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Anyone? Please?

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Nidocool, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. As much as I love this site, it really bugs me on how little the people could care. I've posted countless request threads and even offered to give away my shiny and legendary Pokemon for a drawing of ONE. CHARACTER. Forget the Pokemon, forget any contest rules, I just need drawings of her because my skills are absolutely horrible. This is all I'm asking. I'm not complaining, I've just been really depressed and hard on myself lately, and have no motivation to actually draw myself.
  2. Teapot

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    Hey, I'm sorry to hear you've not had much attention from the community regarding your requests. Unfortunately, though, there's not really much I can suggest – no-one here has to do art for you, because you're not owed anything from them. This is a value I hold so strongly that it's the very first requests rule.

    The simple reason is that art and writing has value – in other words, it's something people can and do buy. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that our artists spend hours working on their creative pieces, using years of experience and creativity that they're built up the hard way with time and effort. What they do with those skills, and for whom, is entirely up to them. Doing requests is an act of generosity – and I'm very proud of our community for being so generous. We shouldn't and don't expect them to be as generous as they are.

    Realistically, if you want art that hasn't been offered to you, you need to pay for it. You're making use of not only an artist's time, but also their experience and their tools (even pencils and paper cost money!). While people often assume that artists work for free, it's the wrong mindset and it's something we institutionally reject at Pokécharms. If I'm asked to program something, I expect people to pay for my time. If you go to a shop to buy a video game, it's fair that you should be paying them for it. So we shouldn't be expecting any differently from our creators, and the fact that they often do work out of kindness doesn't mean that it should be taken for granted.

    If an artist wants like to take your request, they will. But if you're posting requests that our community isn't responding to, then you aren't entitled to demand they do it, which is exactly what you're doing now. If I may suggest, your tone doesn't make people want to help you – particularly the sort of "help" that will take hours and lots of effort and energy.

    You are more than welcome to post a request thread, or post in artists' threads – I see you've done that in a few cases already. But if they don't respond, please have the courtesy to understand that you are not owed the work, and have no grounds to demand it.
  3. I actually haven't been on this area of Pokecharms for a while, and had no idea...
    I'll do your request! I just need to know what your character looks like, and the clothes!

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