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Open Aspects of Between discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Stormursa, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Between is short for the space between dimensions. It has many layers and this a rp would take place on one of them. In this ever expanding world lives many races and many different possibilities for races. Most have come together to build civilization in this world and use heavily protected railways to go between major settlements.
    One race that very little is known about are aspects, tall humanoid creatures that are hunted for the smoke they give off when they die. This smoke can be used to power weapons, robots, entire kingdoms. Aspects are made of two or more of basic essences(water, fire, air, earth, life, death, primal).
    They all come in two different subclasses, the risen and fallen.
    Risen are lighter shades of colours, make a sweet sounding humm noise, and form fractures in their outer shells that show their inner core(beast, energy, mind, plant etc). Risen are also more likely to run and help their Hunter if they are in need.
    Fallen are darker shades, the humm they make is rough and snarl like. They also have fractures. Fallen are known as the warriors of the aspect species, they will actively attack their hunters and civilians if they perseve them as threats.
    One thing that is known about them is that the civilized races have different aspects that make up their being and overall who they are.
    The world is ruled by large royal families, built in kingdoms and empires. And the hunting of aspects is seen as a type of sport. The people who collect lots of smoke are regarded highly and smoke can fetch for higher prices depending on the aspect.
    (Civilized sheet)
    Back ground:

    Aspects are very tall and lanky. They can only talk to other aspects verbally and to anything else sounds like humming.
    (Aspect sheet. Thaumcraft aspects are used for this and basic aspects like pure fire or water are incredibly rare)
    Fallen or risen:
    Looks (what colour their shell is and their core, eye colour too):
    So does this seem like an interesting rp?
  2. Name: Kathleen Chaser
    Looks: (below photo; not made by me credits to the maker)
    Weapons: A large scythe that can use fire.
    Back ground: She is a hired assassin and mercenary. Kathleen will do any job, at a price. She isn't picky about money and usually gives it away. Her parents work in the same feild as her but died long ago from aspects. Kathleen doesnt have a true grudge against them, since they were trying to kill the aspect. She is the only child.

    Attached Files:

  3. I can't see the picture.
    Name: Whisk
    Fallen or risen: fallen
    Looks (what colour their shell is and their core, eye colour too): shell is a dark purple, their core tranistions between either blue or purple, he has grey eyes
    Personality: untrusting and quick to fight. He very much dislikes civilized, will even go as far to torture them, he is very curious though and will leave them alive to study them if he sees them as interesting
    Essence: armour( made up of earth , primal, fire, death, air, water. His smoke would not be worth much).

    Name: Grace Spirer
    Looks: long brown hair with a green streak in the front. Brown eyes, a small birthmark on her lower back. Wears a infinity blue scarf, green sleeveless turtle neck that fits her form, combat pants, hiking boots, a black backpack
    Weapons: a energy pistol that uses energy smoke, a well made short sword
    Back ground: born into a well respected scientific family. She followed in their foot steps but chose to study aspects and try and learn more about them. She will often try to get close to them and take notes, even going far enough to try and communicate. She has two older brothers, one that went into hunting.
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  4. Ok! We just need another person or two. Also if you have any ideas to help build the world(i.e. Important historical events, royal family names etc)
  5. Ok... I may have an idea:
    So the royal family , the (insert name here), is abusing the ascents and they are appearing less and less. For historic evens is the annual ascent hunting tournament. This could be were the story start, but it is up to you.
  6. Aspects don't reproduce in the traditional fashion. New cores will form to try and take the place of their dead type. These cores take time to turn into full aspects. Aspects of both types will feircly defend the cores while they are in this state if they believe they are in danger. So abuse of them could mean that cores aren't generating fast enough or are being destroyed before they could turn to fulls. My human is going on an adventure to study aspects and maybe there could be like a festival of hunting them.
  7. This seems interesting.
    Name: David Blake
    Looks: Has blonde hair and purple eyes. He wears a black T shirt and jeans. He wears a vest which holds his supplies. He has a scar across his face from an accident in basic training.
    weapons: an energy assault riffle, He also keeps a pocket knife on hand.
    Back ground: David was born into a highly respected military family. He fallowed in his parents foot steps until he couldn't stand the hierocracy of his commanders and left the military. He now works as a mercenary taking any job he believes is right. He has two older brothers and a younger sister.
  8. this sounds really cool can i join???
    Name: Diana Web
    Looks: she has purple hair with a silver streak, gold eyes, she wears a black and gold vest, black pants, silver gloves and a belt with her supply's on it.
    Weapons: an energy sniper and a spear
    Back ground: Diana was orphaned when she was very young, she was taken in by a farmer and his wife and they raised her, when Diana was 16 Diana's adoptive mother died from an illness, not long after her adoptive father was killed while trying to hunt aspects. Diana was alone again and became an assassin for hire so she could make enough money to support herself.
  9. Your accepted! Jump in when ever you want.
  10. Going to say this now but aspects take more then one shot to kill. Their cores may be easy to destroy but their shells are actually hard and the only to one shot a aspect is to hit the core center.
  11. It's not your fault I should have mentioned it.
  12. Name: Erik
    Looks: Short black hair brushed to the left, deep amber eyes, black t-shirt, navy jeans
    Weapons: Dual katanas
    Background: When Erik was six, his house caught on fire. His parents fled the building without him, and Erik began to suffocate. Suddenly, an Aspect jumped into the house and pulled him to safety. Since that day, Erik has been trying to make peace with the Aspects while citizens enjoy hunting them.
  13. Name: Daniel Gray
    Looks: He has black hair and blue eyes. He wears a black trenche coat with black dress clothes and a blue tie. He has black fingerless gloves.
    Weapons: Energy Sniper Rifle and a Long Sword.
    Back ground: Daniel was born in the slums.
    He was bullied fro being dirty and poor. One day, a kid started to beat him up. This infuriated Daniel, so he found a peice of glass and shanked the kid. He then opened a black market assassin group in his school. He nevered killed anyone, just hurt them. Alot.

    Now, He is a skilled and merciless assassin.

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