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Ashy's Sprites ^.^

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by ashy .xo, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Squirtodile: Squirtle-Totodile splice
    0.o It's looks a little funky, I know.

    Nurita: Numel-Chikorita very basic splice.

    Mewmin: This one was one of my less-good ones. Mew-Shaymin splice

    And that's all I have for now ^.^
  2. You said Mewmin was your LESS good ones? That;s my favorite out of the bunch! >:o I don't like the Numel splice AT ALL, unfortunately. Maybe if you added more Chikorita parts?? Squirtodile is pretty good, yet there's not much to look at. Very basic, but very skilled. The trainer could be a bit better, but it's overall good.
  3. Really? I didn't think it was that great, really.... I still like it plenty. ^.^
    More Chikorita parts?Yeah, that's what I was thinking for the Nurita,too. I just got bored with it, though.
  4. Squirtodile is very copy-pasted. Its head is also in a very unnatural pose.

    Nurita is poorly edited and is very copy-paste aswell. You only pasted Chikorita's leaf behind its head.

    Mewmin is the only sprite that does look a bit good. But it is only a green Mew with Shaymin's flower on its head.

    In fact all of your fusions are very copy-pasted. You need to scratch parts on your fusions. If you want to improve then you have to look at spriting tutorials.

    Hope it helped ...

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