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Ask to Join Arena Gladiators

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. This RP is about Pokemon Gijinkas. Years have passed and humans no longer exist. There is only Pokemon and Pokemon Gijinkas, while Gijinkas are the stronger and have the control. They have created a government, similar to the one the humans, once had, except now, it is all controlled by the strongest. The stronger you are the more power you and your family has. A common sport to watch is something called Arena Gladiators. Gijinjka prisoners, are chosen to fight in an arena for better treatment in the prison, and sometimes, even time taken off your sentence. The public watches these bouts and loves them. You are a Gijinka in a prison, or a guard. You can be a guard, gladiator (a prisoner who fights), or a regular prisoner.

    1.) Follow all PRP rules and RP rules.
    2.) No Legendaries or Mary Sues. This includes don't be the guy whos in there because he was framed, and is perfect. You could be there for something as simple s stealing to feed your family or something like that, but not because you were framed. The justice system in this world is extremely accurate, and they are very unlikely to just place you in jail.
    3.) You can have as many OC's as you want, as long as you can keep track of them.
    4.) Grammer and line length are important. Having a misspell or something like that is fine, but something like this "Bob walks to the jim and fites, and wins his bage. He jumped around happilyand bumps his head." That, not only is too short of a post, but his wrong tense, and too many misspells. Also remember PAST TENSE!
    Romance is allowed, just remember there are kids on this site. Don't have full on moments that shouldn't be on this site. Also violence is okay, but no murder, unless both parties agree to it, and I agree. Gijinkas can die, but under most circumstances the guards don't let it be to the death in the arena. That means they lose revenue, because they're down a fighter.

    Now here is the character sheet

    Species: (What Pokemon are you a Gijinka of?)
    Position in the Prison: (Guard, Gladiator, Prisoner)
    Relationships: (Crushes, rivalries, etc.)
    Reason for being here: (Only for Prisoners and Gladiators)

    Name: Jay Wright
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Species: Luxray
    Position in the Prison: Gladiator
    Relationships: Best friends with Dahara, and friends with Vince
    Appearance: Jay has thick black hair that sticks up like a lion's mane. Under that he has blue ears, (Luxray ears), that stick up. He has a long ponytail that reaches his ankles and is tied with a yellow star, near the bottom. He wears an electric blue undershirt, with a black open jacket over it. He wears black jeans, and electric blue combat boots. When he battles he uses a ball bo staff that has an electic charge to stick his opponents.
    Personality: Jay is a quiet, but fierce person. He supports his friends despite f they are wrong. He is not very open, and is naturally suspicious of newcomers.
    Reason for being here: Jay joined a gang, and during a bank robbery he was betrayed and left in the vault.

    Name: Axel Darrax
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Species: Haxourus
    Position in the Prison: Gladiator
    Relationships: N/A
    Appearance: Axel wears a green cap on his head that resembles a piolt's cap. He has a dark grey jumpsuit on with an olive green overcoat and black boots. In battle, he uses a large dual bladed axe, that's blade tips are red.
    Personality: Axel is a hard headed, egotistical jerk. He only cares for himself and is the strongest fighter in the Prison. Even the guards fear this guy, and obey what he says.
    Reason for being here: Killed a man during a rampage.
    Extra: He's a psycho.

    Name: Dahara Steel
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Species: Gardevior
    Position in the Prison: Prisoner
    Relationships: Ja's best friend, but has a crush on him.
    Appearance: Dahara has green hair that is in a but, and wears a white undershirt, with a green dress over it.
    Personality: Dahara is flighty and friendly. She is talkative and likes to make friends. Nobody messes with her, due to her friendship with Jax. Any problems they have with her, they take up with him.
    Reason for being here: Stole food for orphans, and got caught. Attacked the victim in fear.

    Name: Vince Simmons
    Age: 62
    Gender: Male
    Species: Beartic
    Position in the Prison: Guard
    Relationships: Friends with Jay
    Appearance: Vince stands tall, but wears a grey uniform that's covered in creases. He has a pale white face and a grey beard with frost on it. He is quite muscular despite his old age, and has big meaty hands, with black claws.
    Personality: Vince is very old fashioned, and respects honesty, hardwork, and showing respect. he is very kind, and unlike some of the other guards, he doesn't beat the prisoners, unless it's needed. He's very calm, and often chats with Jay.
    Extra: He's been working here for a while now, and knows the joint well.

    Also @Nebula-Newt, here it is!
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  2. Name: Liam Rucker (Goes by Rucker)
    Age: 23
    Gender: male
    Species: Sableye
    Position in the Prison: Gladiator
    Relationships: N/A
    Appearance: stands at about 5ft 9 with a scruff of dark brown hair and a pair of Sableye ears sticking out of the top. He has one red eye and one blue but he does sometimes wear a pair of blue googles over them. He has a lithe figure, suited well for quick movements and agility. His limbs are black and only fade back to human skin in a kind of gradual effect after the shoulders or hips. His digits are elongated and almost claw like, pretty much what Sableye has. His grin is always a little creepy, it always seems if he has too many teeth in his mouth like a shark. Just a trick of the eye really. He wears a dark blue shirt underneath a permanently zipped up dark purple hoodie. Dark colour scheme I know. His trousers are a similar story, the same purple as his hoodie with black boots.
    Personality: Rucker has a very skewed moral compass. He doesn't like the idea of rich people being evil because they have the money to avoid being evil so he steals from them. But he keeps it all for himself as he also feels like he earned it. Odd guy. That being said he tries not to hurt anybody without reason but if you get in his way your gonna have to be removed. Pretty solitary and not used to working with others but despite this he has a habit of getting involved in other people lives.
    Reason for being here: Rucker went on a very long and large scale thieving spree, taking only from the richest of the rich and never leaving a trace of himself behind. His activities became so well known that he even acquired a nickname. "The Shade". Rucker quite likes it. Sadly his reign of terror came to an end when he was betrayed by a former partner of his.
    Gijinka abilities include: Being able to climb up sheer walls or stick to ceilings, eat minerals, has a natural talent at spotting anything worth stealing and a couple of pokemon moves such as shadow claw.
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  3. Figure I'll give this a shot. Why the heck not, right? Tell me if there's anything I should change.
    I was also wondering about the special items the guards would get, and how the regular Pokemon moves would work.

    Name: Ace Danger
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Absol
    Position in the Prison: Guard
    Relationships: Friendship (Crystal, Aliah), Counseling (Bane), Trust (Vince)
    Appearance: Has long white hair like the symbol for Yang with a single black streak on the right. Has beige skin and two eyes - one black and the other white. Has black hands and feet, as well as three claws on the end of each. Wears the normal prison guard uniform, but like to wear a white scarf and belt over it.
    Personality: Naive and friendly. Feels sympathy for a lot of the prisoners here, and (when he can) tries to help them with their situation. Mostly through emotional means.
    Equipment: Carries a taser and collapsible riot stick, but only because it's protocol. He also carries handcuffs, just in case. When forced to use a gun, always uses rubber bullets.
    Extra: Closest thing to a guidance counselor the prison has. Pretty much the apprentice of Crystal, as she's showing him how things work. Currently trying to help Bane. Having problems, because the guy won't talk much. But he's being as patient as he can.

    Name: Crystal Snow
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Species: Glaceon
    Position in the Prison: Guard
    Relationships: Friendship (Ace, Aliah), Trust (Vince)
    Appearance: Has long, light blue hair with dark blue diamonds at the ends. Has two Glaceon ears, but likes to hide them underneath her snow-white tuque because they make her feel insecure. Wears the classic prison guard uniform and dark blue gloves and boots.
    Personality: She's quite cold (pun absolutely intended) towards most people. Crystal is focused and stern. If someone makes a mistake, she's right on their ass. Crystal really only opens up to Ace, Vince and Aliah, as (as far as she's concerned) they're the only three in the building she can trust. If someone pisses her off, she can get really hostile. She's also extremely stubborn in any situation.
    Equipment: A riot stick and taser as per protocol, but also carries an M1911 pistol and (in some extreme cases) an M16. She makes sure to always aim at the limbs, as hell will break loose if she shoots another inmate.
    Extra: Absolutely unforgiving towards prisoners. This attitude has earned her the nickname of Frosty among the unruly prisoners. She's never afraid to show them why. She quite admires Ace's forgiveness and sympathy, even to the ones she thinks deserves none of it. She'd die before admitting this, though.

    Name: Bane Waves
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Species: Blastoise
    Position in the Prison: Prisoner
    Relationships: Counseling (Ace)
    Appearance: Has long, shaggy blonde hair and a large blue hat he always wears. He wears the same suit as most of the other inmates, but a large portion always sticks out the back. This, of course, is his shell. The shell has two water cannons locked inside, as he inherited from his ancestors. He also has a small tail, but it's so small that no one ever notices.
    Personality: Quiet and solitary, but has a commanding presence. He usually doesn't need to ask twice to get something in the prison from one of his fellow inmates. Quite casual and nice with the guards... when he talks to them, that is.
    Reason for being here: Doesn't like to talk much about his past, but he can often be heard saying "I screwed up" late at night. Some prisoners like to make theories, but barely anyone has actually managed to learn the truth. Why? He refuses to tell them.
    Extra: Lives alone in a single cell. Currently under "counseling" with Ace, but they haven't made much progress. Bane never does anything against the prison, always following the rules... that is, unless someone pisses him off.
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  4. Thanks. And my questions?
  5. Moves are optional, to use, and guards get a larger array of weapons while gladiators only get weapons on the battlefield. Moves also would be warped to work with the gijinkas better.
  6. Mind giving some expansion on that? For example, what equipment would be given to the guards specifically? And how would moves be restricted when in prison? Otherwise a Foretress could just use Self-Destruct and cause a prison break.
  7. It would be more physical moves if using moves, like Poison Jab, or Mach Punch. Moves like Self Destruct of special attacks wouldn't be allowed. They don't have that due to the act their Gijinkas. Guards are allowed whatever weapons they prefer but are given a stationary club and taser.
  8. So in theory, guards would also be allowed to get weapons like guns?
  9. If they want to, but they aren't allowed to kill prisoners.
  10. Of course not. Maybe since guards don't have the "why you're here" thing, we can replace that with an Equipment tab?
  11. I have weapons on Appearance.
  12. Oh. I'm going to create an Equipment menu for my guys anyways, just so I can easily find them in a separate section.
  13. Updated my character bios on the same post. Take a look if you wish. I alluded to a bit of Crystal's past.
  14. K. I'll be waiting for the RP thread.
  15. I'll have it up tomorrow morning. Let's just say, I have to paint a closet, write two essays, finish 4 worksheets, all tonight, so I'm a bit booked for today. Also, feel free to tag anyone who might like it.
  16. Name: Raven Sparks
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Species: Raichu
    Position in the Prison: Gladiator
    Relationships: None
    Appearance: (Too lazy to type it but basically she looks like this. Let's say she's 5'7.)
    Personality: Acts like a tough girl, but can be sweet at times. She doesn't like being messed with or be thought of as a weak girl. She's not afraid to be hostile towards others.
    Reason for being here: Raven was minding her own business when she saw a Weavile mugging a little Braixen. She stopped the Weavile but she beat him up badly. When the police arrived, she was arrested for brutal assault.
    Extra: Raven is able to produce electricity and turn her tail into steel.
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  17. Well, this should be interesting... this might be a bit awkward for me at first since this is the first time in a while that I'm roleplaying with an adult Pokémon character/human. (I'll give props to the one that can figure out where the weapon my character has are from. :3)

    : Her name is Aliah Solima.
    Age: She is roughly 20 Years old.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Ampharos
    Position in the Prison: Guard (In more depth, she acts as the Nurse for the wounded should a guard suffer injuries from inmates in any situation.)
    Relationships: She has no relationships at the moment, though she may have a crush on someone later on in the roleplay.
    Appearance: Standing at a shorter than average height of four feet and ten inches, she has yellow conical ears on her head that are slightly hidden from her messy, black hair. There is a small, light red orb on her forehead. Her skin is in a pale tone, as she can often seen in her two piece scrubs outfit since it is rather comfortable for her. She has on a white lab coat that has several pockets that goes over her top scrubs. She wears yellow tennis shoes that go over her clawed feet, as she also has a tapering, yellow, black-striped tail that has a slightly larger red orb that glows brightly.
    Personality: Aliah is one that can be rather quiet, but then suddenly outraging within the next moment. She can be malicious and stern against most prisoners, since she despises them for the bad that they have done; not to mention that she knows that some would possibly go as far as to injuring the other guards. Although she can seem like an intimidating doctor to some, she can reveal her soft side to others that she really trusts.
    Equipment: Aside from having the standard taser and club, she carries around an H&K MP5M that was modified with the help of a gunsmith to have certain attachments of her needs and to be able to use another type of caliber. The MP5M has a dual magazine that has different calibers. There are .22 LR rubber tipped rounds affixed with electrical charges designed to incapicate the target in the first magazine, and .40 S&W rounds in the other that are designed to eliminate any prisoners with ease in the sweet spot should they rebel against her or any other guards. On the rail of the MP5M lies a small device that shoot darts that will heal whoever the dart hits. In her pockets of her lab coat lies some of her medicinal tools that she carries around; along with some spare ammunition and darts for her H&K MP5M.
    Extra: She is known by some guards as Nursey, since she treats their injuries well and with haste in the treatment center. (Though she is hated by some prisoners as a result of being a doctor for the guards.)
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  18. @Charlespark Should I change Crystal's bio a bit so that Aliah is in her circle of trust among the guards?
  19. Well sure, go for it! (I might start Aliah off in the roleplay with her treating an injured guard that's an NPC and a minor character for the most part.)
  20. Alright. Crystal might have something to say about that... :'|
  21. *A Jigacho sits down in the roleplay discussion in his booster seat*

    Something about what? Isn't it normal for a Nurse to be treating the injured? (Especially since prisons are notorious for guards being injured by prisoners?)
  22. Yeah but she'd be pissed about the guard being injured in the first place.
  23. *The Jigacho gulps and curls in a ball*

    Oh, right... I kinda wonder how Aliah would handle it then once the time comes. (As another note, the guard that she is treating will be unconscious since it does involve more than just bandaging wounds and applying medicine to it.)
  24. In that case, Crystal can't find out who hurt the guard from him. That's good.

    She'd probably shoot the inmate in the foot.
  25. Oh my... that's one frosty guard there... I could only imagine what she'd do to the Prison's worst prisoner.

    *the Jigacho falls over from accidentally flipping the booster seat in fright*
  26. Her prison nickname IS Frosty, and she IS an Ice-Type. She's quite... COLD with the inmates. (No I'm not sorry for the pun)
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  27. @Charlespark your characters gun is based on Ana's biotic rifle from Overwatch right?
  28. Well, it'll be ICE to meet her since I assume that she is going to be with her from the start judging from what I read. Hopefully she can keep her COOL with the guard before the effects of the conscistasis medicine wear off.

    *an Axovenio can be seen hiding behind the Jigacho*

    @Nebula-Newt: Sadly, it's not based off of that, though that was a really good guess.
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  29. (Ahem, I'm terrible when it comes to Gijinka names, but here goes nothing.)

    Name: Daniel Wake
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: (What Pokemon are you a Gijinka of?): Greninja
    Position in the Prison: (Guard, Gladiator, Prisoner) Gladiator
    Relationships: (Crushes, rivalries, etc.) He has a slight crush on Mel, but burries feelings, due to him seeing Mel as more of a little sister
    Appearance: Daniel has blue hair and pale pink eyes. He wears a pink scarf and has a blue jacket the he keeps in zipped, reveling his white undershirt. He fights with Shuriken and tries to outspeed and out skill his opponents. He stands at about 6 foot 3 inches
    Personality: Daniel is Cocky and Aroganant. He mainly lives to keep his friends alive. He can be kind and try to be a comedian, but that's when he's not trying to kill you.
    Reason for being here: (Only for Prisoners and Gladiators): He has killed several Gijinkas to protect Mel, because "Reasons"
    Extra: None

    Name: Melody "Mel" Manti
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Species: (What Pokemon are you a Gijinka of?): Gardevoir
    Position in the Prison: (Guard, Gladiator, Prisoner) Prisoner
    Relationships: (Crushes, rivalries, etc.) Friend: Daniel Crushes:pri
    Appearance: Melody had blue hair and wears a white dress and blue under shirt, she stands at about 5 foot 6 inches.
    Personality: Mel is kind and looks to protect others. She tries to keep Daniel alive and is very laid back. She hates fighting and tries to stick up for the little guy.
    Reason for being here: (Only for Prisoners and Gladiators) She stole food for Pri and Daniel but only meant t as a joke. She as the let off with a warning. She stole food again out of Dire need and was thrown back in jail
    Extra: None

    Name: Pri Marin (real creative)
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Species: (What Pokemon are you a Gijinka of?) Rimarina
    Position in the Prison: (Guard, Gladiator, Prisoner) Guard
    Relationships: (Crushes, rivalries, etc.) Crushes: DANIEL. Friends: Pri
    Appearance: She wears a white shirt with sea shell design and blue towel is wrapped around her waste. She has long blue hair and pink and blue eyes.
    Personality: Pri is bit more eager to fight, and is very possessive over Daniel. She loves singing and spending time with Mel and Daniel during her freebie, but isn't afraid to get serious with them.
    Extra: None.
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  30. YAY! *jumps off a roof*
  31. Hurray...

    *an Axovenio catches the person that jumped off with some hesitance*
  32. Well, umm... I just need to ask a rather urgent question that will be reasonable for the double post in the discussion.

    So, since my character is going to be performing some surgery on the NPC in my first post, is there any rules against how hurt the patient can be? (I.e. Strong hemmoraging, lacerations, foreign objects in the patient, performing lobectomies, etc.)
  33. Just keep it reasonable involving gore. It could be a bad wound, or worse, but don't go too into detail on how it looks and such. Don't focus directly on what exactly is being done, but vaguely enough so people know the basics.

    Also a possibility on what you could do, is in my post there was a fight. A guard could have gotten hurt in it.

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