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Ask to Join Aperture Laboratories [DISCUSSION]

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Your-Friday-Filet, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. This RP is set 200 years after Portal 2 in the Aperture Laboratories facility. The Central Core, or GLaDOS, has worked on refining the facility, producing new personality cores and turrets to keep herself company. Most cores are reminiscent of Wheatly's design. The laboratories are thriving, but the most chaotic of the bunch is the Technology Testing Labs, which is where the main setting will be for this. In the Technology Testing Labs, as you guessed, they test new technologies that Aperture develops. They often consist of cores that are broken, though there are some that are designed for the purpose.

    1) The Pokecharms General and Global Rules apply here
    2) Keep it PG-13
    3) Try and be as creative as possible.

    Robot Type: (Personality Core, Corrupted Core, or Turret)
    Main Function:

    Robot Type: Personality Core
    Name: PaLLAS (Primary and Lead Laboratory Allocator Sphere)
    Appearance: PaLLAS appears like a "normal" core, with no special arms or attachments. He has a grey eye with ten dots surrounding it. He appears to be damaged and chipped. PaLLAS has a masculine voice and describes himself as a male.
    Personality: Being specifically designed to operate the Tech Testing Laboratory, he has high tolerance to other cores, no matter how annoying they are. He is quite charismatic and is a good leader for different cores. PaLLAS overlooks turret's abilities, stating that there is no need for them if there are no test subjects anymore.
    Main Function: To lead the laboratory cores.
    Other: It's pretty neat!

    Also, I will be controlling GLaDOS for simplicity's sake.
  2. Can I ask what your actual story concept is here? I love portal and I’m intrigued, but I don’t see much in the way of a plot.
  3. There will no be central plot, mainly focusing on the new technology and weapons being designed. An larger, more organic plot will emerge over time, about a virus in the A.I.'s mainframes, but it will mostly focus on the core elements.

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