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Open Aracelis Academy Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by _rb3, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. This is the official discussion thread of the Aracelis Academy RP! This is for all of the role-players to discuss possible ideas and to see who is interested in this RP. I'm really excited to get to know your characters in the RP. Please create a biography of your character below.

    (Link to Aracelis Academy- http://pokecharms.com/threads/aracelis-academy.14089/)

    For example-

    Favorite Color:
    Identifying Marks:
    Love Relationships?:
    Pokemon: Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, and Other.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me. The topics here should only be about the RP at hand, the Aracelis Academy. And remember, all standard rules apply here just like anywhere else. Please enjoy the discussion and the RP!
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  2. Ooh! Okay, here's mine:
    Name: Violet Aster
    Gender: Well, as you can see, she's a tomboy. But her gender is girl. ;3
    Hometown: Ambrette Town
    Favorite Color: Violet and Black. ;3
    Age: 14- (and considering how October's here, in..sixteen days, she will be 15.)
    Weight: /Can't answer this either. Never asked.../
    Height: 5'9"
    Hair: Seems black in the dark, but when placed in the sun, it becomes brown. ( Haha. I'm not lying, it happens to me in real life. xD )
    Eyes: Aqua
    Clothing: A white blouse, or any colored blouse, with a black jacket, and faded jeans.
    Identifying Marks: A slight scratch on her right cheek.
    Musculature: She's quite strong, but if burdened with an REALLY, REALLY heavy weight, she just might crack.
    Personality: Tomboyish, impulsive. She is a loner, but sometimes opens up. Moments come when she shuts herself off from even her Pokemon.
    Skills: She's never liked Pokemon for her strength, but she may be called 'good' at writing.
    Past: Violet's mother and father gave birth to her when they were just dating. Her mother, Sierra, found out Violet's father was cheating and they broke up. A few weeks later, Sierra and Darell, the father fought over who would get Violet, and so won Sierra. But Sierra was never the same, and died early from asthma, leaving Violet with a woman named Paige Mestia. Violet is brooding and quiet, and always leaves a room with questions when noticed. Violet also used to have three best friends in elementary she'd been very close too. But she fell for one of them and told one of the two friends. The rumor spread and Violet enclosed her life from others. During that enclosing, Violet left her three best friends. (P.S. The boy Violet liked? Likes Violet back. But I don't wanna put that there.) The three friends Violet used to have comes into her mind sometimes, and makes her grasp for another thought.
    Family: Sierra Elaine, (Mother) Darell Valencia. (Father) Paul Valencia, (seven months old stepbrother) Pao Valencia (nineteen year old stepbrother) Rose Doved (Stepmother) Leila Bowrie, (SECOND stepmother) (Darell dated three people in total before Leila.)
    Love Relationships(?): She has only ever liked two people in her life. Which i will not give away, thank you.
    Pokemon info:

    Species: Fennekin
    Nickname: Sylvia
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Blaze
    Hidden Power: ( If TMS are allowed ) Sylvia plans to bribe her trainer into TMing Attract onto her.
    Special Features: a small black spot at the tip of her tail.
    History/Personality: Unlike her trainer, Sylvia is an attention-seeking fox. Besides being ambitious and a briber, Sylvia is kind and reassuring. Perhaps that's why she and Violet were paired.
    Other: Sylvia has a natural fear of being left alone, and her trainer does not share the feeling.
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  3. I will also be creating my own biography because participating in your own RP is chill. Here it is for my alter-ego, Kace!

    Name: Kace Orlin
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Alba Town
    Favorite Color: Purple
    Age: 13
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 98 lbs.
    Hair: Long dirty-blonde hair that goes past his eyes when straight down. He likes to swish it to the right across his forehead.
    Eyes: Hazel
    Clothing: Kace's style consists of khaki shorts, athletic clothing, and hoodies. He rarely wears jeans or long pants for no reason at all.
    Identifying Marks: He has a small scar that is barely noticeable when close-up on his forehead. A reason why he wears his hair so long.
    Musculature: Lean, skinny, yet fit.
    Personality: Adventurous and outgoing. He isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Kace is competitive at times and likes to be ceremonious and dramatic about pretty much everything. He enjoys making new friends and he also enjoys improving himself. He is extremely sarcastic and his humor is unique and may take time to understand. You will always see him with a wide smile. He can also be impulsive to some; hlikes to interject and say things without really thinking them over.
    Skills: None
    Past: Kace grew up in a middle-class family in a small town known as Alba Town. He's a single child from a hard-working family. His father works at the radio station in Argentum City. His mother works in the Pokemon Center of Alba Town.
    Family: Marcus Orlin(Dad) and Linda Orlin(Mom)
    Love Relationships?: None

    Species: Sandshrew
    Nickname: Topaz
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Hidden Power( Only if you decide to use Hidden Powers): None
    Special Features: Large, dark-blue eyes
    History/Personality: Kace's Sandshrew is rather adorable. He has a personality that perfectly matches his trainer's adventurous attitude. Kace and Topaz met in Aracelis Academy on his first day. Their bond is extremely strong and they act in sync with one another.
    Other: None
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  4. Ay! You just picked my favorite color! Eh, i'm fine. I like any color except pink anyway. (Shines in my eyes, makes me wanna pee.)
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  5. Haha... good to know. See everyone, we're getting to know each other already! I love purple, just a solid kinda color.
  6. You could give them the link to the thread, though. xD
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  7. I thought about that early when I was changing the post. I'll change it right quick.
  8. I would refrain from changing major points like an attack in a battle so its easier for other role-players to respond. But otherwise, I'm glad that we're starting this RP off with a bang. I have a feeling that this is going to be pretty great.
  9. :p bit of a mistake on my part.
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  10. Hey, is it alright if I just provide a link to my all around character for Pokemon RPs? Or do I have to post him in here?
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  11. I love that profile picture. xDDDD
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  12. Thank you, I found it on Tumblr and just had to save it, heheh.
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  13. So much for mercy. xD
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  14. It's totally okay DaVioletElite. If you could, please copy and paste the biography on this thread, Emerald Phoenix. It would streamline the process of knowing your character for other role-players. Welcome to the RP, though. We are glad to have you!
  15. Thanks, I'll get right on it.
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  16. No problem!

  17. Drake Lyran.png
    Name: Drake Lyran
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Eterna City
    Age: 16
    Height: 6'12"
    Weight: 77kg
    Hair: White (Dyed of course, no natural Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu hair here)
    Eyes: Left is sapphire blue, right is sky blue (Will be explained in past)
    Clothing: Drake's usual outfit consists of a brown outdoor shirt with detachable sleeves and breast pockets, a blue button up vest with side pockets, black skinny trousers, and black hiker boots. He also wears a sky blue scarf and carries around a dark brown leather shoulder-strap bag.
    Identifying Marks: He has a scar that looks to be made from a knife over his right eye (Explained in past)
    Personality: Drake tends to be somewhat shy and soft-spoken person, but he can be very friendly if he trusts someone enough. He always does his best to help, but he has a slight inferiority complex, causing him to second guess and doubt himself. During battle however, he becomes serious, adopting a strategic and rational persona that aims to either end things quickly or tire out any opposing Pokémon. Along with that, whenever someone he cares about is hurt (for example, his family, or his team), he does everything he can to protect them, mercilessly assaulting anyone who would dare lay a finger on his friends.
    Skills: Drake delayed the beginning of his journey until he was 15, using that time to develop survival and first-aid skills so he could be prepared. He also took the time to learn how to properly take care of pokemon, captured or wild. He is also fluent in French.
    Past: Drake lived a somewhat regular life, the only strange bits about it being that he lived with his dad and aunt. His mother, a Team Galactic member, was currently in jail, sentenced for 20 years. When he was 9 years old, he was forced to walk through the nearby forest by the local bullies, unintentionally awakening and angering a rogue Scyther. He barely managed to get away, earning a cut over his right eye before an Officer Jenny dispatched the Bug/Flying type and brought him home. After the incident, the bullies were expelled due to purposefully endangering a classmate, and Drake was able to breathe a little easier. But he has developed a fear of Bug type Pokemon, causing him to flinch and try to run away whenever he sees one. But he is doing his best to try and get over his phobia, forcing himself to stay calm and interact with any tamed insect Pokémon.
    • Hugh Lyran: a 34 year old male farmer with a tough outlook on life. He doesn't exactly like the fact that his son is so shy, but supports him regardless. He was the one who gave Drake his starter Pokemon.
    • Cosette Lyran: Hugh's perky and charming 41 year old sister who was raised in Kalos. She is an avid fashion designer, and has taken on the role of Drake's mother with little resistance. She is the one who helped teach him how to take care of Pokemon.
    • Mackenzie Wellow-Lyran: Drake's mother, a 30 year old ex-Galactic member currently in jail. Despite the circumstances, she remains a kind-hearted individual who supports her son as much as she can.
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  18. rb, you don't need to like every single comment you see on here and the academy. xD
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  19. I enjoy liking this stuff. I just feel like I should on impulse. (I just did it again.)
  20. So with that out of the way, is it clear for me to make my introductory post?
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  21. xD Okay, but half of my alerts are your likes. xD
  22. Be right back, guys.
  23. How did you make the picture for your character, Emerald? It's really cool. You can start RPing whenever you'd like. Just hop in!

    Fine Violet, I'll stop liking your stuff! xD
  24. Rinmaru Games-Mega Anime Avatar Creator
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  25. Oh cool. May try that out sometime.
  26. Oh, you can keep liking, just not ALL of them. xD
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  27. Okay, sent in my intro!
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  28. I can wait. It's totally alright, DaVioletElite. We are definitely in different time zones if it is 5 there for you. It is 12 here. xD
  29. Quick question, are we allowed to place in what our Pokemon say when they communicate with each other?
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  30. Of course. Your RP is your RP, do what you'd like with your story. That actually sounds like a great idea. I might take that into consideration when RPing...
  31. xD Okay, i'm back. My mother comes at 4:30, and it's 1:40 here so..
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  32. Welcome back!
  33. lelz. I feel honored.
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  34. xD Yes, the creator has spoken!
  35. Hello I was wondering if I could join this roleplay?
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  36. Woah I'm in a very different timezone to most of you I believe, great. Ah well I can work round it :p
    I'll get a character bio up in just a moment.

    And @BlueMew392 it's an open roleplay so I would say your good to go with posting a bio minimum, I hope to see some more original partner Pokémon popping up like we've seen so far! Never seen Murkrow of Sandshrew used before
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  37. Hey guys! Sorry to say, but the _rb3, to my knowledge is not online right now, and so is some of our roleplayers. In the mean time, you can put your bio's up, but you will have to wait quite a while.
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  38. Im already in the rp Violet, just in case you didn't know that
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  39. Can't see any comment...
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