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Art/Story Request

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Flame the Trainer, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. I am taking requests for art and stories. Remember im not perfect so dont make your art request so big and complicated. Im better with stories so it can be a bit more complicated. I have a tablet i just got for Christmas so thats why im reopening this thread of artwork, stories were still open but i got a new computer also so it can stay open!
    Art Requests: OPEN
    Story Requests: CLOSED

    Current Story Requests:

    Current Art Requests:
    #1 Flame the Trainer, Dec 25, 2016
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  2. Hey Flame can u start out with Lincoln Loud, and Team of Fighting Types with Lucario as his partner, and his members are blaziken, Heracross, Gallad, Chesnaught, and Kommo-o?
  3. Can you give me more of a description?
  4. Ok Lincoln and his partner/brother Lucario has the dreams to become not the strongest, but also the Champions, but in order to make their dreams come true, they must mastered to sync with each others, learn new battle strategies and tactics, Combined their move together, and make stronger bounds with Friends and rivals alike from all the other nicktoons, but there a special, and mystery power that is Linked to both lincoln's and lucario's hearts, will they find a way to control their new powers and make their dreams a reality?
  5. Seems more like a series then a one parter
  6. huh? what did u mean flame?
  7. From what you said it sounds like it's going to be a series if it's done, like in different chapters.
  8. oh yeah i know that.
  9. But do i had to do all the other nicktoons and their pokemon teams?
  10. I think that will be too much much for me. Sorry.
  11. then can we do lincoln and his team, first?
  12. The whole idea seems too big for me, sorry
  13. How about asking others for help with the story?
  14. I might to be able to do. But I will let you know later. Besides there are tons of people who might do this for you,
  15. Hi Flame, just letting u know how are u doing, and find some luck of finding some people for my story yet so keep touch in me and happy early new year
  16. Could you do a romance one-shot about a trainer in a wheelchair and an able-bodied trainer?
  17. Sounds too hard for me sorry.
  18. then can we make it short?
  19. How about this. A wild Raichu finds his past trainer after a year of being released.
  20. If thats a story, i cant do it because story requests are closed.
  21. oh, okay. maybe consider it for later?
  22. Maybe but im probs wont open story requests for a while.
  23. That's okay. I'll be patient for your answer.

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