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DPPt/HGSS AshWind's merchantry outpost

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by AshWind150, May 13, 2009.

  1. All Items offered here will be legit unless otherwise stated.

    Normal Pokemon
    Feebas: 13 female, 10 male
    Luvdisc: 15 female, 3 male
    Chansey: lv 19 Female Bashful
    Relicanth: lv 43 Male Lonely
    Wailmer: lv 34 Male Naive
    Bagon: lv 29 Female Docile
    Smeargle: lv 18 Female Timid (still knows Sketch)
    Lapras lv 50 Female Mild

    Others, but I doubt anyone would want them.

    Shiny Pokemon
    None at the moment

    - Evolve
    Electirizer (1)
    Protector (2)
    Leaf Stone (4)
    Thunderstone (10)
    Fire Stone (15)
    Water Stone (6)
    Sun Stone (9)
    Oval Stone (1)
    Shiny Stone (1)
    Dusk Stone (2)
    Reaper Cloth (1)

    - Shard (Linkachu has priority)
    Red Shard (16)
    Yellow Shard (13)
    Green Shard(11)
    Blue Shard (14)

    - Plate
    Meadow Plate (1)
    Splash Plate (2)
    Spooky Plate (1)
    Mind Plate (1)
    Iron Plate (1)
    Flame Plate (1)
    Fist Plate (1)
    Dread Plate (1)

    - Misc
    Soothe Bell (1)
    Heart Scale (20)
    Light Clay (4)
    Everstone (5)
    Hard Stone (3)
    Iron Ball (3)
    Smooth Rock (1)
    Damp Rock (3)
    Icy Rock (2)
    Heat Rock (3)

    Odd Keystone (1)
    Old Amber (2)
    Skull Fossil (5)
    Helix Fossil (3)
    Claw Fossil (3)
    Dome Fossil (2)

    -Boost Items
    Iron (2)
    Carbos (1)
    Calcium (1)
    Rare Candy (1)

    Coming soon/A.U.R


    If you want a specific nature, tell me and I'll see if I have any.

    I'll be updating this with a list of items that I have extra of, as well as any pokemon I might be offering. Most of the time I'll be under charging so if you see something you like don't be afraid to make an offer.
  2. I could certainly do with a Bold natured Feebas or failing that, a Modest natured one.
  3. I've got a bold male lv 14 set aside for you, if that's alright. I've added my FC into the first post.
  4. That's great thank you, but I don't see any friend code in the OP.
  5. Thanks for the Feebas Chris.
  6. You're welcome GodlessM
  7. http://www.youtube.com/Gamexpertvids and i think feebas is good to catch for new players on games on generation 3 and 4 and it will be easy for me cos i know were to catch and get feebas. ;)
  8. There's no way to know as the four squares in which you can catch it are randomly generated and change every time the popular phrase changes.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Friend Code:
    Please read the rules and don't hijack someone else's thread. This is AshWind's trade thread - not a general discussion about Feebas. :p
  10. AshWind cheers again, just thought I'd let you know that the Feebas you gave me earlier has turned into a kick ass Milotic, so glad to have it.
  11. what would you like for your timid smergal ?
  12. Do you still have your Misdreavus?
  13. would you like a particular nickname, sex, level and nature ?
    as i have a few of them
    i will not be able to trade till 5ish tonight though as i'm at uni revising, lol
  14. No nick, female prefered but not required, as low a level as possible, and Timid, if you have it.

    Will it be legit or hacked?
  15. ok a female timid misdreavus Lv1
    no its not hacked i dont own any of those hacking tools/things/whatever you call them
  16. I just wanted to make sure before hand. ;D

    Just wondering, but what time is it there? I'll be open to trade at most any time of day, pending meals and sleep (which the later should be soon).
  17. any time now so when your next on if thats ok by you
  18. Hey AshWind, what would you like for that Magmarizer?
  19. If you have any extra female Vulpix w/Extrasensory, Energy Ball, I can give you a natu holding the Magmarizer.
  20. That would be awesome, I've got your Vulpix ready. Let me know when you can trade.
  21. I will give you somthing for the Lapras and somthing for the Wailmer
  22. I could trade you both for a legit ditto (and probably a luvdisc for filler), if you don't have any to spare, list some that you think would be a fair trade.
  23. Can you trade me Feebas (female), Luvdisc, Relicanth, Lapras?
  24. What would you want for six red shards???
  25. Electivire61952: I can do the Feebas, Luvdisc, and Relicanth for sure, but pokemon+girfan615 asked for that Lapras first, I'll try and go catch another one though, so it might still be an option.

    GodlessM: You can have the six red shards, we just need to set up a time.
  26. Now is good for me if it is for you.
  27. what do you want for them
  28. GodlessM: I'll be waiting in wifi.

    Electivire61952: If you have any ditto, I'd trade the four for it (I was able to catch a couple Lapras) Other than that, what do you have to offer?

    The new Lapras are:
    Serious lv40 Male
    Jolly lv54 Female
    Rash lv51 Male
  29. Ok I'll head in now
  30. A female Feebas for... anything you have in mind? I can get almost anything of any level lower than 56.
  31. Thanks for the shards Chris.
  32. Kini: I've got extra Feebas, so it doesn't need to be anything more than a filler. Do you want a specific nature (I don't have every one, but I can check) and do you want it's beauty maxed?

    GodlessM: You're welcome.
  33. I have a lv 50 ditto, and if possible could it be the jolly lapras
  34. Anything that doesn't leave it's stats normal. I prefer special attack higher and defense lower. Beauty maxout? Yes please.
  35. Jirachan: I don't have any Rash (+SpA -Def) but I'm working on breeding it, so it might take a little while. I've got your Feebas ready, check your PM's please.

    Electivire61952: When would you be able to get online?
  36. Okay, I'm ready.
  37. I'll be waiting in wifi.
  38. I'll be waiting in wifi.
    [/quote]Okay, thanks! :D
  39. Anything I can give you for some more red shards Chris???
  40. GodlessM: Right now I've only got 8 red shards, if that's enough for you. I don't think I need anything exept maybe an evolution trade in a little while. I was thinking of trying to be a gym leader from the bug in your sig.

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