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Avatar: The Legend of Korra--Book Three: Changes

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Here we are, Avatards! Recently, the third season (Book Three: Changes) premiered. I thought the first three episodes were awesome. It was a trip back to the adventuring episodes of the first series, with less angst and more fun mixed with the conspiracy and danger we've come to love in the series. What do you guys think of the season so far?

    I must say, I love the way the writers approached the "Hey, let's rebuild the Air Nomads again!" I'm glad they didn't take the route of "everyone's happy to drop their former lives" arc, that would have been ridiculous. (That basement dwelling 22 year old was quite amusing.) Thankfully, this is a rather levelheaded show to begin with. Kai definitely sounds like an interesting character, with uncertain motives and unbroken habits. He has a great story coming for him, with his fate revealed at the end of the third episode. All in all, I'm eager for the 11th of July to come so I can find out.
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  2. Honestly, I feel like I might enjoy this book more than Book 1, depending on where they take this(and how much Asami and Bolin screen time happens).

    I love the direction and the idea, as well as the fascinating questions it raises. The Korra/Asami friendship development is going well(loved the poking fun at Mako), and Bolin and Mako reuniting with their family was rather touching. Also, is it just me, or is this Book...funnier? I can recall several instances when I could not stop laughing in these three episodes alone(Bolin, in one particular part, said some lines about their grandmother to Mako that had me nearly crying). New characters and intriguing villains, check. Stellar background music, check. Exhilarating action, check. I cannot wait for more, especially with the Lin Beifong backstory coming up soon-ish.
  3. Yeah, this topic is old, but I'm reviving it. This will sound a little rambly because I'm trying to hit on all of my favorite parts. Before you scroll any further MASSIVE SPOILERS FOLLOW

    First off, I greatly enjoyed the entirety of this book. We got to see the fallout from Harmonic Convergence--the good, the bad, and the downright inconvenient. Thanks to Korra getting herself banished from Republic City, we got to travel back to the Earth Kingdom, which was awesome. I loved everything about Zaofu and I can't understand why Su gets the hate she does. It was interesting to see them rebuild the air nomad nation and I foresaw the difficulties they'd face doing it. I mean, just because you're an airbender, doesn't make you an air nomad and I actually liked that. One of the biggest things I was looking forward to was seeing airbending free from the pacifist teachings of the air nomads and the show delivered in a big way. When we saw Zaheer kill the Earth Queen, I was shocked/amazed and I kinda saw why Nick took it off TV lol.

    And let's talk about the villains. I think it was love at first sight when P'Li shot Zuko's dragon out of the sky. I loved all of the Red Lotus and I wish we could've gotten more backstory for Ghazan (my favorite of the bunch) and Ming-Hua (my favorite waterbender in the series so far). I'm hoping Book 4 delivers on that. I'm glad we're finally seeing some multi-book stuff now. Like Amon and Unalaq before, the Red Lotus proved to be competent villains; the consequences of their actions have set up some neat story-lines for the next season.

    And I was really impressed with Team Avatar, but with Korra and Bolin most of all. Kora went through some major character development and Iroh showed her an alternate way to seek Aang's council--by talking to those who knew him best. Nice to see Zuko again! I hope we'll get to travel to the fire nation in Book 4. My heart ached for Korra after that tough battle she had with Zaheer. To see her in a wheelchair looking so broken was hard to watch, but it'll be interesting to see how she gets her confidence back. Bolin took it to the next level during this season. I forgive him for not being able to metalbend yet because LAVABENDING WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?

    And glad that Mako remembered that he can generate lightning because I don't it happened at all in book 2. I loved you, Ming-Hua but that was a very satisfying end for you.

    Oh, and Jinora:


    'Nuff said. She looks so much like Aang! Hopefully the writer's won't take her into Mary Sue status because she's on the edge.

    Is it Book 4 yet?
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  4. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I just saw this forum, and it's been what 2 days since the finale of book 3?
    Well, yea. This season went from happy go lucky, to totally freaking dark. Fast. I really think that's the true reason nick pulled it off of TV. Spoilz begin here...
    Alright, the earth queen in general was a meanie. But things went awsome as Zaheer took her breath away. (It's a bad pun)
    And now he could fly. (Starting like episode 11ish) Seriously.
    As for p'li, that was awesome. It was an instant death. Go tophs kids!
    Poison. You're going to use poison to kill the avatar? Seriously Zaheer you could have done something like you did to the earth queen. Too bad the poison was metal.
    When the members of the red lotus changed in korras hallucination, that was amazing. Also the sky scene with Zaheer was crazy. I love studio MIR for this stuff.
    As for Ming hwa, I totally forgot that mako had lightning bending. Seriously he should have used it more often.
    I kind of felt bad for ghazan. He was cool to bolin and all, but he basically did suicide. He could have put more of a fight.
    As for the end, I thought that Jinora was Aang.

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