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Anyone help me with the location of these items?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Dylan, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Thanks in advance.

    -Expert Belt
    -Focus Sash
    -Choice Band/Scarf/Specs
    -Wise Glasses
    -Muscle Band
    -Flame Orb
    -Toxic Orb
    -Life Orb
    -Power Herb
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    This belongs in Pokemon Games Discussion. Moving topic and warning. Pay more attention to the forum descriptions.
  3. All I know is that the Focus Sash you get from the old man in the house near Pal Park, you get one for every third pokemon you show him at the requested level
  4. choice band- battle tower - 48 bp
    choice scarf- battle tower - 48 bp
    focus sash- battle tower - 48 bp OR 33.3% chance of getting it from the person near Pal Park
    expert belt- battle tower - 33.3% chance of getting it from the person near Pal Park
    choice specs-glasses person in celestic town (only in the morning)
    wise glasses- glasses person in celestic town (dunno what time)
    muscle band- battle tower - 48 bp
    toxic/flame orb- battle tower - 16 bp each
    life orb- forgot the location- only ONE in each d/p game
    power herb- battle tower- 32 bp

    hope that helped. (btw, the counter for the items is on the left side)
  5. Choice Specs-afternoon
    Wise Glasses-rest of the day

    and for the expert belt and focus sash:

    1st time a pokemon of the correct level is shown: black belt
    2nd time: expert belt
    3rd time: focus sash
    4th time: black belt
    5th time: expert belt

    And so on.

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