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Open Anthos, Where Order Is Kept

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Magenta's Calling, Apr 9, 2019.

    Geia sas, young trainer. It seems to me that you
    are older or the same age as the prime age for receiving a Pokemon.
    Please come to the Nikitis lab for your first Pokemon.
    Sincerely signed,
    Professor Olive.

    Home Town/Region:
    Starter Pokemon:
    Preferred Type (optional):

    Anthos is based off of Greece, and because of this I want to incorporate the Gods into my roleplay via Gym Leader form.
    The starting city is Nikitos City, a fairly large city with the Professor's lab being the large building based off of the Stoa of Attalos.
    I won't make a list of all the cities right now, but if you follow my character along her journey you will hopefully know.
    Team Bedlam -
    Leader - Cronus
    Admins - Thea, Rhea, and Coeus.
    Scientist - Odysseus

    Team Bedlam's prime goal is to cause disorder on the order-kept region of Anthos, doing that by capturing Pokemon and mindwashing them to cause crime and chaos among the streets and cities of Anthos.
    Hermes of Petoas City = Flying Type Specialist with Ace Pokemon being a Hawlucha.
    Aphrodite of Rozia Town = Fairy Type Specialist with Ace Pokemon being a Clefairy
    Demeter of Fytona Village = Grass Type Specialist with Ace Pokemon being a Lilligant
    Hephaestus of Mantalo City = Fire Type Specialist with Ace Pokemon being a Heatmor
    Hecate of Erasa City = Ghost Type Specialist with Ace Pokemon being a Mismagius
    Ares of Machete Town = Fighting Type Specialist with Ace Pokemon being a Scrafty
    Dionysus of Kracid City = Poison Type Specialist with Ace Pokemon being a Qwilfish
    Hera of Nomali Village = Normal Type Specialist with Ace Pokemon being a Kangaskhan
    Victory Road located in the Athens-based City named Sathos City, located in Sathos Pantheon.
    Poseidon = Water Type Specialist, MVP being a Gyarados
    Athena = Psychic Type Specialist, MVP being a Gothitelle
    Hades = Dark Type Specialist, MVP being a Lampent
    Zeus = Electric Type Specialist, MVP being an Ampharos
    The Champion, Nike, who has various type, but her MVP is a Lopunny.

    1) No Romance
    2) No Mary Sues
    3) Basic Pokecharms Rules
    4) No Mega Evolutions unless allowed
    5) No Legendaries or Mythicals of course.
    6) If you want to voice a gym leader, contact me by PM'ing.
    7) Three Characters Max
    8 ) Fakemon is not allowed.
    9) Put "Pomegranate" in your "Other" if you've read this.

    Name: Andrea Olympa
    Age: 11
    Home Town/Region: Nomali Village, Anthos
    Appearance: She has light brown hair that she puts into a bun with bluish grey eyes. Her attire assists of a light blue jean jacket with a blue tank top and white khakis with blue foot flops. She has a necklace with sapphires on it she wears.
    Personality: Andrea is caring and thoughtful: putting others before herself. However, one negative attribute is she is a bit impatient when it comes to waiting.
    Starter Pokemon: Eevee (soon)
    Other: She is the daughter of Elite 4 member Zeus and gym leader Hera.
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  2. I like this, seems cool.
    Hopefully this is enough?

    Name: Skia Erimos
    Age: 12
    Home Town/Region: Erasa City, Anthos
    Appearance: Skia has a fair complexion, a pair of brown eyes, along with spiky black hair which usually covers his left eye unintentionally.
    Skia sports a black pullover hoodie, complimented by gray jeans and finally all-white sneakers. He usually has a small bag on his waist to store his possessions.

    Personality: Having been raised in Erasa City, Skia acquired a fascination for ghost types. He liked them so much that he was eventually outcasted by most kids his age. After that, he became isolated, usually sitting down somewhere to watch and read about ghost types. Resulting in slight social awkwardness. Skia also doubts himself sometimes, hindering his communication with others.
    Starter Pokemon: Frillish (?)
    Preferred Type (optional): Ghost
    Other: He greatly admires Hecate and pomegranates, it is his dream to become the future Ghost gym leader.
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  3. Accepted! Welcome to the balanced region of Anthos.
  4. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    A quick question, is fakemons allowed?
  5. No, sorry.
  6. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Oh, that is fine, i will join soon.
  7. Name: Hektor Jackson
    Age: 15
    Home Town/Region: Kracid City, Anthos
    Appearance: Hektor has bright blue eyes, short jet black hair, and olive tanned skin. He wears blue jean shorts, black T-shirt with a white Pokeball logo on the side, white sneakers, and a chrome watch on his left wrist. He has a navy blue, single strap backpack to carry his supplies and gear.
    Personality: Hektor is a bit of a prankster, taking joy in inconveniencing others with pranks and jokes. Despite his unruly streak, he does care Pokémon and doesn’t enjoy seeing them hurt unnecessarily, especially because of his pranks.
    Starter Pokemon: Murkrow
    Preferred Type (optional): Has a preference towards Dark types but will still use other types.
    Other: Pomegranate
  8. Accepted! Welcome to Anthos!
  9. Hopefully more people decide to join in, so we can start later.
  10. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Hope this character is okay.

    Name: Calantha Miragic

    Age: 10

    Home Town/Region: Fytona Village/Anthos

    Appearance: Calantha have pink-purple eyes and green long hair with two pink and white flowers on the side of the ears. She wears blue t-shirt and a bright blue overall. She wears blue jeans and brown shoes, she sometimes wears white gloves too.

    Personality: Calantha is a hard worker who like to help others. She is getting a bit excited and curious when it come to pokemons, but most of the time she is kind and relaxed.

    Starter Pokemon: flabébé

    Preferred Type: fairy and grass.

    -she want to become a fairy gym leader, although she really like grass type pokemons.
    -she really love flowers, and she would never hurt a flower.
    -she helped Demeter (the grass gym leader) once a week before getting her starter.
  11. Accepted! If one more person joins we can start.
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  12. Just keeping the thread up.
  13. May I suggest we start? Maybe people will find interest once they see some of the story unfolding. This is only a suggestion though, so up to you in the end.
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  14. I suppose that would be reasonable. Alright, i'll make the RP tomorrow, because right now I am more beat than a Normal type in an arena full of Fighting type Pokemon.
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  15. Lol no worries, there's no rush. A good opener needs good sleep as a foundation anyway. Cant wait to start!
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  16. This looks cool!

    Robin Agate
    Age: 13
    Home Town/Region: Petoas City, Anthos
    Appearance: Robin is short for his age, with short hair that is undecided on whether it wants to be brown or blond. He has hazel eyes, and often wears a light grey fleece and blue jeans, preferring to keep his possessions in a messenger bag.
    Personality: He is, put simply, a "pretty chill dude." While not apathetic, not much seems to actually bother him, though he will occasionally get annoyed at people he finds incompetent or if he feels like his freedom is being trampled. Also, despite his name and town of origin, he does not like flying types very much.
    Starter Pokemon: Pawniard
    Preferred Type (optional): Steel
    Left home after an argument with his parents who wanted him to get a job at Hermes' gym.
    - Pomegranates.
    - Secretly a big sword nerd (do you know what a harpe is?).
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  17. Hope you have space for one more!

    Name: Agatha Levidis
    Age: 13
    Home Town/Region: Mantalo City, Anthos
    Appearance: Agatha has light brown hair, reaching just a few inches past the shoulders and swept to the left. Her skin is tan and her eyes are almost black, with moles on her nose and the middle of her right cheek. She wears a lilac 3/4 sleeve shirt under a black open vest, black jeans with a red fabric tied around the hips and red shoes along with a lilac messenger bag.
    Personality: Agatha is cheerful and brave, not one to back off a challenge. A warm and caring girl to pokemon and people alike, she has a weakness to anything that's "cute" or "cool" according to her. However, her tendency of diving head first into things tends to brings her problems, she isn't the brightest crayon in the box after all. Agatha is easily distracted as well and often misses things that may or may not be important to her.
    Starter Pokemon: Litleo
    Preferred Type (optional): Fire, but she likes most types.
    Other: Pomegranate trees make her think of home.

    If there's anything I should change, tell me and I'll edit right away!
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  18. Accepted, and accepted!
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  19. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Hopefully I’m not super late. (Also, since this is my first roleplay please take it somewhat easy on me. I did read the PRP rules, though.)

    Name: Athena Hemings
    Age: 12
    Home Town/Region: Nikitos City, Anthos
    Appearance: Athena has long black hair that reaches down to her back. She often wears a blue t-shirt and jeans as well as a black hoodie. She has tan skin and amber eyes. She is very tall for her age. She also has a small scar on her forehead, but her hair is able to hide it.
    Personality: Athena tends to friendly at times, but she can be easily angered. She tends to go ahead and take dangerous risks and to be brave. She is often quite stubborn, however
    Starting Pokémon: Fire
    Preferred Types: Fire and Fairy
    Other: She’s thinking of pomegranates for some reasons I don’t even know.
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  20. Lmao, E4 member Athena would take a liking to her. Accepted!
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  21. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    XD, yeah, hopefully those two won’t really get confused together.
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  22. I’ve been working all weekend and still working today. I’ll try to get my first post up soon. So sorry if it seems rushed. Don’t want to get left behind.
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  23. Hope I’m not too late :)

    Name: Cashmere Rosewin
    Age: 16
    Home Town/Region: Nimbasa City, Unova
    Appearance: Long purple wavy hair, amethyst eyes, dark makeup, usually wears a shorted black trench coat with knee high black boots.
    Personality: Sassy, loyal, creative, intelligent, more tactical fighter,
    Starter Pokemon: Litwick
    Preferred Type (optional): Ghost, Psychic, Dark
    Other: Is said to have telekinetic abilities, but isn’t very good at using them
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  24. Name: Allison Minerva Silverstone (Prefers to be referred to as Allie)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Home Town/Region: Lumiose City, Kalos
    Appearance: Long technicolor blue and purple hair, blue eyes, height of approximately 5'6, usually wears a simple blue t-shirt and black knee length skirt, black vest, and blue runners with purple laces, sometimes puts a purple bow in her hair.
    Personality: Rather rash and reckless, bubbly and sweet, prefers strategy over force, dislikes confrontations, has autophobia, always feels extremely guilty if she believes she has upset someone
    Starter Pokemon: Eevee (Partner)
    Preferred Type (optional): Psychic, Fairy, and Ice
    Other: Pomegranates.
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  25. Might just be me, but human powers seem strange for this RP. A little out of place, in my opinion.
  26. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    To be honest, I’m going to have to agree with Hallow here. As much as I would sorta be okay with them, I would think that they would easily just defeat the evil team way too easily..
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  27. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Wow, this seems interesting.

    Is there a map or something that I can look at for information? Also... would comedy situations be allowed? Because I like have some fun like that.
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  28. Hope Magenta isn't too busy, this RP has some real potential. I wish to see where it goes haha.
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  29. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Should probably post a character thing... Hopefully I can join.

    Name: Atlas Yen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Home Town/Region: Nuvema Town of Unova
    Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, blue jacket, black t-shirt, red sneakers, navy blue jeans, red fingerless gloves, and a black backpack.
    Personality: More Relaxed but still a thrill seeker... though VERY unlucky.
    Starter Pokemon: Cranidos (Indominus)
    Preferred Type (optional): Nope. Each one is great
    Other: While growing up, he learned that he was able to hear Pokemon like they were people... but still acts as if they're buddies. He personally doesn't care for this ability because he sometimes meets some cocky Pokemon. Also... not a big fan of pomegranates.
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  30. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    I think somebody should reply to the RP if possible, as the roleplay is starting to die off. I can’t double post, so I can’t reply. I think Magenta is quite busy.
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  31. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Alright... I still haven't gotten the okay to join, but I will.
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  32. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Just know... I like to enter with style...
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  33. If I reply, it will only drag on, I need professor Olive.
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  34. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    OOOH this looks like fun!
    Name: Ninna
    Age: 13
    Home Town/Region: Jubilife City, Sinnoh Region
    Appearance: Brown hair in a bun, Blue eyes, pale blue top, black skirt, black leggings, yellow shoes
    Personality: Joyful, full of energy, (will develop more over time
    Starter Pokemon: Shinx
    Preferred Type (optional): Electric
    Other: She greatly dislikes Pomagrantes
  35. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Sadly the rp seemed to die so soon...
  36. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    I guess so.. sadly..
  37. Name: Torrey
    Age: 14
    Home Town/Region: Unknown, Anthos
    Appearance: Torrey rocks a white long sleeves shirt under a worn out, navy blue short sleeved jacket with a hood. He wears black cargo pants that are also worn out. His is a short, jet black, and often quite messy.
    Personality: Torrey is very paranoid when it comes to people. He had often been taken advantage of most of his life, sometimes resulting in near death. Torrey keeps to himself, only trusting his Dewpider. Though he may give off a cold first impression, Torrey is kindhearted to anyone he might consider worth any trouble.
    Starter Pokemon: Dewpider
    Preferred Type (optional): Doesn't matter
    Other: Torrey is an orphan who's traveled around Anthos for majority of his life. His story begins as he enters Nikitos City for the first time. He also has a hard time spelling "Pomegranate"
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  38. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Name: Kad Sao
    Age: 12
    Home Town/Region: Sinnoh
    Appearance: he has bright orange eyes and hair, he wears a blue jacket with a black T-shirt under it, blue pants
    Personality: He is nice and caring, pretty talkative but overconfident
    Starter Pokemon: Riolu
    Preferred Type (optional):fighting
  39. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    This RP is dead, lazy guy...

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