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DPPt/HGSS Anyone wanna battle?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Krazed, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Hey, dudes. Would anyone like to battle my non-ev'd team. I've, only just done the 7th gym on my first run through. So none of my pokemon, are super strong. My codes under my avatar. :3
  2. Tell me, when you're ready to go. :3
  3. ill battle sometime,but ill have to find a good time.
  4. Just as I said to the other dude, infrom me when ya can. :3
  5. okay,but usually i dont play my DS because my cousin always plays it,It actually looks like its his but it ACTUALLY is mine.
  6. HOLY!My strongest is level 36..ill get beaten....and 2nd is 28,after i train Combusken,Pachirisu,And Piplup
    ill be up for challange
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    You know, levels don't really matter anymore unless you pick Free Style. Other than that the game will automatically round the Pokemon to level 100, or level 50, depending what you choose. The stats are all adjusted accordingly, so there's no such thing as a level 50 with level 100 stats.
  8. And that is why EV training is so important. =] The EVs up your stats like crazy.

    Summer is ending(TTTTT-TTTTT), so I will get my money my mother owes me, and will battle you as soon as I buy my adapter. Wireless internet would be so much easier.

    And, what would an example of an internet hotspot be(Like, a place that is a hotspot)?
  9. A hopspot, is where a wireless inernet connecyion is within range. Heck one maybe near you.
  10. I meant name a place that has it. Please, I might be able to go to one, if I can figure it out.

    I heard that somewhere there's a McDs that is a hotspot. o.o
  11. ill battle soon,maybe today.
  12. I wanna battle to. PM me for FC ^^
  13. I'll battle and trade, but I'd like a mew, but then every1 would.

    These are the legendarys I have:
    Soon to have:
    Would like:
    acerus(dunno if spelt right)
    shemin(dunno if spelt right)

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  14. Okay, when you wanna battle. Inform me (PM me.)

    @Artiste: I 'HAVE' heard that, but i'm not entirely sure. An internet Café maybe?
    #14 Krazed, Aug 2, 2007
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  15. My town's so small(And drug dealer filled, though that has nothing to do with it), that we don't have an Internet Café. Sadly. I don't want to spend thirty-five dollars on a USB connector. T-T Of course, I wouldn't even want to go outside my land without an escort of ten people. There are too many punks around to lack any safety. Seriously, it's that bad. I hate going to our Library, even, there's so many hooligans in town.
    #15 Artiste, Aug 2, 2007
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  16. seriously?I have the rom and alot of internet near(Sapporo),though i might move to Sobetsu or Futaba
    (really small towns)and Mudkip,when are you on?I might be on in 12:00 am EDT or 10:00 pm MDT,
    meaning 12:00 pm at my place(Sapporo,yes,in the global thing i put Kobe because of my vacation)
  17. hi guys im brand new to this and jus wonderin if anyone wanted to add me for a battle im usually online around 7pm english time

  18. hi ppl, in pokemon im aswell super strong
    unfortunetly i dont know who to use the wifi,[GTS] the pokemon that are in my party are
    and jirachi[lv100], lol no lies oh and if anyone can help meon the wifi[ for how to make it work]
    that would be nice
  19. hello again, yea well if i ever get the chance to go on wifi, the pokemon[ legendary pokemon] that i want is
    well thats it, i have all the rest lol, including darkrai,shaymin, and arceus
    and the pokemon im willing to trade are
    arcues[i have more then enough]
    and if anyone else wants nything else just tell me ill think of a way to get it
  20. i do lets battle right now [​IMG]

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