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Are there going to be any new nintendo events coming up soon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Masquerade, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Like umm any events that release pokemon like shaymin,darkrai and all those new pokemon?

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  2. None that I've heard of, but I think Nintendo Rocks America is an annual event. You can probably find out more on their website.
  3. Nintendo recently announced that there will be a download software extension to the wii that will provide DS demos and wii trailers. In theory Gamefreak could make download events possible for event exclusive pok
  4. Linkachu

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    I don't think we need to worry. Japan had their Drakrai event a few months back, and when the 10th movie gets released in the US I'm sure there will be some sort of event for them, too. It's an inevitable part of the Pokemon world, you just have to be patient.

    Anyways, I'm always for the idea RLRL mentioned, but as I've said in the past... I'm skeptic. Event Pokemon giveaways are a great way of drawing attention to different events/contests, and if they just started being given them away to everyone and their dog some of that appeal would disappear.

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