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Arranging Battles for the League

Discussion in 'Pokécharms Organised Play' started by Linkachu, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Linkachu

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    Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when organizing your Charms League matches:

    1) Pay attention to timezones. Everyone who's part of the leagues has included their timezone within their Organised Play member registration. The next step is to figure out how many hours separate where you live from your opponents. This thread on timezones can assist you, but if you still require a bit more information this website can give it.

    2) Take advantage of the #PokecharmsWFC chat, your Private Messages, and the Charms forums. They all exist for your convenience, so be sure to use them to their fullest extent. If you need a common place to meet up with people for your battles, use the WFC chat. Even if you don't have mIRC/Chatzillia downloaded, you can reach the chat via our direct Mibbit client. Next is your Private Messages. Whenever you need to contact a specific person, send them a PM to get their attention (and hopefully everyone will be checking theirs on a regular basis). Finally, if you want to set-up matches via the forums, you can post a battle request topic on the Organised Play sub-forum.

    3) Be organized, and keep track of your own battles. It's up to you to get your battles done before the season ends. If you know you're going to be away for a planned amount of time, announce it so that everyone knows and don't wait to get your matches sorted out. Contact people sooner than later. There's no rush to getting battles done, but don't get into a crunch with them either. You can't guarantee that everyone will still be available to battle at the last minute.

    See below for further suggestions. :)
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  2. Nim


    I just remembered that I am going to be away from Monday the 5th to Friday the 9th. I will be eager to battle anyone between the 1st and then.
  3. Stark

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    I've been scheduling games for my AoE3 clan for a while in the past... the best advice I can give?

    Give as many possible times that you're around as possible, that way if both of you do it you're more likely to find a time that works quicker. If you both end up saying "I'm around at 2pm gmt", "I can't do that, can you do 3?" "No, I can do 4"... etc, you'll get nowhere. If you just flat out said ALL of the times you're free then things can get rolling a lot quicker.
  4. Doctor Oak

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    Just a note for battling me: just because I'm online doesn't mean I'm necessarily available for battle. So, please don't badger me with PMs every time you see me online...

    I will likely only be battling in this tournament at weekends and will probably just organise my battles through the WFC Channel on the meeting days - so I'd strongly advise all members participating in the league to make themselves into regulars for the meetings - especially if you want to get your match against me. :)
  5. Linkachu

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    Bumping this.

    I want to suggest that people take more advantage of their PMs this time 'round. If you're struggling to connect with a specific battler due to timezone conflicts, don't wait on 'em to turn up in the WFC chat because it might never happen. Take the initiative and PM them. Me and KoL are willing to step in when necessary to get matches done, but we want to hear that you guys have been actively trying to do so on your own, too. :p

    LoN's idea of giving a person as many different times that you'll be available as possible is a great idea, so keep it in mind. The more times you can suggest, the more likely you'll be to find a time that works for both of you.

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