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As the Core Shatters (A Sm4sh Rp)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Drake Tyban, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. It was a normal day for Drake. The young adult never grew tired of video games. His dark red eyes scanning through the shelves of old games and consoles of yester year. His shaggy brown hair being caught by a small breeze from the open window in his room. Filling him with a sense of adventure. After much debate he decided to power up a game of Smash Bros4, he had just recently got the game and had already unlocked every character. However, he would soon find that something sinister was happening on the other side of his TV screen. He had passed the title screen thinking aloud. "Maybe I should take the King through a round of one on three against some level eights, I'm so close to beating them." As he thought a odd tint came from his TV screen. An almost emerald green color. It caught his eye for a moment before in a flash all he saw was white. He didn't know yet but he and others like him would be key figures in a fight to save a world from a cataclysmic event not seen since Taboo.
    (This is open to anyone. Using custom characters whose fighting style is based on a "discipline" which is taught the characters of Smash Bros. You can mix and match various moves. If you want to use the Canon characters please message me first in case I already have a place for them in the story. Otherwise I hope you like this adventure about to unfold.)
    Once the his vision came back Drake blinked finding himself laying on the ground staring at the sky. "Wait sky?!?" He bolted up to find himself in a open field. A castle off in the distance. "Is...that..." It was far away but unmistakably, "P..Peach's Castle?" He was flabbergasted unable to make sense of what was presented before him. "This has to be a dream, there is no way I'm seeing this right!" Before he could think on this anymore he noticed a figure standing behind him he shot up to a standing position to look at the figure. "Who's there?" The figure in question didn't flinch. Didn't move a muscle, it stood, frozen. Approaching the figure Drake was shocked to find Kranky Kong. Frozen in place, a trophy stand under him. "H...ow...could this be?" Curious he reached out to touch the Kong as his fingers meet with Kranky's Arm a flash of light erupted. It bathed the Kong and just as quickly as it appeared it vanished. "..and another thing!" The Kong came alive, waving his cane to and fro in a rage. "Wait were did that young'in go?" He looked at Drake with a scowl. "Who are you?!? I haven't seen you 'fore, well?" The Kong waited for his answer but only got a shocked expression. "I..I'm from Raleigh..s..it.." he still couldn't believe what was happening. His eyes wide. "Raleigh...I haven't heard of that game...are you one of them new fangled INDY characters the whipper snappers are into now?" Drake shook his head. "I..I'm not a character in a game..I..I.." The Kong looked him over a moment rubbing his chin. "Wait a second..." His eyes seemed to shine a moment. "You...your a..player!" Kranky shook his head. "That can only mean...no...come on young' un there ain't no time to lose. The Kong grabbed Drake's arm dragging him towards the castle.
  2. Suddenly, a flash of emerald opened in the sky, and a green hedgehog flew out of the sky. "Ah, cruuuuuud!" he said, hitting a tree. "Ow." he said before jumping down. "Never thought the Overdrive would launch me this far across the Cosmic Highway." Suddenly, he spotted Kranky Kong. "Oh, heh heh. Hey, there, big guy."

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