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Art of my wild imagination

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Saya Usaqi, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Im just drawing some pictures for people and if people have randomn ideas pitch them X3 and ill make them

    the eevee was supposed to be a pikachu and absol was a randomn doodle XD i dun know wher charizard came from
    the drawing is for a friend he is a big fan of persona 3 and i just drew the gardevoir
  2. Wow these are cool. I like the Absol and the one for the friend. They're all very cool.
  3. woot thanks and with that lol i doodled up a sneasle and gallade XD
    Modify heres two more i made :D i drew these like the P3 one
    this is why hitmonlee just dosent work out for me...
  4. These pictures are pretty good, but they look a little shaky and the shading on the Paint ones do not look the best.

    However, your best picture is the one of the Umbreon cosplayer. The pose and expression on that one, along with the shading, are excellent.
  5. Thank you for the critique I really Apretiate it! Whe you show a pic to friends or family they just say its good anyhow here are some more of my many works I have a whole Binderful but I only post the best ^_^
    P.S. Newest one is the one with King of thorns on it!
  6. I'm really loving the guy with the gun. It just works for me.
  7. XD Lets just say my teacher liked it as well anyhow.... I got bored in math so XD here it is[​IMG]
    Now I got bored in English with this one[​IMG]
    Im working on a really hard project for here its gonna be a surprize but its really hard to do let me just say that haha.
  8. umm woot here is a new one i made!! its Rena form Higurashi no naku koro ni!
    [​IMG] yes i know the body and arm is screwed up sorry ^_^"
  9. Some rather interesting work here! Have you felt like using Photo-shop for your work?
  10. I would but I dont have the money for photoshop ^_^"
    The ones that are done in paint are supposed to look scketchy X3 if thats what your wondering
  11. Rai


    These are all pretty good! I love the variety of drawings you did and the different styles you've tried. 83
    You should pratice anatomy a little more. Ummm, just a tip if you don't mind, I think of some of the body parts as shapes and then refine them later.
    Grab a friend or family member and try to sketch them or if someone's up to it, make them pose. Even though I'm not the best at anatomy, I know this can help a lot. C:
  12. these are pretty good ^^ I really love the B one, it's plain awesomeness :D
    I know they are supposed to be sketchy, (the paint ones) but I suggest using the eraser tool to color the white in between the lines.
    (set the background to the color you want and white as the foreground then color over the white while clicking the right side of the mouse)
    Keep up the good work :D
  13. Saya, these sketchy ones are pretty good, but I have one qualm. The hands on the one with the knife look pretty funky, the fingers looking like combs. Is that part of the style?
  14. Torrents savvy...
  15. [​IMG]
    this is a pic of me and my gaia family i did for fun i edited the colors and the origional went boom on my photobucket account D: I cant get the code or access it any more my photobucket is as screwy right now D:

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