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Ask to Join Armored Pokemon RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ariados twice, Sep 28, 2016.

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  1. So like I said, this rp takes place in a land in the Pokemon world where humans have never been. Pokemon have become quite advanced in this region. Skills such as armor creating and technological skills are quite valued. Special armors have been created for Pokemon of pretty much all species and types. Of course, such advances also mean "advanced" problems as well. Along with bad Pokemon there have been some feuds and battles as well. I have now named this region Keelan. This rp starts now.

    Mana sat in a tree a few feet away from what had once been a battlefield several weeks ago. Her lightweight, but strong armor glinted in the sun. The Emolga's tail twitched. Things had been on edge lately in the Keelan region. So Mana had to be ready in case she was attacked by an enemy.
  2. Omega sat on a rock, near a lagoon, as he noticed Athena near the hillside, as she dug at the hill and bit into some iron deposits. She stuffed herself, as she went to Omega as soon as she swallowed the iron.

    Omega looked at the sea, as his medium armor shined a reflection of the ocean. Athena sat with Omega on the sand, as he noticed her armor had been glimmering a faint, white light from the sun. Athena hugged Omega, as he blushed a lot. She treated him like he was her kid, as she placed him on her lap while she watched the ocean waves with Omega.
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  3. Mana leaped from tree to tree with incredible grace and expertise. After a while she stopped to take a break. The Emolga picked some berries and ate them. Once she had finished eating the berries, she continued on her way after a five minute rest. Once she got to a tree close to her destination, she stopped. Mana glided down to the ground. A Poochyena in dark gray armor walked up to her. "Alright Conrad. Begin your report." she told the Poochyena.
  4. Omega still sat with Athena, as he softly said to her, "W- why did you protect me... I want to know now... You didn't really know me or anything."

    Athena replied, "I'll tell you something here little one, I've always felt guilty since the time when I had to flee from an attack a while back. I saw you on that other hillside, you were defenseless. I rushed in and protected you, I cared for you like you were my son, I've done it because I wanted to try to take my guilt away from the battlefield. I wanted something else to focus on, and you also keep me happy, Omega. I'll take care of you like my kid, I'll do whatever it takes to protect you, even if it means the you know what."

    Omega replied to Athena, while he rubbed his scalchop, "Well, t- thanks... and anyway, I've wanted to ask you, why are there so many Pokémon that are so mean out there?"

    Athena said with a sad look, "I don't really know the true reason here. Maybe it could be that some of the armor is cursed, or maybe they're just born mean from an evil energy. We just have to deal with it here and avoid it if we can."

    Omega smiled at her, as he dozed off on her lap. Athena stroked his sky blue fur gently, while she avoided his scalchop. She kissed him on the forehead, as she watched the Winggulls in the sky flying around.
  5. Lily swam around in a pond, very much enjoying herself, but making sure to keep an eye out for any enemies. She eventually desided it was time to start training, so she climbed out of the pond, and began looking for someone to train with. "If I can't find anyone to train with, I will work on my jumping." Lily said to herself.
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  6. "The Squirtle Squall has taken over Nikana City. Flightopolis' defenses remain strong. And Marina Town is still controlled by the Marril Marauders." Conrad said. Mana nodded. "Thank you. You're dismissed." the Emolga told the Poochyena. Conrad saluted, then left. Mana looked up at the sky. 'What is taking that Wingull so long to report back.' she wondered.
  7. Athena placed Omega down on the rock first, as she shook off the sand that was on her. She picked him up after, as she walked around while she carefully held him in her arms. Her horns shined from the sunlight, as she looked up and saw several Wingull that flied through the bright sky. She thought to herself, "Wow, guess there's a lot of those birds here now."

    She was near a cavern, as she took a rest near a tree. She sat next to the tree, as she adjusted her grip on Omega to make sure he was snuggly on her lap. He still slept, as he quietly snored.
  8. the gallade was cuting some trunks and managed to cut 3 at once "man this armor rocks! with sure someone here want fight" then the gallade started to seek someone to battle
  9. "I do not see anyone to train with. I guess I should work on my jumping skills, then." Lily said before climbing a tree and jumping from branch to branch, jumping to a further away branch each time. Suddenly Lily missed the branch she was jumping to, and fell to the ground. "Ouch!" She yelped. "I think I'm going to need an Oran berry." Lily said to herself before standing up, her shoulder hurting, to look for some Oran berries.
  10. Athena got up, as her hard head had smacked a branch. She felt some berries that went on her head, as some also went to Omega's arms. She said to herself, "Huh, so this is a berry tree. Well.. guess I might as well grab some."

    She placed Omega down first, as she rammed the tree so hard that it toppled down the second her horns had hit it. Omega woke up startled from the noise, as he quickly held his scalchop and exclaimed, "Ahh, monsters!"
    Athena caught some more berries, as she chuckled and said to him, "Oh come on silly, it's just me."

    Omega sighed in relief, as he placed his scalchop back on his belly and continued to sleep. Athena placed her berries down in a neat pile, as she picked Omega up and placed him in her lap as usual. She sat down under the tree, while she took a huge bite of a sitrus berry, as Omega snored quietly.
  11. Lily found a Oran berry bush and picked a Oran berry, eating it quickly so she could get back to training, her shoulder no longer hurting. "I think I'll look around for a new place to train." Lily said to herself before picking a random direction, and going in that direction. She came to what looked like it used to be a battlefield about several weeks ago. "I don't think I have ever seen this place before." Lily said to herself, looking around.
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  12. One of the Wingulls was different from the others. Ash circled over the Oshawott and Aggron a few times. His golden armor glinted in the sunlight. The Wingull sighed. There were no bad Pokémon, or anything else that was bad that Mana would not be pleased to hear. Ash headed back to where he was to report to the Emolga.
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  13. zyro was to him battlefild "I will just wait someone appear here" zyro see lily "hey!" zyro go to close of lily "hey you want battle? im bored and a battle maybe cheer me up"
  14. Lily desided to keep looking. "This looks like a good place to train, but I might find a better place." Lily said to herself, continuing to look for a place to train. She eventually desided to jump through the trees. It would be faster, and it would improve her jumping ability. She climbed into a tree and jumped from branch to branch, searching for a place to train.
  15. "so.... im going to cut tree trunks again" zyro go back to the forest walking slowly. zyro see a berry tree "hey maybe some berrys cheer me up too!"
  16. A Swanna gently flew down to the side of the Wingull "hello there! do you deliver news? I'm not from around these parts and i have some news to share." she spoke in a calm voice, flying along side the wingull.
  17. "In a way, yes. I'm to report to Mana." Ash said. At the same time, Conrad was chasing off a pack of evil Mightyena. He growled. "Pokémon like you give my evolutionary stage a bad name." Mana waited for Ash to return. She talked with a Dratini to pass the time.
  18. "oh! um! i got news from a Kolbur berry hut that an outlaw or more known a thief is making there way here. " She chirped as she kept flying aside Ash.
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  19. "That's bad." Ash said. "I'll report that to Mana. This is something she would be interested in hearing. Thank you for letting me know." he said. The Wingull took off. A few minutes later Mana finally saw Ash approaching her from the sky. The Dratini she had been talking with also saw Ash approaching. He saluted Mana with his tail, then left. Ash landed in front of the Emolga and saluted her. "There is a thief making their way here. Though that 'here' could've been at the beach where I was scouting. Anyways, I got this from a Swanna." Ash said. Mana's eyes widened She looked thoughtful for a moment. The Emolga turned to Ash. "Find Conrad and tell him to organize a team of Pokémon. We must be vigilant." Mana said. The Wingull nodded and flew off to find Conrad.
  20. Lily came to a lake with a waterfall pouring into it, and a nice clearing beside of it. "This place will be excellent for training! I'll train here!" Lily said before diving into the water, jumping out and doing a backflip before landing back in the water. She desided to do tricks for awhile.
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  21. In the shadows, two yellow and red eyes watched Lily. It was hidden amongst the trees, it was just observing her every move and scout ther area also.

    Milliga continued to fly forward and deliver the news of a thief, it was sort of her job, at least the only thing she found useful to people. she wasnt too strong, so she couldn't be a fighter.
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  22. (What's watching Lily? O.O)

    Lily jumped into the air, doing a somersault before diving back into the water. She then jumped onto the shore. "Let's see, what should I do now? Should I practice my jumping skills, or attack skills?" Lily wondered, not knowing that something was watching her.
  23. (a thief mismagius named magjia O: better get ready for a fight! )

    It suddenly started to build clouds in the area, as rain started to heavily fall down from the dark clouds in this particular area only, It looked like someone used Rain Dance.
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  24. "Huh? Rain? But it was sunny earlier!" Lily said in wonder. "Someone must have used rain dance. Oh well! Rain is good for me, seeing as I'm a water type. And i can move a bit better, too." Lily said happily. She then back flipped into the lake.
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  25. A cold wind started to come from the trees, slightly over frosting them and making the rain colder, some turning to hail. This was another move by a pokemon, icy wind. and it was blowing fast.
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  26. "What? Hail?" Lily popped her head out of the water. She climbed out of the water, fearing it might freeze. Lily quickly made a burrow under a tree and climbed in, hoping the rain and hail would stop. "That is kinda strange. First it was sunny, then it started to rain, then it started to hail and the wind got really cold. Its strange." Lily said, watching the rain and hail from her burrow.
  27. Suddenly a Mismagius started to float out into the open, it was the one using Icy wind. it looked around and searched the place, they had a satchel and scarf, they were making the wind and the cold blow harder, the river did start to freeze.
  28. Lily saw the mismagius, and desided it would be best to sneak away. She quietly slipped out of her burrow and snuck away from the clearing as fast and quietly as she could when the mismagius wasn't looking. She then ran as fast as she could away from the clearing. She made it to the place that been a battlefield about several weeks ago.
  29. Milliga flew over head of the spot that was being frozen, she saw the mismagius and gasped. She quickly flew back too where she had found the wingull, and hoped to find the emolga "hello!? anyone?!"

    Magjia growled quietly "where did that vaporeon go? they looked like a nice pokemon to steal from.." she quickly searched around and started to search outside of the area.
  30. Lily desided she should run further away. She picked a random direction and ran in it, but made sure not to go the way she came. She eventually saw a Emolga. "Its time I tryed to make some friends." Lily said to herself as she walked over to the Emolga. "Hello!" Lily said to the Emolga.
  31. Milliga spotted Lily and flew down to her "hello! are you running from the mismagius?"
  32. "Why, yes! I found a good place to train, and it just showed up, so i ran away because I'm not good at fighting ghost types! I'm not sure what it wanted, but I think it was a thief. I don't really have anything it could steal, though. Well, I do have my armor." Lily said.
  33. Milliga nodded "It indeed be a thief! They will steal anything! My just the one Mismagius is up for a varity of thousands of berries in a Clan of Psychic type! its a big reward."
  34. Athena saw that Omega had woken up from the extreme weather changes, as she went into her cave and went deep into her area where she had lived. No one had known about the area, as she secretly hid during the war when she wasn't fighting.

    She placed Omega on a cotton area, as she lied next to him with a fluffy cotton ball that acted like a pillow. She used her grass cloth as a blanket she made with the large help from a Leavanny earlier, before she had been at the beach. She cuddled with Omega, as she took a short nap, while her horns wiggled since she was still on full alert since she overheard the fact that there was a thief around. The area was pitch black, as not even a ghost could find their away around the area if they were a first timer.
  35. Magjia had wandered off into a new area, it was pitch black. She growled quietly. "its too dark in here.. not even i can see where im going.. there cant possibly anything worth of value in here.. " only her eyes glow in the dark and the gems on her chest. She spawned a shadow ball in between her 'hands' so give off some sort of light.
  36. Omega felt that something wasn't right, as he stayed completely slient. He was glad that Athena had used secret power to hide themselves in a hidden spot where no one would have thought of looking for, since the cave was only very dark and vacant of others.

    Athena dozed off lightly, as she didn't snore at all. Omega lied down with her, as he quietly slept also, and stayed slient, as he breathed through his nose without making a sound.
  37. The Mismagius decided to leave, coming back where they were at the entrance and just shrugged it off as nothing of importance.
  38. "I guess it was a good thing I ran from the mismagius, then. I'm not good at fighting, so it could have easily beaten me and stole my armor." Lily said, looking at the ground. "But I feel like a coward for running away instead of staying and fighting." Lily said sadly.
  39. The swanna frowned "chin up! i dont fight at all either because im frail!" she tried to encourage Lily as best as she could.
  40. "I'm sure you're not that frail. My father used to say that I was frail, but I'm not in the least little bit frail." Lily smiled at the Swanna. "By the way, what is your name? My name is Lily." Lily introduced herself to the swanna. "Looks like I may have found myself a friend!" Lily thought happily to herself.
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