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Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Goobin, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. (Special Note: This region contains no original Pokemon aside from legendaries. Descriptions of the Legendaries will be included here. This is also where I will aprove you)

    Long ago, in a region not far from Kalos, there were 2 great kingdoms. They got along well, but worshiped separate legendary Pokemon. The kingdom of the west, Arma, worshiped the great shield bearer Aegias. The kingdom to the east, Greenguard, worshiped the master of blades, Gladios.

    A feud tore the 2 brothers apart, and they rallied their Kingdoms for battle. A great and bloody war broke out, which neither side could win. The brothers fought for days without rest, and the entire region was nearly decimated. A little girl with a magic flute changed that. She awakened a third legendary Pokemon from the lake, Serenei, who used the flute to put her 2 brothers to sleep. Peace soon followed in her wake, and the 2 kingdoms united to rebuild.

    The region is still proud of it's past today, ancient castles are surrounded by modern architecture, serving to a testimony and reminder of the past. However, the Artemis region is facing a crysis once more

    A renown historian, treasure hunter, and Pokemon professor, Professor Hickory, has been summoning strong trainers from afar. His cryptic cry for help has reach only top trainers: "A great darkness will consume the world, I need your help to stop this. You must gather with the other trainers that I have contacted and find a way to awaken the legendary Pokemon, they are the only ones that can stand to appose this threat. Find my assistant, Star, in ports of Jacobi city. I will speak with you in person soon."

    A boy from Alola has received this message. He stood alone in the busy harbor of Jacobi city and eagerly waited for Star to arrive.
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  2. "Well, this better be important. Even if I've retired from that position, we shouldn't have to go through two other regions to get here." The girl complained to her Mightyena, meanwhile examining each passersby's face to see if anybody was waiting for someone. She spotted a boy standing around and frowned, figuring he must be another of the trainers called here. Giving a pre-determined signal to her dark type, she stepped back and let it boldly strut towards the unknown person.
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  3. Gabrielle Sloan Knight, not as infamous as her brother, who sadly died. Her brother, well known for playing in four movies, died of a heart disease left untreated. Gabrielle still mourns his death. It was night time, and she sat near a campfire. Her Honedge and Shieldawn were at it again. She just let them duel.
  4. A Lurantis (Which was hiding behind him) stepped out from behind him and eyed you suspiciously. The boy patted her head and said "What's wrong Princess?" The Pokemon kept her focus on Marina and her Mightyena. "Oh," exclaimed the boy, "How's it going?"
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  5. After Honedge and Shieldawn were done, Gabrielle looked to a direction where a boy and a girl stood. She walked to them for directions to the nearest Pokecenter, but stopped when a wild Ursaring showed up and decided to bring Gabrielle to trouble. She screamed.
  6. "Lovely night?! I'm being attacked by an Ursaring! Help!" Shieldawn and Honedge were too roughed out too fight, and Skarmory was in her ball, which she couldn't reach.
  7. (Ok hold on. Were you in the forest or in the city? Both the boy and the girl were in the city.)

  8. (A grassland near the city? idk)
  9. (Alright lol)

    The boy jumped into action. "Hey, don't be mean! Princess, Sweet Scent!" A soothing and sweet aroma wafted throigh the air, affecting all nearby pokemon.
  10. The girl and her dark type paused for a moment. Then Mightyena loped swiftly toward the Ursaring, teeth bared and evasion lowered from the Sweet Scent. Her fangs darkened as she swept forward, close to the ground, aiming to close her jaws around the bear's leg. Meanwhile, Marina took out her Blaziken's pokeball and let him out, the blaze pokemon also sprinting forward to assist in the battle.
  11. The boy and his pokemon waited to make their next move, both stood side by side, breathing in sync.

    From the distance, a man watched from the shadows. He wore a black cloak from head to toe, that consealed his entire body. He observed the 2 older trainer's every action.
  12. (I'm waiting on you)

  13. (Homework. Sorry.)

    Gabrielle rubbed her neck. "Uh...thanks..do you know where the nearest Pokemon Center is? My Doublade and my Shieldawn are worn out." The Shieldawn was from Medievalia, the region of the warriors.
  14. Marina furrowed her brow at the odd sounding pokemon name, but said nothing. Certain that the Lurantis' owner would help the girl, she instead watched her Blaziken and Mightyena fight the Ursaring bravely.

    Blaziken lunged at the bear with a punch, slightly distracted by the sense somebody was watching him. His attack was blocked with a swish of a paw, so he shook away the thought to better concentrate on his battle.
  15. The boy replied, "Oh, what a neat little guy. The nearest pokemon center is just over there. I was heading there to meet my friend Star." He pointed directly behind the ursaring. "Eh, maybe we should calm the big guy down first."
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  16. A young man appeared in front of a crumbling tower, treasure in hand. His pokemon, a krocorok was running behind him with a gold necklace. The tower fell behind him, not 20 feet between them. "Mission accomplished." He said, walking toward his buggy, and heading back to the main road. It had been a long day, and he needed to relax in town.
  17. will do it!!

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