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Arts From the Pits Of That One Place...

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Dia, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Dia


    Why hello there stranger
    this where I'm going to put of some of my arts~
    such as.....
    my lovely homemade oshawatt plush ♥

    cutesy stuff like this :3

    plus here are some random old things...
    gaaawwwwd. I need to find some more recent stuff >.>



    enjoy your stay :3

  2. Oh goodness~

    First off, Mijumaru Plushie omfg<333333 That is just amazing ^^ Very creative and nicely done! I certainly wish I could have a Mijumaru plushie to hug and such. Simply splendid work.

    As for the arts, they are also quite impressive. I love your shading, and your Pokemon drawings are just too cute for words! My favorite has to be the chibi, and I'd certainly like to see more of that. All in all, I am quite impressed and I hope you'll do many more drawings, especially more adorable chibis ♥
  3. The Miji plush looks good, though the height is making it look odd. Perhaps next time you could shorten the light blue part of the torso.

    My favorite picture of the bunch is the one with the flames. The flames look very psychedelic, reminding me of oil in puddles.
  4. Dia


    @RX thanks so much for the feedback :3 I really appreciate it ♥

    @Secad I'll make sure to make it shorter next time don't you worry X3 and I love that picture too!

    and since RX wanted some cute little pokemon...I present you with this:

  5. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Awwww... ! so adorable :D
    #5 BlackRoseJack, Feb 2, 2011
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  6. His head is so shiny...*rubs head*

    The rounded shading certainly works for this picture, though I think the yellow is a tad too light.
  7. Dia


  8. Ked


    I really like that blue and pink thing you have at the top, next to Raichu. It's really cute with its expression and peace sign and everything ♥

    That pink girl on the green looks really awesome too~
    I like how you managed to get so much detail and shading in with only a couple of colors. Everything is just so awesome, especially that pose.

    Little sleeping Pichu is just too adorable too ♥
    #8 Ked, Feb 8, 2011
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  9. Dia


  10. Ked


    I'm guessing they're the starters from your fakemon region~!

    They look like the sprites you posted in your sprite thread awhile back, so yeah. That's where my guess came from~
  11. Dia


    XD yes, yes they are~ this time they're pictures instead of sprites!

    before I reveal my starters...(I will tomorrow)...here's a pic I did for a contest on deviantart!
    read the story this picture is for here: http://lonepichu.deviantart.com/#/d39ids9



    sorry for the late post but here are the silhouettes revealed :D

    the starters of the Lato region!
    Nutwirl, Tinge, and Pandew :3

  12. Oh my god ASDFGHJKL! Those starters are just excellent! Perfect colors, good pose, good looks, has a cat mouth... why isn't it real?! Keep up the good work!
  13. One word AWESOME!
    You artwork is just SOOOO detailed! you must put a lot of time and effort into drawing them ;') Shaymin wishes he could draw like that...
    Your starters are simply FANTASTIC! I would definitely pick the fire starter because it's a awesome cat :DDD!
    I want to see more masterpieces! :>

    Shaymin ~*
  14. Dia


    Louie Forest- aww thanks so much for the compliment ^^ glad you like em~

    Shaymin- yay! you did check out my arts :D thanks so much~ I do like my fire starter but I'm just partial to my little water guy >w<​
  15. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    awww your starters are so cute, the water starter is adorable but I'm in particular favour of your grass starter I find it so cute!
  16. Em, not to bother you, but may I use the grass starter as my avatar? It's just so awesome! Thanks. :3
    #16 Louie Forest, Feb 22, 2011
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  17. Dia


    Yes you may ^^
    thanks for asking before using ♥​
  18. Dia



    here's a cute lil' Luvdisc Plush I made for a friend :>


    EDIT: Here is a snivy plush I made ;P

  19. D'awww! I just love those 'lil plushies!!!
    Your very good at making them :>! Is that a little Shaymin plush I see in the background? Shaymin might have to steal that :DD!
    Anywaysss, keep up the great work!

    Shaymin ~*
  20. Dia


    aww thanks ^///^

    Yeah, I have a normal shaymin plush and a sky shaymin plush ;D​
  21. asdfgwhat Krysune I lovenevy you D//'':

    Okay so I've been creepy stalkering all over this thread as soon as you put it up, but I haven't commented yet :3

    You're, like, amazingly fabulous at drawing <33
    I love your pictures and your style and your shading and eeeeeeee~

    But the main reason that I am commenting here is your plushies ; A ;
    You have srsface amazing sewing skills :C
    Do you hand-sew? Even if you don't I am wooaahahhhhahahahhhhhhhhh-amazed so just ... nyeh ;o
    (the Luvdisc maybe I'd be able to attempt but the Snivy is actually quite AMAZING.)

    I envy yeeeew ; u ;

    Muchlove though! ♥
    #21 Tunolipede, Mar 2, 2011
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  22. I certainly like these, Diamond Phantom. However, on Snivy, I notice that the felt is fraying. I would advise either hemming the edges or treating them with some no-fray glue. Personally, I save money and take a bit more time and simply turn the edges down and sew them back before I sew on the plushie.
  23. Dia


    @Tun<3 aww thanks so much ^///^ it means a lot that you, such a super-tuntastic artist, would say such wonderful things about my not-as-good-as-your art ;A;

    I usually hand sew but for the bigger parts of the plush I use a sewing machine -feels like she's cheating lD-
    I bet it would be super fun to make a Tun Plush...hmmm

    @Secad huh I guess I was so excited that I finished it that I never noticed XD thanks for pointing it out, I will remember to do that​
    #23 Dia, Mar 3, 2011
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  24. Dia


  25. That picture of that trainer is awesome ^^! I voted for #4 >.> Looking at your previous sprite work I must say you are a very talented spriter, should start doing it again :3! Anyway, I love your sketch dumps they're really good; Shay ~ wishes he could draw with such detail 0.0. I mean your art is very nice to look at and I love the detail you put into everything; I especially like the plushies ^^
    Keep it up ~

    Shaymin ~*
  26. Dia


    Thanks so much Shay~ ^^
    I have quite some sprites but I tend not to sprite often; the next time I get back into spriting I'll make sure to make a thread ;P

    Off topic- Here's something that just well um. Take a look if you dare...(watch out for 'suggestive themes' : O

    http://www.deviantart.com/download/2031 ... 3cyrjc.png

    Ya. I got into FerrisWheel Shipping recently and I just had this little thought that I had to draw X3
    Can't you guys totally see N doing that? XD​
  27. Dia


    Since this is my thread I shall double post....

    Now, I have not been working on the fakemon of my region recently...so, here's the first Gym Leader :D


    This is Lilia! She is the first Gym Leader of the Lato region. She is a grass type gym leader yet only twelve years of age! Don't underestimate her however; she's got some tricks up her sleeves...(if she had sleeves...)

  28. Dia


    just a quick kinda thing that I sorta like :3
  29. I would love to hear her backstory, to explain how she attained such a high rank at only two years of legal training.
  30. Dia


    her parents both were tough Pokemon trainers in their youth and taught her everything they could.
    Lilia grew up living and breathing Pokemon. Though her parents obviously didn't let her leave for her journey until she was ten, she had grown up with her first Pokemon since she was born and her parents encouraged her to train and practice as soon as she understood what a Pokemon battle was; she was brought up with high expectations to be the Champion. Neither of her parents could get even close to the championship but as a couple managed to become the Gym leaders of Emeric City.
    After Team Rocket raided the Gym and murdered her parents in an attempt to steal powerful Pokemon, Lilia's older sister, Noima (26 at the time), was offered the Gym Leader position. Instead of rejecting the offer, Noima told Lilia to take it. (Noima was hoping to become part of the Elite Four and did not think the Gym Leader position was good enough) Noima wanted to humiliate Lilia and make her life a failiure. (Lilia was the favored of the two by their parents).
    Luckily, since Lilia is the first Gym Leader of the region, she usually battles trainers that are just starting out on their journey and is able to defeat them. Other than the Gym battles, she trains frequently with the few Pokemon left behind by her parents and any fellow trainer who's just looking for a good match. (she usually challenges people who are obviously a lot stronger in order to improve).

    In other words, she does almost nothing but battle yet knows almost nothing about the real world. She simply never leaves her hometown and hopes all her kind neighbors can help her out when she needs help XD

    The End lD
  31. She sounds like a person who is very, very good in one area, but cruddy in many others. I bet she has hilarious social faux pa occurring in her interactions. :p
  32. Dia


    oh hey. totally forgot I had this thread XD
    here's a quick thing of my OC Dia and me side by side! (I came up with her when I was six years old so she's very similar to me but there are some major differences in personality and other stuff~)


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