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Ask to Join Armored Pokemon Rebooted RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ariados twice, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. (Link to the discussion : http://pokecharms.com/threads/armored-pokemon-rebooted-rp-discussion.14281/ )This rp takes place in a land in the Pokemon world where humans have never been, the Keelan Region. Pokemon have become quite advanced in this region. Skills such as armor creating and technological skills are quite valued. Special armors have been created for Pokemon of pretty much all species and types. Of course, such advances also mean "advanced" problems as well. Along with bad Pokemon there have been some feuds and battles as well. For anyone that was in the original rp, (@lordpotatollama , @Magjia , @Charlespark , and @~:Mist:~ ) we will be resetting to a point, before the fight with the Chandelure. Also, Mana will be receiving an apprentice of sorts. So, will start from here.

    Bruno walked in and noticed that the Mismagius was having trouble. "Here, let me help you miss." he said. "Mashaka, I may need your assistance." Bruno said. Bridget opened the Zoroark's cell. Mashaka stepped out of his cell. "A thief for hire is dropping off her stash near here. I'd like you to pick up that stash disguised as a Shinx, give it to Magjia, and then help her get to the Chandelure disguised as a Sudowudo." Bruno said. Mashaka nodded.
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  2. Omega had been asleep in the cave, as Athena had slept with him in her secret base. They were both tired, as Athena hugged him closely. She thought to herself as he snored, "I think that it would be best to avoid the wars for our sake... they've sure taken a toll on me now." She quietly slept, as Omega stayed close to her.

    Meanwhile, Minun was in the camp, as he quickly became invisible when he noticed that there were others inside. He listened in on what Bruno said, as he stayed slient. He thought to himself as he hid behind some cabinets, "Wow... so I'm not the only thief huh? Well, that makes the two of us. I'd better not get caught like she did, or else trouble's gonna arise."
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  3. Thunk thunk thunk....
    Micah leaned against the concrete walls of the towering skyscrapers above him. The sound of all different kinds of moves were being aimed at him. The Pokemon were aiming to kill, with no mercy. Micah quickly threw out a large plate of armor that had come from a fallen Pokemon, as he watched the armor be consumed by countless shadow and energy balls. The Umbreon clenched his teeth before his feet tensed.
    One... Two.. Three.. Go!
    A flash of light was all you could see when the Umbreon dashed out from his spot. Followed by a path of attacks, the Umbreon quickly sent a drone out into the darkness where it stuck onto the large Ursaring, leader of the dark gang. He quickly rolled into the nearby alleyway with his armor shining brilliantly, sending out Shadow balls where they honed in onto the large Pokemon and..


    A uneasy murmuring had come from the Pokemon who were firing at him. Their leader had fallen and collapsed, powerless. What could they do? Micah quickly used Snarl, which had been amplified through his armor. The Pokemon screeched with their paws over their ears as his drones buzzed and stuck onto the armor of the dark Pokemon gang of the city, only to be quickly dismantled and charred, falling to the ground after the barrage stars had rendered them useless (Swift). Micah faltered for a moment before leaning against the wall with a sigh. The sounds of sirens could be heard as his rings glowed a soft white. Standing up, he watched as the Pokemon Crime agents took the fallen members away and into numerous cars before driving away, leaving only one single car remaining.

    "Great work Micah, these Pokemon were starting to become a problem...." Micah turned around to see his old friend, a Absol with a grey armor, similar to his. He let out a sigh before he smiled.

    "Yeah, thanks... But what do they think about this.. You know... Doing this dirty work.." Micah said with a sigh before jumping into the car. The Absol quickly followed through and started to drive.

    "Their getting mad, the general public and all. Even with the things you've done, they are starting to hate you, thinking the reasons for all this chaos is because of you.." The Absol replied as the car drew with a silent hum.

    "That's Insane! All I've done is trying to protect others, why would they think that I'm hurting Pokemon?" Micah growled before he let out another groan of pain. He had gotten a couple of bruises, but otherwise, he would be fine.

    "That's why we are about to send you a bit south of here. There is a top notch institute called the UPA with a Emolga as a leader. Her skills are known to be some of the best in the reigon and could even challenge yours. They plan on guarding and helping Pokemon... That's what you want to do right?" The Absol looked at the mirror at the troubled Umbreon for he started looking for a parking space at the train way, where the trains could get you almost anywhere in the Keelan region in less then a hour.
    "Just go straight and said that I sent you, they'll take you straight to the camp where you can meet the leader and get recruited. I'm sure she'll let you join as long as you do what she says... Okay? I'll see you soon." The Absol waved his paw lightly as Micah hesitantly exited the car. The car buzzed away, his last chance of turning back was gone. He let out a sigh before he turned to the light of the train station, the light of a new start.


    "Hello? Can I speak to Mana please? I'd like to join!" The Umbreon shouted, knocking on the loud heavily secured doors of the camp. He kept his drones ready to depart, just in case if a situation were to arise.
    (OOC: Sorry about the same post, it's just that Micah wasn't introduced before the Chandalure fight. X.x)
  4. (OOC: It's fine. History is a little altered in this rp anyways)

    Mana heard her name being shouted and a knocking on the door. 'Who could that be. Whoever they are, they have unusual timing. Though of course, whoever it is doesn't have any clue about what's going on right now.' the Emolga thought. She ran up to the doors and managed to get on top of them. "You are looking for me, correct?" Mana called down to the Umbreon. She jumped off the doors and glided down to the ground. "I am Mana. What is your business here?" Mana said to him.
  5. Minun still stayed quiet, as he heard the knocking on the door. He quietly crouched down, while he looked around the area, as something had caught his eye. He noticed some papers and some documents around some tables, as he thought to himself, "Hmm, should I search these when they go away or not? This might be a lottery though, I could either get useless stuff, or perhaps something nice like blueprints to this so called armor that I've been hearing lately."

    He continued on his thoughts after he took a slient breath, as he thought to himself, "I could also possibly steal some money or whatever they use for that. That way it'll look like a clean cut robbery, so they might be less likely to be focused on anything else. The question is, where oh where do they keep their stuff? In a safe perhaps, or maybe hidden in the walls like in that one movie? I might have to look deeper once no one's around."

    He listened in onto the Emolga, as he continued to stay quiet. He briefly saw an Umbreon that she talked to, as he stayed hidden behind the drawer and thought about his plan carefully, as one wrong move could result in things beyond trouble.
  6. "Oh, Hi. I'm Micah and I have been referred by a friend. If possible, may I join?" The Umbreon said, bowing his head. He felt uncomfortable being in the new environment, but he didn't exactly have the best reputation back from the city. Looking around, he observed how the metal doors seemed to be guarded by a special code or paw print scanner. The walls also seemed to be insanely high tech, which would mean that it also probably had some sort of defenses such as turrets or sentry watch points. This place was no joke and it looked more like a military base then anything else. His paws were insanely sore due to having instantly come to the checkpoint without any rest. The train didn't provide any rest either, considering that he had offered up is seat to a Pokemon who seemed to have been quite old. He let out a sigh before looking back down to the Emolga and awaiting her response.

    (OOC: Eek, Micah sounds a bit more serious then he should. Sorry! XD)
  7. "Sure. We need all the assistance we can get. You just fill out some paperwork, then you're in." Mana said to Micah. Midge managed to overhear. The Purrloin retrieved her armor, put it on, grabbed a specific satchel, and managed to get on top of the doors. Midge leaped down to the ground and walked over to the two. She addressed the Umbreon. "Would you like to see a sample of the paperwork?" Midge asked.
  8. May I join? I would like to be an Espeon
  9. Minun still hid behind the cabinet, as he heard the Emolga still talking to the Umbreon. He gulped when he noticed that the Umbreon had drones, as he quickly thought to himself, "Oh boy... I'm really into the future now aren't I? I guess now they got these floating cameras and they're upping their game now. I'd better find a way to either elude them, or give them a thunder wave to make sure that they're shut down."

    Meanwhile a Dragonite had flew around in the sky, as he held onto his staff while he looked around at the camp from above. The camp had caught his eye, as he slowly went down onto the berry tree near the cave and used roost. His wings neatly folded inward, as he fell asleep while he took a nice, short rest.
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  10. "Thanks! It's good to h-" Micah heard someone begining to approach from behind him and jumped back before noticing that the Pokemon that had approached him from behind was only trying to help him.
    "Ah, sorry. I didn't see you coming so I panicked a tiny bit. Thanks, but I'll just try filling it out when I first see it." He said, sweat dropping.
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  11. "Yeah, that's fine. We give that option to everyone. My name's Midge by the way. Pleasure to meet you." Midge said. The Purrloin saluted Mana, then went back over the doors and into the camp.
  12. Micah let out a sigh before smiling ever so slightly and looking back to Mana.
    "Where can I get the official paperwork to fill out?" He asked, stretching out a bit. He was amazed about the fact that the Purrloin was able to easily clear the wall, considering it's size. Looking back, he wondered if anyone else was watching him at this moment.
  13. Fae lept from building to building as she travelled to where the letter she had was to be delivered. The lopunny's armour shone as she had polished it the day before as she landed outside of the camp. Getting in she asked for directions so that she could drop off the letter and made her way to where she was told Mana would be. Fae gave a quick knock to the door before stepping back and standing at attention, "hello? I have a report from one of the northern stations. I was told to give this report to someone named Mana".
  14. Minun continued to stay invisible, as he was still hidden behind the cabinet. He continued to listen in onto the others talking, as he smiled and thought to himself, "Hmm... so there's paperwork involved, and there's others that are giving reports like the newspaper news. I'd better make sure that I do this in one shot, one screw up means that everyone here will definitely know."

    He looked around at the walls, as he noticed that they were high tech. He knew that this place wasn't just a simple jewelry store, as he noticed some heat signatures that came from the walls. He knew that there was a lot of defense and security in the area, as he had to find a way to disable them. He continued to listen in for more information, as he continued to stay undetected behind the cabinet.
  15. Tailu had been on the roof of Mana's living space when to Lopunny showed up and said she had a report to give to Mana. The Taillow called down to the Lopunny. "Mana is outside the doors talking to someone. So she is not here right now." Tailu preened himself for a minute, then returned his attention to the Lopunny.
  16. "Oh! Well should I find her or is there a place I should place it? I know that some higher ups do not like to be bothered when they are doing something," Fae asked standing at attention as she looked up at the taillow, the report still in her hand.
  17. "I think there might be a mailbox or something around here. I mean, I don't know whether you are supposed to go to her or not. I've only been here a week, so I don't have any clue. I mean, if you would like to know I could go and ask her. Just to be on the safe side." Tailu said.
  18. "That would be very nice of you. I was not given much information on this delivery," Fae smiled as gave a curt now to the flying type. She then proceeded to look around for a mailbox and kept the hand not holding the report on her hip. She looked at Tailu again with a sigh, "is there any rules I should know about? I know you let new hero but Inwould just like to make sure".
  19. Kogoro woke up from his short nap, as he extended his wings and flied over to the door where he saw some others that were inside. He also noticed an Emolga, as he had something urgent to show her. He held his case file in one hand, as he knocked on the door gently with the other. He waited patiently, as he heard his staff beeping quietly. He knew something wasn't right, as he sensed a familiar energy signature that came from about fifteen feet inside the area.

    Meanwhile, Minun continued to listen in, as he heard a familiar knock that came from the door. He knew it was the Dragonite coming in, as he thought to himself, "So... my old friend comes in again, I suppose he already knew about it when he saw me go on my waterproof boat. Well, I suppose it's time for me and him to both be good and bad, so we should be even."
  20. (OOC: Sorry for not answering sooner. I was going to, but then stuff came up.)

    "At our Information Center. I don't know about others, but ours is somewhat multi-purpose." Mana said to Micah. Meanwhile Tailu noticed yet another Pokémon knocking on the door of Mana's living quarters. "If you are looking for Mana, she's not here. She's outside the front doors talking to someone. Would you like me to alert her for you, since I'm already going to tell her something anyways." the Taillow said.
  21. Micah nodded before looking back at the large metal gate.
    "Am I permitted to enter or shall I fill out the paperwork first?" Micah asked, letting his rings glow lightly to show that he was listening. So far, the Umbreon knew only a minimal amount of details about the establishment.

    (OOC: Agh! So short! ;-;)
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  22. "Well, considering that the Information Center is inside the camp, we sorta have to go in." Mana said. She pushed a spot on the wall. A panel slid up to reveal a keypad. Mana typed in a special code and the doors opened. The Emolga motioned to Micah, then led the way into the camp.
  23. Kogoro went to the Emolga, while he held the case file in his left hand still, as he followed her and waited. He quickly flied up to hopefully avoid being detected, as he didn't want to interrupt her. He thought to himself as he was above her, "Should I just go to her right now, or wait? And I have to admit she does look a little cute..."

    Meanwhile, Minun snuck around while invisible still, as he avoided everyone like the plague. He knew that even the slightest bump would lead to trouble, since it would give him away. He stayed hidden behind some crates now, as he looked at the Emolga, and Kogoro, who was flying above her.
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  24. Micah instantly began to search for what Mana had called the "Information Center." He scanned his surroundings before he finally saw what looked like a insanely large high tech vending machine. He tapped the screen a couple times, accessing the shared database. He finally found his application forms and began to fill out the paper digitally.

    Your name, age, and gender
    Micah Luci, 18, Male

    Previous Experiences

    Micah let out a sad sigh, looking at the question and continuing to write.

    Leader of PMC before Disbanded.

    The rest of the applications had him agree that the UPA wasn't responsible for injuries, death, etc..
    "Guess that's just part of the job..." Micah muttered before pressing the large "print" button. He listened as the machine hummed quietly before it made the noise of a small bell before the paper popped out of it. He smiled before walking back to Mana.

    "Here, is this it?" He said, letting out a yawn before looking down to the Emolga. It reminded him of his past. He felt a pang in his heart, seeing a small resemblance before shaking his head lightly.
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  25. Yeah that's it. It's not our only Information Center, there's one that Milo and Marty sort of 'manage' if you will. But that's beside the point. Anyways, thanks." Mana said. She carefully took the paper. "This will go in the database. Welcome to the UPA." the Emolga said with a nod.
  26. "Yeah, thanks for letting me in." He said with a nod before smiling. He was about to leave but realized that he literally knew nothing about the place or what to do. He already knew that he was horrible at socializing from past experiences so that definitely wasn't a option. Not exactly knowing what to do, he looked back to Mana.
    "Hey um.. Is there anything I should do right now?" He said before face palming at his own question.

    Wow! That was literally right next to the worst thing you could have asked! Great going! Now she probably thinks I'm some kind of weirdo...

    "Sorry sorry, that sounded weird.." He said before a small tint of red came over him. He stood still before hoping she wouldn't notice.

    Bravo! There, you found the worst!
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  27. "I'm sure we could probably find something for you to do."Mana said. Tailu flew over the gate. "Excuse me, Mana. There was a Lopunny looking for you. She left a report in your mailbox. Also, there may be a Dragonite looking for you as well." the Taillow said. He nodded to Micah.
  28. Kogoro stood near the front door still, as he patiently waited. He noticed a young Helioptile that went to him, as he looked over at the case file and saw him in a picture! He said to him, "Hey umm... you look familiar... didn't I see you not too long ago before I got here?"

    The Helioptile took a nice rest under the sun, as he replied to him shyly, "N- no... I'm not who you think... uhh... well..." He sweated a lot, as he looked at Kogoro and noticed he was a lot smaller than usual. He took a tiny step back while he sweated a lot, as he knew that he was going to find out his secret eventually.

    He thought to himself as he cried in front of Kogoro, "Oh man... I barely got away from that freak, thank god I was able to get a paralysis on him with thunder shock. I'd better try to hide this as long as possible, since being a victim and knowing the passcodes to the safes would seem suspicious. They'll try to hurt me just to get the passcodes to the safes that have a secret formula for making explosives!"
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  29. Micah acknowledged the Tailow with a warm glow from his rings and a slight nod before looking back over to Mana.
    "I can do anything, doesn't really matter." He said, before shaking off his blush.
    Lets not mess things up more then they already are...
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  30. "Well I'm not sure about any assignments or the like, but we can work out the whole living quarters thing." Mana said. She nodded to Tailu and the Taillow nodded and flew back to where he had come from. Meanwhile, Midge leaped from a tree branch and headed towards a lake that was within the camp's boundaries. As she walked past the prisoners' cells, she stopped for a moment to glare at one in particular. A Breloom named Falu, whom she practically loathed for reasons not known to most that lived in the camp.
  31. The Helioptile ran inside the area, as he jumped through the side window, and quickly fled from Kogoro! He saw him tailing him, as Kogoro said in a stern tone, "Baby or adult, you're not going anywhere until you tell the answers. Come back right here and right now young man!"

    He cried, as he dashed through the area and tripped near a cabinet! Minun quickly pulled him in with him and covered his mouth, as he whispered, "Don't make a sound... and maybe we might be able to find a way out... I've already heard stories about you and those safes, I thought they were only myths. Ahh, and I'll make a deal with you, but later since now's a bad time."

    Helioptile nodded at him, as Minun stayed slient while he uncovered his mouth. He wiped the tears from his eyes as Helioptile whispered to him, "Come meet me at my secret base, it's near the dessert that's near the forest here. I'll take you there if we can meet in the forest if you get lost. Just use your electricity to communicate if we're far."
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  32. Micah perked his ears when he heard about his living arrangements.
    "Oh yeah! I completely forgot! That would be great actually!" He said with a smile. The Umbreon watched as the Tailow fly away before turning and starting to familiarize himself with his surroundings.
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  33. Mana smiled at Micah. "I think I can find someone to show you around and help you with that. Excuse me for a minute." she said. The Emolga took off. Once she found the living quarters she was looking for, Mana knocked on the door, which had the name Sebastian on the door. Sebastian opened the door and looked down at Mana, because of the height difference. "Yes?" he said to her. Mana nodded to the Dratini. "We have a new recruit. I'd like you to show him around and help him figure out his living arrangements." she told Sebastian. The Dratini nodded, his helmet slid down to cover his eyes. Sebastian adjusted it with his tail. "I'd be glad to mam." he said. "Good Mana said. The Emolga then led the Dratini to Micah. "Micah, this is Sebastian. He will show you around the camp and help you figure out your living arrangements." Mana told Micah. Sebastian nodded to Micah.
  34. Kogoro went to Mana after she went to Sebastian, as he noticed that even he was smaller than him. He gulped and was a little frightened of his large size, as he hesitantly hid the case file in his left hand, while his tail shook in fear.

    Meanwhile, Minun and Helioptile had to find a way out while being undetected, as Minun heard some others that conversed with each other. He noticed the baby Dragonite was with the Emolga now, as he sighed in relief and whispered, "Alright, break for the front door, window's alarmed most likely." They both quickly ran for the front door, while the Minun was still invisible, as he quickly went out with him in some quick seconds. He hoped that no one had heard them, since they were rather loud in getting out. They quickly ran into the forest, as the Helioptile said to Minun, "Hey thanks for getting me out... I thought I was toast for sure with that Dragonite, he sure can talk for being a baby. I'll explain more once we get to my place, since the case is a lot more complicated than it looks."
  35. Mia started to fidget as she continued to wait for Mana, thoughts on how everything might happen running through her head. She stretched her arms behind her to calm herself down and took w few deep breaths. She decided that maybe she should slide the report under the door and did so. Turning on her heel she started off to find a vantage point where she could get a real feel for the place. Deciding on a position she started making her way up, using her strong legs to the fullest when it came to the jumping.
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  36. Micah quickly collected himself and returned to a formal matter before nodding to the new Dratini, who seemed to be guiding him.
    "Hi Sebastian, I'm Micah, nice to meet you." He said, before glancing at Mana before looking back. "As she said, I'm a bit new here so.. I don't really know much.." He said, mentally face palming.
    Come on Micah! Good impressions! You can do this!
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  37. "Relax newbie. Your not the first to embarrass yourself, and you won't be the last." Sebastian said. He looked at Mana, who nodded for him to go on. "Alright then. Follow me." the Dratini said as he made his way further into the camp.
  38. Mia looked over the entire settlement from her perch. The Lopunny smiled and took a deep breath as she leaned forward towards the edge but made she was secure on the post that was behind her. The normal type letting out a soft laugh as she admired the beauty.
  39. Micah opened his mouth to respond but no words came out. Leet ing out a sigh, Micah quickly followed behind the Dratini, not before waving to Mana before leaving.
    Pit pat pit pat...
    Micah had no idea where he was being lead. He tapped his armor lightly as he traveled quietly.
    "So, may I ask where I will be staying?" The Umbreon asked, turning to look at his surroundings ever so often.
  40. A bluish blob was around the camp, as he decided to transform into a Squirtle, while he smiled and resisted the urge to laugh. He got up on his feet, attempting to walk to the Umbreon while he didn't seem to realize he was clearly visible to her. He decided to stay slient, while he looked up at the Umbreon, trying to look natural. He stood by her while he pretended to play with his shell, as he noticed it felt rather soft. He gulped, knowing that his transformations weren't perfect, since some details could be a little off on some areas.

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