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At first I hated it....

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Carmen Lopez, May 10, 2013.

  1. Has anyone ever flat out hated something at first and then you ended up loving it?

    I got the idea for this topic while I was jamming to Owl City on my way to work. Seriously, I thought I hated it so much, I banned my friends from listening to it in my car. But then it grew on me...and now I can truthfully say that Adam Young is awesome ♥

    An even bigger example would be Harry Potter. When I was in fifth grade, I thought it was some stupid overhyped thing. I finally picked up the first book a year later to see what the fuss was about. It started off slow...and then I got into it and the rest was history. It was the first time I really got excited about reading longer books and it was fun being apart of the craze of the book releases.
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I don't need to look far. Pokémon is the first example I can think of!

    Yeah, when Pokémon just started up over here, I did not like it at all. Of course, all I had to go on was the first season of the anime which was, honestly, kind of terrible. And then I found the games... And I became a fan overnight. xD

    I'm pretty sure I have some other examples, but I can't -quite- think of any yet. If any others pop up, I'll post again. Or edit this one. Depends. XD
  3. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Lentils. When I was about seven or eight mum used to make a lentil bake weekly for dinner and I /hated/ the lentils, but recently she's started making it again and I've found I don't mind them half as much as I used to.

    Another, odd, thing would be books. When I was young I really didn't like reading, but as I've grown up I've gained a huge fondness for a good story and I'm always reading something and can't even begin to understand why I hated books so much all those years ago. XD

    Like Stel, I can probably think of more examples, but those two always come to mind first. ^^
  4. There have been a few TV shows that I didn't think I liked or would like. I remember the commercials for Chowder made it seem awful, but when I actually watched it I thought it was really funny and creative. Same with Regular Show, it looked bad from the commercials but I ended up liking it a lot when I watched it. I grew up with Gilmore Girls always on in my house because my sisters and my mom loved it, and I always thought I hated it. But now it's become one of my favorite shows and Stars Hollow is like my dream place to live.

    I didn't like olives for a long time, but then I started to obsess over olive oil and eventually started to like olives too. Also, I always thought beets were gross because I thought they were like a gelatin texture for some reason. Like canned cranberry sauce, that's how I imagined them. But then we had them for dinner one night and everybody was saying how delicious they were so I tried them and now they're my new favorite thing.

    The only other thing I can think of is Viva Pinata. I thought it was the dumbest thing ever and the commercial made me so mad every time it came on. Then I borrowed it from my neighbor and it is the cutest game ever.
  5. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


    First, I was just turned off with the entire idea of Hugh Laurie pretending to be American in a super formulaic procedural show. The first couple of episodes weren't eye-clawingly awful, but they didn't really assuage my concerns. The accent was dodgy as hell and the show was extremely paint-by-numbers.

    But, by the end of Season 1, the accent didn't matter, the events of the episodes were a tiny sideplot compared to the humour, depth and interest of the character interaction (and House's development) and I was hooked.

    Now it's weird when he speaks normally. It's even weirder watching Blackadder and House at any time closer to eachother than weeks apart at a minimum.
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  6. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    The color pink. For a really long time for me at least, the color just seemed too bright and nauseating and, worst of all in my weird middle school stage, "girlish". I absolutely hated it, and refused to have anything to do with the color.

    After a while, though, I realized how silly it was, and I actually found myself liking the color more and more when I randomly, on a whim, decided to try on one of my mom's old shirts, and found it actually looked kinda good on me. It's one of my most-worn colors now, along with light blue (and maroon, but that's because it's my school's color).

    Another has to be piano, oddly enough. I despised playing the instrument for almost ten years before quitting and highly regretting it. I love the sound of it so much, and tend to have an affinity for piano covers of songs now, too. I can't play it as well as I could back when I did take lessons, but at least I'm not too rusty?

    There are probably others, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. XD
  7. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I have the opposite relationship with Harry Potter - at first I absolutely adored Harry Potter and the universe created, but nowadays (especially after reading much better-written books) I'm not really much of a fan any more. The universe is fantastic and J.K. did a good job of making it, but the actual writing and the character development of the characters, not to mention the sudden shift in writing style between books two, three and four, are far too jarring for me and I find myself skipping over huge chunks of the books purely because they bore or annoy me too much.
  8. Pease pudding. When I first tried it (back when I was about 8 ), I recoiled at its awful taste. Then, a couple of years later, I tried it with ham in a sandwich. I now consider it manna from heavan, and eat it at every available opportunity.
  9. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    There is only one thing in all of existence that comes close to matching this for me, and even then it merely went from "seething hatred" to "meh, it's kind-of good." That one thing is Invader Zim. It may have been due to the fact that I first saw a random episode fairly far into the series when I was a kid, and the fact that the show made absolutely no sense to me as a result of it being mid-series combined with it being completely unfunny made me hate the show's existence. Then I watched it again at the request of a close friend from the beginning and once I understood the plot, I found the show a lot more enjoyable.

    It still isn't funny though.
  10. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    That's pretty much what happened to me too. I loved it at first but as the series went on I grew to like it less and these days I don't consider myself a fan of it at all.

    Naruto - I remember seeing a clip of a battle once, ages ago, and I hated the style of animation especially if a character was running. So, I ignored it and its popularity for a long time. No idea why I eventually watched it and gave it a chance, but I love it now :) The manga is awesome, had I encountered it first I'd probably have watched the anime much sooner.

    Weavile - Hated it, haha, everything about it bugged me. But then in one of those Battle Factory matches I had with Katie (I think it was Battle Factory) the only usable Pokemon I was offered as an option was Weavile. I've love it ever since and now consider it to be on of my favourite Pokemon that I use competitively.
  11. When I was younger I was a teenage girl misogynist and I would say shit about women and other girls to score points and get high-fives from bros. Some of this was discomfort with the expectations put on me as a girl and my desire to distance myself from them, but now I know that this was insanely shitty behavior and that being feminine is cool and kickass. My discomfort actually stemmed from the fact that I'm agender, not femme.

    Also! Togekiss. I hated Togepi and Togetic after messing around trying to get the latter to evolve into its shitty, weak evolution, but when I played heart gold, Togekiss was one of my best pokemon. I named her Quack.
  12. The Trombone. When I played it last year, I was embarrassed that I was the ONLY GIRL in the Trombone row AND all of Low Brass. I started kicking myself for that, but after the first seating test, I was WAY better then all the males in the Low Brass, especially the Baritone section, and I didn't mind being the only female in that large section. I now own my skills in Advanced Band, and since first chair was claimed for the whole year by a friend and an amazing player, second chair was basically the new first chair, so that's where I'm sitting now. :)
  13. I'd get so much shit from my friends for this, but... chino trousers. I used to despise them, the people weraing them, and everything about them. But then I tried a pair an, and they are soooooooooo comfortable! They are so much more flexible than jeans, and are easier to clean, too.

    I am still revolted by the sand, or camel, or piss, or whatever colour it is, ones though. One Direction wearing them as a signature was the final nail in an already-hammered coffin.
  14. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    As a child I simply did not get the appeal or humor of Anamaniacs. Whenever I would happen to catch some of it, I would find the whole thing to be too manic and off-putting. However, it is now probably my favorite animated television children's show ever (which has some stiff competition). I actually own the entire series on DVD. xP

    Another big one is rap music. Hated it when I was younger and all the other kids my age were getting into it. I kept myself away from it for years, up until I was a Sophomore in college and I started listening to it as my roommate played it. He exposed me to actually good rap music, and now I a huge fan of the genre.
  15. That'd probably be the same for me and 'Freakazoid!' too. It's one of my favourite cartoons currently, but when I was very young, Freakazoid himself actually scared me, and the whole idea of a big blue guy with spiky hair and zany smiles gave me nightmares. A couple of years ago I stumbled across the intro online, and from then on it's been pure love. It's full of perfectly timed humour suitable for kids (and some of it covert enough to slip pass the censors) and adults alike, and just... fuck, I can't do this justice with words.

    "Pigs are smarter than bears but they can't ride motorcycles."
  16. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Miso soup. It's kinda an acquired taste, and when I first tried it, I hadn't ever experienced anything like it before. I was a recovering fussy eater (apparently, this is common among children with undiagnosed food intolerances), and more to the point, sixteen years ago there simply weren't more than a handful of Japanese restaurants in the UK. I'd never been to one before, got dragged along by friends, and ordered a dish that my friends who were familiar with the food suggested. I thought the miso soup was the most disgusting weird thing I'd ever tasted, and got on with eating the rice because I didn't mind that.

    You could say it was peer pressure that got me to like miso soup. Since it came for free with the rice dish, I kept trying it, because I thought it must have some positive attributes if those friends liked it. The third or fourth time I tried it, my taste buds stopped complaining about the "weird" and found something they liked. Now it is a thing I regularly consume, especially when ill. (If you get the type made without fish, it is a good vegetarian alternative to chicken soup).

    There are lots of other foodstuffs that I didn't like as a child and like now, as well as many other foodstuffs that I simply hadn't tried as a child so don't know if I'd like. But miso soup is the one thing where I'm aware of that sudden flip betwen intensely disliking it and really enjoying it.
  17. Ironically Pokemon happens to be my biggest example.
    The year 2000, my 7th grade year, when it was the fad around here though I hadn't seen a single episode I thought it was the stupidest thing in creation. During lunch while a number of students would be engrossed in their binders of cards my best friend and I would laugh over a verbal bash-athon. She'd seen some episodes because her mom had run a boy's daycare and she'd describe some of it for me. One I can remember in particular was 'Pikachu's Goodbye'.

    One afternoon with all homework completed I caught the title in my Comcast guide and decided to see the idiocy for myself. 'Tower of Terror' was the episode, I'll never forget that. That was it, I was hooked. Pokemon Yellow shortly followed.

    In a different area, my taste buds have heavily changed since I was a kid, I can name several foods I either love or are getting a taste for now that I would never have touched as a kid.
  18. I would have to say Furby Boom.
    At first, I thought it was really childish, until I found out it could do all sorts of things (like being evil) Oh, I really want one and I would make it evil and never make it nice again :) ( I sound so evil and childish :p )
  19. Mudkip - I never even thought of choosing one, because the rival would have a Treecko, and I don't want that to happen! xD I was looking at some old things a couple of days ago, and I found a copy of Sapphire. Nothing special, realy, but when I asked my mom about it, she said I bought BEFORE Emerald.. So, it's my first game. I'm guessing I lost it, and I wanted another one. So, when I turned it on, on my GBA SP, I saw a file, and it was on my name. I saw what Pokemon do I have, and then I saw it.. Mudkip.. female.. shiny!!! I was, like, AAAAAHHHHH!!! It was named Star, and it was on lv. 10. I played the game, and I fell in love with the little guy/gall!!!
  20. My best friend hated him completely then he gave me a cookie...
    friends for life
  21. The Potato

    No, I'm not being an immature kid right now, I'm being serious.
    When I was younger, I remember hating potatoes because I thought they were sour. Note that I never tried it then. Then came around a few days and such when me and my family went to McDonalds, and my sister offered me fries. Not saying anything, I ate one and actually liked it. When I asked her what was it made out of, she said Potatoes. Until now, I've tried food with potatoes in the recipe and actually liked it more. My burning hatred for the starchy food had disappeared, replaced by a new opinion for the Potato.
  22. Im not like that much but with somethings I am very picky about and will just hate it right off the back. Like at first I hate Kuroko No Basket because it looked like it would be some stupid over hyped anime that wouldn't get past season one and end up just never being heard of again. Almost a year later I am not in love with the second main character of the show his name is Kagami Taiga and he is amazingly handsome!!! ♥ But my best friend she is even MORE like that then I am! She will actually try and make her self hate something because so many people love it. Example Frozen! An amazing movie that she refused to watch just because so many people love it! I had to make her watch it! Now she can't stop watching the movie and listening to the music. She even owns the DvD before I do. Funny, Huh? lol
  23. Degrassi
    When I was first introduced to Degrassi, it was through the DVD, Jay & Silent Bob Do Degrassi (which showed a couple episodes late in The Next Generation, Season Four, where Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes made a guest appearance). Back then, I was a somewhat big Kevin Smith fan, and I watched it expecting the humor he's known for... and basically got the polar opposite of that, disappointing me greatly.

    Later down the line, however, I developed more of a taste for drama, and after hearing the acclaim Degrassi received for just that, I checked it out, expecting its actual genre that time around, and was hooked. Since then, I'd collected all the seasons of both the original show and The Next Generation.

    Back when I was in high school, and Pokemon was still a big thing, it was practically required to hate Digimon because it was a "Pokemon ripoff" for also being a monster show and also having "-mon" in the title, and for a while, I gave in, claiming I hated it, and even thinking I hated it at times, despite not knowing much else about it. However, my best friend kept telling me how awesome it was. Finally, I decided to actually check out an episode (the one where Myotismon crossed into the human world), loved it, and aside from the aforementioned similarities to Pokemon, saw that it was a very different, and better, show.

    Thanks to ADD, I had very little patience for reading, at least as far as the written word was concerned. More often than not, I would read the words, but not take in any of the story they were conveying. When I was little, my parents tried to get me into reading, and when I was questioned about one of the books I'd tried to read, but failed to understand, I tried to weasel out an explanation, and got a world-class scolding from my dad (granted, he was more angry that I lied). Since then, I hated reading for the longest time.

    However, being a video game fan, I eventually got into JRPGs and visual novels, and enjoyed the storylines, which gave me more of a taste for storytelling. Finally, I started working as a school custodian, which allowed me to listen to my MP3 and CD players while I worked. One day, I decided to check out what was offered at a bi-annual school book fair, just for the heck of it. I was tired of listening to the same music again and again, and decided to buy one of the audiobooks (the first Hunger Games book), and loved it. Since then, I'd been borrowing audiobooks from the library like crazy. I still have trouble reading paper-and-word books, though.

    Yeah, this one's a little silly. The first type of pie I'd ever tried was blueberry pie, and while I liked standalone blueberries and blueberry cupcakes, I found blueberry pie to be slimy and gross. I knew there were other kinds of pie, but after my bad experience with blueberry pie, I just didn't want to try any others. Later down the line, my godparents baked the supreme awesomeness that is apple pie (not that I knew it yet), and while I was reluctant to try it, I figured it would be better manners to actually try eating some and say I didn't care for it, but as it turned out...

    Anyway, yeah, I love apple pie (ironically, I don't care for standalone apples). I did give blueberry pie another chance, but still didn't care for it, though.
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  24. Dresses
    Up until recently, I hated dresses. To me they were cumbersome. Every dressy event (except prom and graduation ) I wore dress pants. I realized it had more to do with me being uncomfortable with my body.

    Harry Potter
    When the books first came i thought the premise was stupid. That was until i saw the first movie. After that i was eager to read the books, but a person in my class wanted to read the book as well and I foolishly let them and I didn't get to read any of it . I did get to read the first three in the following school year.
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  25. Sadly, mangas.
    At first, I absolutely hated them. Untill, one fateful day, my friend Shauna gave me her Fairy Tail manga to read, and I instantly fell in love with mangas. Today, I mainly read Soul Eater, Madoka Magcia (which I started recently, I've only just found a few copies), and Shugo Chara.

  26. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Definitely Harry Potter.
    All of my friends were talking about Harry potter one day and I had no clue what that was. I tried reading it a couple days later but I didn't like it. Two years ago, I picked up a copy, for no reason and decided to give it a shot. I ended up loving it.
  27. i cant really think of any but id probably have to say kirbys adventure. i remember how i was at the first or second level and i got bored of it and i told myself ''i dont like this game''. later that day-1 week i played it again and made it to the harder levels. it became extremely fun and i beat the game though the fight with king dedede was kind of challenging
  28. Waffles. But now I despise pancakes.
  29. Twilight. I used to absolutely hate it. You know why? Because of the vampires. I grew up watching The Lost Boys, so when I saw that Twilight vampires sparkle, I wish I could shoot all those glitter boys with a shotgun.

    One day, I had an idea to grab the movies to make fun of it. Guess what? I started to like it, mostly because of the Werewolves. Their so badass. So I like it now.
  30. Harry Potter, and Twilight.....sort of. It was in a summertime when I was in 6th grade, and I always got mad when I hear everybody saying how good Harry Potter is and they always chant spells. My brother finally got me to read it and I got hooked. As for Twilight, I watched like the Eclipse one or something and it was not as bad as I thought. But some parts were kinda annoying. I still don't get why people like vampires better. No offense intended to Edward lovers.
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  31. Many Disney Princess Movies.
    Now, ever since I was young, I have been the biggest tomboy in my family, and I have found my self to not like many Disney princess movies. But now as I watch them now, I now love most of them, as some of them have been great for bonding with my besties. Still don't like Frozen though(not as much as I used to anymore).
  32. Game of Thrones

    I honestly couldn't understand the hype over this show, even though I had never watched it. Everyone at school was talking about all the s-x in it and stuff, in fact that’s all I heard on TV about it as well. So basically I thought it was a stupid show all about s-x.
    Anyways one of my friends invited me over to her house one day and asked me if I wanted to watch Game of Thrones. I was a bit hesitant at first because I knew it was going to be awful, but I said yes anyways, since I didn't want to upset her. So there we were, watching a show that really didn't want to watch. As we got about half way through the first episode my mind was totally changed. Hey, I was really getting into this show! We ended up finishing the first two episodes, after that I was hooked. I ordered seasons 1,2 and 3 of Ebay and spent almost every night watching them. I even managed to get my Mum, Step Dad, and sister hooked on it as well.
    Game of Thrones, a show I once hated, is now my favourite show of all time. The storyline is really interesting, and there are Dire wolves, Dragons, and fighting (I love shows with action in them) in it. Yes, there are s-x scenes, but not as many as I thought there would be, and the whole show is based around them either (like I heard some people at school say).
    So yeah, I think Game of Thrones is awesome now. I can't wait until I can order Season 4 on DVD (they're a bit pricey at the moment)
  33. catolotl

    catolotl Likes Trains

    I deeply loathed being female for the longest time in my life because it felt like the world wouldn't take me seriously due to my age and sex. I was always talked down on or insulted for not being a stereo typical girl. I did not fit into any known category for them. I was a tomboy (since I could walk - parents were so convinced I was gonna be a boy and named Kyle in the long run), yes, but people seemed peeved about it because one day; I am wearing "goth clothes" and the next - I resemble a punk or skater. I stuck true to my personality but started to eventually hide my gender entirely through short spiky hair cuts and baggy clothing. And it worked. I was ashamed of my sex but started to finally feel like I could be ME. Even people who "knew" me would call me sir or boy. And I felt stronger - even more confident about it. Whilst I'm still very much a tomboy at heart, I have gradually started to accept my physical vessel and have even begun to wear more form fitting clothes. Tis still rare for me to dress feminine to the point that even family claim it to be myth. However, it's a start to gaining confidence in MYSELF and not some other mask for me to hide behind in order to avoid feeling small all because of my own age and sex. ❤

    [Also planning on cutting my hair short again this coming weekend - exciting!]
  34. • Spinach - at first I really hated the smell, the taste as others had described (heard that it tasted like sour water) - one day, in 2011, I got some on a Subway sandwich (I forgot to ask them not to put any on it) and decided to give it a try and I actually loved the taste, much better than I had imagined it to be - it's now my favorite vegetable.

    • Diet Coke - before I only drank regular soda - during the heat wave in 2009 (when it got to 103 F in Seattle) where I was working, the elderly person I was helping invited me some in a glass with ice, I was thirsty so I tried some - it was so good. I had heard before that 'diet coke' tasted like medicine, but it didn't. I haven't gotten back to regular soda, only diet coke for me.

    • Foxes and most Canines - believe it or not, I didn't liked any kind of dogs or dog related animals (wolves, foxes, jackals) - that was before 6th generation began. That was until I gave Flareon, and Zorua a chance in a White 2 team, that I started getting attached to them - as soon as Fennekin was introduced! I fell in love with foxes. Now they are one of two animals I love in real life (the other is my long love of cats). It was around OR/AS that I decided to give some of the dog-based Pokemon a chance, and even have a canine team in AS. I also have a friend in Bulbagardens that loves canine Pokemon and gave me great advice on how to use them - love Foxes, but now I'm liking all of the canine Pokemon.
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  35. obey_jaidon

    obey_jaidon Formerly MLEevee

    At first, I hated peanut butter. But now, I eat a spoonful XD
  36. Ghostly-Hedgehog

    Ghostly-Hedgehog Formerly Colleen

    Five nights at Freddy's.... Yes I hate to admit I hated fnaf at first. I thought it was just another slender man copy...but when I played it I love the back story and pretty much everything! :love:
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  37. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Oh oh, I just thought of one :o

    Magical Girl animes! See also my post about the color pink earlier here; I didn't care much for them and was generally annoyed by the magical girl genre for a very long time. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but one day I started looking up magical girl transformations on youtube. They were all really cool and it's one of the things that brought me really into the genre (the other being Madoka Magica, of course). This is probably a huuuuge surprise for almost everyone, but yeah.
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  38. Parz_Official

    Parz_Official Previously Parz'sOfficialAlt

    Pokemon, yes, pokemon. i never really been a fan of pokemon until i got omega ruby for christmas, now i really loved pokemon.now i play omega ruby, y and mystery dungeon blue rescue team.

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  39. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

    y'all might hate me for this one, but I've actually become kind of fond of playing with an old deck of Yu-Gi-Oh GX cards. also card games in general. Recently I've been getting into playing Poker, BS, Blackjack and that kind of thing. Used to hate them for no reason. Excepting Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Those things I had this odd aversion to.
  40. (ugh, I'm getting shot for this)
    1.) Frozen- ugh... I remember when this film came out. I DESPISED it, calling it a god-awful film. Of course, I gained so much hate from my hate towards at school. But now, I can say it's one of Disney's best animated films. Not THE best, just one of the best.
    2.) Final Fantasy 7- For the longest time, I never understood the hype for this game. But then I played it, and it's better than I thought.
    3.) Pizza- Yes, at one point in my life, I didn't like pizza. Now I love it.
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