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Open Avengers Academy

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by MrPotter17, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Hey!! Sup' Peeps! This is an avengers academy role-play.
    You're a new student in avengers academy! Make friends! I choose the plot.
    You can have up to 3 characters.
    You Can be any marvel hero that is not already taken, or you can be your own made up hero using this form:
    Superhero name:
    My character:
    Benjamin Parker
    Age: 17
    Powers: spider-man's powers, with a tech suit.
    Appearance: Has a black suit with blue arms and spider man stuff all over. Had a red mask with spider man eyes.
    Spider-boy stepped through the doors of his new super powered school. He couldn't wait to have fun and make new friends.
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  2. Kade Wilson
    Age: 17
    Powers: Healing Factor, Swordsman, firearm expert, Can fly, And can Emit fire from his staff
    Appearance: Dads suit
    Other: Son of deadpool/Wade Wilson

    Under his breath DeadKid muttered "dumb dad sends me to a dumb school, how fitting."
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  3. Spider-boy looked up. The only other kid late to his class to was a guy that looked like deadpool with a staff. he walked over to him. "Hey." he said. " I'm Be- I mean Spider-boy."
  4. Name: Stacy Graphite
    Superhero name: Fiction
    Powers: A notebook that can create objects and materials if it fits in the notebook.
    Appearance: A black sleeveless coat vest with a white shirt, black skinny jeans and black boots.
    Other: Highly skilled in drawing and writing but socially awkward. Also studied German.

    Running down the hall, Stacy ran in panic as she overslept. Her vest was on by one arm, flailing behind her.

    "Verdammt! I can't be late on my first day!" She exclaimed.

    She then turned around the corner and saw her class in the distance. Running into the class before tripping slightly, breathing heavily.

    " hah... hah... , made it..." She breathed.
  5. Name: Sean Hudson
    Superhero Name: Camo Kid (Not a name of his choice.)
    Powers: None on his own, but he has an alien symbiote of the sane species as the Venom and Carnage Symbiotes. It gives him strength and speed, as well as camouflage and slight shapeshifting.
    Appearence: The symbiotic turns into a camo bodysuit that changes color at will, but when Sean isn't in an aggressive situation, it's a camo t shirt and cargo pants.
    Other: The symbiote is a good symbiote, but still has the weakness to loud noises and fire. Sean also does plenty training without the symbiote, so he's pretty good at fighting and pretty strong.


    Sean tapped his pencil on the desk impatiently. He notices the other students, and the ones that were arriving late. He, luckily, had made it to class early and already got a seat. Quite a few of the kids showed up in their costumes, much to Sean's amusement. It seemed a little silly that they were all wearing their costumes, only to learn. The thought of a masked hero doing a book report made him almost laugh out loud. Sean heard a clatter, and looked up to see a girl in more normal clothes burst in. Luckily for her, and the other people that were late, the class hasn't started yet. The teach hadn't shown up yet.
  6. Spider-Boy burst into class. He looked around and sat down next to a girl who was panting and a boy In a camo t-shirt. " I can't wait how to learn how to be a superhero!" He said to the girl and boy next to him. "What about you?"


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  7. Turning to Spider-Boy, Stacy couldn't process what to say while breathing heavily.

    "H-Huh? Oh, oh yeah. I can't wait to be a überhero." She said before covering her mouth.

    'Dummkopf! Why did I say that!' She internally scolded herself for mistaking über for super.

    "U-uh, I mean superhero! Y-yeah..." She said nervously. 'Töte mich...'
  8. "Cool!" He said. " my first class is Stopping villains. What's yours?"
    This could be my first friend! He thought.


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  9. Sean raised an eyebrow at the two students near him. They both seemed quite odd. The girl's accidental switch to German was not lost on him, and she seemed a little uncomfortable.
    "Well, seeing as I'm in this class, and this is the first class, I would say that I am also in "Stopping Villains"." Sean said to the boy in the Spider man costume.
    He has the ssscent of another symbiote... Sean's symbiote spoke in Sean's head. But it is faint... This boy has not had physical contact. But a close loved one hassss. I can ssssense it...
    When Sean had found the symbiote, one of the first things he had done was research, trying to find everything about it. In doing so, he had discovered the cases of symbiote interactions with Spider-Man, Venom, and Carnage.
    Well, maybe this Spider Kid is related to the actual spider man. Sean thought to the symbiote. Clearing his thoughts, Sean decided to introduce himself.
    "I'm Camo K-... Er, Camo." Sean said to the spider guy and the girl. "What about you guys?"
  10. "Spider-Boy at your service! Son of Spider-Man, and tech maker master." He said.
    Oops. What that too much? He thought.
  11. "U-um, it's Fiction. B-but you can call me Stacy." She replied, much comfortable being called her actual name than her Superhero name.

    "A-and since we're all in the same class, don't you think that we all learn the same thing?" She pointed.

    Stacy couldn't contain her nervous nature and felt her throat dry from all the running. She took out her Notebook and scribbled a bottle of water quickly. The bottle then phase out of the page and changed into a real bottle of water.

    She took the bottle and drank the contents within, drinking a quarter of the drink and sigh in relief.

    "Das hat die Stelle getroffen" She said out loud.
  12. "Spider-Boy." Sean said flatly.
    Well, I suspected as much. He thought. Still, a better name than Camo Kid.
    Sean gave his attention to the nervous girl, Fiction, and smiled at her response to Spider-Boy's question. What he was not expecting, however, was Stacy to draw a water bottle to reality. His eyes grew wide and a shocked look came across his face.
    "Well... I guess that's why you're called Fiction?" Sean said a little weakly, now feeling in need of a drink.
  13. "Woaaahhhhh!" Spider-boy said. " can you make soda?" Spider-boy thought that power was really cool. " And also, yes, we should all learn the same thing. C'mon! This room has super villain battle simulation! You can face it with up to four people! So you guys should come too! Let me just input the villain."
  14. Flinching at Camo's respond, she quickly hid her Notebook.

    "U-um! Y-yeah, I guess you can say that." She responded. 'Why did I jump?!'

    Flinching again to Spider-boy suddenly asking the question out of the sudden, she tried to compose herself.

    "Y-yeah, I can make anything if I can draw it in the page." She said.
  15. "You guys coming?" He said. "Do you guys know who the vulture is? I'm gonna choose him." He stepped into the battle simulation room.
  16. "Whoa, hold on!" Sean said to Spider-Boy. "Isn't this a little, well, dangerous? I haven't faced anyone even close to the level of the Vulture before. He's beat the tar out of your dad a bunch of times! I just don't know if we're all, y'know, up to it."
    Sean couldn't help but to glance at Stacy when he said that. The way she had been flinching a bunch made him wonder if she could handle the pressure of facing a supervillian.
  17. "Pshhhhhh! Who cares! The worst this thing has ever done to anyone is break all the bones in their body. Besides, I've faced Doctor octopus before. Well, I almost died, but I still faced him!" Then spider-boy grabbed their hands and led them into the room, shutting the door.

    ( when facing a villain, everyone controls him, but only I say if a someone hits them, or knocks them out, unless I say someone else can control them)
  18. Sean tried to reach for the door, but he was to slow. The door seemed to disappear as the simulation activated, placing them in a cityscape.
    "Oh, crap." Sean muttered. He turned to Spider-Boy, ticked off.
    "You freaking IDIOT! We are going to be in so much trouble! The teacher isn't even here yet!" Sean yelled. Before Sean could continue his tirade, he heard the flutter of wings behind them.
    "Who dares enter my nest?" The Vulture said. Although it was just a simulation, the Vulture looked very real, and very deadly.
    "Oh, crap." Sean said again.
    SSSShall we commence plan Delta? The symbiote asked Sean. Sean nodded, and the symbiote expanded from the grey undershirt he was wearing, covering his body in a suit. Sean quickly took of his camo tee.
    "Plan?" He asked as the Symbiote formed a mask similar to the ones Deadpool and Spider-Man wear.
  19. Stacy was surprised when Spider-boy said that he was going to choose Vulture. She has never seen or faced any villians before, only handling simple thieves and robbers.

    "T-That's a little extreme." She said. Hearing him talking about facing Dr. Octopus made her flabbergasted. "Was zum teufel?!" she exclaimed before covering her mouth again.

    She couldn't respond fast enough as Spider-boy grabbed Camo and her arms and led them to the Simulation room.

    "Dummkopf! warum hast du das getan!" She exclaimed, shocked from his actions as she couldn't contain herself.

    Hearing the wings of Vulture, she internally screamed as she turned to look.

    "Scheisse..." She murmured.
  20. The vulture flew through the air aiming at spider-Boy. He jumped up over him, but vulture kept going, straight towards camo and fiction. " watch out!!" Spider-boy yelled.
  21. Camo braced himself to grab the Vulture, planning on slowing him down enough for the others to hopefully overwhelm the Vulture. However, Camo underestimated the strength of the Vulture, and the winged villain plowed right through him. The blow launched Sean back a few feet, and knocked the wind out of him. Sean landed on his back with a thud, feeling like he had been hit with a battering ram. He struggled it his feet. The Vulture, meanwhile, swooped up and around, planning on attacking Stacy in another bombing run.
  22. Spider-boy shot out a web grenade, that hit vulture veering him off course. He headed back towards Camo. "Ha ha ha ha!!!" He laughed, tugging the webbing off. He bombed straight toward camo.
  23. When Vulture charged at her and Camo, she rolled to the side. The thing she didn't expect was Camo to grab hold on Vulture but was blown away by him.

    She noticed Vulture locking his gaze onto her and readied to dive and attack her only to be interrupted by Spider-boy.

    Deciding what to do, she quickly scribbled an E.M.P blaster, it materiallised and she shot towards the direction of where Vulture is diving.
  24. Vulture spun around and slammed down on the floor. "RAh!!!" He yelled and he sent a grenade flying towards camo, Spider-boy, and fiction.
  25. (OOC: did Fiction's attack hit the Vulture? And when has the Vulture ever used grenades?)

    "Look out!" Camo yelled. He knew he had to move fast, and knew exactly what to do. The suit rippled, and two bat-like wings sprouted out of Camo's back. The wings propelled him away from the grenade aimed at him, and he used one of the wings to deflect the grenade aimed at Fiction away and try to shield her.
  26. ( fiction's attack did hit the vulture, and this is a simulation, so spider-boy set weapons to grenades and wings. Also this is the jimmy Natalie version of vulture meaning he can spit acid and has super strength)

    The grenade hit spider-boy right in the chest and it exploded, knocking him 20 yards back. He slammed into a wall, and immediately after vulture came in and started holding him against the wall choking him. Spider-Boy used one of his webs to grab a box on the roof from the building across from them and pulled it directly into the back of vulture's head. It hit vulture, and vulture let go of Spider-Boy. Vulture fell backwards struggling to get his wings working. He got them working and turned around, spitting acid at Fiction, and Camo.
  27. After hitting Vulture with an E.M.P blast, he spun and fell to the ground. Vulture then threw grenades towards the three.

    Stacy braced herself before Camo intervened the grenade and managed to deflect it.

    Watching from aside as Spider-boy was held against the wall before he webbed a box and slammed it onto Vulture's head.

    After Vulture stabilised his wings, he spat out acid towards Stacy and Camo. With quick thinking, she flipped the pages of her Notebook and found a sketch of a force field. Materialising it and blocked the acid for both her and Camo.

    She then quickly sketched a spiked whip, and materialised it before lashing the whip on Vulture with fast strikes and precision.
  28. The whip hit vulture and he slammed into the ground. "KO" said a voice from the speaker. Everything shut off. "That was AWESOME!!!!" Spider-Boy said. "Your superpowers are super cool!" He turned towards Camo. " although I couldn't quite figure out your powers. But anyways high fives everyone!" He gave fiction a high five, and then gave Camo one too.
  29. Camo stood up slowly, breathing heavily. The symbiote was damaged from the grenade attack, and was slightly melting off of him. He could feel it whimpering in pain in his mind. When Spider-Boy offered him a high five, Camo instead threw a punch at his face. He was angry.
  30. After knocking out Vulture and ending the Simulation, Stacy breathe heavily from all that have happened.

    When Spider-boy offered a highfive to both her and Camo, He was returned with a blow to the face by Camo. She too was angry at Spider-boy.

    Flipping the pages of her Notebook to a certain page with a sledgehammer, materialising and wielding it.

    "Give me one good reason of why I shouldn't bash your head to the ground!" She angrily said.
  31. Name: Jake Spector
    Superhero Name: Moon Spectre
    Powers: Enhanced endurance, strength and reflexes at night, and is extremely powerful during a full moon. Occasional prophetic visions. Slight resistance to psychic attacks. Skilled fighter, and has many specialised gadgets.
    Appearance: Tall, short dark brown hair, blue eyes. His costume is a white mask with a crescent on it (like Ultimates Moon Knight wears). He has a small white hood attached to his white cape, and the rest of the costume is black. He also has a white chestplate with a crescent on it, with white gloves and boots that have small spikes along the side of them.
    Other: The son of the Moon Knight. Due to his father's multiple split identities, he has some family problems, due to never meeting the actual personality of his father. He seems to think that by becoming a hero, his father's personality will just return to control.

    Moon Spectre had decided to stay in the class when those other three had left into the Battle Simulator, just sitting at his desk. He had to be serious about this, like he was about everything. The fight looked pretty bad, and he started thinking about it. It did say four people at a time... he resisted. No matter how boring it was, a real hero wanted safety over adventure. Even if he had to do boring school stuff he could have done anywhere else. By becoming a real hero, maybe he'd earn his father's approval... By the time the simulation was over, he glanced back to it. The simulation was over, but some fighting seemed to be still going on. Not a good sign. "Maybe this'll be my first step towards justice." He thought to himself, as he walked towards the door. No teacher was here yet, he would have to take the role as the adult around here.
  32. "Well, your power must be super stupidity!" Camo said to Spider-Boy. He felt relieved that Fiction was on his side, and a little scared. With her power, Camo did not want to see an enraged Fiction. Enraged at him, at least. "You forced us to fight a freaking super villian! I almost died! I would have died if Fiction hadn't made a shield! Thanks for that, by the way." Sean said to Fiction hastily.
    "And the Vulture! The Vulture is an old man in a green winged suit, not... Not whatever the neck that THING was!"
  33. " Yeesh! I was just trying to have some fun. Also if you looked at the lesson plan on the board, you would know we were going to be doing this anyways." Spider-Boy said. He was really pumped up now.
  34. If anything, Spider-Boy's uncaring attitude made Camo even more angry. Unfortunately, Camo's symbiote was still,recovering, but it was starting to re-form the suit, just now getting to his lower chest and going down his arms.
    "That's not the point! The point is you dragged us into a dangerous situation, WITHOUT OUR CONSENT!"
  35. Suddenly spider-boy's face peeled off to reveal the villain chameleon. " No, the point is that i tricked you into thinking I was spider-boy. Right after you met him, I switched him out with me. He's tied up in the chest behind you. And you're gonna need his help for what's about to happen." Suddenly chameleon dissapeared, and the simulation turned on. The sinister six on a volcano flickered on. " The lava actually hurts!!" Chameleon's voice echoed out. The door snapped shut. The chest with spider-boy rattled. A muffled, " Help!" Came from inside.
  36. The whole scene unfolded, and Sean stood there with a look of pure confusion on his face. Not fear, not anger, just confusion.
    "Whoa, whoa. Whoawhoawhoawhoa. Time out. Let me get this straight." Sean said. He pointed to Chameleon.
    "Impersonated him." Sean said, pointing at the box that held Spider-Boy.
    "To get us." He said, pointing at himself and,Fiction.
    "In here." Sean said, pointing at the simulation. He looked,back at the box,containing spider-boy, then back at the Chameleon. His face suddenly turned fearful. "You're not the teacher, are you?"
  37. "Not at all. Now have fun playing with these guys." He said. Then he dissapeared. "Mmmmmmm!!" Spider-boy said from the box.
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  38. Moon Spectre saw something through the window, he was curious as whoever was inside wasn't out yet. And there he saw the Sinister Six, led by Chameleon. On a Volcano. "I thought this thing was off..." he muttered to himself. He ran across to the controls. It was on, but he didn't know what to do. He could just hammer buttons, but he risked making it worse, all he knew was how to add enemies in. Much worse, someone seemed to be trapped inside a box there. "If somebody gets fried before the teacher arrives goddamnit..." he jumped into the chamber, hoping he could end the situation before it got bad. He made a pose, pointing towards Chameleon. "Stop foul villain, for the Moon Spectre has arrived to make you pay recompense for your misdeeds!" He looked around to see that Chameleon was already gone, relaxing his stance. "Well, this is just awkward now isn't it." He said, reaching for his weapons behind his back.
  39. Suddenly chameleon appeared right behind moon spectre, pushing him inside the simulation. He laughed, as doctor octopus and lizard grabbed him and started attacking him. The box with spider-boy in it exploded with webbing and spider-boy lept into the air kicking the two villains aside. He grabbed moon spectre and pulled him up. "Come on." Spider-boy said. " we have to beat these guys." The chamber shut and locked behind them as they ventured farther in.
  40. Isssss hotttt.... The symbiote hissed in Sean's head. He knew that the symbiote was in a lot of pain from the heat of the volcano.
    Its okay, buddy. Don't strain yourself. I'll be fine. Sean thought.
    Liarrr... The symbiote thought. It returned to it's shirt form anyway. Sean was scared. Without the symbiote, he didn't have any powers. He would just have to rely on his own wits. Sean began to run away from the villains, scanning the area for anything he could use as a weapon.

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