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Artiste's Sprites~

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Artiste, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. I deleted the sprites from my art thread, and put 'em here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] (RE-DID HER!) [​IMG]

    The one on the left, is sort of a Morph. Dratini morph.
    Then, Ash Ketchum, in Sinnoh duds.
    Then Riku, from KHII.
    A Pikachu cosplayer.
    And last, but not least, Cloud strife, KHII.

    I didn't bother to make 'em transparent. YET. I WILL, though. Cause I can.

    Heres some more;

    An RP character, Anne, and her Mugshot,
    A Typhlosion cosplayer, cause he's my favorite pokemon.

    Mugshot, made by Me, of Matt Palmer; [​IMG]

    Please, Constructive Critisism is Welcomed, and encouraged. If you have nothing Constructive to say, don't say it.

    Link to art thread, Here.

    For those of you whacky enough to want a request from me..... They are ...........​


    Requests I wont take~



    Trainer back sprites

    Scratch pokemon

    Requests I WILL take~

    Trainer Sprites NOTE: They will be part scratched, and part D/P, usually.






    Teh new idea of D_U's

    Requests I MIGHT do~

    Anything not on those lists.

    Request from the second or third list, or I will never EVER give you nuthin'.

    And also, I reserve the right to deny ANY request, even IF it's from the right list.


    Fully customizable pokemon!


    Pokemon: Any Pokemon.
    Headgear: Can be hats, bandannas, or anything else. Even hats that are Pokemon . LOL.
    Top: Shirt, or something of the like.
    Neck: Necklace, scarf, collar, or something of the like.
    Waist: Belt, bandanna(Weird, but I've seen it done), or something of the like.
    Bottom: Can be pants, pokeskirt, or something of the like. xD
    Feet: Shoes, sandals, or something of the like.

    Ears: Earrings, or something of the like.
    Tail: Uhh... You'll need to help me on this one.


    Give me suggestions on what I should put in teh list, and it might make it, if it's a good idea.

    This can be done with humans, come to think of it, so when requesting trainer sprites, do it in this format.


  2. These are pretty nice sprites, especially the Ash one. (And that's a compliment from me, since I tend to never really pay attention to everyone's take on ____ from the anime.) I'm also having a hard time identifying what bases were used on the roleplay character, so that's pretty good.

    My biggest problem is with the Pikachu cosplayer. She's kind of unproportionate. Her head alone is at least twice as wide as her entire body, and her arms are so small that at first I didn't think she had any. I realize it's hard to make Pokemon sprites proportionate, but as thin as she is, she looks like she could just snap in half. Maybe try to even her out a little?
  3. Yeah, I guess I could try, but later, I don't have time right this second.

    Thanks for the nice compiment, by the way.

    On Anne, I remember using the swimmer female head.... Lass arms... I don't remember what I used for anything else...Oh, right, I used the Reporter's legs. And made 'em longer, of course.
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    The Cloud sprite is very good. The hair looks just about right, but you may want to add some shading. Reckon you could do a Sephiroth?

    I like the Typhlosion cosplayer. The best of your sprites, I think. I do rather like it. :)
  5. Thank you, Yoshi!
    I suppose I could do a Sephie...
    Here; I re-did the Pikachu cosplayer. I used a whole new set of sprites. I hope, anyway, I can't remember who I made her from...

    If someone wants me ta tell 'em what I made her out of, I forgot already. That happens when I sprite. I focus, and forget pretty much anything else.

    I'll get going on Sephie's sprite later. My mom wants on. Now, what'll I make him out of...
    And I stink at shading, just so you know. D:

    Edit; Yoshi, I can't make the Sephiroth. He's just, impossible. It's like, he doesn't want to be sprited. Ask somebody better than me. Like, say, Ultracow, or Spriteon. I'm sorry.
  6. Mods~ It IS alright to double post in my topic, if I'm bumping, right??

    Everybody else~ I did a Matt walkie-thingie from the beginning of D/P. I derived it from Lukas, of course.
  7. If you're bumping with an update, then it's cool.

    Anyway, I dig the walking sprite thing, except for one part: the hair. The black outline looks really jarring next to the stark-white hair. Were I you, I'd make it a lighter shade of gray. Other than that, though, good show. ^^
  8. Thanks, Hypotenuse Man! Here, I did it;
    I tried to do a back sprite, but I made my RP character's hair so stinkin' complicated, I couldn't do it.
  9. Yes, that looks much better. :)
  10. Thanks man. I had to do some really serious editing on that stupid thing...
  11. These are great! you've got some serious pixel-talent! I LLLLLUUUURRRVVVVEEE the walkie-thing and the mugshot. if you take requests for those can you do a walkie thing, a mugshot and a trainer for the following request? here it is: Female. Blond hair, down to her chin, blue eyes. Pinkish-red lips in a naturally tight smile. pale skin. medium thin eyebrows, about fourty-five inches tall. Clothes: A red short sleeve with several Flowers Scattered across the shirt with a gold wave in the background of the shirt. black jeans, and barefooted. a forest green short sleeve shirt if you can't do the red with a design. Thanks.
  12. Uhh... I'll have to do it tomorrow, as my curfew is coming up, and that sounds like it will take quite a while to make.
    I don't think I'll be able to do the height, though. Sorry. I'll make her- Wait, either I measured wrongly, or she's just below four feet tall. :o
    Thankies for the comments, though! ;D

    My current list of requests;

    BloomingWater's Sprite, Walkie-thing, and Mugshot.

    Add some more, people!
    As promised, I'll do it first chance I get, BloomingWater.
  13. Do you think you can make one of these...
    For this? [​IMG]
  14. I'll TRY, G M.

    LIST; Blooming Water's, Gardevoir Master's.
  15. Here, BloomingWater.


    That was alot to do... And the sprite just wouldn't turn out for me. I guess you'll have to ask Spriteon, or Ultracow... They're much better than me, anyway. But, I think I'm the only one who does the walkie-things. ;D

    Edit~ Here, Gardevoir Master.


    Request list; EMPTY! Make it have somethin', people.
    I don't wanna die of mowing the lawn... Please, don't let me die....
  16. let's see...how about a walking sprite and mugshot of this one?


    This image was made by Ultracow,all rights reserved.
  17. o_0 ... Shouldn't he be facing forward?
  18. Gardevoir Master~Umm... Hehe, I couldn't figure out how I was gonna do him facing forward... He has too much detail ;D Anyway... He's mostly facing forward. That pose is cooler anyway, I think. And much easier to edit, too... Is it good besides the fact that he has the sweet pose?

    OK. I'm not gonna be doing the walkies anymore. I'm sorry people, I just can't! Some sprites are just impossible do do walkies on.

    Ultimate~ Read the above. I'm sorry man. Here's your Mugshot, though!

    *Goes off to edit first post*
  19. Too much detail? Like how? The head? 'Cause I've drawn a front-facing Gardevoir before.
  20. Really? Cool. I just had a side sprite, so I did a side walker.

    Request, people. Please. But, read the first post before you do.
  21. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    No problem. I know he's a bit of a moo to sprite.
    Have you seen Advent Children? If so, try a Loz sprite. I'd like to see that :)
  22. I've never seen Advent Children. Yet, I wish I could say I have... It sounds so awesome! Is it?
  23. -pokes Artiste- Can you make a Mugshot of my Gardevoir Lady?


  24. Of course I can, Reia!

    I tried.
  25. Squee! -looks for a place to stick it on- Uhh...
  26. Ha ha, Glad you like it, Reia. I wasn't overly fond of it, though. I didn't do a very good job, IMO.

  27. TO BUMP, and to add a sprite, so I don't get in trouble.(XD) Here is Brenden, Emerald style.
    Please, people! Request! Don't let me die of boredom. And I AM aware that Ultracow did a Brenden already.

    PS: I'M A HERCULES! YEAH! I got three hundred posts, YEAH!
  28. Wowza. Thats pretty darn good. You might want to lighten up the shading on his face though
  29. Thanks for the nice comment! It's been a while since anyone commented... I could try.... 'Ere:
  30. BUMP.

    .... Here ya'll go, a random idea that popped into my head.
  31. I think she needs something to sit on. A chair or blanket or something.
  32. 'Kay, I'll get right on it.

    'Ere, I redid it altogether... It didn't turn out how I wanted it the first time, anyway. xD
    When you said "A chair or blanket or something.", I thought, 'TOWEL!'.

    The first sprite's well, everything, bugged me, so I redid her completely.

    A random drawing that turned into a sprite.
    I think I might use him as an RP character in the future... Ronald Blue. I like it.
  34. -appears randomly-

    Nice sprite, although the pants seem abnormaly too bright and blue..
  35. -Grabs Reia from her randomness warp hole-
    Thank you! I suppose I made the pants like that on purpose, Reia. xD
  36. -thwacks Artiste- Nuu. I'm on a thwacking spree. x3

    And okay.. If the pants are supposed to be unusually bright, then eh.. But they look weird with a dark shirt.
  37. -Grabs thwacking stick-
    Stop being so childish, Reia.
    I tried to find a good blue-jean short color, but paint has the worst pallette in the world.
  38. -whimper- Being childish is fun...

    And I know how horrible Paint is, that's the only kind of art program I have. xD

    But I still think you could've made the jeans darker.
  39. Reia, is this an better?
  40. Artiste:can you please do a mugshot of this trainer please?
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