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Artiste's Works of art.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Artiste, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. This thread is gunna hold my artwork(When, once in a great while, a good one pops up).

    I'm Not going to be taking requests.

    And for my first piece of Art;
    'Tis Matt Palmer, My RP character. I am currently involved in Ozzybean's RP: "The Sinnohs of our Fathers!" It's a great RP. Read it, or I will eat your arms. Lol.

    Please, Constructive Critisism is Welcomed, and encouraged. If you have nothing Constructive to say, don't say it.
  2. Wow, this is some of the best people artwork I've ever seen. Work on the head a bit, though.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, that is the hardest part for me. Blast it, I hate drawing the heads...

    Edit, I got a new Matt, with the hairdo Spriteon gave to his sprite.

  4. That neck is a bit TOO long, I'm afraid. And his arms are just a bit short for his body, They should go down just above his knee. All in all, you're doing good!
  5. Thanks, Phantom. I always have trouble with the neck and arms. Always have, always will. Probably.
  6. Don't worry, eventually you'll get the hang of it. Long necks have been an issue for me for quite a bit actually.
  7. Really? Huh, I thought I was the only one.
  8. BUMP. This has been a public service announcment by Artiste.

  9. [​IMG]

    Got the idea from a sprite request.

    But long necks? I would suggest looking at anotomy books, or even just looking at your favorite manga or anime. Copy their style for one of your drawings, or just see how they constuct their necks or whatever bodypart you're working on. You don"t need to keep they're style, but I always love messing with my style, swaying from cute to serious to comical...

    Oh well, good luck! ;)

    And how long have you been drawing anyways?

    PS: about the head. Go look in some good 'how to draw manga/anime' books, and read on how to constuct heads. Its tedious, but it works!
  11. I've been drawing my whole life, I've just taken a more serious liking to it lately, as I'm going to be a writer someday, And I want to illustrate my books. That'll save me a ton, I'm sure.
  12. XD I'm sure it would.

    But a writer? I guess I'll have to check the Fanfiction boards for you.

    Well, I just suggest you go into painting classes when you have the time. Almost all books have paintings, not lineart, as covers, so I guess it might be good to look into that. And painting is fun!
  13. Yes... It does look fun, and I'm sure my art teacher will get to painting someday.(She's my aunt, xD)
  14. Actually, once my aunt gets her new house built, I'm going to stay with her over the summer so that she can teach me her art techniques o_O

    Hah, I guess were alike in some way.

    I await your next drawings!
  15. Haha, that's kind of wierd, both of our Art teachers are our Aunts... O.O

    I have one, I just can't bring myself to scan it yet. xD
  16. Why does my scanner have to suck and I have to be on vacation... ;_;

    Just means that my friend will beat me to a pulp for not uploading any artwork.

    And WHY can't you bring yourself to scan it???
  17. Because my scanner is hard to work. It always wants to "Copy", instead of "Scan", like I want it to. Stupid thing is complicated to work... Argh.

    Here it is, anyway.

    Based off of a scratch sprite I did yesterday or the day before.

    I added a cape, because it looks cool. xD
  18. O_O
    You,artiste,rock at drawing point blank.
  19. Thanks, Nacho. Thanks alot. =D I try. Maybe THAT's why I named myself Artiste. xD
  20. Capes are awsome.

    And sorry about the rebelling scanner >_
  21. xD S'not your problem, and Mom helped me figure it out.
  22. :0

    I need scannnnnnnnnnner >_>
  23. Three, as a sort of apology for not giving you guys the terrors that are my drawlings. >=D

    Uchiha ninja guy, remember the sprite I did? Here he is, in drawling form.

    The protagonist pair, male installment.

    And to round it off, the female.
  24. Shiny Lyni

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    Why are the two protagonists slanted in your pictures? Though I must say, your drawings are pretty good. Better than mine, at least. xD
  25. Sort of like.... They jumped into the air, and they were on a building when they did. They're in the frame where they're suspended, and tilted before they fall. Just an experiment, just an experiment. ^_^
  26. Shiny Lyni

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    What, you mean they jumped off a building? Because if they did, than they could have died, unless there was something very cushiony beneath them.(sp errors?)
  27. Your art is great! You should do more!
  28. No, Shiny, it was just an experiment. Ever seen some pictures of Sora from kingdom Hearts? Some of them are in that style, and I swiped the idea. Riku might have had some, I don't remember. xD

    Thanks, Sarah. ^_^ I don't really get enough good drawings to post on the internet, though. xD Usually, they just plain stink.
  29. Honestly speaking, They if they did jump off a building, it would have been 50% more hilarious....Just kidding XD
    Looks like your still haven't problems with dem necks eh?
  30. Yeah, I think so. They bug me to no end, once I notice them. It takes a while. xD How's the Matt comin' along?
  31. He's a good 75% done. I keep having to redo him, mostly because of I'm keep screwing up his pose and the proportion ends up messing up. XD
    I'll have him up soon though, hopefully if I can get to a scanner soon.
  32. I can't wait! I'm sure it'll be sweet, seeing as everything you draw is. ^_^ Thanks again, Phantom.
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