeding, but this idea works nicely in that the Pokemon are on Ditto's turf, so it has every right to be tough.

    Right, enough Psycho analysis. Bottom line is that its rather amusing.

    The Rorschach pic is nice too. Good grief I love the way the paint melted and dripped down. Its rather elegant.
  14. Rai


    That's a really beautiful piece there Azro! 8D
    I love how elegant it looks like Tonberry said and how the paint drips/runs sown the peice. C:
  15. I really love your line-art style. It's so unique. Keep it up and who knows where you'll go? :D

    The canvas painting is gorgeous, too. I always appreciate people who can paint.. since I can't! :p
  16. Thank you all for your kind kind words! ill be updating the last page of that comic soon, infact im re-doing the whole thing, and going to make it longer and spend more time on it, so ill get that up for ya'll as soon as i can ^.^
  17. All started off in a business lesson discussing Ratio Analysis. Bored already? YEAH I WAS TOO! So i drifted into a semi concious state and doodled me an Arcanine. In byro.
    Soon followed by the words, Aaron pay attention WHAT IS THAT. Its Arcanine. PAY ATTENTION.


    I also doodled this, which has no relevance, but pretty much sums up my expression when i was getting inteorgated about my Arcanine.


    I also started a drawing of my friend sarah, its nowhere near finished, so it looks kinda dumb -_- but im purdy happy with it so far, especially because this isnt an area i dabble in very often.

  18. Awesome "doodles."

    To be honest, I probably do my best work in boring classes. ^__^
  19. I really like the crazy looking Hoodie kid, he reminds of Hecatomb (Wizards of the Coast card game) for some reason.

    The only problem I have wit your doodle/sketch of Sarah is that her breasts seem a little too high up. Flip side of that problem is if you put them just a smidge too far down your girl now looks saggy D: I'm speaking for experience here.

    Also, the Ninetails you have in the background is great; it really looks like the kind of critter to lay a curse on you.
  20. I really love that ninetales one! Wow, it's really good. ^.^

    But by far my favorite is the Ditto comic. XD I always felt sorry for Ditto for having to seduce all of these Pokemon... male and female.
  21. That Arcanine is a doodle? It is amazing! I love the sketchy style on it. It adds toughness to this already sweet Pokemon.

    You draw people well, in an anime-ish style. I like the spiky hair on Sarah. :)
  22. Haha thanks ^.^ yeah! I just doodled it in lesson while the teacher was reading a presentation :p
  23. ohmygod*dies of awesome drawings* o-o

    I am impressed, Azro, and also in love with the expression on your character when he was asked about the Arcanine, which looks so mind-numbingly epic 8D
  24. Its a ninetails painting. :O I focused on texture rather than detail, sorry the photograph is so rubbish but i thought id put it up anyway.

  25. Oooh, the sketchyness of it makes the Ninetales look very fierce. I like it!

    It looks very much like some kitsune art I've seen from some old stories.

    In summary, O_O
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  26. Your Ditto comic was hilarious. I really like the style you use for it, really clean and sharp. The Ninetales art looks so awesome, the texture matches really well with Ninetales. It really does look like traditional style Japanese art.
  27. Okay its rubbish, but i got bored in college on my lunch break.


    Hello, im Arcanine, im a pyromaniac.
    *rest of group* hiiiiii arcanineeeeee


    never coloured on a computer before, its not very good, but i kinda like the cartoony aspect


    Not pokemon related, i made up my own comic character.


  28. Wow. That comic book character is amazing. Does he have a name? An alter ego? Any powers? Skills?

    OMG, you drew it so well, I don't really have anything to suggest to improve that.

    Hee, hee, 'Hi Arcanine.' Finally, someone who agrees with me that that Legendary (not really) Pokemon needs help!
  29. Thanks Secad ^.^ As of now he doesnt have a name D: most of the cool ones are taken ='(
    But his mad skillz include, being able to merge and travel through shadows and super human agility. He uses his chains to trap evil and take them to the shadow world were they remain foreverrr dun dun dunnnn!

    Sort of like an ancient dwelling for all things evil and he's the guy who takes them there ;)

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