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*ANSWERED* How to Defeat Mallow? (Sun and Moon)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by AmazingAmpharos, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. So I'm currently trying to level up my Cubone which is at Level 23 so he can evolve.
    My team is
    • Cubone Lv. 23
    • Fletchinder Lv.21
    • Raticate Lv. 23
    • Dartrix Lv.22
    • Trumbeak Lv.22
    • Growlithe Lv.22
    I also have a Lv. 16 Salandit sitting in my PC. Is there any where tips I could defeat the Totem Pokemon?
  2. Between Fletchinder, Dartrix, Trumbeak, and Growlithe, 4/6(or 2/3) of your team has type advantage, a Salandit/Salazzle doubly so. I'd suggest teaching Growlithe or Fletchinder Flame Charge. Use it turn one, then use the Fire Z-move on turn 2 since you're now faster, and after your first Flame Charge, this should be more than enough to 2HKO Lurantis. You should be able to do this without any grinding. Alternatively, just level up to a solid 25 all around if this didn't work, because it will for sure then.
  3. Sorry for late reply but problem is that Lurantis keeps healing herself.
  4. You can either just wait for it to run out of PP, or grab a Pokemon with taunt or disable. If you have access to Toxic you could stall it out. Less reliably, you could paralyze or put it to sleep to reduce it's times to heal.
  5. Lurantis is never going to heal itself turn 1. Ever. So if you can get it down to 60%~ health with say, Flame Charge, you should be able to outspeed it Turn 2 and therefore be able to do the remainder of it's health with a fire Z-move. Easy two turn win.
  6. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Do you wanna know a garunteed way to beat this totem Pokemon? Patience, a lot of it, I mean I killed it with a Fire Z move and then a flame charge but still Patience.
  7. Yeah but Lurantis calls Trumbeak and Trumbeak knocks out my Fletchinder with rock break (I think? Some rock type move)
  8. Honestly if your still struggling with this...can't you nix the challenge and grind up on Pokemon outside? Lv.25+ should have an easy enough time taking out Lurantis. Really 1 Fire Z-Move will do a good deal on the Lurantis. Then your Growlithe cleans up if your other guys get taken out. Being honest, I just cheesed Lurantis with a Salandit's Z-Boosted Flame Burst.
  9. Alright guys I FINALLY defeated Lurantis. I just needed to do a bit of grinding. Thank you so much for the help.
  10. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Your welcome, now if you'll excuse me I need to beat the totem of the Electric trial

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