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DPPt/HGSS Arcanine

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Skoo, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. ok. I'm really struggling to find a good competitive moveset for Arcanine. Since the phys/spec atk split, my old set hasn't been working too well.
    I was thinking, maybe:

    Naughty Nature.

    Fire Fang
    Thunder Fang
  2. I will prefer this moveset because an arcanine is supposed to be a very fast pokemon which does not give any other pokmon a chance to attack:-

    Arcanine @ charcoal

    Ariel Ace
    Flamewheel/Iron Tail
  3. yours breaks a couple of rules:

    1) no more than one of each type on a pokemon. (see flamethrower, flame wheel)

    2) don't put special moves on a physical attacker (see flamethrower)
  4. Carmen Lopez

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    D/P has actually helped Arcanine in the Fire moves department. Pre-D/P, Arcanine really couldn't use ANY fire moves well. Times have changed though.

    Fire Fang/Flame Wheel/Flare Blitz
    Thunder Fang
    Extreme Speed

    This moveset is pure physical sweeper. Fire Fang, Flame Wheel, and Flare Blitz are three good physical fire moves for STAB. Thunder Fang is there to help defend against water types. Extreme Speed there just because. As for Crunch, having a dark type move up your sleeve is usually good.

    You'll have to start over with Growlithe to get Flame Wheel or Flare Blitz and Crunch but it'll be worth it. If your Arcanine is female, breed it while holding an Everstone and the Growlithe could have her Naughty nature which is awesome for physical sweeper.
  5. naughty nature is HORRIBLE for sweepers! especially ones with base 100 speed.
    now don't get me wrong, i'm all for the + atk, but...not - speed. especially on a sweeper.

    you need adamant, or jolly. since it's not going to use its sp atk any time soon, as a phys sweeper. jolly if you want to boost speed, adamant if you want to boost phys.
  6. Carmen Lopez

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    Wait I thought the Brave nature lowered speed not Naughty. Naughty raises attack and lowers special defense. It won't affect speed.

    Whatever. Who cares what I think.

    I guess Adamant is better as it doesn't mess with speed or defenses.
  7. *goes to check*

    yarr...um...whoops. yeah. i need to look things up before i ramble and rave >_<

    you were right. but, i still wouldn't recommend it, because it lowers a defense that arcanine WILL need.

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