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Anyone remember Kero-Kato's RPG(a reflection)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by arek, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. To me I'll always remember the glory days of PBS. (Pokemon Battle Simulator) (Later Porygon's Big Show at Azure). Heck I use to even play Kero-Kato's Pokemon game. (Kero-Kato had an amazing online Pokemon game unlike msot others sure you caught and picked your Pokemon but it was jsut the fact there were tons og gyms and anyone could eventually create one. It was a collection of websites I believe overall there were about 270 gyms at it's peak. Never went around to create my own gym but I have to say it was fun. It was honestly a good online Pokemon game. Haven't seen anything as good since. (Pokemon Crater has a cheap imitation of it but that site went to hell along time ago). Aaron just went to much in the bussiness aspect than actually worrying about his fans at the time alienated many of his vets at the messageboard even left to Danny making the anti pokemon crater.

    But durin that falling out I found Kerokato's excellent Pokemon RPG and really it kept me fueled for about a year with online Pokemoness. I also even got to battle the winner of the Pokemon World Championships Darren(Darius) on PBS a few times. (I actually use to talk to him on ICQ he was a bit arrogant but otherwise a ncie guy wrong person to ask for movesets though as he wanted to keep stuff to himself mainly.

    lol I also started talking your Linkachu at some point in time lol.(Katie)

    But those days of Kero-Kato's were probably the funnest, and honestly it was a simple Javascript program. But to me those were the glory days of Pokemon back when we had 151 and not 386. By the next game I look for us to have over 500 or more.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Up and up! It never stops, and I never stop following it. I keep the memories in my heart yet always look forward to the next generation. Besides, I love most of the new Pokemon as much as the originals! ^_^

    And ahh... Good ol' Darren. I remember chatting with him a few times... He really pissed me off... I even got to the point that I was bickering about him to RL friends. Silly childish me :p

    I never got to play this Kerokato's RPG but it sounds like it was fun. Why did you never send the link my way? :wink:
  3. KeroKatos league is actually still up more than half of the gyms are dead and the total is down to like 84 gyms for the rby one and like 40 for the GSC. lol. I was playing this morning actually.. I never even knew reality's end was still up. Shows what happens when you get bored.

    Damn I'm like 5000 yen in debt so far lol.

    I believe theres a problem with the coding somewhere I had it lockup on a few pages for the gym battles. (guess people can't copy and paste anymore. lol. RE League is no where near as fun as it use to be.

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