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Aura's Scribbles and Artwork

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Aura, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Ok, Today, I bought a scanner. I just set it up, and have scanned my first picture for it...


    It started off as being a scribble I was doing in History class and from there... well you get the idea. For anyone who can't guess, It's a evil baby dragon, possibly Shrukin (or however you spell his name) from the inheritance series (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, ???).

    Open to any critisim or :o

    Thx guys!
  2. Aww, I love the baby Shruikan! He's so cute! I like your style. Very sketchy.
  3. Thanks Secad! ;D Although my drawings arn't always that sketchy. I only had a pen soo... yeah...



    If anyone has looked at Absoleon's Fic, you might reconise this little guy as Firen. I was kinda bored in Maths and decided to sketch something.


    My Rp charater, and also the girl in my sig etc., Katie! She kinda looks like she's convincing a monster not to eat her, and forgeting that she's psychic. Oh well, that's just who she is.


    Just a random Dragon looking at the nightime sky. I dunno... maybe it's his home or something...

    Thanks again for the Comment! Comments make an artist feel special! :D
  4. Firen made me squeal in cuteness! It's like a little flaming gerbil! Eeee!

    Katie looks cool. However, she doesn't look like she's trying not to get eaten, more like waving 'hi' to a friend.

    The starry dragon looks nice, though it looks like he's trying to eat the stars.

    This next batch is good too!

    Flaming gerbil Firen! *SQUEALS!*
  5. Yay! Comments! HAPPPPPPYYYY!!! *hugs*
  6. [​IMG]

    Basicly another from Absoleens Rp and Fic... Shroca. I'll probaly end up drawing every Pokemon in the Pokedex for Solest... but anyway... There's a few pic's I wanna scan, but I need to borrow my friend's colour pencils coz I've already started it with them... should be here in a few days.
  7. Shocari

    Shocari Guest

    *huggles Aura in death grip* its so Cute! Maybe I'm making them too cute...

    You just might end up drawing them, except Absollean! I SUCK at drawing :p

    Keep up the cute/good work!
  8. *gets crushed to death in death grip*

    I'm gonna draw an Absollean!

    (Not an Absollean)


    A drawing from the start of this year. I got hailed for it! ;D

    Really apriciate the Comments guys (even if I get hugged to death, lol)
  9. [​IMG]

    It looks somewhat like Absolean, but I read the Fanfic, and realised my little mistakes. Oh well.
  10. Awesome drawings aura i like the first one.
    I feel the same way, history what a great inspiration for art.

    ...and keep up the good work.
  11. [​IMG]

    Charizard and Luxio. No more explaining required.


    If I had to make a Pokemon to represent me, It would most likely be these guys.

    Gaix (Gar-ix): Gaix are often mistaken for Dratini's and people attempt to catch them. The Gaix will try to flee, but if it can't, the offender normally ends up dead or injured. They will guard anything important to them with their lives.

    Gaezon (Gar-zon): Gaezon often hourd great amounts of treasure, normally in caves far away from human cizillation. The are extremly intellgent and fast. The are thought to be almost extinct because of the such rare sightings. They make brilliant guards.


    A Cat Hybrid. She, and 11 others, guard portals. She has the power of the Moonlight.

    Thanks for the comments guys! ;D
  12. Your pictures are soooooo cute!!! I liked the Black Baby Dragon, it was soooo cute. I bow down at your artistic genius!!!*bows down* Keep up the good work!!!
  13. Why thank you! That makes me feel rrrrreeeeaaaaalllllllllllyyyyy special!

    As a reward...


    Random Angel thingy.

    Happy Birthday
  14. Great job, Aura ^^

    I like the random angel thing's expression :p

    Luxio is win too :p
  15. You always draw these in class Aura? :p

    My favourite so far has to be the Gaix/Gaezon, I love Gaix's tongue :D
  16. Ummm... Not always in class, but mostly.


    Ah the irony... Magikarp doesn't know that's an everstone...

    *no one laughs*

  17. Heehee, grumpy goldfish :D

    Nice work Aura!
  18. XD Revenge seeking goldfish, anyone? That's epic.

    But alas, its holding an everstone xD
  19. XD

    Thanks for the comments guys! *happyhappyhappy!*


    I would post this tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I'll be on... so best to post it today! Lets give a HUGE welcome to December! You guys may be wondering why she's wearing summer clothes in the top bit. That's because, not everyone, myself for example, have a white December/Christmas. It's just there to make sure everyone's included!
  20. No one likes December? ...?


    Just something I made in art today. Everyone loves turtles! I think...
  21. I love turtles! It's why I picked Turtwig in the PRP I'm in :p

    And a great looking turtle you have there too! I like his expression and the way you did his shell the most. :)
  22. Wow, you're really good at this! And yet not god-like-good, but good like a normal person. I really love that! Keep it up!

    PS. You could draw the dragons from the Inheritance circle, add Saphira, Glaedr, Thorn and so on. That would be really cool!
  23. Ok, I'll do that! It just might take a while... I've got a rather large 'project' (its a present really) for a friend of mine and that might take a while, but I'll get onto it! ;D
  24. Wow you are a true artist, the magicarp made me laugh, and the turtle's expression is priceless. I still bow down at your artistic genius *bows down to Aura* Oh and thanks for the angel picture you drew, it was so nice, her expression is also priceless. It sorta reminded me of somebody I knew. Anyways keep up the good work. ;D
  25. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Not bad at all, Aura. I suggest coloring things more neatly in the future: I noticed earlier on you colored outside the lines.
    Anyway, keep up the good work. You drew a Charizard so that gains extra win points with me. ^^
  26. Thanks guys! And Dwana, I'm not really the neatest person it the world. In fact, my art teacher says that if you only colour inside the lines, there's not much personality in the picture. But thats what she says. I'll try to be more careful in the future.

    In the meantime...


    I drew Saphira, but Lon *runs over to Lon and hails* coloured her. Lon *hails* did a great job!

    I've finished the present, so I'll get working on Glathr now.
  27. It came out better than I thought it would. And I just didn't bother with the bubbles :p No idea what to colour them like.
  28. Don't worry about them, Saphira lookes epic anyway.



    Ok, I was bored too, and decided to ATTEMPT to colour one of my pic's. So I decided to colour Luxio.


    It's ok, but its not that good...*sighs*
  29. :O Wow. Saphira looks amazing Aura

    Luxio is win too
  30. I ditto what Middy said. It is true. Luxio is cuuuute. *huggles it* I
  31. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D etc...

    Thanks guys! I might put some more coloured images here from now on, coz you guys said it was good! ;D As a present...


    A very hard thing to do well, seeing you can't erase ANYTHING!!! Its done on a special type of black paper that you scratch into to make white lines.

    NOTE! It is NOT a Koala! It's a CAT!!! ... cross Koala...
  32. That is so cool!

    How long did it take to draw/scratch it?

    How hard was it to scan it?

    It is amazing!
  33. I did it over a peirod of 3 weeks. Not sure how many hours though... :p


    Here's some random person.


    And Glathr, coz Glahtr is Epic!
  34. What? It's a cat? But a Koala would be so much cuter. Those things do nothing but sleep and eat, exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life!

    And the skateboarder could look like a character from Naruto if you only took the head, but skateboarders are better than some ninja-kid (wonders if that is actually true)

    I feel like I can see improvement in your artwork, I wonder what you might be drawing next.
  35. Hey, Glaedr turned out to be great! Too bad you didn't color him... I'll be waiting for Thorn! ;)

    (Thorn = win. I think he might be the best one.)
  36. I love the Charizard, and your drawing style (:.
  37. I like how you draw your dragons, epic. But, I think where the wings pop out of the shoulders, you should make them thicker, because it looks as if they could pop right out with a good tug. xD

    And that little cat thing...that looks totally awesome. But what's in its left eye?
  38. Guys, as always, thank you for the comments and I'll try to keep your advice in my mind (I'm rather forgetful...) And Chibi, It's eye is closed. And because I like scratching black paper stuff, I made it white. Besides, we had to reverse the colours.


    My first sig on Gimp... I think it turned out just fine... But you guys may see some flaws etc... (in the background! Not the picture... Kookie of Doom for anyone who can tell me what the artist of the riolu's mistake was!)
  39. Ok, presenting... THORN!!!


    There was more to this picture, but there's something wrong with my scanner at the moment, so it cut most of the picture off... Oh well, Thorn looks epic anyway!
  40. :o

    Okay that is one P.O'd dragon. Cool nonetheless. It looks EPIC and smeone should totally color it.

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