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Ask to Join Aspects of Between

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Stormursa, Dec 17, 2016.

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    Grace sat withing the small sweatshop that rested in this city's square. The girl smiled as she watched the festival take place, a festival to celebrate the newest hunt of aspects that was about to take place. She bit into her muffin, humming happily. She stood up after she was finished and waved to the baker, striding out to the outer wall where hunters and explorers were told to meet up.
  2. Kathleen was already at the outer wall. Her buyer was paying much more then needed for her to get ice aspects. Her tail swaged back and forth as she leaned on her scythe. 'This is tacking forever!' She though as Kathleen looked around the different people who were joining the festival. With her fox ears, Kathleen kept herself busy by lissoning to others peoples conversations. It wasnt the best thing to do with her time, but it was the only thing she could think of.
  3. Grace smiled as she looked around. She finally made it to the outer wall and was rocking on her heels as she waited for everyone to be let out.
    People were cheering, buying different smokes, making sure their weapons worked, and all around being excited. She looked around and made sure everything was ok, waiting for the royal family to announce the start.
  4. Kathleen fell into total boredom as she waited for it to start. It almost got to the piont of her about to go out and try to start a conversation. Almost. Suddenly, a large horn blared announcing the royal family has come. "Finally!" Kathleen said outloud as she un-stuck her scythe from the earth.

    "Welcome!" The king yelled out to make sure everyone could hear him, "to the hunting festival! Today is the day that all citizens will try to slay the aspects to obtain the most smoke! This year I provided a prize to the person who brings back the most smoke. Unfortunately to all who are curious, I will make the prize a secret, but dont be discouraged! I assure you that the prize is somthing worth while!"

    This sparked Kathleens attention. 'What kind of prize is it?' She though just before thinking of her orders. 'Only ice dust! The purer the better!' Were the exact words she was given by her enployer. 'I could do 2 different bags of smoke...' Kathleen though looking at her single bag, 'yea that would be good!'

    With the last though she quickly bought another dust bag from a vender nearby. The bag was over priced, but Kathleen couldnt afford to wast time going back inside the city to buy a cheaper bag.
  5. The gates opened and grace got on her horse, riding out with a group of other researchers. She had everything she would need to study living Aspects. She rode quickly, over taking the people that had gotten out first, hair blowin behind her.
  6. Kathleen headed out with outhers of the same species. They overtook many of the horses, but they didnt over take them all. Her species were natively fast, but not as fast as some of the fastest horses. Kathleen soon split up with the groups as she headed further in. To her suprize, she didnt see any aspect as she ran.

    'Time for a different approach!' Kathleen though as she used her scythe to scale one of the extra large trees. She then started around though the tree before stopping. Kathleen let fire form at the edge of her scythe as she saw a aspect.
  7. Grace slowed her approach and let off on her horse. She soon found herself over looking a small valley that a few aspects were traversing through. She lept off her horse and set up her camera, snapping a few pictures of the large creatures. There were a few fallen but the majority were risen, the darker shades of the fallen sticking out in the bright green grass. Looking at them through her parascope she took notes on what their cores might have been. A ice aspect strode through the group flanked by a very tall and ,by the looks of it, battle worn fallen.
  8. Kathleen through the fire at it. The aspect noticed to late and was hit strait out. She jumpted down from the tree as she used the scythe to cut it in half. The aspect dissolved into a ball of smoke. "Dang mostly water!" She muttered as she collected the smoke.

    Kathleen headed though the under growth as it opened up to a meadow. The dirst thing she noticed was the main ice aspect. 'Yes!!!!' She though silently as she saw its bady guard, 'well that must mean is is a bunch powerful!'
  9. Grace smiled as she took pictures. Finishing up that portion, she tied her horse up and grabbed her journal. She climbed down into the valley and keeps closer to get a better look of the somewhat herd. The ice aspect seemed to be new in its shell and she concluded that was why many of the other aspects where standing around it and guarding.
  10. Kathleen held her scythe. 'Better get this done fast' she though as she threw a fire ball from her scythe at the group. It caught them off guard. Some of them ran away, while many fallen headed her way!
  11. Grace saw the attack and the fallen grew angry. The ice risen was collapsed on the ground, still not as strong as the older aspects. It let out a distressed humm and grace felt her heart fall at the sound. She made her way over and the aspect whined. She pulled a smoke canister and offered it the aspect. The being tilted it head and adsorbed the smoke when she opened it, "there you go".
  12. "What are you doing!" She yelled as the fallen started heading twords her. Her scythe lit ablaze as she ran tword the aspects. She set some of them on fire and turned some to smoke. Kathleen noticed that some of the fallen were protecting the ice aspect. 'Shoot' she said backing a bit off as she started to attched the many ariunnf her.
  13. The dark shade that Grace had seen earlier swiped at her. It's claws sharpened and large. The ice aspect adsorbed all of the smoke then stood. It ran away with some other risen and a few fallen went with them for protection.
  14. Kathleen saw the girl get attacked. She quickly killed the fallen and got the smoke before truning to the aspect that was running away. "You cost me" she said to the girl as her ears fell back on her head. Firl bruned brighter with Kathleens mood. She threw a firl ball at the ice aspect. It hit the others but not the ice one as they disappeared into the woods. She sighed as she separated the smoke from the dispersed aspects. She let many of the rison and fallen aspects leave not having a vengeance to go after them. Kathleen stuck her scythe in the dirt as she gave out a hand to help the girl up.
  15. "What are you thinking," grace slapped her hand away. She stood up and dusted herself off. She looked around at the slowly evaporating cores. She sighed and took notes on what was happening. She glared at the girl and dusted herself, "what are you doing, huh! That was a new aspect! Probably still getting used to its shell and you almost completely destroyed its herd"!
  16. "And?" Kathleen asked throwing her hands out, "what is today? Plus that was a main ice-aspect. My imployer needs that." She realised she might have sounded like a money loved,but she was just stating the truth. Kathleen lifted her scythe out of the earth and flicked it over her sholders. "At least I have some sence not to run into a herd with many fallen aspects to help an aspect." She fired back.
  17. "That was a young aspect! Barely formed," grace argued and collected some of the left over smoke for study. She looked at the other girl and dug into her bag, throwing two canisters of ice smoke at her, "there! You can have it! I was going to use it to make a observation station but you need it so much"!
  18. "Yea because I like my ears and head!" Kathleen groweled at her as she caught the canisters, "observers like you are so ignorant to the city life." With that another fireball formed on the edge of the scythe. The fox girl twisted her scyhte around and threw the ball in the air were is exploded. Kathleen then stomped away with her scythe on her back.
  19. Grace huffed and dusted herself off. She went back to her horse and started off again, trying to find a new herd. She grumbled under her breathe and trotted on. She fixed her shirt and checked over her supplies.
  20. Erik sighed in exasperation as eager hunters left the square to find and kill Aspects. Ever since he was saved by one in a house fire, he had vowed to try and make peace with them. He snuck out of town and followed the hunters' path until he saw a young woman heading along a trail on a horse. "Hey!" He called, waving to get her attention. "Are you a hunter?"
  21. "Me? No I'm a researcher," Grace slowed her pace and looked at the man. She tilted her head and pulled out her note book to show him. She ran a hand through her hand and sighed, "why are you"?
  22. "I'm just a civilian," Erik sighed, letting down his guard. "It's messed up, all this killing for sport. Using Aspects' remains to make weapons that do the job faster." He walked closer and offered his hand. "Erik Hiroto. You are?"
  23. "Grace Spirer. And I'm not hunting them, I'm researching them," she sighed and looked the civilian over. She looked at the path ahead of her and then back at him, "I have to keep moving so you can join me if you wish".
  24. Erik nodded. "I'll go with you I guess." He walked along the path, kicking up dust as he went. He looked back at Grace. "Oh wait. You're the one who knows where you're going." He laughed. "Lead the way."
  25. Grace rolled her eyes and trotted by him on her horse. She pulled out of of her many maps and opened it, looking over what looked like migration patterns, "if we are gonna by to see alive aspects I think it would be best if we moved away from the settlements".
  26. Erik nodded. "Good. The city gets boring after a while." Suddenly, he spotted a risen Aspect trudging along the tall grass. "Get down," He hissed at Grace.
  27. She spotted the aspect and did as he said. She steadied her horse and grabbed her notebook, quickly marking down notes and making sketches. She studied how the creature moved and what it was doing, "their usually in herds. There may be more around".
  28. Erik nodded. "Are you done taking notes? Or do you still need more time?"
  29. So is this a pokemon Rp or a diffrent Rp?
  30. "I got what I need for now," she nodded and looked forward as the aspect passed. She listened to the humming sound the creatures made and sighed, "we should move there maybe fallen aspects around and we don't want to be seen as a threat".
    (Please ask on the discussion thread and it's a different rp)
  31. Erik nodded his agreement. "Stay close to me and keep low," He whispered. He crouched down and swiftly glided through the tall grass. He looked back and motioned for Grace to follow.
  32. Grace calmed the horse and followed him. She kept low and watched for any darker shapes that may be creeping on them. She spotted what looked like a young fallen aspect. It was watching them curiously but didn't show any signs of aggression.

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