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Open Armored Pokemon RP Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ariados twice, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. This rp takes place in a land in the Pokemon world where humans have never been. Pokemon have become quite advanced in this region. Skills such as armor creating and technological skills are quite valued. Special armors have been created for Pokemon of pretty much all species and types. Of course, such advances also mean "advanced" problems as well. Along with bad Pokemon there have been some feuds and battles as well.

    You can create up to three characters. But if you choose to do more than one you have to be able to handle it.

    Armor description:

    Species: Emolga
    Name: Mana
    Gender: Female
    Armor description: Lightweight (but strong), so she can still glide. Armor also has controlled conductivity/non-conductivity electricity wise, which Mana can control at will.
    Skills: Fighting,strategist, occasionally shown leadership skills.
    Personality: Can be nice when she wants to be. Can be quite fierce in battle. Smart, quick thinking, and serious in certain situations.
    Age: 17
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  2. Species: Glaceon
    Name: Elsa
    Armor description: Lightweight, Ice Proof, and Easy To Move in, Elsa armor is also fluffy for warmth in the cold. It has a hoodie that go around her head(Not over her face like a regular hoodie)
    Skills: Not Much of A fighter, More of a strategist but can fight if needed.
    Personality: Calm, Easy Going, Not Very Social, More of a Brains Pokemon than Brawns.
    Age: 19

    Is this good? I really like your idea of this Roleplay, It is creative
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  3. Thank you. And yes, it's good.
  4. Species: Vaporeon
    Name: Lily
    Gender: Female
    Armor description: Lightweight, fireproof, and easy to move and swim in.
    Skills: Very fast and excellent swimmer, a decent fighter, and good at planning strategies.
    Personality: Quiet, Calm, and prefers to be alone most of the time. Loves to swim and do tricks.
    Age: 17

    Is this good? Also, if I do anything wrong, please let me know so I can fix it!
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  5. This is fine.
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  6. Species: Blastoise
    Name: Shellshock (I feel like i heard this name from somewhere but i forget where_
    Gender: Male
    Armor description: Since blastioise's defense is already nigh-unbreakable, the armour is made to aid him mobility. When he retreats into his shell, it rolls into a ball, allowing him to roll around, crusing is foes with his incredable weight combined with the armours. It is also painted to look like a giant rock so he can camouflage with it (Is this a bit OP?)
    Skills: Very good at directing said ball.
    Personality: Very Gentle and Kind. Would happily take a hit for other Pokemon.
    Age: 20

    Can I Join? Its a unique concept and I'm surprised there are so little people.
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  7. Of course you can join.
  8. Species:gallade
    Armor description:the armor make him more fast but the defense low he still can run and still have the high attack
    Skills:is fast especially attacking
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  9. You're good. Jump in at any time.
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  10. Character #1:

    Species: Oshawott
    Name: Omega
    Gender: Male
    Armor description: Moderate weight, made to aid him in water navigation, and shield him from fatal blows
    Skills: Basic Defensive Samurai Arts (Able to parry normal attacks, but at the cost of taking some damage)
    Personality: Docile, Curious, Not really social with people
    Age: 10

    Character #2:

    Species: Aggron
    Name: Athena
    Gender: Female
    Armor description: Extremely heavy, made for very high defense, slows her down significantly
    Skills: Excels at Close Quarters Combat
    Personality: Risktaking, kind to friends, will do anything to protect Oshawott
    Age: 38

    The RP is very unique here, and I would like to join here with my two characters. If there's something wrong, please feel free to PM me.
  11. It's fine. The actual rp is up now, so you can jump in when you're ready.
  12. Yeah I was going to ask that also...

    I can't find the link to it here... I'm assuming you're probably still making it or something.
  13. Form-
    Species: Shiny Servine
    Name: Blue
    Gender: Female
    Armor description: Lightweight armor (but still strong and it lets her keep her speed ) Armor covers her whole body and her tail, it also protects her from fire..her main weakness
    Skills: Close range combat
    Personality: Sweet, loving, funny
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  14. You're fine. Jump in whenever you're ready.
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  15. Form-
    Species: Jolteon
    Name: Tempo
    Gender: Male
    Armor Description: Modrate weight, since overprotective of himself, and he's strong enough to lift himself in his armor while running.
    Skills: Speed; Strong defense; Quick thinking
    Personality: Often excited, Fierce in battle or when someone messes with his friends, slightly of a coward, and musical
    Age: 16 (teen age)
    Form #2
    Species: Rowlet
    Name: Budo
    Gender: Male
    Armor description: Lightweight, to fly easily, and to shoot easier in battle
    Skills: Good aiming, speed, far range combat
    Personality: A little fierce, mostly excited when it comes to adventures, loves to solve riddles and clues
    Age: 16 (same age as Tempo)
    That is all for now~ ❤️

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  16. I'm pretty sure I can't accept your 2nd character, since it is an Alola Pokémon. But your other one is good.
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  17. Species: Mismagius
    Name: Magjia
    Gender: Female
    Armor description: Satchel, Scarf with types of pins in them used for flinging. Doesn't really have amour, is a ghost.
    Skills: Shadow Ball, Rain Dance, Icy Wind, Dark Pulse || Due to being a ghost, can sometimes turn transparent (slightly invisible) || Levitate/Immune to Ground attacks || Thief, Outlaw, Assassin.
    Personality: Clever, Mischevious, Cocky, Sneaky, Mean.
    Age: 17 Years of Age

    Species: Swanna
    Name: Milliga
    Gender: Female
    Armor description: Satchel, Thin Metal chest plate, not usually a fighter.
    Skills: Protect, Roost, Defog, Hurricane. || Not much of a fighter, likes to share news, make friends || Kind hearted, Sharing||
    Personality: Kind Hearted, Selfless, Wise, Calm.
    Age: 24
  18. You're in. Join whenever you're ready.
  19. Um, Could someone tell me if ocs are still accepted, please?
  20. these are all oc's
  21. I meant if more people can apply to join the RP thread.
  22. Yes.
  23. Species: Servine

    Name: Leaf

    Gender: Male

    Armor description: Simple plating on chest and tail. Enough to be a bit more protected but still able to be as fast and reactive as possible.

    Skills: (If we are talking moves/Ability: Leaf Blade, Synthesis, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed. With Contrary/Overgrow as ability, as per usual with Snivy's evolution line) Extremely quick and nimble, smart.

    Personality: Considered by everyone a "tactical genious", he is calm, cold and thoughtful at any given time. Like others servines, he believes respect is earned and not given by default. As such, he tends to look down at others, although he tries his best to not sound disrespectful.

    He never really warms up to anyone in particular, but that doesn't mean he's snappy/sassy, rude or a jerk. He can act friendly and give you some help when needed. Just don't expect him to have bonds deeper than close frienship with a select few.

    He can be ruthless at times, and that has to be due to his way of life. If some lives are lost for the better cause (or life are saved but the mission fails) he doesn't questions it and just acts.

    When it comes to his personal goal and motive he fights (He doesn't like fighting without a clear motive nor sparring against weaker clanmates) he gets borderline reckless to the point of completely push his limits and even destroy himself in the process if it means getting it done. If it's anything else, he does the required without going too much overboard unless you get into life or death situations (logically).

    Also, he seems to question every little thing if it doesn't link to his own vision, which can get annoying depending to who he speaks with. He always thinks two moves ahead, predicts and strategizes, but hates doing things on a hunch or just because you can.

    He despises fighting without a clear reason or with a clearly inferior opponent.

    His motto is "Strength is the way to shape or change our own future, while power is a derivative of your actions."

    He has a particular liking to oran berries.

    Age: 21

    Appereance: Pretty self explanatory, since I took the time to draw it. Nice to get old drawing out of Sta.sh from time to time.

  24. You're in. Join in whenever you are ready.
  25. Thank you, I'll try to introduce my character when it's appropriate for him to show up.
  26. Here goes:
    Species: Rhyperior
    Name: Dasken
    Gender: Male
    Armor description: Titanium armor with intricate carvings, similar to the normal markings on Rhyperior. It glints with a tainted teal coloration, and the patterns are a deep black.
    Skills: Can really absorb attacks, very resilient, excellent arm-cannon aim, great tactician, and intellectually extraordinary.
    Personality: Quirky, sarcastic, dark-ish, strong, calculating, can get very angry and pumped.
    Age: 24
  27. You're in. Join in whenever you are ready.
  28. Thanks! :3
    I'll try and transition myself in smoothly.
  29. Damn... completely forgot about this RP... can someone fill me in on whats happening
  30. I can for current events... I pretty much obliterated a ghost-type-secure container and a mismagius, and finally found Mana. I was looking for her; my character's from a different sector.
  31. And almost killed said ghost type I might add. XD
  32. Hey. xD
    He wasn't aiming to. OOOOOOH, and an Oshawott is going berserk. Super Saiyan berserk, and my character just threw the punhc of his life to try and stop said oshawott...
  33. Can you people resist the urge to butcher eachother the moment you see something else moving please? xD
  34. Oh boi... Leaf will have fun.
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  36. Well as it stands right now the servine has you by the ropes. Literally. So no exterminate for you! :3

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