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At The Edge Of Unique

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Power Metal Maiden~, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. (This is basically..Rain's history, Pokemon-wise. I've had it in my head for so long, I needed it OUT. This WILL be continued. I have quite a bit of the next chapter figured out.)

    Chapter 1-

    My first Pokemon was a Pichu. He was given to me when I was six years old by my neighbor, Lieutenant Surge. Yes, I speak of the war veteran and the gym leader of Vermillion City. Let me tell you my story, and maybe you won't be so surprised.

    I decided to name the Pichu "Switch" because of the story Surge had told me when he gave the baby Pokemon to me. Apparently, since the Pichu had hatched a few weeks before, he had been traded about twenty times. Its feisty personality had clashed comically with all of the trainers' personalities. The Lieutenant told me that when he heard this, he bought the Pichu for me right away.

    He said that since I was able to walk - and had begun to climb the fence into his gym to play with his Raichu, he knew I was going to be different. My older brother, Spyke, had agreed. He said, "Rain, you will do everything so differently from everyone else, they won't know what to do with themselves." Then my dear brother would flash that prize-winning grin of his and mess up my already messy, black, kid hair.

    My parents had died when I was only two years old, leaving Spyke to care for me. There was no warning. One day Spyke was just my older brother, teasing me as I ran around the house giggling. The next, we had news that our parents had been in an accident, and Spyke became my caretaker, my protector. Officer Jenny never did tell us what sort of accident it was. I was too young to understand, anyway.

    Spyke had a part-time job at the Game Corner. Since I was so attached to the Lieutenant's Raichu, Surge had agreed to let me stay in his gym while my brother went to work to pay for our food and clothing. Surge gave me Switch on my sixth birthday, and that was the first time I got to battle. It may have been the youngest anyone had tried to battle Pokemon, but I was too young to understand that. I was having fun. Switch knocked out a Voltorb that day. I think that was probably the happiest day of my childhood. I miss those simplicities.

    For four years, I stood alongside Switch as we watched new trainers challenge the Lieutenant every day. Sometimes we were allowed to fight them first. Half of the time, we even beat them. By my eighth birthday, Switch had evolved in a Pikachu. We learned so much about each other. I found that he had a fascination with the hairstyle the teens called a "mohawk". I started styling the ruffled fur on the top of his head into one. He really adored that. I also found out that Switch liked the rock music that my brother always played, the music that made me feel at home. Surge had been right to get this Pokemon for me, we were perfect together.

    On my tenth birthday, my brother came home from work, carrying something in his arms. As he got closer, I saw a super cute Pokemon. It looked a bit like a long-eared, brown, fluffy fox to me. An Eevee. Switch had sniffed the air, sparking a bit at the cheeks. Spyke had walked over to me, ruffling my hair. He had dyed my bangs pink for me the day before. I remember fixing my hair after he ruffled it, and I must have looked annoyed because he apologized.

    He had handed me the Eevee, telling me it was a female and she had just come from an Eevee breeder. He said she was the most confident female in the group. I will never forget the words he said, as he bent to my height, "Rain, it's time for you to become a real trainer now. No more playing, today is the day it really starts. I never got to be the trainer I wanted to be after our parents passed. You understand that I'm counting on you? I love you sis, and I want the best for you." I had stared up at him for the longest time, my blue eyes intent on his words. Then Surge had stepped into our yard, saluting and winking. Switch ran over to him, and I still held the Eevee in my arms. Spyke had chuckled and put a hand on my shoulder. "Rain, the Lieutenant has agreed to let you train in his gym. Do you understand the responsibility that comes with this?"

    I nodded. I knew that I would have to challenge every trainer that came through the gym looking for the badge Surge had to give. I decided right then and there, at ten years old, that I wouldn't let them even get the chance to fight him. I was ready. I smiled at my big brother, then looked to my mentor, saluting him in return.

    That night, my brother left, only saying goodbye. He didn't even tell me where he was going. He never came back home. I eventually gave up the hope that I would see his smiling face again.

    For eight years I stayed alongside Surge, keeping trainers from challenging him. I thought he would grow bored, but instead he became proud of me. I started thinking of him as my father. I would go out each weekend to find new and unique Pokemon. Unique was definitely my forte.

    There was no real challenge for me during those eight years, but I stayed and cared for my Pokemon, training them to what I thought was their full potential. I thought I would easily make it in the Pokemon League. I thought there was no challenge for me out there. I realized I was completely wrong when I met him.
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  2. Nice. Loving the Pikachu. Wearing a mohawk and listening to rock. About as unique as they get.

    And who could this HIM be?
  3. This is great. It appears Rain will become an Electric trainer too. Well maybe. She just happens to own an Electric and one that evolves into one. It's probably just a coincidence. Anyway, great story. Can't wait for more!
  4. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Very good first chapter, and you grabbed my interest at the end. I'll anxious to see who this "him" is. I'm also interested to see what happened to Rain's brother. Rain also has some interesting Pokemon, and I'm excited to see what other "unique" ones she obtains as her journey continues.

    I find the style you wrote in to be rather interesting, it's written as if Rain is recalling the story to somebody. Also, the first-person point of view can add a great depth to character insight and development, if done correctly. You're doing a good job thus far and I look forward to your next chapter.

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