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Art of le Shocari

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Just a simple little art thread~ These are drawn in paint, as my scanner is broken. I don't have a tablet(yet), but it would make my art look better by tenfold. I'm also much better at hand-drawing stuff, but as the scanner is a bitch....(I drew all of these very recently, btw)


    I started off on Victini. I wanted to try something simple. I'm not -that- pleased with it, because it could look a lot worse, but I -do- like the shading on it.


    I moved on to the deathmask, thinking it might be a bit more simple or appealing to the eye, and I like it a million times more than Victory Star.


    I did Doredia because I had a certain pose for it(this one, actually), that I thought looked rather cute. By far, this is my favorite of the group, as I like just about everything about it, hands down.

    I'm taking requests, now, and the form is as follows:

    Current Forum Name: (so I can find you ;) )
    Pokemon: (MUST BE GEN V)
    Extra Bits: (like different colored eyes/body/fur/etc. Maybe special markings. Accessories: Out of the question. Sorry ;_; )

    I also reserve the right to deny a request, or, if it seems to be going poorly, apologize my heart out to you for having lacking art skeelz.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Cute artwork you have here! I hope you're open for request soon, because I really want some of that artwork :)
    Besides all that, I think it's wonderful art and I think you should do more of it. I think you'll turn out to be a great artist!
  3. These are pretty good. I'll agree with you and say that Doredia is the best one. It's so colorful and nicely shaded and aaaaahh... It's really good. Let's just leave it at that. Deathmask is pretteh cool as well, but I think you could've made the actual mask a bit bigger. Victini's eyes look a bit awkward, but otherwise it's good.

    Wow, I really like that Doredia. Seriously. It's just amazing. I can't even really describe why I love it so much. It just looks reeeeeally neat. Well done!
  4. I appreciate the comments, guys ^^ Also, updating with some ooollldddd art


    Darth Nihl, drawn at 2:30 in the morning, if I remember correctly. I just woke up and decided to draw, so I drew him.


    This is a poster I drew for my old fic, "Pokemon, the Movie: Dark Passion." This poster features a couple fakemon(absollean and houndrane...hard to tell on the latter). I'm pleased with it.


    And this is for an old OC I used in an RP at some point. I have no idea what possessed me to do that background o.O

    Maybe I'll post some new art later~
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  5. or updating with new art ^^


    Daruma Mode for Virg ^^


    And Baoppu for Zacky ^^
  6. Daruma Mode blew my mind just as much as Doredia did o.O How do you manage to do that every single time? Although I must admit that this time it was more because I love Daruma Mode than the actual quality of the art. I'm not saying it's bad, not at all. I'm gonna stop being confusing now and just say it's awesome ^^;

    Darth Nihl looks pretty epic as well. His facial expression is a bit weird IMO but his body (especially the shoulderpads) are nicely detailed and very well shaded. Excellent job, good sir, excellent job.
  7. Your art style is very funny (In a good way.) and very cute! I especially love the Doredia and the Daruma! And Dart Vihl... I'm gonna have nightmares tonight. :( Anyway, great job! ;D
    #7 Louie Forest, Nov 28, 2010
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  8. Oh my gosh Daruma mode is so awesome! :D

    Your art is really cute and colorful, Sho. I really hope you keep updating with more of our new Gen V friends ♥
  9. You're art is fantastic!!

    I second the notion that as soon as you're taking requests- I wanna be the first in there! ://D
    Doredia is my absolute favourite because she looks really pleased with something- the shading is utterly remarkable in all of your pieces and I really want to take an example from your works! ♥

    Can't wait to see more of your fabulous art!

    K xx
  10. I could really learn something from you! (If I could be arsed that is)
    Your shading is way better than mine! Oh, thats right! I don't have shading because I can't be arsed to do that either!
    Keep it up! Doredia is best! It looks really 3D~!
  11. ABSOLLEAN! I love that 'mon ^^

    Loving your digital art Shocari, you're doing well with cell shading, 'specially if you're using paint. Out of all your new ones, I love the Death Mask or whatever it's called the most. Dunno why, I just do. I shall be stalking this thread.

    Oh, and Darth Nihl is one of the most godly things I've seen in a while.
  12. Eee, I saw the Baoppu and the other things on dA - really nice stuff you have here sir ^^
  13. I certainly like the Daruma mode. It captures the essence of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. However, I have to say that your computer art looks a bit awkward. Are you using a mouse or a tablet?
  14. just the mousepad on mah laptop ^^ I'm also refraining from using any of the path-tools, because I don't really like 'em much :/ I'm hoping to get a tablet soon, though :D
    #14 Shocari, Dec 2, 2010
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  15. Updating with this cute little Ishizumai ^^ Done for Toastie ;D
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  16. Eeee that's really really well done Sho! Here are your grades:

    Drawing: Awesome, really love the position and detail in the shell.
    Linework: Still a bit shaky, but getting better.
    Shading/Colour: Shading on shell is awesome, but does look a tiny bit off in places.

    Overall mark... *drumroll*

    PURE AWESOME!!! In my eyes, your best so far.
  17. Whoa! That is a really awesome Ishizumai! I'll agree with Aura and say this is your best one yet. Heck, when I first saw it I thought it was the official artwork! Very, very nice! Keep it up \^^/
  18. Nim


    I love Doredia and Ishizuma :3 You are really good at using paint, I'll be back to see how things are doing! :D
  19. *Toastie puts up hand*
    I requested it. Oh my that is the most adorable thing I have ever seen and it is going in my signature! I love the linework and the shading, particularly on the rock part.
  20. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Shocari! Ye're awesome Bro! ^_^

    For the tools you're using, those Pokemon are coming out magnificently done! Masterful even! I'll be stalking you this thread to see what more Pokemon you churn out for everyone. Keep up the good work Sho.
  21. Stone hermie crab is cute. :3

    I like the shading and expression on the Pokemon's face.

    I bet you'll do very well with a tablet, Shoc.
  22. Nyohoo O:

    All the drawings on this thread are lovely, and the varying styles are a great touch. The pencil drawings are colourful, neat and overall fantastic. The computer drawings are the cutest things I've seen in ages :3. My favourite would have to be the hihidaruma in his daruma mode. Keep it up~
  23. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    News Flash! As of right now, I'm gonna do requests! It's a first come, first serve, basis, and if you see the request list full, DO NOT REQUEST. Request List will contain up to FOUR people at any given time. Request form will be as follows:

    Current Forum Name: (so I know who you are ;) )
    Pokemon: (MUST BE GEN V)
    Extra bits: (like different colored eyes/body/fur, etc. Maybe some special markings or such. Outfits: out of the question)

    I'm reserving the right to deny your request, as well as apologize my heart out to you if I can't draw it do to a lack of art skeelz.

    Right now, request list is open. Come and get it while it's hot!
  24. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    I love your art! The Doredia gives off a really cute affect! WOOT WOOT, first request!

    Current Forum Name: Louie Temple
    Pokemon: Kurumayu
    Extra bits: Make him a shiny Kurumayu and give him a marking of a brown dice on his side.

    Thank you!
  25. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    [me=Sir Red]explodes in :V[/me]

    Sho, my brother~ How I love your art work. :3 Your unique style is fun to look it and brings a playful style to the Pokemon that I love. My favorite is Ishizumai, the detail on it is just so well drawn and fun. ^^

    That being said~ request. >>

    Current Forum Name: Sir Red
    Pokemon: Shanderaa
    Extra bits: Feel free to do whatever you want. Creative freedom FTW~! :'D
  26. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Wonderful requestingness is wonderful :>

    Current Forum Name: indie
    Pokemon: Darumakka
    Extra bits: Could you please give black wristbands with studs (the punky kind of ones) and a small black hoodie with a pin of colour/picture you wish.

    Thankies, and keep on arting~
  27. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Sorry, indie, I can't do that part of you request D:
  28. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    *Blazi Snatches Request four

    Current Forum Name: Blazi
    Pokemon: Hitomoshi
    Extra bits: Pink eyes and a pinkish blue flame please!

    Aside from that, the new artwork is REALLY good! Keep up the good work!
  29. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Current Forum Name: Stamgalaki
    Pokemon: Shimama
    Extra Bits: Shiny please.And maybe make the white parts pinkish

    Awesome art alert!
  30. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)


    I wasn't 100% sure on what you meant by brown dice, but I -think- this might be it. For Louie


    You've already had this for a while, but now, it's official XD For Red


    I couldn't really find any pinkish-blue thing, so I did both :3 For Blazi


    I hope this is to your liking. For Stam


    Little something I did for Sem on the side.

    Requests are completely open, so request :3 I only ask that you do not request if you already have, as I want to give several others a go before I get back to you.
    #30 Shocari, Dec 29, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  31. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Aaaw, thanks Sandile. It's just as I wanted it to look like! Thank you, and Happy New Year.
  32. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    You are awesome. Period. I love it!
  33. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Wow Shocari! This new batch of yours is great! My favourite of them would have to be Shanderaa. It's just... wow. Massive wow. The only thing I can say that could have improved it would be to have put a bit more shading onto the black, because it does get all mixed up a bit. But then, it does work for the effect of the light.

    Also love Louie's one, just 'cause it looks so smug. And Shimama.


    Current Forum Name: Aura
    Pokemon: Zoura
    Extra Bits: Could you make it a very evil/devious looking Zorua? And a Shiny as well?

  34. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    I love the Ishizumai, Sho. Great job on all of your artworks.

    Could you...

    Current Forum Name: AianZakery
    Pokemon: Futachimaru
    Extra Bits: Nothing extra, just a plain Futachimaru
  35. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Request please!

    Current Forum Name: Msml
    Pokemon: Tepig
    Extra Bits: Grey Body Fur.
  36. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Pretty sure I've told you this, but I love it so much. ♥ Amazingly awesome job, Sho. Thank you so much. ^^

    Also, I so wanna glomp that squishy looking Ranculus. :3
  37. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Hee, your new drawings are great, Sho~ Like Aura said, I love the smug expression on Louie's one. The pink Blitzle is very cute<3


    Current Forum Name: Tim Nordwind
    PokeMon: Gigalith
    Extra Bits: Could you make all the red parts bright gold?~
  38. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Thanks for the comments and requests guys, I really appreciate it ^^

    Also, just pointing out that requests ARE NOW FULL. So if I see any requests until I have room, they will be ignored. I'll get to work on what I have when I have the time('cos I'm totally about to leave >>)

    Oh, MSML, by gray body fur, is that replacing the orange or the brown?
  39. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Replacing the Orange, ad can you please make the brown golden? thnx
  40. Re: Art of le Shocari(Taking Requests, HomeDawg)

    Oh My Gosh, your art just keeps getting better and better! ://D

    I really love that Shanderaa you drew for Red *//o//* It is so cute! ♥ Uwaa~
    The flames on him and Hitomoshi look positively wonderful and I really like them!
    All ghostly and firey like that :>

    Keep up the absolutely stunning work! :,D

    Kasumi xx

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