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April CoroCoro Leaks Confirm New Mewtwo Form

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    We've reached that time of the month where Japanese magazine CoroCoro leaks and brings us all the latest Pokémon news. This month's edition is fairly quiet, but it has confirmed that the recently revealed Mewtwo relative is actually a new form for Mewtwo and not a standalone Pokémon as was first suspected because of the original official announcement stating it as a "new Pokémon".


    The recent leaks haven't given much away, but they do confirm that the new form, which was revealed during Pokémon Smash, will be playing a part in the up-coming 16th movie Pokémon: Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens and that in the movie we will see Mewtwo awaken into this form. The form currently doesn't have a name and CoroCoro didn't reveal anything in that regard.


    A new trailer for the 16th movie is due to be released later this month, so we might learn more about this Mewtwo form then. If nothing else we should get to see it in action in the trailer. Either way it's nice to finally have a few more details regarding the thing and to know it is just a new form.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Apr 13, 2013.

    1. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      The text about the forme on the movie site uses the word "awaken" again and again, and it's also in the movie's title.

      Seems almost certain that it'll be called "Awaken" or "Awakened" forme or something extremely along those lines.

      The real question is how on earth it fits into X/Y.

      Or is the real question still basically just "why"? Not sure.
    2. Demelza
      Personally, I still think it could be like a Zorua/Zoroark type thing where it gets a lot of attention in the movie, yet has very little/nothing to do with the games themselves. To me it certainly feels like it's going that way and wouldn't surprise me if I did because its whole reveal feels like it was done to suit the movie and nothing else.

      Either way I'm not very impressed that we've gotten another form. I'd rather it was a Mewthree or something, but noooo, it had to be a new form. =|
    3. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      While that's true, it still requires the aberrant behaviour of having Mewtwo in the games' regional Pokedex. Although my recent supposing that the games might make use of their International release to go with an unbound 'National' Pokedex from the off and not bother restricting the Pokemon seen in the region would at least jibe with it.

      It is disappointing, though, that aside from the main Pokemon of the game (the starters and box legends), the only new Pokemon we've encountered so far are the two in this year's movie/s. If it weren't for the anime, we wouldn't have anything at all since the game's announcement in January.

      I'm putting my money on Nintendo focusing on the games at E3 because the international release will allow them to do so for the first time ever, really. Plus, they hardly have much else going on to combat the noise of the new Playstation and Xbox. Even so, that'd be another two months before we see anything else...

      We know more about GTA V than X/Y - and GTA V has not only been much more secretive, but is out at least 3-7 weeks earlier!
    4. precita
      I'm just dreading the possibility of a new Charizard forme in X and Y, which could be the only reason Charizard returned to Ash's roster just like Mewtwo is in the movie. Of course this would probably mean Venusaur and Blastoise would get a new forme too, but meh.

      It just doesn't make sense why Charizard is on Ash's party again, especially when even back in Battle Frontier Charizard didn't stay even when Ash *didn't* have a fire type on his team at the time. (Torkoal was left at Oak's),
    5. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      Um...yeah, I really would not worry about that. Like, at all. What would be the point in creating new formes for original starters? Mewtwo is a special Pokemon, as he was the original Super Legendary. He was the last thing you did in Red/Blue. So yeah, don't expect new forms for the Original Starter Trio. (Mainly because that would be mind-numbingly stupid :x)

      They brought Charizard back because they do that periodically. He is probably the most popular of Ash's former Pokemon. So it makes sense to bring him around every now and again to bring back old fans, and that episode served to introduce new fans to his whole story.

      As for the Form, I'm disappointed. I already was not fond of it, but I would have preferred it was a new Pokemon rather than simply a derpy form for Mewtwo.
    6. snivy811
      I am going to guess that he is not going to be a pure psychic
    7. Teapot
      I do think that that's one hell of a stretch. :x You're saying "Okay, so because a legendary Pokémon has returned for a movie, and has gotten a new forme, CLEARLY that means the other returning Pokémon is also getting a new forme!" Charizard came back because he's cool. It's a sure-fire way to get fans of the anime watching a few more episodes, and as a nice nod to the past for new fans. It has absolutely nothing to do with any marketing pushes.

      And historically, it only tends to be legendaries that retroactively get new forms - obviously there's one major exception in Rotom, but that's a whole 'nother story. I sincerely doubt that they'd randomly give the Kanto starters new formes. Especially as that would subsequently mean that they'd have to give the rest of the starters' final evolutions (that's 15 Pokémon from Gen 2 to 6!) new formes. I cannot see that happening.
    8. precita
      Keep in mind I only say that because Charizard's returns have always been brief in the past. Think of when it came back in late Johto or in AG, it only stayed for the 2-3 episodes Ash needed it for and it left again. But this time around its actually *staying* on Ash's roster, and its going to be in the movie, so its likely staying at least until Best Wishes ends. This is something the writers have never done before, even when they were supposed to be advertising FR/LG as remakes back in 2004/2005.

      One thing we've learned about the anime is old characters only show up again when the writers want to advertise something, otherwise, they usually just don't appear anymore. Look at Mewtwo, originally we just thought Mewtwo was returning because of its similarities to Genosect, but now we know it was only because of the new forme.

      I wonder, if Mewtwo didn't get a new forme, would he be in this movie at all? There's been a lot of Kanto pandering in the anime lately, and since we know Kanto isn't being remade in the games yet again, its a bit suspicious. They're advertising Kanto more now than when they were actually supposed to back when FR/LG came out.
    9. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      An entire saga set in the Kanto region isn't enough?

      They're doing it because they have nothing better to do, really. They've adapted the storylines of both B/W and B/W2 and have months left before X/Y come out. Following a saga that very much cut pretty much all the ties to the other regions and history of the series, they clearly just want to explore some of that.

      Also, during this Generation of games - in two years time - the Pokemon franchise will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. It shouldn't really be much surprise that we get Pokemon in the game that go back to the original 151 and a tonne of nostalgia references built in (hence Mewtwo getting a forme, hence it being in this year's movie). That doesn't mean that they're going to go and do something as completely absurd as give formes to all the starters ever just because the writers of the anime decided that the coolest Pokemon they've ever had should come back and help them pad out a few months worth of stories.

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