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Awney's Request Market

Discussion in 'Requests' started by awney, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Heya guys! I'm always looking to spruce up my art skills!! So I thought I would open up requests.

    1. I can and will turn down requests if I believe I cannot draw a good quality picture for it
    2. I cannot draw humans
    3. They might take a while because I am a college student and I have other art obligations that come first
    4. If you want me to make something with a space effect, that will take quite a while.
    5. Once I finish a request it is the requester's piece, and they can do whatever they want with it.
    porgyon2.png scol.png banana snake.png banette mimikyu.png gastly 4.png
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  2. I'm surprised no one has replied yet, your art is very cool! Could you draw my Umbreon OC plz? sketch-1520254606466-1.jpg
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  3. Ah, you have a request page! In that case, may you do a drawing of a Breloom holding an apple? You would't have to do the apple part if that's too much. Thanks :)
    Edit: Okay, so it says your request page is closed on your profile. When (or if) it opens, may you do this request then?
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  4. @Kragn I get super behind and don't update things sometimes!! I'll get around to everyone's requests on here when I can.
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  5. @awney that's okay, it's very understandable when you start a request page. Hopefully it will get less busy for you in the meantime. Also, just from experience when I couldn't catch up on requests, I stopped getting them as soon as I put 'closed' on the title of the page. :)
    #5 Kragn, Mar 22, 2018
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  6. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Oh this is a thing. Yay I’m so happy! Your art is amazing! I just want an axew and Chimchar. That’s all.

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