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Art Requests!

Discussion in 'Requests' started by CloudLine64, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. This is where you can ask me to draw something(not too difficult now. :) ). It will be posted there or on my profile. Please,be patient,some art will take longer than others. Also,please be descriptive of the art you request,it helps me understand what you want. I believe that's it,ask away!
  2. A Shiny Riolu Animatronic?
  3. I'll try...and thank you for the request!
  4. Also...may I ask why you do have a picture of the thing you requested?
  5. i ask everybody to draw it, i want to see how people would imagine a shiny riolu animatronic.:
  6. Can you draw Sylveon and Glaceon together?
  7. Hi Cloud Can you make a Shiny Umbreon
  8. Okay! @Emerelda and @Midnight Umbreon ,I'll try! Do you guys wanna be more pecific about your request?

    Also, @Special Riolu *nods in agreement* So far,I have the sketch...so I still have to do two more steps,but I'll complete it!
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  9. Oh can you have A sylveon with it and they both under a Pink Blossom Tree.
  10. Okay,the Pink Blossom Tree will be a challenge,but I'll see if I can make it! Already got the picture in my mind,now to put it on paper! :blush:
  11. SharkByte

    SharkByte Formerly Jolteon the ultimate

    Can I have a jolteon in headphones? Oh and can it be anthropomorphic?
  12. Okay.... I'll try...

    Guys, I would like to thank you for the requests. Though, I will have close this for a while so I can get stuff done. So, no more requests for now.

    Special Riolu
    Midnight Umbreon and
    Jolteon the ultimate

    Hey, @Jolteon the ultimate , what Gender do you want it to be?
    #15 CloudLine64, Sep 12, 2015
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  13. SharkByte

    SharkByte Formerly Jolteon the ultimate

  14. Okay. Also, @Emerelda and @Midnight Umbreon Is it okay if I join both of your requests together? I'll basically have a Umbreon, Sylveon, and Glaceon together under a cherry blossom tree.
  15. Hello there, May i request a Tsundere Goodra?
  16. hi Fujiwara, can you do me Alphys and Toriel in one pic from undertale please?
  17. @Fujiwara and @PennyThePokemon I am very sorry but requests are closed. Though, I will get to them when I can...it's just the requests I have are the things I am finishing.
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  18. @Special Riolu You don't mind if the picture is a sketch still...like, it won't be colored in, though it will have the black outlines and things in it.
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