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Ask to Join Avengers: Heroes United

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, May 5, 2017.

  1. (Current RPers: @Eeveechu151, @Ry_Burst, @Jagson, @Stormursa, @Fraseandchico, @Mewtwofan259)
    Discussion/Sign-Ups: https://pokecharms.com/threads/avengers-heroes-united-discussion-sign-ups.16398/

    It was a fine day in New York City. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, the cool breeze blew through at just the right temperature, and the city was at peace.
    ...although if you saw Ant-Man's current mission, you'd think otherwise.
    Whirlwind blazed through the streets, spinning at almost super-sonic speeds. Stopping, he looked around. "No Ant-Man, no Wasp."
    "Who said anything about no Ant-Man?" Ant-Man said, hopping off of the back of a flying ant and punching Whirlwind straight across the mask. "Tag, you're it!" The spinner reeled back, using the momentum to break into a spin. Ant-Man jumped across the hoods of some cars, dodging the almost buzz-saw-like spin from the villain. "You're pretty bad at this game, huh?"
    "Focus, Scott." Wasp said, coming down from above and blasting Whirlwind out of his spin. "Hello again, Whirlwind. Did you come all the way to New York just to see little old us?"
    "Hey, when a guy wants revenge!" Whirlwind said, throwing some buzz-saws at Wasp. The flying female dodged them, shooting Whirlwind again. This time, the super-villain saw them coming and escaped by spinning into the air. He then tried to dive-bomb Wasp... but missed, as Wasp flew out of the way. Whirlwind's helmet was stuck in the ground, and while he was grounded Scott sent a bunch of ants onto his costume. Whirlwind freed himself, but began shrieking in pain as the ants inside his suit began to bite him. He tried spinning as fast as he could, but it didn't get them off. "NO MORE! NO MORE! I SURRENDER! JUST CALL THEM OFF!"
    "Glad to see we're being reasonable." Ant-Man said. He called off the ants... and grew back to regular size and punched Whirlwind unconscious. "Well, he's finally down. Good thing, too - I was getting pretty tired."
    "Thought you lived for this life." Wasp said, growing up to normal size as well. "I'm contacting SHIELD - telling them we've got another one for the Big House."
    "We should go with them, just in case." Ant-Man said, grabbing the unconscious Whirlwind.
    "I don't think they'd mind." Wasp said. As if on cue, a SHIELD flying car descended. Agent Phil Coulson was driving.
    "Ant-Man, Wasp. I got your call. I was in the area, so figured I'd stop by." Coulson said. "The Whirlwind, huh? Alright, I'll take him to the Big House like normal." Coulson flew the car down, and put Whirlwind into the back seat. He also cuffed the villain and put a power dampener on the back of his mask.
    "We'd like to come with you this time." Wasp said.
    "Suit yourselves." Coulson said. The three loaded into the car, and set out to the Big House.
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  2. Thor walked around Jane's place in New Mexico. Everything seemed to be going fine a the moment. His battle against the destroyer earlier this though glorious took a lot out of him. He let out a breath as he laid down. He fiddled with his pocket a little bit. He wondered if this might be the right.
    " Thor." Odin said threw his mind snapping Thor out of his thoughs.
    "Yes Farther." Thor said as he looked up at the ceiling
    " A great power has fallen into Midgard. You need to find it before the dark forces do." Odin said
    "Understood." Thor said as he stood up. He stretched his hand at as Moljiner flew into his hand. the hammer crafted from a star nestled firmly in his hand as his close changed into his armor. He let out a breath as he set off to find the power his farther warned him about.
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  3. "Crap, J.A.R.V.I.S, what's the Unibeam power level at?" Tony Stark, aka, Iron Man said as he flew around dodging punches from the overly buffed up robot.

    "83% It will be fully charged in about 10 seconds." J.A.R.I.V.S droned.

    "10 seconds, got it," Tony said as he dodged another rocket like punch. He wizzed around the robot, carefully dodging punches, until he heard J.A.R.V.I.S.

    "The Unibeam is fully charged sir," the A.I said.

    By flexing his stomach he fired a blast of energy the smashed through the robot, destroying it. "Good work J.A.R.V.I.S." Tony said. Then a radio distracted him. "Disturbance in progress."

    Ironman flew out to see Hawkeyes jumping from building to building. "He must be the culprit," he said as he flew near.

    Meanwhile chained to a wall, was the pathetic body of Bruce Banner. He was fully alive, but in intense pain. He squirmed a bit, before laying limp.
  4. Coulson and the others soon arrived at the Big House. It was a large, house-shaped prison complex located on an island just off the coast of New York. Whirlwind had woken up by now, and was being restrained by Wasp. As if the hand-cuffs and power-dampeners didn't do a good enough job of that. Landing on the platform made for prisoner drop-offs like this, some SHIELD agents took Whirlwind inside. He snarled at Ant-Man and Wasp before he vanished inside the doors. "You know, you two do some great work. Someone like you could be a fantastic addition to SHIELD." Coulson said.
    "I'm afraid not, Coulson." Wasp said. "We can't let anyone get access to the Pym Particle technology - SHIELD or otherwise. It'd be too dangerous if someone got ahold of it."
    "We're not asking for the technology, Ms. Pym." Coulson said. "We'd like to hire you as agents, if we can."
    "Yeah... I don't exactly see any benefit to that." Ant-Man replied. "We've got all the tech and reach we need. Thanks, Phil, but no thanks. We WILL help you guys with cleaning up the super villains, though."
    "Well, if you two have made up your minds I can't exactly change them." Coulson said, getting into his car. "Worth a shot, at least. You guys want a ride back to the mainland?"
    "Nah, I want to stick around and pay a visit to my old 'pals'." Ant-Man replied.
    "Suit yourselves. See you around soon." Coulson's car flew into the air, aloft on its jet-propulsion system.

    A man wearing a lab coat walked into the room that Banner was being held in. "Sorry for this, Bruce, but it's necessary." the man said, pulling over a chair and sitting down. He walked over to Bruce and stuck him with a needle. He pressed in the substance, and removed the needle from Bruce. "Sorry about that, but once again it's necessary. I just want to have a nice chat, Banner."
  5. Hawkeye Saw Iron man, He Said
    "Oh No." He Pulled out His Bow, And Put An Electrical Arrow in It, He Aimed, And Fired At Iron Man, He Said "Get Away!"
  6. In a quick motion, Iron Man dodged the arrow. He fired a repulser blast at the next building wrecking a few of the bricks, causing trouble for Hawkeye, if he continued his path. "I'm taking you in Hawkeye," Tony called out from above.

    "You know you're being lied too. Stop trying," Bruce said raising his limp head. "He's not a monster, but treating him like one, will make him one."
  7. Hawkeye gulped, then Said
    "For The Last Time! Those Were Misunderstandings!" He Shot A Boomerang Arrow At Iron man, It Missed Going Forward, And Started Coming Back.
  8. "I'm not trying to, Bruce. But the Hulk is hurting you. My job is to see if we can try to help him be removed." the man said. "By the way, I don't think we've been introduced yet. My name is Leonard Samson, and I'm an expert in Gamma Radiation. Just like you. Like I said, I'm here to help. And in order to do that, we need you to cooperate. What I just injected into your blood stream is a sedative, just to make sure the big guy doesn't come out just yet." Samson then walked over to Bruce... and whispered in his ear. "We're being monitored by General Ross. I don't really think we need to get the Hulk out, but that's what Ross wants. I'm going to try my best to get you out of here, but you need to trust me." Backing up, Samson walked back to his table. "We'll need a bit of your blood to try and figure out how to extract the Hulk, Bruce. This will only hurt for a moment." Samson walked back over to Bruce with a clean needle, and took a bit of his blood.

    Whirlwind was soon put in a jail cell. He tried to use his powers, but the Power Dampener stopped him. "You've gotta be kidding me! They can't hold me! They can't hold the WHIRLWIND!"
    "My friend... please, stop." One of the inmates said through an air vent. "You're only embarrassing yourself."
    "Who are you?" Whirlwind asked.
    "I am a Thinker, though some call me Mad." Mad Thinker said. "And you do not need to worry about escaping. We'll be out soon enough."
  9. Thor approached the cube. He knew these S.H.I.E.L.D operatives used technology that didn't belong to them. Surely they have the object. He walked up to the entrance and saw guards posted there. " Stand down." Thor said. " I do not wish to harm any of you." The guards looked at each other for a few seconds before complying and walking to either side of the door. " Good." He said as he walked in.
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  10. "You don't care about curing me," Bruce said harshly. "You just want to make more money of me,"he said fidgeting as the needle was removed. "S.H.I.E.L.D is lying to you. How ignorant are you?"

    Iron Man blasted the boomerang out of the sky with a repulser blast. He flew ahead of Hawkeye and fired another repulsar blast to knock the bow out of his hand. Then he charged, Thrying to grab Hawkeye.
  11. As Hawkeye Was Grabbed, he Screamed In Pain As the Repulsar Blast Hit his Hand, he Said
  12. "Bruce, please. Do you really think we'd be trying to sell the Hulk to people? SHIELD doesn't need any money, anyways. How would SHIELD benefit at all in the scenario you're proposing?" Pretending to move past Bruce to get a device, he whispered "the army would benefit, and Ross has presidential orders to take command of the Cube."
  13. With a small bit of hidden strength, Bruce spat on Samson's shoulder. "Your ignorance and lust fir power will get you killed," he said menacingly.

    Iron Man quickly flew Hawkeye, to the S.H.I.E.L.D Prison across the city where he dropped Hawkeye off. "Take him, boys," he said angrily. He hated having to deal with S.H.I.E.L.D, but in this instance he had too.
  14. (Oh, by the way. I'm now making it that what you've been reading for the interactions with the Hulk happened one hour later than everything else.)
    "Another one, Stark? The super villains have been getting really antsy lately." said Maria Hill, who was currently in charge of the Vault, one of the SHIELD prisons for super villains. "Hey there, Hawkeye. We've got a nice, cozy jail cell waiting just for you." Maria walked inside, four SHIELD agents following with the prisoner.

    "Hey, I'm just following orders here." Samson said, getting his device and walking back over to the sample of Bruce's blood. "If you have an issue, take it up with R-" Samson cut himself off, as the power suddenly went out. "What the...?" Suddenly, throughout the Cube the super villains were heard breaking out. The power outage had deactivated their cells.
    A cloud of Gamma radiation burst through the door, into the room. Samson was caught off guard, and knocked back.

    "Status report, soldier!" Thaddeus Ross demanded.
    "Power's out, sir! The prisoners are free!"
    "HOW?! I thought this building had backup power for just this occasion!"
    "The generator isn't responding, sir!"
    "Just great! Send out the Hulkbusters! Detain the prisoners!"

    Meanwhile, at the Vault, the same thing was happening. The super villains were breaking loose. Some couldn't do anything without their gear, but they pushed through to the storage room an re-equipped themselves. Maria Hill was firing at Jack Frost when a SHIELD agent ran over. "Commander Hill! We've gotten communications up!"
    "Good!" Maria ran over, taking the mic and sending out a signal. "Stark! Get your iron-plated ass back here! Your villains are escaping!"

    And, of course, the same thing was happening at the Big House. Wasp was chasing down Whirlwind when she was forced to veer off and dodge a flurry of bullets from Porcupine. Ant-Man was punching Black Knight, and barely jumped out of the way in time to dodge Klaw's Sonic Blast. 'We might need some backup, here!"
    "You don't say, Scott?!"
    Porcupine was the blasted from behind by Agent Coulson. "Let's move, folks! Get these villains back in their cells!"
  15. "Well then," Iron Man complained as the sirens went off. He rushed towards the chaos, and fire a few blasts at some unnamed prisoners.

    Bruce stepped forward, free of his chains. Then he felt some kind of change. His muscles began to rapidly grow, and his skin became green. He became, the Hulk, and let loose a loud roar.
  16. "You're late, Stark." Maria said. "Most of the villains have already escaped. Some are only still here because they think taking down SHIELD agents is fun." Maria then got blasted in the shoulder by the Living Laser.
    "Tony Stark. It's been a long time." he said.

    The transformation caused a part of the room to collapse, trapping Samson under rubble, still coughing up Gamma radiation.
  17. As Hawkeye Searched The Storage Room, He Found His Bow And Quiver With Arrows, He Said
    "Nice, My Bow!" He Ran Outside, And Used His Ice Arrow To Freeze A Member Of Shield, He Ran More, And Escaped After A Short Time, He Started Running For Safety.
  18. "No response, Stark?" the Living Laser said, brow furrowed. "Well, that's fine with me. Your flapping lips always did annoy me." Just then, the Laser was shot by Hill with a special gun that could affect light. "Gah! I don't like toys like that, missy! I'm cutting out!" Laser blasted away, as the rest of the Super Villains began to disperse as well.
    "Damnit!" Hill said, turning on her communicator. "Most of the super villains from the Vault are gone. This place is useless to us now."
    "I'm afraid the same thing has happened at the Big House." Agent Coulson said over the radio. "The Super Villains are gone. Ant-Man and the Wasp helped us contain as many as we could, but for the most part the super villains escaped. And we can't contact the Cube - something may have gone wrong there as well."
    "We've got bigger problems than the Cube." a third voice said over the channel. "This is Colonel Nick Fury, director of SHIELD."

    Samson could barely wheeze out a reply. "Hulk... help..." he said, the gamma radiation in the Cube beginning to harm him. Just as he said this, Zzazz entered the room.
    "Ooh, another helpless scientist to CRUSH!" Zzazz said, sending lighting straight at Samson.

    Below Samson and Hulk, The Absorbing Man was watching Thor battle some gamma-powered super-villains. He snuck up behind the God of Thunder, touched Mjolnir, and punched Thor.
    (@Ry_Burst, @Fraseandchico, @Jagson - you want to get this started again? Let's quickly end the Breakout so we can get to the Assembly.)
  19. Thor moved back a little bit taking the hit. He looked at the man and rushed towards him punching the man in the stomach. He readied himself as he stood his ground against the absorbing man."
  20. "That didn't even hurt." Absorbing Man said, smiling. "Look, blondie! I'm the ABSORBING MAN! Whatever I touch, I become! And now, I'm your hammer!"
  21. Thor simply smiled as he raised his hand towards the man. if this man absorbed Mjolnir than he had control over him.
  22. "What the hell did you do Fury," Tony asked aloud scanning the room. Villains seemed to be escaping in hoards, and this could only spell out trouble.

    Hulk lunged in front of the blast and took the hit. Then in a quick motion, the green beast pulled Samson free and leapt away down the the next floor, keeping a tight hold on Samson.
  23. The Absorbing Man flew through the wall. Touching rock, he changed and fled.

    "I did nothing, Stark!" Fury said, a slight panic in his voice. "That wave that shut down all four prisons did!"
    "Four?! I was only aware of three!" Coulson said, shocked.
    "That's because the Raft is the most classified prison of SHIELD, and contains the most dangerous villains. The Mandarin, Arnim Zola, The Enchantress, Magneto. There's a whole swarm of A-rank super-villains right in Manhattan's bathtub, and now they're all loose!"
    "Oh. That's bad." Coulson said.
    "You can say that again." Maria replied, breaking the contact. "Looks like we've only just started, Stark. All SHIELD agents! Get your ass in a Quinjet and fly over to the lake! We've got a fight on our hands.

    "Hey, Ant-Man! Wasp!" Coulson said, turning to the super-heroes. "We've gotta high-tail it to the lake. You guys ready for a real fight?"
    "Not really." Scott said, knocking out a prisoner. "But we've got a job to do, so..."
    "Great. I'll get LOLA ready to go, and you can catch a ride with me." Coulson replied, heading out.

    Samson coughed out some of the gamma gas, and weakly pointed to the wall. "Outside... no gamma..." he muttered weakly. He was unaware that Thor was just a room away.

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