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anyone play any MMOs

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by scorne, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. I currently play flyff(on hiatus),World of Warcraft(account is activated),Tales of Pirates Online(started yesterday),Runescape(for my bro when he is camping with boy scouts)

    if you play any of these tell me how to contact you. If you want to play pm me and I'll tell you website where you download it(aside from WoW as you need to pay for it).

    also I found a pokemon MMO but it's not working on my computer.
  2. well,I play Ragnarok Online on a pvt server,paladin lvl 82/52 :p
  3. if that is free then plz pm me the website where I can download it.
  4. I kind of swap from game to game. NormallyI can't get ANYTHING to run, since I have a Mac (The accursed piece of crud that can't do anything.) The only thing I have really found is Runescape.
  5. It acutally depends,I can't tell you which to play,I play in a Spanish server cuz...it's my native language
  6. A Pokemon MMO? Where?

    As for MMOs, I have World of Warcraft, but I'm not really into it and I'll probably just let the account run out. However, I have been getting into the massively single-player Dragon Fable.
  7. The last international online game I played was Guild Wars...I log into a national Ragnarok Server from time to time, but I only play if it's free, and if it sparks my interests (MMORPGs these days all look the same to me -_-)
  8. I used to play Asheron's Call, and I currently have an activated account for WoW. I tried to play EQ2, but it bored me.
  9. I think it's pokemononline.org if anyone else wants to play. just the first 151 though.
  10. I also play Flyff a lot but I am on the Aibaitt server with a mage, I don't really like runsescape though, I have tried it I din't like it at all and I can't figure out how to download pirates online, but Flyff is my favorite mmorpg.
  11. i play WoW time to time.Big suggestion,don't get consumed in the game,ESPECIALLY endgame.

    Its all politics and drama,and really not worth playing a game for.Besides that the game requires too much dedication for most of the real endgame stuff
  12. i play Guild Wars. its only the greatest MMO EVA!!!
  13. Linkachu

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    Guess this was missed, but its definitely on the wrong forum. Moving now.
  14. I used to play Runescape ALOT, but I haven't been playing as much lately...

    I belive my account is still a members' account, and its at level 93.
  15. Have played many, though only one I'm pretty active on, and that is Maple Story, though I play the Europe version, though I still enjoy it.

    As in other such games, I have played Battle On, and got up to lvl 32, but later stopped since it was technically impossible to log in due to too many members online. And I have a Dragon Fable as well, but haven't have any time for it lately, since I think it is boring to play games without music.
  16. I started a trial of Guild Wars the other day (I'd say it was free, but it cost me two dollars). I find it interesting that you can have NPCs in your party, and all quests appear to be instanced, but so far it doesn't feel like anything special to me.
  17. World of Warcraft. I got me an NE hunter level 64 that I'm currently leveling. I sometimes raid for my brother, which I really hate doing, because I always think I'll be the cause of the wipe and because I want to level my hunter. XP
  18. NonAnalogue

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    Oh god, I tried MapleStory and it seriously bored the hell out of me. Come to think of it, so did that Lord of the Rings game... maybe MMORPGs just aren't for me. :p Right now, all I play online is Kingdom of Loathing.
  19. Doctor Oak

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    I used to play Ragnarok Online, stuck with it for about 2 months - which is really good for me for PC games - then just got too distracted to continue playing really...

    Come to think of it, with a better compy now, I'd probably get it to run much better... the only problem is that I spend most of my online time talking to people >_>...

    Though Rach is buggering off for a fortnight.... hmm...............................
  20. I've always wanted to play Ragnarok Online.

    I used to play Maplestory, and I wish I still could, but some idiot gave my mother the excuse she needed to get me and my brother off of it. I won't go into what he did, it's kind of embarrassing. Bright side is here! I get to play on holidays. Well, major ones, anyway. I have a 33 Ice/Lightning Wizard on the Bera server, in Global MS.
    Which, by the way, is completely inferior to every version besides Europe, because we are the newest version(Besides Europe), and thusly have a billion less patches. Korean MS, which is the first invented, has fourth jobs already, T-T.
    Since Europe is THE newest, they have an absolute crap version of Maple. Probably why it bored you, TBA. Give Korean or Global a try. Nexon has gotten their butts going on the new updates. So, by the next American holiday, we might just have fourth jobs. Y'see, we have the TOWN where you upgrade, but we don't have the jobs yet. Sadly.

    There, I got that off my chest. Does it bother anybody else that the Topic's creator is banned? o.O
  21. Well, I used to play Runescape, Adventure Quest and Guild Wars. I never really got into the games though. I prefered the handheld games (Like Pokemon). They're much more accesible and don't require as much security issues (Passwords, question crap. Holy shit it is uber annoying.)
  22. I tried to play runescape for a while, like two to three days, I just never actually enjoyed it. I started playing Knights Online, but I got distracted and started to play other games that came out for Wii and DS. I might start playing one if I can find a good one that doesn't cost anything
  23. Frogue and myself played City of Heroes a lot for around two years, but we stopped a few months ago for different reasons.

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