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Ask to Join Arcane Arts Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jayisonewithmuffins, Dec 21, 2016.


What do you guys want to mainly be our use for travel in the roleplay?

Poll closed Dec 24, 2016.
  1. Bike

    0 vote(s)
  2. Cloud

    2 vote(s)
  3. Horse

    4 vote(s)
  4. Car

    0 vote(s)
  5. Suns&Moons

    0 vote(s)
  6. giant flying food

    0 vote(s)
  1. Magic roleplay, i have no idea what to call the roleplay and i would like everyone who joins this to figure it out.
  2. In order to join please fill out this form
    {Optional} Backstory:
    Animal buddy:

    p.s you can have more than 1 character, animal buddy, and outfit{DUH}
  3. Sounds good to me :3
  4. Name: Xander
    Power: Electricity
    Appearance: He wears a blue cloak and has black plate armor under it. He has blue eyes and black hair. He carries around an electricity spell book.
    Optional Backstory: None
    Animal Buddy: Baby Wyvern.
  5. hehe accepted
  6. :o i diden't do my character yet and i shall show you thy character (yes i meant to put thy)
    Appearance:Short for her age,wears a black cloak with a hood,hair covers right eye,Blue eyes,dark brown hair,has an amulet that looks like a tear
    backstory:would rather not say (MUAHAHAHA)
    Animal bud: A phoenix.
    Fun fact: Her Phoenix is a special almost endangered one called the water phoenix whoosh whoosh well yep :p
  7. I have started the roleplay in general roleplay so feel free to start roleplaying ♥
  8. Name: Rostov Ivanov ((Others prefer to call him "Rusty".))
    Power: Earth Manipulation//Plant Manipulation
    Appearance: Like any other Russian stereotype, yes, Rostov does wear the skin of an Owlbear he had killed to save both him and Sumiko when they were younger. He appears to have rather big brows, but he thinks it adds character, after all, most people mistake him for being a bear, even without the skin on! Whenever he has the hood down, all you'll be able to see is his face and his messy hair that appears to ruffle itself, and of course, he was born with hazel eyes. Rostov also appears to carry around an egg on his back. His height is 7'1.
    {Optional} Backstory: Living the typical russian life as a kid, he encountered a girl in the forest one day whom was getting chased by bear of some sort, just with a face that of an owl. While the girl hid, Rostov used his fathers axe to slay the bear but that's when he noticed the bear had an egg. After skinning the bears hide, Rostov examined the large egg, soon figuring out that it was the stange bears egg. He hid it in the closet in his room, along with the skin of the strange bear. Soon after the skin dried, Rostov had started wearing it and encountered the girl again. The girl revealed her name to be Sumiko, and that she had come from a land not too far from Russia. Sumiko had no other place to go, so Rostov and his father allowed Sumiko to live with them, and so the two became close friends. A few months prior, the egg hatched to reveal a snow white Owlbear cub, in which Rostov kept as a companion.
    Animal buddy: A Owlbear cub. ((Polar Bear/Powerful Owl)) (Yes, there is a owl called the "Powerful Owl".)
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  9. you can have as many powers as you want , and as many characters as you want :p ACCEPTED!!!
  10. I figure I'd try this
    (Random bold text is random)

    Name: Dasken
    Power: Fire
    Appearance: Exactly 6', has dusty brown hair, wears black sweatpants and dark cyan, lightweight t-shirts, slip-on dress shoes, and has a tophat.
    {Optional} Backstory: Dasken had discovered his potential for pyrokinetic powers when he was relatively young; only around 7 years old. He started out making fores for his parents' restaurant, but wound up burning half of it down. He was then kicked out of his home, and has been training endlessly while relentlessly searching for a place to call home.
    Animal buddy: A miniature dragon named Intet
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  11. Name: Sumiko Payne
    Power: Plant Manipulation/Ice Manipulation ♥
    Appearance: Ok, so imagine Oichi with a longer kimono from Samurai Warriors 4. That's what Sumiko would look like.
    {Optional} Backstory: Sumiko had been disowned by her parents just because she found a Futs-Lung egg while exploring with her friends, speaking of parents, she's a descendant of Sumino Akiyama, someone who was said to befriend the guardian of the World Tree. She was chased out of the village by the priests Foo Dogs until the eventually sent a Owlbear to hunt her down, making her run until she had made it to Russia where somehow a boy named Rostov had saved her from the Owlbear. She had then started living with Rostov and his father for the rest of her childhood, but now she roams the world with Rostov with her egg and his Owlbear cub.
    Animal buddy: She has an egg that carries an unhatched Futs-Lung, however Rostov helps her by carrying it around in a special sack on his back. She hopes that it hatches soon. ♥
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  12. accepted ♥
  13. accepted ♥
  14. Name:jess
    Power: communication with animals and control over fire
    Appearance: where's mostly black clothing including hoodie, tea shirt and jean. Has purple shoes and red dyed hair
    Backstory: was born from two non magical parents at the age of ten a half giant came to her house and said "your a wizard jess" ( don't judge me:'|)
    Animal buddy: a baby dragon who is the last of its kind ( jess can communicate with animals so yeah)
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  15. Guys, again i started the roleplay already
  16. haha got the refrence ;) your born from muggles? :o
    your accepted :3
  17. Ya been inspired by arry since I finished the books
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  18. lel
  19. again, and probably not the last time i will mention this. I HAVE STARTED THE ROLEPLAY feel free to start roleplaying
  20. In the roleplay, if your character/characters and my character ever meet and my character says her name her nickname is Cress k? okay. Bai
  21. Idk if you goys would be interested, but I'm making a Youtube series about Kinetic Abilities...
  22. can i join???

    Name: Eliza Xandra
    Power: Control over Light and Darkness
    Appearance: (view image bellow)
    {Optional} Backstory: None (yet...)
    Animal buddy: Fairy


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