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Assault on Goldenrod Radio Tower

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zachary, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. The snow drifted softly in the city of Goldenrod, the streets were illuminated by the lamp posts, guiding the ever bustling citizens towards their destination. The sound of foot steps crunching the snow echoed loudly through out the buildings and in the streets, making a crescendo effect crashing through out the city. A group of men wearing black clothing with hats covering their gruff faces walked in sporadic steps, unable to hide their glee and happiness, shoved past the people in a hurry, obviously not giving two shits about the people. They walked with a purpose in each step, trying to make their dream and goals reality. They headed towards the Goldenrod Radio Tower.

    Zacky Ira sat on top of the ledge on the Pokémon Center, silently listening to his iTouch blare Def Leppard into his ears. The snow around him blissfully gathered on his shaggy curly hair and shoulders. He bore his eyes into the crescent moon, taking in its beauty. His eyes had dark bags under them from the lack of sleep that he was getting from camping out in the woods before he could make it into Goldenrod, his face was surrounded by a faint red glow from the heart shaped amulet around his neck, he yawned deeply, feeling the midnight rushing towards his lungs, he turned off his iTouch and stretched for a minute and jumped off of the ledge, landing on the roof. He laid back onto the snow covered roof to watch the stars illuminate the city softly.

    Footsteps came from behind him as a large Infernape sat next to and offered him a cup of hot chocolate. Zacky sat up and shook his head slowly and the Infernape shrugged, taking the mixture of the sweet and bitterness and drinking it slowly.

    "" The Infernape asked to him. Zacky nodded, his chest feeling a bit warmth of the amulet radiating onto his chest, reacting from his buddy speaking, it translated what he was saying into English for Zacky to understand. He stifled a yawned and sneezed.

    "Ah shit, dude. I hate Goldenrod City so much. It's a giant shithole here." He muttered towards his best friend. "Luffy, we are so leaving tomorrow after you kick Whitney's ass up and down the gym."

    Luffy laughed as he drank his hot chocolate, he passed the cup towards Zacky. Zacky took it and took a sip out of it and made a fowl face, he really didn't like chocolate that much.

    "Your such a chocolate fiend, you ar-tard." Zacky said laughing, he playfully punched his buddy in the arm. Luffy reacted with a Mach Punch to the leg, sending Zacky in a fit of swearing and yelling from the giant Charlie horse he got from him.

    "Oh you are so getting your ass kicked now, you little asshole!" Zacky yelled with vengeance in his tone, launching himself at his friend, Luffy laughed as he was tackled and began to wrestle his friend around the roof, the hot chocolate was spilled and began to melt the snow slowly, causing a faint steam to rise above the city's skyline to become one with the snow above. They finally stopped after a couple minutes of agonizing pins and holds, exhausted from the rough housing.

    "" Luffy said exhaling deeply from the exhaustion. "" he added laughing.

    "Psssht, you can always get more downstairs, c'mon." Zacky said cheesy like, offering his hand to his friend. The Infernape grasped it and Zacky pulled him up. The two brushed the snow off of each other and walked downstairs into the Pokémon Center.


    So heres my horrible post and yeah when you do your opening post, make it like your already in the pokemon center or your walking into it, kthx.

    There is a limit sadly, only 5 people can join and the last spot is reserved for someone cool
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  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Tony looked around, taking in the sights of Goldenrod City in the snow. This was only his second time in the city, so much of it was still new to him. When he had last been here, he had taken down Whitney, the local gym leader, and participated in a Pokemon Tourney. Since then, both Jake and Blitz had evolved. Seth was holding onto his shoulder, like normal, the Buizel was shivering, and staring daggers at the clouds, which were letting down even more snow. Tony was much better off, he had traded his normal gray jacket in for a heavier black hoodie.

    "If you don't like the weather, go back in you Poke Ball," Tony said to the Buizel.

    That earned him a smack in the side of the head. Seth hated his Poke ball, and only even went in it in an emergency or when Tony needed to fly somewhere on Blitz. Tony shrugged, and made for the Pokemon Center. If they stayed out in the cold much longer one of them would get sick, and Tony had a feeling it would be Seth.

    As soon as they walked into the center the Buizel sneezed.

    "I have half a mind to give you to the nurse for a check up," Tony sighed.

    Seth glared at him, then sneezed again. Acting on what he said, Tony handed him to the nurse, and also gave her the three Poke balls on his belt that contained Flynt, Jake, and Blitz. The boy then took a seat in the waiting room, staring out into the snow-filled street.
  3. "Wh-wh-why d-d-didn't w-we g-go t-to Cerulean C-c-ity?" asked Charmy, steam rising off the flame on his tail.
    "W-we n-n-n-need t-to t-train s-s-somewhere else. Y-your'e a f-f-fire t-type r-remember?" Lucas replied, shivering all over.
    "S-so? G-go to s-someplace w-w-warmer."
    "Pokémon Centre!" Lucas shouted, not noticing his charmander's reply.
    "Finally! L-lets go!"
    After entering the pokémon centre, and melting all the snow off via fire type sneeze, Lucas looked around for any trainers, noticing a guy in a black hoodie with a small orange weasel type pokemon.
    "What's that?" Lucas asked, pulling out his pokédex and pointing it at the pokémon.
    "Buizel. The Sea Weasel Pokémon. It has a flotation sac that is like an inflatable collar. It floats on the water with it's head out. Dexter's familiar voice blared out.
    "Buizel... Cool. Hey! You! Cool pokémon. I'm Lucas and this is Charmy." Lucas introduced.
    "Hi." Charmy said although it came out as "Charmander."
    "What's you're name?" Lucas asked.

    (OOC:Yes I'm talking to you Tonyotter777.)
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  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    It took a while, but eventually Tony's team was returned to him. As he expected, Seth had gotten sick from the time in the cold. The nurse gave him something that he was to pour into the next thing the Buizel had to drink. Tony thanked the nurse, and walked over to a small Cafe area, intending to get it over with now. He grabbed a pair of hot chocolate from the counter, and poured the powder into the Buizel's drink, before handing it to him. Seth stared at it, not trusting it to taste right.

    "Come on, drink, I bet you it's tasteless!" Tony grinned.

    Seth sighed, before taking a sip. He nodded at Tony, and gulped down the rest of the drink. Tony quickly finished his own drink, glad the Buizel hadn't made much of a fuss about it. He was about to say "I told you so" when a voice interrupted him.

    "Hey! You! Cool pokémon. I'm Lucas and this is Charmy."

    Tony turned around, and spotted a boy with a Charmander. Seeing no one else in the area, he guessed this was the person who was talking to him.

    "I'm Tony, this is Seth," He answered.
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  5. The weather was cold, but bearable because of the beauty of the snow. Sephine smiled up at the moon, her deep blue eyes watering slightly from the cold air. Upon entering Goldenrod City with a small Totodile in her arms, she began to speak softly to the Pokemon. She pulled one side of her gunmetal black jacket so that it covered the front of his body. "Thrash, doesn't a warm blanket and some fresh water sound nice to you right now?"

    The Totodile nodded furiously. "Diiile!" He exclaimed, glaring up at the sky. He obviously wasn't a fan of the snow. The pair, along with Sephine's other Pokemon, had just come from Azalea Town, where it had been raining. Thrash adored the rain, he loved to dance about in it. The snow in Goldenrod was definitely an unwelcome change, for him. Sephine absolutely loved it, just as much as she loved the rain. In her eyes, water was a beautiful thing, and snow was precipitation in the form of ice. Water in another form. She smiled again at this thought.

    Sephine sighed lightly, then laughed a bit. "Alright then, to the Pokemon Cen-" She stopped in mid-sentence. Atop the snow-covered roof of the Pokemon Center, an old acquaintance and his Infernape were roughhousing. "Zacky." She said to Thrash.

    Thrash glared at the Infernape, whose name was Luffy. "TOTO!" He never had never really liked anything resembling a monkey.

    Sephine shook her head. "Shh, let's go inside kiddo." She stepped inside, setting Thrash down on the ground, watching as he waddled to a water fountain in the corner, pushing past smaller Pokemon. "Oi..." She stomped lightly on the black mat in front of her, small clumps of snow falling off of her navy blue snow boots. She then sat down on the leather couch meant for those waiting for their Pokemon to come out of the Emergency Room.

    Sephine sighed contently, taking in the warm air as she untied the black ribbon from her ponytail, letting her long cerulean hair fall against her back. A Chansey shuffled over to her, holding out a cup of what looked like hot chocolate. "Oh, thank you!" Sephine smiled warmly, accepting the mug.
  6. The night of Goldenrod was admittedly beautiful, with the snow decorating and streets and the moon shining down on it. The soft lights of the buildings and shops playing across the sidewalk, painting the snow a glittering gold. Chibi hated it. Or rather, she hated the cold. But her loathing extended slightly to the city now, because the city was cold. She trudged through the ankle deep snow, arms wrapped around herself, earning more than a few stares.

    Under her dark green jacket were her traditional orange shirt and green vest, along with an odd bulge that covered most of her torso and kept her warm. Her shorts had been traded for jeans, covered with pockets and zippers, one of Chibi's favorites. The only part of her that wasn't warm was her face, and she hated that. The bulge in her jacket moved, and Chibi unzipped part of her jacket so a rust-colored head could pop out. The canine shook herself and blinked around with golden eyes. The deal trainer and pokemon made was simple. Vyala got to ride in Chibi's jacket so she didn't have to hop through the snow, and in return the Fire pokemon kept Chibi warm. The Vulpix yipped and wriggled to make herself more comfortable.

    "No, we're not there. But we should be coming up soon." Chibi murmured to her pokemon, gently scratching her on the head. Vyala closed her eyes and leaned into the strokes, resisting the urge to kick her leg.

    Chibi looked around irritably, impatient to get out of the cold. She remembered Goldenrod well, and from her memories she knew the Pokemon Center should be around here somewhere. It puzzled her that they hadn't stumbled across it yet. The shops and restaurants she passed lent out their warmth, their soft lighting a gentle beckoning call to passerbys. Chibi tried her best to ignore them, even though she sorely wanted to find the nearest heated building and rest with a roof under her head. Last night she had to camp out in a tent of the outskirts of Goldenrod, and she did not want to do so again. As she passed a street sign, she read the name and smiled broadly, suddenly recognizing where they were. She took a right and jogged down the street. Halfway down it she took another left and nearly ran into the Center's front doors. Luckily they were sliding doors, so they slid open before she crashed embarrassingly into them.

    Not caring who or what saw, she fully unzipped her jacket and let her Fire Fox pokemon tumble out onto the floor. Vyala landed on her paws and shook herself off vigorously. Inside she could see Trainers and their pokemon bustling about, also in to escape the cold. A female Trainer watched her Totodile play in a water fountain, and Chibi's eye was caught by a Buizel in the Cafe, a definite foreigner to Johto. Beside him was another Trainer, a more common Charmander at his side. Came all the way from Sinnoh, what a journey... Chibi thought, deciding that a cup of coffee wouldn't be so bad herself. She stepped forward, smiling at the increased warmth of the Cafe. She ordered a latte and a hot chocolate for Vyala, knowing the Vulpix's love for anything chocolate. Because there weren't many other customers, her order arrived quickly, the hot chocolate was in a bowl, obviously designed for pokemon with no hands.

    Chibi took a seat near the center, so she could observe the whole Cafe and the lobby from her position. She pushed the bowl to the other side of the table, where Vyala jumped onto a chair and began eagerly lapping up the beverage. Chibi smiled in amusement and cautiously sipped her hot drink, watching the Center from the corner of her eyes.
  7. OOC: Yes! We have Chibi! This is going to be fun, I can tell (Mua ha ha ha ha ha.))

    BiC: "Tony huh? Cool. I would like to battle you but I only have Charmy and It's too cold to battle anyway." Lucas said, noticing out of the corner of his eye that a trainer with a Vulpix sat down at a Table and that Charmy was slowly creeping towards them, about to introduce himself and make them jump a few feet in the air.
    "Hi! My name is Charmy. Pleased to meet you. What is your name?" Chamry said, suddenly poking his head over the edge of the table while attempting to smile sweetly.
  8. ((Yay, I gotza complimentz! :D))

    Chibi had noticed the Charmander coming, but it still made her jump when it suddenly appeared over the table. She hadn't expected it to reappear so suddenly, which was why she almost burned her throat on her coffee. Vyala was undisturbed as ever, daintily lapping up the last few bits of her chocolate before licking her lips and turning to the fire lizard. She listened to the Charmander's unintelligible Pokemon-talk, then translated for Chibi.

    The girl wiped her lips with a napkin and smiled back at the Charmander. "Hey Charmy," she replied, not bothered in the slightest that she was talking to a Pokemon as if it understood her (which it did). "Name's Chibi, and that's Vyala over there. Pleased to see you too." After all, Pokemon were very intelligent creatures, and being rude to one was well....rude. Most Pokemon were treated like equals to humans after all. He reached out and scratched the Charmander's head, knoing enough about Lizard pokemon to know where any sensitive spots were.

    "That guy's your human, right?" Vyala asked in pokemon talk, flicking her six tails at the Trainers at the other table.
  9. OOC: of course you got a compliment, you're the goddess of awesomness. your name even suits it. Chibi, The Goddess of Supreme Awesomeness.

    BIC: Losing interest in the trainer, Lucas wandered over to where Charmy was. "Hello, My name is Lucas and I'm guessing you've already met Charmy." Lucas said, picking up Charmy and putting him on his shoulder.
    "Nope, He's not my human, he's my best friend." Charmy said, replying to what Vyala said, "Ooh, Lucas, The Vulpix is called Vyala and the trainer is called Chibi."
    "Chibi huh? Pleased to meet you."
    "Yeah Vyala, pleased to meet you." Charmy repeated.

    OOC: BTW Zacky, when does the "Assault" start?

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