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Open Avatar RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by MegaloX, Mar 25, 2019.


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  1. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Alright so before you even read anything else, this isn't the blue people avatar, it's the benders.

    Now, anyway... this is an Avatar AU set away from the events of Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. However, the RP will mainly be taking place in Republic City, and or, other places from the two series.

    Guess I should explain rules huh...
    • Obviously follow the rules of basic RP (No godmodding, be respectful) all that good stuff.
    • Always follow the site's rules.
    • Romance is allowed do whatever within reason.
    • None of the characters can be the Avatar or bend more than one element.
    • You can have up to a max of 2 characters, I may add more depending on the circumstances.
    • Follow the character creation template below to get started.
    • Remember this is set in the same time period as The Legend of Korra so stay mindful of that.

    Name: (Duh)
    Age: (Not gonna limit this, be however old ya want)
    Appearance: (What you look like)
    Backstory: (What's your story?)
    Element & Subclass: (Each character can have a single element and a single subclass, which is explained more below, yes you can be a non-bender.)
    Starting Location: (Republic City, Ba Sing Se, Northern/Southern Water Tribe, Any Air Temple, or another place not listed that you'd like to start out in.)

    Now to briefly explain Sub-classes. We've all seen Earthbenders bend metal and stuff like that. Each element has a list of sub-classes that is available to them. Each character can only have a single one of these, but your character can also not have one if you so chose. Here is a brief list of the sub-classes you can chose from. If you can think of something else then I'll think about it when I got to approve your app.

    Water - Blood-bending (Only one character can have blood and it will be rolled for), Healing, Spirit-bending
    Earth - Metal-bending, Sand-bending, Lava-bending
    Fire - Lightning-bending, Combustion-bending
    Air - Flight, Spiritual Projection (Both are available to only one character and will be rolled for)

    I think I've pretty much covered all of these. Once we get enough people to start the thread I'll let everyone know and then I'll start it up.
    Oh, and yes there will be an Avatar, but he will be an NPC I create.

    Additionally, I'm open to suggestions as far as plot or character creation goes, I don't usually start to many Rps but I was feeling inspired so I hope you guys enjoy.

    However, do note that major plot events that pertain to all the characters will be Gmed by me, so what I say, goes. Of course you're still free to have your character(s) experience their own plot points and all that.

    My Character:
    Name: Raylee "Ray" Parker
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Raylee is a little on the short side compared to most, coming in at 5'5''. She has brown hair that goes down to her shoulder blades back, but she usually has it in a ponytail. The girl has green eyes and fair skin. Most of the time she wears clothing identical to those from the Metal Clan of Zaofu, though without the metallic necklace. However, when she's in the Pro-Bending ring she wears the red and black uniforms of her team, the Bau Ling Buzzard Wasps.
    Backstory: Raylee was born in Republic City to her two parents, Max and Julie. Her mother being related to the metal clan of Zaofu is what brought upon Raylee's clothing choices in her teen years, but the girl couldn't be farther from the culture itself. Her mother is an earth bender and her father is a fire bender. She has a bratty little brother named Ryan who is of course a fire bender. Growing up, Raylee went through life like any other normal human being out there. Her parents did pretty well with their careers so the family was always pretty well-off in the city. When she turned 15, Raylee took up Pro-Bending, and even joined the Buzzard Wasps. The team is still trying to get their act together even after a year of practice, but hopefully they'll really crack down and do well this season.
    Element & Subclass: Earth & Metal
    Starting Location: Republic City
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  2. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Just wanted to bump this because I would really like for people to join.
  3. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Seems cool but what would the characters be going after?
  4. What do you mean by “rolled for” in regards to blood bending
  5. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Ok, I love Avatar! Let's do this.
    Name: Umika
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Black hair in two braids starting out then join together with a hairpin in the back that has a crescent moon inside a black circle, blue eyes, dark tan skin, traditional water tribe dress and coat.
    Backstory: Umika was born in the Northern Water Tribe, from her parents Miestu and Tatkret. Most of her family lives in the Southern Tribe though. Like most women in her tribe, she learned how to heal. Her father wanted for her to defend herself so he taught her basic Water Tribe fighting moves. She is looking to move to Republic City as a diplomat because both Tribes want to ask the President of the Republic to stop fishing in their waters.
    Element & Subclass: Water; Healing subclass
    Starting Location: Northern Water Tribe

    I might make another character later.
  6. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Dang I didn't know people would finally reply to this. Was scared no one was interested.
    Huge relief!
    So for JP's question, honestly I'm not quite sure yet. I was going to let the adventure play out a little bit before hopefully coming up with something along the way.

    As for Frontier's question, to be completely honest that was just me having a big head and thinking that more people would want to join this than what actually showed interest. I did that with the idea that people would fight over it, but seeing how there aren't many, it's kind of voided now.

    And for you @PlayfulFox47 your character looks awesome to me so you're approved!
  7. Real Name: unknown
    Alias: The Crimson Shadow
    Age: unknown
    Appearance: 5’9, extremely agile with a slim-muscular build. His eyes are a cold calculating grey colour.
    Clothing: dark black robes with a platinum mask.
    Weapons: carries a pair of twin Dao blades

    Backstory: little is known of the crimson shadow prior to his appearance in Ba Sing Se, when he broke up a conflict between the Dai Lee and a rioting mob. Leaving all involved chi blocked and temporarily paralyzed. Since then he has evaded authorities within the earth kingdom, showing up all over to steal from officials before disappearing again.

    Element & Subclass: Water and Blood
    Starting Location: Ba Sing Se

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