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Avatar: The Last Airbender...and the new Avatar: The Legend of Korra!

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Discuss Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the new sequel series about a Southern Water Tribe female Avatar named Korra.

    To summarize my thoughts on the movie: It was crap, and I don't want to see it. I've read the reviews, read the junior novelization (I was bored in the Wal-Mart book section :p), and analyzed the pictures and conclude that since the average was 'bad', I'm not wasting money.

    As for Korra...I'm psyched! I'm the Foaming Mouth Guy for it. A strong, non-motherly (I like you Katara, I just like Toph-types better) Waterbender that meets Aang's son to learn Airbending. It's in a steampunk-sort city, with an anti-Bender revolution growing. In short, this sounds awesome.
  2. I didn't know that there was a new series coming out :o I want to see it :D Can I see a video of it if it's available?

    Anyway, I've looked around and all I could find was that she was an experienced bender, which is a welcome change. Plus I also heard that it takes place 75 years after the original series. Which makes me wonder, as people like an Avatar would normally live longer than 87 years, at least to a century. Maybe Aang was killed? But anyway, did they ever say when it would come out?
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  3. Wait... There's a sequel series coming out? When was this announced/decided?

    Anyway, that's awesome, and I'm glad to see that they aren't letting it die with the horrendous movie (though, to be fair, if you hadn't actually watched the show it wasn't HORRIBLE, but they could have made it good for fans of the series too). From the sounds of things, it does seem like it'll be awesome, I'm particularly interested in the anti-bender movement that you mentioned, as well as anything with the word "steam-punk" in it (if you've seen my xbox live avatar, you know I adore steam-punk styled anything) just immediately catches my attention.

    Here's hoping we get some awesome firebenders, because my element(s) better be represented!

    (EDIT:) I'm a bit disappointed that the rumours are stating that the show is actually a "mini-series" consisting of twelve episodes. Hopefully they'll expand on the idea and make it a proper series as the premise sounds incredibly interesting.
  4. Well this certainly interests me ^^

    Water bending was definitely a treat to see in the series because I found it so dynamic. Since we've never seen it in the series, I always wondered what would happen if two benders from two different nations had a child (this is assuming that this is Aang and Katara's son). Would all the children take after the father's bending element or is it a 50/50 chance that the child would take on either element? And like Chad said, Steampunk = cool.

    I do plan to see the movie eventually, but only when it's in the dollar theater or out on TV/Netflix because I refuse to pay a double digit amount to see it. Most of the time I disregard what the critics say, but when most of my friends think a movie is horrible, I think twice.
  5. Like you Secad, I won't be wasting money on THAT disgrace. On the new series, I'm really excited ~
    It looks great, seems to have the same charm that the original had (judging from the pics) and M. Knight isn't in sight anywhere.
    But I have heard that the city that the series takes place in is Steampunk themed. Thoughts?
  6. I'm super excited, even though all we've seen is one piece of concept art. :D Super excited about Korra, she looks awesome. I'm a little sad since according to the creators, no old characters will appear in the series. I was hoping to see a 100-year-old Toph kicking ass and taking names. Oh well. I'm also a little worried for the future of airbenders since it sounds like they still haven't recovered from the genocide.

    According to an interview with the creators, Aang's lifespan was ticking even when he was frozen in ice. So he didn't die at 67 or so, he died at 167.
  7. Well,the movie was a dissapointment,and I knew it was going to be when i heard Shamalan would direct it.

    But anyways I see hope in the new Spin-off mini series! As of now, Korra looks dissapointing to me,considering i've only seen the back of her,but hopefully she'll change alot before the series premieres next Fall. Anyways I read on wikipedia that Korra will have a cheesy teen romance with what she sees her boyfriend as a "hunk" or a "Juicehead"..lol..I can't wait.... :-\.But I also read the composer from Avatar:The Last Airbender will be returning so I'm excited about that, but as of for the series (or season) finale of the show i would like to see her and Aangs son have to fight some big steampunk earthbender,that's really skilled at his bending knoweledge and jokingly a "big shot"!

    Well.i hope the series will be good!

    Peace Out

  8. Well, from what I have read on the internetz, Aang's son is Tenzin, an Airbender.
  9. It's a really good anime.
  10. I think legend of Korra is gonna be cool and the anti bender revolt is awesome i just hope they have more metal benders it was awsome
  11. In my opinion, I think Toph may keep metalbending to herself. She always was a stubborn one, so she may want to remain special.
  12. but i think she might teach other ones just in case another war comes maybe
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if a war starts mid-season,and then a cliffhanger twist will happen in the series finale.
  14. I had a great interest for the series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and I was actually looking forward to the first movie, but, once I saw it, it wasn't as good. I mean, I have an interest, and I'm going to go see "The Last Airbender: Book 2" on Sunday hopefully, however, I wish it would be better. Zuko was so screwed up. Seriously. Aang, pronounced as "Ang," was completely messed up. I realize it is the proper pronounciation, maybe, but it was messed up. Seriously.

    They nearly cut out the Kyoshi Warriors, so I was told on Nicktoons Network, but rumor goes around that they're coming back in Book 2: Earth in theaters.
  15. In my opinion I think they should cast or director because well it wasn't very good compared to the anime
    I loved the series so so much. Never saw the movie, as I heard from multiple people how awful it was. (HIS NAME IS AANG. LIKE THE LAST SYLLABLE IN BOOMERANG. NOT UNG.)

    Anyway, this new sequel/mini series really excites me. I love the Avatar World, and really don't wanna see it fade into obscurity. Not yet, anyway xD
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    My famly loves avatar, so i must say, this is going to be great ;D the name korra sounds so cool to, can't wait to see the movie ;D
  18. I gotta find info on this cause I love the cartoon, The steampunk thing sounds interesting and how old is Aang's son for that matter if it happens 87 years after the series ended
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  19. I've heard about this for a while now but uh, has there been any pictures on what the character will look like?

    Also yeah, I went to watch The Last Airbender for my birthday and felt way cheated, felt like walking out and going into the Toy Story 3 room but that one was filled :-\
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  20. I think Wikipedia has a picture of Korra's back. She's standing on a cliff overlooking the city where it'll take place I forget the name of it
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  21. I loved the original Avatar series, so when I heard about the movie, I prayed it would do well...
    Then I heard they casted the Slumdog Millionaire as Zuko, so i said screw it. :p

    Anyway, that new series might be able to bring back nickolodeon's only saving grace. I even wacthed the other mini-series with all the characters with chibi-heads. Does anyone know which one i'm talking about?
  22. Haha, yeah that mini-series kinda freaked me out, not used to seeing them like that.

    Just saw it this afternoon, looks like it's still gonna be great in terms of artwork. 8)
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  23. Hmm, true. But she is rather muscular, I almost thought she was an earthbender!
    (she was definitely based on Kyoshi.)
    I am so[i/] looking forward to it! <=D
  24. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    So many topics I need to catch up on...

    I watched the Last Airbender movie, I did. Was it bad? Oh yes it was. But not bad for what most fans would criticize it over. What really got my goat was the utter destruction of Katara's character. Did she even have a character in that film? She wasn't even annoyingly motherly. Just a shell. Non-Avatar fans referred to her as the "generic female who's just there", which was pretty well dead-on. Sad fate for our Katara indeed considering she's one of the main characters . But trival details, eh? XP

    At least Sokka had some character in the movie. Angry! That was his character, or so I assumed. Apparently the guy who played his role just sucks at acting in general? So said Twilight fans. Le sigh.

    Keri said it best: Zhao was a shifty, creepy little carpet salesman. And what was up with the Fire Lord being all "don't harm my son"? He banished him! (And banishment builds character!)

    Just, yeah. This isn't even a case of a movie adaption falling short because it simply can't live up to the original. It was purely the case of the movie adaption sucking as a movie in general (as shown by the elaborate bending which amounted to a single pebble flying by). At least the scenery was pretty. :p

    But enough about that. Legend of Korra. Do want. So much. Can't wait. Don't care how many episodes we get. Something is better than nothing. Someday it too will join my Avatar video collection. ♥
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