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Apocalypse: Kronos Rises

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by CrystalCore, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. This RP is about a war with the monsters from the depths of the Tartarus in the Underworld. You must have a way to defend yourself (well,duh!) and may use magic, guns, swords, knives, etc.. In the end, the heroes will join together to take down the evil Titan king and Percy's (my character) granfather, Kronos. You don't need to PM me and there are no invites. Just join right in.
    Percy was playing capture the flag in the woods of Camp Half-blood when, "WOULD PERSEUS RAGHAILLEACH PLEASE REPORT TO THE BIG HOUSE FOR A BRIEFING ABOUT YOUR NEXT QUEST. PERSEUS RAGHAILLEACH TO THE BIG HOUSE, PLEASE" the loudspeaker blared.

    "Awww... man," Percy said, taking off his ski mask and rolling it back up to a beanie (rolling his ski mask down reduces him into a shadow and lets him pass through anything) "Not again." Percy walked all the way to the Big House and found Chiron, the camp counselor who is a centaur, waiting for him.

    "Percy," Chiron said, "This will be your most dangerous quest ever. A great and ancient evil is rising from the depths of the Tartarus. Kronos, your grandfather, is rising. He will destroy the gods and send humanity back to it's original caves and use you as jesters and appetizers. Do you swear to uphold and complete this quest?"

    "Yes... I-I do," Percy replied nervously, "So now two gods and the king of Titans have tried and still want to kill me."

    Percy took his sword, Backbiter, and took his motorcycle to the Empire State building in New York City, New York looking for recruits to take with him on the perilous journey that will face them. He sent out a telepathic message to all who could receive it.

    Percy, whose full name is Perseus Raghailleach, son of Zeus, has blond hair and blue eyes. He wears an orange T-shirt that says "Camp Half-blood" on it. He also wears camo jeans and shoes that sprout wings that make Percy fly when needed. He also has a magic ski mask, which he usually wears like a beanie, rolled up over his hair, which, when he rolls it down over his face, makes him into a shadow and lets him pass through anything.
  2. Mira flew through the air effortlessly. She hummed to herself, glad that she could go anywhere in the world. She was a dragon after all. And the 457th daughter of Qing Long, the wood Dragon and the East Wind.

    At this thought she grew slightly sad. She was so far from her centre that she was a lot weaker than she would be if she was in the East of China. If only she had the strength to travel directly...

    Half a year ago, Mira (or 457) had gone flying. She got caught in a cyclone and was sent far away from her centre. So far that she couldn't travel directly anymore.

    Mira lowered her head. Her father could travel directly from here, she knew it. But she wasn't as large as he was. She was only a small shen.

    She landed on a huge building which was called the Empire State Building. It was far to high up for any humans to see her. Mira turned her head towards the east, where the sun was, and the direction a breeze was coming from.

    Hello? Anyone? I could use some help. This is Perseus Raghailleach. I need some gods that can help me destroy Kronos. A voice said in Mira's head.

    Mira knew that there was an immortal like herself around here. She also knew that she wasn't a god. But that doesn't matter! Maybe this guy could help her home!

    Mira let out a roar and turned herself invisible, then dived off the top of the Empire State Building, searching for whoever had sent the message.
  3. Percy sensed something. He gripped his pen (which is actually a sword) and was ready to uncap it when he found something flying to him. He didn't seem to sense anything bad in this creature, but before he could see what it was it had vanished. "What the hell was that?", Percy thought, "What could it be? Another Fury? No. A dragon? Well, it must be a dragon because a Fury would simply just rip my head clean off. Well, it would try to, anyway."

    Percy searched and searched for the dragon for hours. He checked everywhere possible. He was starting to doubt that there was even an actual dragon to begin with.

    [/]He was almost starting to get ready to set off on his epic journey to Los Angeles on his motorcycle (which has a red headlight instead of a normal one) when he sensed the dragon one more time. He pulled with all his strength on the front of the motorcycle to pull it up and aim the light at the dragon. Then he thought, Why not just tilt the light? So, he tilted the light upward at where he thought the dragon was. And there she was.

    A dragon that looked like the wood dragon, except a little bit younger. He tried to communicate with her, saying "Where you that one dragon that was flying torward me down from the Empire State Building?" Well, he wasn't actually saying it, since there were still people around, as much as he was telepathically transmitting it to her.
  4. Do you think you'd find another Chinese Dragon around here? Mira asked. Do I look like a European Dragon?

    To tell you the truth, Mira did look a bit European. For one, she had wings. But they were feathered. And her breath wasn't as harmless as a Chinese Dragon's. Mira guessed this was the effect of having a European Dragon as a mother. Or was it a father? Qing Long could be male or female...

    Anyway, my name is Mirachan Moon Long. But Mira would be easier, don't you think? And how can you see me? I was always good at rendering myself invisible... Mira didn't let him answer. Oh well. Follow me.

    Mira flapped her wings and flew over the traffic of New York City, not bothering to see if Perseus was following her. She glided into a dark alleyway and waited for him there.

    For ages.

    Sighing, Mira concentrated. I'm waiting in an alleyway, north of that giant building that looks like it's from another planet.

    Perseus didn't take long after that. He came roaring through the alleyway on that machine, then slowed to a stop. Mira took this as her cue to become visible.

    Mira would have been impressive if she wasn't more than 1.5 metres long. She was covered in jet black scales from head to toe, and where the light hit them, they shone silver. Her fins were silver as well, and her horns were black. Her horns were not like her fathers, which were stag like, but like a goats. All the feathers on her body (on her wings and tail) were a dark silver. Her eyes were a topaz yellow.

    Did you want help Perseus Raghailleach? Well I'll help you if you will help me get home, back to my father. But I must warn you, I'm a small shen. Oh not in body. She said, after seeing that he appeared to think that size would not make any difference. But in qi and shen and... well not qing.

    Mira then took human form. She appeared to be a human girl about 14 years old, with golden skin and short black hair. Mira was short, she always seemed to be small in every form (even her celestral form was only 2.5 metres, tiny compared to the normal 4 metres). She dressed simply, a grey tee shirt, jeans and runners.

    Mira folded her arms over her chest, waiting for Perseus to speak.
  5. "I can see you because I was trained to see almost anything. Oh yeah, and my headlight on my bike is like a decoder." said Percy, "And I do need help. But what I said about needing gods, that was wrong. I already tried the gods, but they said they would 'speak no more of this matter'. I need anyone who can help me. Kronos is dangerous. He will send all living organisms back to their primitive form. Are you sure you want to risk this? Of course, you probably do. You wouldn't of come to me if you didn't. We have to travel all the way to Los Angeles. That is the only way to get to the Underworld. And the Underworld has the Tartarus. That's where Kronos is. I-"

    Percy sensed something. Something evil. A monster. Something snorted. A Minotaur. The Minotaur. It had human legs, but was a bull from the waist up. And he was wearing... Fruit of the Loom underwear...?

    "Be careful. If it charges you, sidestep at the last moment." Percy said, "Try to rip off it's horns. You could use them as-" The Minotaur charged Percy. Percy sidestepped out of the way and uncapped Backbiter. The half bronze, half silver sword glittered as it grew from the pen. The ruby in it glowed.

    The Minotaur had a barbed wire whip that was glowing red. He used the whip to grab Percy. Percy was stunned. Literally. He felt like he was be electrocuted. He couldn't move.

    As soon as Percy could, he used his sword to slice the barbed wire off him. Percy fell to the ground, still partially stunned. "Mira," Percy said, "Get him while his back is turned!"
  6. Perceus had said that a few seconds after Mira had moved, holding out her hand and projecting some white qi (type of more destructive qi) outside her body, then hurling it at the strange beast.

    The qi didn't have the same effect as it did with demons. Instead of making the beast explode and die, like it did with up to level 50 demons, it burned off all of the hair on it's body instead, before returning to Mira who caught and absorbed it.

    Now she opened her inner eye on the beast and checked how large it was. Suprisingly, it was a million times smaller than Mira herself. Ok, this was really out of whack. How was she supposed to gauge how powerful this thing was when she couldn't tell how large it was?

    Perceus seemed to have gotten back onto his feet now, advancing on the beast with his sword. Mira guessed that he had summonded it. She wished she could summon her sword 'Dark Dawn' but she was too far away from her centre; to weak to summon it. But there wasn't time to dwell on it now.

    Using her energy centres, Mira lifted herself above the ground and ran up part of the wall (purely to confuse it), before backflipping off it, landing and launching a roundhouse kick as the beast. Right in the privates.

    The beast roared in pain, cluching it's lower parts. It - he - appeared to male. Unfortunetly for Mira, he recovered quickly, lashing out with his whip. It caught Mira around her ankles, making her legs unable to move, or risk having some deep cuts.

    With a roar of triumpth, the beast swung his whip upwards, draging Mira with it. Hell he was strong! If he could lift a 140 year old dragon off her feet as easily as cracking a whip, he could probably rip her in half easily.

    Mira flinched as she hit the ground, ignoring the barbed wire, which was cutting into her ankles. Before she could hit the beast with qi again, he cracked the whip again, sending Mira flying.

    This time however, the whip didn't keep its deadly hold on her, and she was thrown down the alley.

    "I really need to be more careful... that whip is made of metal..." Mira muttered while getting up and looking for Perceus.
  7. Who was already on top of the Minotaur. Percy was riding him like a bull, trying to keep his grip. The behemoth flailed around violently. So hard, in fact, Percy broke off one of it's horns! The beast roared in discomfort and flung Percy off his back. Percy hi the side of the alley hard, hurting his back. He drew his sword once more, and charged the beast while it was still stunned. He used the celestial bronze side of Backbiter to slash the Minotaur. Almost as soon as the blade touched the monster, it exploded into dust. "That's the thing with monsters," Percy said to Mira, "They're hard to kill, but they're also easy to kill. That is, only with a celestial bronze blade. It makes monsters disintegrate." Percy capped his sword, returning it to a regular ballpoint pen. "Cool, huh?"
    ((Ooc: Got some MAJOR writer's block on this topic))
  8. (Ehehe... noticed that.)

    Mira shrugged. "Makeing demons disintergrate is easy. I do it all the time."

    She was still slightly confused about why the qi hadn't had that much of an effect. Maybe white qi wasn't very effective...

    "We should get going to... what was it? Lost Angels?"

    Perceus laughed at her mispronuciation. "Los Angeles. And yes, we should be going. Hop on." He said, indicating his metalic machine.

    Mira eyed it crictically. "I'll fly instead." She said, and quickly reverted to true form.

    The reason Mira didn't hop on was because Wood is beaten by Metal. Even the mere touch of metal was agony to a wood dragon.

    Mira explained this to Perceus. "Even my sword isn't made of metal. It's actually pure yin."

    (Ehehee... looks like I'm having a creativity block as well...)

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